Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Vengeance of Nicoli All-Seeing

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STORYLINE:  Nicoli All-Seeing immediately dispatched famed vampire hunter Batzorig to annihilate the killer. With one look at the green hair and skin of the slain, Batzorig knew this had to be the work of Prince Ravenna. He had last heard Ravenna was in London. The vain prince was cursed to seek out those with "inner beauty" to fill the void within himself. Had the prince gone mad, feeding on goodwill with wild abandon? His actions could very well endanger the spirit of giving and turn the normally altruistic holiday into a holiday of greed instead. Nicoli All-Seeing could not allow this happen. The wicked shall be punished!

My secret it out! I've been working on making movies. SL GO makes it possible for me to do it since my framerate it normally too slow. I'm still learning so please forgive for the flaws. I hope you enjoy it! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The lovely victorian Gazebo by Souzou Eien on sale at Gothmas. You can pick it up in 3 possible colors. The white Snow Lady statue is a gacha rare. She has an animating snowflake above her head and particle snowflakes fall around her.  The large crossbow is the weapon of the Vampire Hunter. It's a Ballista by Ravenghost, and it's not for show either! That baby shoots live flaming arrows! Touch it to draw back the arrow, and then adjust tilt and angle before firing. Cool!

Scene 1: The Weapon of the Hunter:
Gazebo: Souzou Eien  Garden's Respite Gazebo Worn Whitewash [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)
Statue: The Dark Fae Snow Lady 3 ULTRARARE, gacha[mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Cursed)
Weapon: Ravenghost Ballista [mesh]

The setting prop Gothmas Crypt is by Howling Asylum on sale at Gothmas. On the door is a christmas wreath. The street lamp is by Souzou Eien. The lamps come in a variety of configurations, single, double, triple, and quad. The Krampus Cart is by Noctis, as well as the two Krampus staffs. The windows of the Ravenghost Chapel have a cool animating weather effect! Touch the rug to get the popup menu, then choose what kind of weather you want in the window.

Scene 2: The Mark of Krumpus:
Street light: Souzou Eien Victorian Street Light Quad Lit[mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)
Crypt: Howling Asylum Gothmas Crypt 1[mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Cursed)
Cart: Noctis krampus cart[mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)
Staff: Noctis krampus staff 1and 2[mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)

The Ebenezer House is by Death Row Designs is part of the Arcade gacha and you can get it fully furnished. It come with lot of animation and excellent details, perfect for Victorian roleplays! The sign out front says Ebenezer and Marley's. The gorgeous Chapel by Ravenghost has two enterances with a small hall and interior room. Hanging over the enterence is a Krampus wreath by Noctis. On the wall to hallway is the secret prize from the Fallen Gods Libertine Christmas. Inside the hall is a cool display by Howling Asylum that contains stacks of books, a curious black cat, gothic arch, and candelabra.

Scene 3: Flyover Charity Street:
House: Death Row ebenezer house with snow, gacha [mesh]
Sign: Death Row ebenezer sign, gacha [mesh]
Chapel: Ravenghost Gothic Chapel [mesh]
Wreath: Noctis Krampus wreath [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)
Display: Howling Asylum Book Haven [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Cursed)

Inside Ebenezer's house are many wonderful details! Downstairs is Scrooge and Marley's desks and bookcases, a coatrack, suitcases, and pictures on the walls. Upstairs is Scrooge's writing desk, comfy chair, two wooden chairs, rug with animations, roaring fireplace, and a four poster bed with canopy.

Scene 4: The Search for Charity's killer:
 Desk 1: Death Row Scrooges desk, gacha [mesh]
 Desk 2: Death Row Marley's desk, gacha [mesh]
 Chair: Death Row ebenezers relaxing chair, gacha[mesh]
 Rug: Death Row cuddle rug for ebenezers house, gacha[mesh]
 Chair: Death Row lonely chair green, gacha[mesh]
 Bed and curtains: Death Row ebenezers bed, gacha[mesh]

Fallen Gods released a jaw droppingly beautiful (and erotic!) Christmas setting gacha. The tree is interactive. You can decorate how you like! Touch the tree, then hold down the control key as you drag one of the gacha prizes (bulbs, candle, or star) to the tree. For bulbs, touch which the lighted empty bulbs on the tree you want to add your bulb to. You can add as many bulbs to the tree as you like. 9 of the bulbs have erotic classical painting on them, and 2 of them regular fabric bulbs. The rare has a display case with all the erotic bulbs inside. There are 2 rugs in the gacha, a red and black. Both are beautifully textured come with aniamtions for cuddling your special one under the tree. You can also win candle holder, heart bulbs, a broken bulb, and a table. Matching this amazing set, are the Pandora gift boxes by Fallen Gods on sale at Gothmas by Gaslight. Above the arch are the Krampus cards on a string by Noctis.

Scene 5: The Wicked Shall Be Punished:
Tree: Fallen Gods A Libertine Christmas Decoratable Tree 2014, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Bulbs: Fallen Gods Libertine Tityus, Ball, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Display Table: Fallen Gods Libertine Glass Ornaments Display Table RARE, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Candle: Fallen Gods Libertine White Icarus Candle, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Rug 1: Fallen Gods Libertine Sangue Floreale Rug Animated, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Rug 2: Fallen Gods Libertine Ars Moriendi Rug Animated RARE, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Wreath: Fallen Gods Libertine Welcome Wreath 2014 Secret, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Table: Fallen Gods Libertine Pandora table, Yule Wishes, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Gift boxes: Fallen Gods Libertine Rose, Card, Closed, Letters, Yule Pandora Box[mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Cursed)
Cards: Noctis krampus cards on string red [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)

(click to enlarge)
Batzorig is wearing several awesome pieces from guy-friendly gacha events, Fantasy Gacha November and The Men's Department December rounds. My storyline was inspired by the Vampire Slayer gacha by Clavv. Vampire Slayers and Christmas just go together, right?    I have fantastic news, the Darin Hair by Ayashi is now available for guys! It was originally for girls at We <3 Role Play. And now by rwequest we have a male version of the hair. What a wonderful Christmas surprise! Thanks Ayashi!

On him, Batzorig the Vampire Hunter:
Hair: Ayashi Darin hair Male - blacks [mesh]
Eyes: Pin Me Down Aeternium 19 [mesh] (Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)
Tunic: SWaGGa Valiant Shirt Black [mesh]
Belt: On A Lark RPGear All Purpose Belt M Brn, gacha [mesh]
Clock: glYph Hunter's Mantle Male Grey, gacha [mesh]
Weapon 1: Clavv Gold Rosario Homme, gacha [mesh]
Weapon 2: Clavv Mallet, Stake, gacha [mesh]
Armor: TURB Havok Armor Dark Arms, gacha [mesh]
Pants: Yasum Drop Down Pants male RARE, gacha [mesh]
Mask: Trident Half Mask Red [mesh]
Skin: Dimbula Rose Knyam skin_(Vampire) HW 2011

The Death of Charity

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The Ghost of Christmas Future was right, something dark had begun. All over London, those who helped the homeless, cared for the disabled, and gave gifts to orphans were being slaughtered one by one. When their remains were found, they appeared like withered husks much older than they really were. Fear gripped the city. Gatherings were cancelled. Policemen patrolled the streets. Some were even scared to give gifts least the serial killer strike them down too. Who could do such a monstrous thing during the season of goodwill, and why?

Today is the last of 2014. I know you guys have been super busy this December, I have been too, but hopefully you have sometime to scoop up the goodies before ringing in the New year. Pictured above from Gothmas by Gaslight are the Eclectica Nightblooms earring, necklace, and rings. Each item is non-rigged mesh so you can get a good fit. The lovely textured Isadora dress is by Senzafine. The non-rigged Elizabeth ankle boots are by Choas, Panic, and Disorder. Yes, I popped some mesh eyes on the zombie girl, it can be done! These are CandyCane by the Chop Shop. The fur wrap is a gacha you can play at Junbug. The hair is Riko by Ayashi. And of course the Zombie girl avatar is included in your viewer.  The dress didn't quite fit her on the upper back, but for image purposes, it worked out for me here.  The house and furniture are part of the Death Row Humbug gacha at the Arcade. It's great for any Victorian scene, and not just for Christmas! If you haven't played it yet, hop over to the Arcade, and not forget to scoop up all the fabulous gifts under the Christmas tree while you're there.

On her, The Lady Charity:
Earrings, rings, necklace:  Eclectica 'Nightblooms'  [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Cursed)
Eyes: Chop Shop Christmas Ghost Candycane [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)
Dress: Senzafine Isadora Dress [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Cursed)
Boots: Chaos, Panic, Disorder Elizabeth Ankle Boots Red & Green [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)
Hair: Ayashi Riko hair [mesh](250L)
Wrap: Junbug Fur Neck Warmer -Ink, gacha [mesh](50L)
Body: Linden Labs Zombie Sadie - Body [mesh](free)
Pose: Del May Dead To the World (50L)

House: Death Row DRD ebenezer house c/m, gacha (The Arcade)(75L)
Suitcases: Death Row DRD ebenezers old chests c/m, gacha (The Arcade)(75L)
Hatrack: Death Row DRD ebenezers coat hanger c/m, gacha (The Arcade)(75L)


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Ghost of Christmas Future

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The visage of the Ghost of Christmas Future changed according to the fate of the beholder. To some he was beautiful, and to others a walking nightmare. He could see all possible futures. Such visions wore him down. When forced to give a prediction to a pesty mortal, he switched to a terrifying skeletal form and showed them their doom. After all, it was the only certainty.

If you have had it up to your black-lined eyes in holiday "cheer," I have greats news for you, -- Gothmas by Gaslight runs until January 5th! Leave those happy tunes and bright colors behind and slip into the sensual elegance of Gothmas with the help of the many talented Goth designers on the grid. The sim is beautifully decorated and includes fun elements like a Black Death skeleton angel, and Club Gothika has turned into a cool ice skating rink. At the Gothmas by Gaslight website is a fantastic guide with direct teleports to each of your favorite stores on the Cursed and Sium sims. By the way, this year's Gothmas has a cool new feature, you can shop the event and choose the gift option to send presents your friends! Sweet!

The headdress is the Apocalypse Bride by MUSE. Echoing the twig pattern, is the Fallen Gods Brier tattoo in white on the face. Also from Gothmas, is the Ozymandias outfit for men from Avatar Bizarre. The outfit comes in one piece with shirt, and pants. It also comes in a female version. My subtle hint this is the Ghost of Christmas Future is in the Drago bowtie with a skeletal hand by Bliensen + MaiTai. A must have for the guys is the Breeze hair by Tableau Vivant. Love it! you can pick it up on a discount at Creation.JP.  Junbug has a gacha at the Midwinter Fair for this awesome Winter Cloak. It can be worn by girls and guys. I recommend the guys get the large size. The Inferna Nail gloves are by Miamai. They are a long glove for the girls, but under a coat or jacket, the guys can wear these badass claws too. The Deadshine eyes are by IKON and you can pick them up as a group gift. The skin is Tableau Vivant Ray, on sale 50% off at We <3 Role Play, and I added the Blair lip tattoo by The Shops over the top for a more "friendly" looking half smile.

On Him, The Ghost of Christmas Future:
Headdress: MUSE Apocalypse Bride - Onyx [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)(199L)
Top, pants: Avatar Bizarre AB Ozymandias [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Cursed)(250L)
Bowtie: Bliensen + MaiTai - Drago - Bow Tie for Men [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)(329L)
Tattoo: Fallen Gods BRIER +FGInc.+ Complete, full tintable soft (Gothmas by Gaslight, Cursed)(380L)
Coat: Junbug Winter Cloak Silver, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)(30L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Breeze male - Whites and Blacks [mesh](Creation.JP)(200L)
Hands: Miamai BL_Inferna BlackNails [mesh](300L)
Eyes: IKON Deadshine Eyes - Quicksilver [mesh](group gift)(free)
Lip tattoo: The Shops THESKINSHOP (LIPS) 'Blair'
Eyeliner: CL-NINE CL9v2l_HeadEyeline01C(bk)(free)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Rays Skin - Tone 3 - eyeshadow (We <3 RolePlay) (500L) 50 % off
Pose: Del May DM - Standstill (50L)

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: It was the Ghost of Christmas Future who sent an urgent message to Nicoli All-Seeing. He foretold a growing threat to Christmas in the heart of London. If something was not done soon to change fate, Christmas would forever be changed.

This setting is from the Bauwerk Ice Throne set on sale at the Midwinter Fair. It includes a large and small statue, ice platform, arch, and ice throne. The textures with materials on it are awesome, so neat! The event lasts until Dec 31st. Some nice gachas there for 30L, and don't miss all the gifts under the Christmas tree!

Set: 22769 [bauwerk] Ice Throne - complete set [mesh] (Midwinter Fair)(445L)
Pose: Co*motions Those're Fightin' Words (30L)
Thanks for your help on the setting Kariritaisho!

Monday, December 22, 2014

RMK Gothic SIM close Announcement

The curtain will lower for RMK Gothic SIM on December 28th, 2014. The sim owners wish to spend more time away from SecondLife.

Thank you to loyal customers, and all those who share with us the fond memories of RMK Gothic.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hunter VS Hunter 2

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STORYLINE: Being a proper English Gentlemen, Lord Kraven traveled in style. His idea of an outstanding Christmas Vacation involved digging for ancient treasures and hunting big game on the Dark Continent. The thought of sipping the "local cuisine" made his mouth water. Wild game had so much fight, unlike the jaded city dwellers of London. Yes it was exhausting, but he rather enjoyed playing with his food. He even had his eye on a particularly feisty warrior among the herd. He would make an excellent pet. His friends will be so jealous.  ...Ah, the unlife was sweet indeed.

The Hunter Vs Hunter series was inspired by the Jewelry and Accessory Expo's Safari theme. But of course I had to give it a gothic twist. The Expo has ended, but you can still pick up these awesome shoes by G&D. They come with a hud that will let you change 2 of the leather colors, and metals. They are a rare pair of shoes for guys that work the Slink Male feet. Working great with the shoes are the Skinny pants by Gabriel. The Safari Pith hat is by Xen's Hats. Love the black color version! It's perfect for vampires on safari. The beautiful red Harrington coat is a new creation by FATEwear. You can get it in several colors, and I love how the collar looks woolly with materials. The coat is meant to be worn with the scarf. And the coat also comes with a texture of snow dusting the shoulders. Nice! What's inside the bag, I wonder? The Messenger Bag from Remarkable Oblivion is another must have goodie. It comes in 3 color choices, and has an x.y.z script for resizing. The face piercing are by CerberusXing and come in 3 colors, girls and guys can wear. It was part of the ROMP sale last weekend. Also from the ROMP are: the Cheeky Pea Striped Trees chair with 22 single poses, 4 couples, and 12 adult poses; and the Artisan Fantasy Captive - Cage comes with 21 solo poses. The hair under the hat is from Argrace's Christmas gift santa hat and hair. I just made the hat part transparent, and Wa La! I have some handy hat-hair. lol

On Lord Kraven:
Bag: Remarkable Oblivion Messenger Bag - Never Surrender Black [mesh](The Men's Department)(199L)
Coat, Scarf: FATEwear Coat, Scarf - Harrington - Scripted [mesh](300L)
Shoes: G&D Italian Style Stylos FatPack - male [mesh]
Hat: Xen's Hats Little Sahara Pith Helmet Black [mesh](100L)
Face Piercings: CerberusXing Chained Bridge - Silver [mesh](300L)
Hair: Argrace Santa Hat / Men - White [mesh](free)
Pants: Gabriel Skinny pants - white [mesh]
Tattoo lip: LE:MON bloody lips (1L)
Eyeliner: CL9v2l_HeadEyeline01C(bk)
Eyes: S0NG Winter Vampire Eye [mesh] (50L)
Nail Polish: By Snow Fashionable Black applier for Slink hands (1L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands [mesh](450L)
Feet: Slink Male Feet Flat [mesh] (650L)
Hairbase: Action Hair Base 04 Veganic - Snow (107L)
Hand applier: Tableau Vivant Tone 1 (90L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Rays Skin - Tone 1 - eyeshadow (We <3 RolePlay) (500L) 50 % off
Pose: Del May DM - Bedsit male (50L)

Chair: Cheeky Pea Striped Trees [mesh] (pg 350L, adult 500L)
Cage: Artisan Fantasy Captive - Cage Weathered [mesh] (500L)
Palm Trees: Alouette 3LI Palm Tree, gacha [mesh]
Umbrella: Alouette Beach Umbrella, gacha [mesh]
Tent: Consignment Fossil Hunter - Tent, gacha [mesh]
Tent: Consignment Fossil Hunter - Crate Chair 1, 2, gacha [mesh]
Tent: Consignment Fossil Hunter - Table, gacha [mesh]

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hunter VS Hunter

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Every few nights, a person in his village would suddenly cry out for help, and before anyone could reach them, they were gone. There would be signs of struggle and the roof of the hut would be shredded. He had enough of the predator terrorizing his village. He would hunt down it, and kill it. The clever flying menace would have been untrackable if not for a drop of blood in the sand every few feet. It would be only a matter of time before he caught up with it.

Spicing up your cold December is the newest weekend round of ROMP! You can indulge in the yummy sales SL midnight tonight. For previews and links to locations, head over to the ROMP website

On him, Tribal Hunter:
Collar: ANE Kinky Collar Necklace with Straps [mesh] (ROMP) (150L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant JMJ // windy [mesh] (The Men's Department)(180L)
Makeup, piercings: Haus of Darcy Apocalypto Dermal Facial Piercing, Body Paints [mesh] (We <3 RolePlaySale
Harness, Pants, Boots: The Fallen FallOut [mesh](We <3 RolePlay)(675L) 25 % off
Horns: 7 Mad Ravens Grey BattleWorn Horn [mesh](CarnEvil)(175L)
Piercings: Haus of Darcy KYO Mesh Ear Piercing, Facial Piercing - Slide [mesh] (150L)
Ears: Mandala Unisex Simple Ears [mesh] (297L)
Belly Piercings: Haus of Darcy Thrust MESH Spiked Hip Dermals v2 - Slide [mesh](150L)
Staff: Dark Prophet Designs Druidic Kings Staff, gacha [mesh](no longer available)
Cuffs: Death Row Designs ancient egypt gauntlet, gacha [mesh](no longer available)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Splayed, Grip [mesh](450L each)
Hairbase: Action Hair Base 04 Veganic - Toast (107L)
Eyes: S0NG Frost~ Cold Eye (50L)
Hand applier: Tableau Vivant Tone 6 (90L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Rays Skin - Tone 6 - eyeshadow (We <3 RolePlay) (500L) 50 % off
Pose: Amato jojo-07 (no longer available)

Cage: Artisan Fantasy Captive - Cage Weathered [mesh](ROMP)(pg 100L, adult 400L)
Palm Trees: Alouette 3LI Palm Tree [mesh] (past, The Arcade)
Tent: Consignment Fossil Hunter - Tent, gacha [mesh]

Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 Christmas Advents

READY. SET. GO!  Time to race store to store to get the coveted daily gift from the generous creators who put the Merry in your SecondLife Christmas. I'm happy to report all advents are now running, including the 12 days of Christmas. Below is my short list of favorite stops on the Advent Run. Each location has free gifts both guys and girls can enjoy. (Note: most Alice Project hairs are for girls, but a few will work on the guys too.) Have fun gang, and thank you very much for the freebies all you wonderful designers!

Abranimations - daily only - must join group - animations, fun stuff - (free)
Group is free to join: secondlife:///app/group/1fe94b95-2686-23a9-9b94-471774fdeb57/about

2 Alice Project - daily only - gifts plus group gifts - mesh female hair - (free)
Missed days can be purchased for 50L. Group is 750L to join. secondlife:///app/group/407c8cf4-3a23-0db6-d609-b110a0d50bd0/about

22769 / Bauwerk - daily only - clothing male and female, home decor - (free)
Missed days can be purchased for 65L

4 Akaesha Designs  React Superstore - daily only - gift card, home decor - (free)
ADULT. Find the daily santa bag. If naughty, try again in an hour.

5 Sway's - daily only - home decor - (free)
Find the passwords to unluck each day's gift.

KittyCats - daily only - variety of items, bonus gifts for pet cats - (free)
Many different stores participating in the KittyCats advent.

Unrepentant - daily only - must join group - Unhappy Holidays miniature village set - (free)
Missed days can be won in a free gacha/drawing once a day from the 27th - 31st. Group is free to join: secondlife:///app/group/e164c5de-8cd7-84a1-7c81-c057652587df/about

Chop Zuey  - multi-day - male and female gifts plus group gifts - jewelry - (free)
Group is 350L to join. secondlife:///app/group/4d9c522d-5aa8-7561-b54f-3d8f988d118d/about

DarkMoon Creations - daily only - animations, decor, fun stuff - (free)
Accepting donations for UNICEF.

But wait, there's more! For a large list of advents, go here: Yermawn

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Cast Iron Angel

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Snow crunched softly below his sandals. In a nearby cafe, hungry shoppers ordered hot coco and crumpets. They were blissfully unaware the Ghost Christmas Present moved among them strumming on his lyre. His fellow ghosts called him the Cast Iron Angel, for in these industrial times of bellowing trains and clanking factories, it seemed a more suitable moniker.

The Arcade returns this December with many fun items, and the stunningly beautiful Holiday Spirit gacha from Remarkable Oblivion. You can win holdable lanterns, rare Mother earth and Father Frost masks, rare wings, and the holdable lyres. Each lyre plays a song too! Just trigger it in local chat and it will begin to play. So classy, love it.  Remember the spooky cool Ray skin by Tableau Vivant at Xiasumi School Festival? I have good news, now you can get it in more tones, and it's on sale for 50% off at We <3 RolePlay for Christmas too! WOOT! You can pick up Ray with, or without eyeliner, in tones 1, 3, 6, and 10. (Note: You can find the matching hand and feet appliers at the main Tableau Vivant store.) Also shown above is a free group gift hair by Eaters Coma that comes in all hair colors, a gacha sash by Peqe, and the Dagon toga by Stitched.

On Him, The Cast Iron Angel:
Lantern, Pose 1: Remarkable Oblivion Holiday Spirit Lantern Wrought, gacha [mesh](The Arcade)(100L)
Lyre: Remarkable Oblivion Holiday Spirit Lyre Peccan, gacha [mesh](The Arcade)(100L)
Mask: Remarkable Oblivion Holiday Spirit Mother Earth RARE, gacha [mesh](The Arcade)(100L)
Wings: Remarkable Oblivion Holiday Spirit Wings RARE, gacha [mesh](The Arcade)(100L)
Hair: Eaters Coma GIFT 03 / Dark Silver (group gift)(free)
Toga: Stitched Dagon Black [mesh] (249L)
Sash: Peqe Toga Drapes Red 2, gacha [mesh](50L)
Nails applier: A:S:S Slink Fingernails Naturals (free)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Curl, Cigarette [mesh](450L each)
Hand applier: Tableau Vivant Tone 10 (90L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Rays Skin - Tone 10 - natural (We <3 RolePlay) (500L) 50 % off
Pose 2: Clemmm B e a u (30L)

Noctis, New Babbage

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Good Girl, Bad Boy

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: (From Adventure Time, Bad Little Boy) Marshall Lee, vampire: "Good little girl, Always picking a fight with me. You know that I'm bad, But you're spending the night with me. What... do you want... from my world? You're a good little girl."   Fionna, human: "Bad little boy. That's what you're acting like. I really don't buy, That you're that kind of guy. And... if you are... Why do you want to hang out with me?"

This post was inspired by the adorable Adventure Time outfits by FATEplay available at Geeks'N'Nerds. There is a Lynne outfit for the girls, and a Finn for the guys. The girl version comes with skirt, bunny hoodie rigged and unrigged, and bonus hair that works perfectly with the hood. The guys version has bear ears hoodie and shorts. Both of them come with hood up or down, backpack, and a sword. There are six color themes to choose from and all items are materials enabled. Also, the outfits come in child sizes too. I used the Original above for girls because the outfit is adorable, and doesn't everyone love team Marshall Lee and Fionna? She's wearing the Grady Heels by Ingenue from the last round of Collabor88 and hopefully it will be in the main store soon. The Thigh High Knit socks for Slink body are by Luxuria and still on sale for Fifty Linden Friday.  Marshall Lee is wearing a great Fitted Mesh sweater, Lawless Greyskull. It has 2 sizes of fitted mesh, plus the standard sizes. I'm using the Fitted above. The sweater also comes in other colors and textures (fleur-de-lis/black, Listen/green, Tattoo/brown). The hair is a new mesh style by Dura, number 54. The Lenox jeans I got picked up The Men's Department and it comes with 6 jeans shades and 4 belt colors. I love the draping and fit on these. Nice. The shoes are Super Kingdom Low Tops, unrigged that I sized to fit the Slink feet. The vampire ears are by Trap, and vampire skin Rays Mort Vivant Bloody by Tableau Vivant.

This pose is one of many in the brand new badass Vampire Barbarian Throne by Death Row. It comes in light and dark, Adult or PG. It has: 2 single male poses, 3 single female poses, 9 vampire couple poses, 4 couple cuddles poses, 4 couple drink serves, 11 couple adult poses, and 12 femdom poses. The guitar hanging on the back on the throne is by Libby's. You can win it on the lucky board. It hangs on the shoulder, and touching it brings up a menu to switch poses.

On Him, Marshall Lee:
Sweater: 7 Mad Ravens FitMesh1 Lawless-Greyskull [mesh](150L)
Jeans: Lenox 2015 Denim Mens  [mesh](The Men's Department)(250L)
Hair: Dura Dura-Boys&Girls*54 - Black [mesh](120L)
Shoes: Super Kingdom Low Tops: Red [mesh](199L)
Ears: Trap Vampire Ears [mesh](200L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relaxed [mesh](450L)
Feet: Slink Male Feet Flat [mesh] (650L)
Skin, Hand & Feet appliers: Tableau Vivant Rays Mort Vivant  Bloody (Xiasumi School Festival)(990L)

On Her, Fionna:
Hoodie, hair, skirt, backpack, sword: FATEplay Adventure Pack Original  [mesh](Geeks'N'Nerds)(400L)
Shoes: Ingenue Grady Heels (Slink) :: Snow [mesh](past, Collabor88)
Stockings applier: Luxuria Thigh High Knit Socks (Fifty Linden Friday)(50L)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual [mesh](450L)
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - Mid [mesh](675L)
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body [mesh](1250L)
Lashes: FTL Eyelashes - C01 Natural (280L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors classic gen4 - m/r - blue surf [mesh] (150L)
Skin: BCC [Latte] Heim 01 (past, The Arcade)

Chair, pose: Death Row Barbarian vampire throne - dark [mesh](Suicide Dollz)(pg 280L, adult 780L)
Guitar: Libber Shoulder Guitar : Large : Boy (lucky board)(free)


Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Mines of Mars

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: A hybrid escapee from the Mines of Mars, Static Charge only found himself right back in the mines when a mysterious scientist and her daughter gave him a proposition he couldn't refuse. Guide them in the mines to an undisclosed location and keep the expedition a secret from all spying eyes, and in return they will smuggle him to the Earth where he will no longer be the "property" of the Lords of Mars. What choice did he have? Of course he accepted.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the States. Need something fun to do for the holiday weekend? Don't miss the wonderful Mine Shaft Hunt brought to you by the same talented people behind Horror Night, and Bloody Valentine. There are several levels of game play and there's many excellent prizes for the guys too! For more information, go to:

Static Charge is back and this time he sporting another fantastic creation by Remarkable Oblivion, the Aviator Ace. It comes in several colors with hair, but I am using the no hair one above. The Materials on it are excellent! From Death Row are the post apocalyptic staff and prosthetic leg. You can pick them up as a fatpack at the new round of Genre with a post apocalyptic theme. The Coveralls by Silvery K are a Mine Shaft Hunt prize! The outfit is one piece and includes boots. Awesome!

On Him, Static Charge:
Hat, goggles: Remarkable Oblivion Aviator Ace - FlakJacket Green [mesh](299L)
Staff, leg: Death Row Post apocalyptic staff, Prosthetic leg - Fatpack [mesh](Genre)(300L)
Outfit, boots: Silvery K Men'sCoverALL [mesh] (Mine Shaft Hunt)(free)
Tattoo: Lovely Disarray Attitude (150L)
Neck corset: Etchaflesh Male Zip Me Up Neck Corset [mesh] (150L)
Gloves: O.M.E.N Black Cruising Gloves [mesh](190L)
Mask: Death Row Designs Tubes Mask - copper [mesh] (150L)
Armor: Death Row Designs DRD Female Armor grunge (edit) [mesh] (150L)
Tattoo: Lovely Disarray Attitude (150L)
Tattoo face, body: Overt OVERT Dirt (100L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors Christmas Tale [mesh] (subscribers gift)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Damon II (900L)
Pose: Apple Spice Intimidating Pose 004 (past, Men Only Gacha)

The Mine Shaft Hunt

(click to enlarge)

Returning to help me out on the blog is Kariritaisho, and everyone give a warm hello to Mystina as the daughter. They are both wearing 14-FL-OZ duster, goggles, boots and bandannas from the current post apocalyptic round of Genre.

On her, Diana Richter (left):
Jacket: 14-FL-OZ Wasteland Duster Jacket[mesh](Genre)(100L)
Outfit: 14 FL OZ Wasteland Duster/Goggles/Bandanda/Boots ~Teal - [mesh](Genre)(100L)
Backpack: Geek Off Grid FPS Pak Black[mesh](Genre)(100L)
Lipstick: Wicked Peach Pleasure Lip Stain 6
Eyeshadow: Plastik Astrali Eyeshadow// Gun
Hands: Slink Hands enhanced causal 
Hair: LCKY Andi
Eyes: S0NG Blossom Deep blue and Grass
Skin: La petite morte India tone 4
Pose: double take Omerta

On her, Deia Richter (middle):
Jacket: 14-FL-OZ Wasteland Duster Jacket[mesh](Genre)(100L)
Accessories: 14-FL-OZ Wasteland Duster Goggles/Bandanna/Boots ~Pink [mesh](Genre)(100L)
Hair: Truth Hair Honey (Black & White Pack)
Eyes: SP Cocktail My Fair Lady
Skin & Mesh Head: The Sugar Garden Mizu head C tone
Hands: Slink Hands enhanced causal 
Pose: Purple Poses Amanda 02

The Mine Shaft Hunt
Thanks for your help, Kariritaisho, and Mystina!

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Remorse of Victor Frankenstein

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: "Often, after the rest of the family had retired for the night, I took the boat, and passed many hours upon the water. Sometimes, with my sails set, I was carried by the wind; and sometimes, after rowing into the middle of the lake, I left the boat to pursue its own course, and gave way to my own miserable reflections. I was often tempted, when all was at peace around me, and I the only unquiet thing that wandered restless in a scene so beautiful and heavenly -- if I except some bat, or the frogs, whose harsh and interrupted croaking was heard only when I approached the shore -- often, I say, I was tempted to plunge into the silent lake, that the waters might close over me and my calamities forever." - Victor Frankenstein, From Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, chapter 9

A Tattered Page [*citation needed] is a brand new event from the Cursed crew. Designers create items from their own imagination inspired by words from the selected novel for that round. (That means no styles or ideas taken from movie, TV shows, plays, comics or other adaptions.) I love this concept. It's true, when reading a novel, an image is created in the mind of the reader. Each person's inner visualization is unique to them. For the first round,  Mary Shelley's gothic novel classic, Frankenstein was picked. Contrary to all the many Hollywood versions of the story, the original is very different. It's been wonderful to see what all the designers came up with. Each item comes with a quote from Frankenstein that inspired the item (that's the *citation needed part of the event). The event runs from November 7-November 30th. This is a store to store hop, just look for the Tattered Page display in each store. Future rounds of Tattered page will have central Library theme location. For more information, previews of all items on sale, and links to each location, go to: A Tattered Page

This post was inspired by Dingy and wonderfully descriptive moment in the book selected by Roawenwood. The Broken Melancholia Dinghy will not be sold like this again after the event ends, it's an exclusive. The boat comes in scripted, and unscripted versions, 2-4 land impact. It has 18 couple animations. It also comes with a paddle and cattails.

Boat: Roawenwood Broken Melancholia Dinghy Set exclusive [mesh](A Tattered Page)(375L)

Location: Mirromere

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: "... I thought of the heroic and suffering Elizabeth, whom I tenderly loved, and whose existence was bound up in mine. I thought also of my father and surviving brother: Should I by my base desertion leave them exposed and unprotected to the malice of the fiend whom I had let loose among them?" - Victor Frankenstein, From Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, chapter 9

Wow, this was such a hard shot to do. I hope you guys like it. Dr Frankenstein is wearing a cool late-Regency / Early Victorian outfit by Avatar Bizarre. It's one piece with coat and pants, and also includes hat, shoes, and cravat. You can choose from many colors, and one of the colors is an exclusive. I love this ring so much! It's the Wedding Night ring by Bliensen + MaiTai for Tattered Page. The black color version is an exclusive to the event. You can get it in gemstones blue, red, green, or purple, and either black skeleton hands or ivory. It's mod so you can adjust it for a good fit. This angsty pose, The Night, is by NanTra. It worked great here for Victor's conflicted feelings. Adding movement for underwater is the Ken Urei hair by Argrace. This wonderful Rays Mort Vivant Shadow pale skin tone by Tableau Vivant is on sale at the Xiasumi School Festival. It includes appliers for hands and feet. I love the details around the eyes and the highlight on the nose. To match the pale skintone, I used the Fingernail Naturals freebie gift from A:S:S. I love the Winter eyes by S0NG, I picked up the green ones recently. Below the surface is a set I built using the Kelp by Aley and MeadowWorks. With all this nice yummy seagrass laying around, I could not resist letting momma manatee and baby from Aqua Shop Gonbe roam around in it. It's manatee heaven down there afterall. lol You can see them hiding in the seagrass on the lower left side.

On Victor Frankenstein:
Outfit, hat, cravat, shoe: Avatar Bizarre AB Victor - Brown [mesh](A Tattered Page)(350L)
Ring: Bliensen + MaiTai Wedding-Night - green/black/bone Exclusive [mesh](A Tattered Page)(299L)
Hair: Argrace Ken Urei - Black [mesh] (250L)
Nails: A:S:S Slink Fingernails Naturals 1 (free)
Hands: Slink Male Hands [mesh](450L)
Eyes: S0NG Winter - Nature Eye [mesh] (50L)
Skin, Hand & Feet appliers: Tableau Vivant Rays Mort Vivant Shadow (Xiasumi School Festival)(990L)
Pose: NanTra The Night (edit)(A Tattered Page)(200L)

Kelp: Aley Kelp Forest with sounds and fish
Kelp: MeadowWorks Kelp Forest Fx Green + PLANKTON
Manatees: Aqua Shop Gonbe Child taking manatee

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rumpelstiltskin 1

(click to enlarge) 
STORYLINE: There once was a boy who was raised by goblins. They taught him their ways and blessed him with magic. He was so loved, even their king adopted him. For his twentieth birthday, he was allowed to return to the human world to look for a bride. However he was completely unprepared for the flaws of humans. Pride, greed, selfishness, deception. For weeks he wandered. Everywhere he looked, he saw ugliness. Surely there was a girl somewhere for him with a pure heart. He had begun to loose hope when sobs of a young maiden locked in a tower interrupted his brooding. He felt compelled to go to her, wipe her tears away, and do whatever she wished, if only she would smile.

Enchantment is back with a new round inspired by Rumpelstiltskin! I had fun coming up with a new twist to this story, I hope you guys like it.  Now if you're thinking, "Hmm... this guy looks a bit familiar," you may be right. The name of the blog is BishieStyle after all, right? lol Shown above is Rumple Neckcollar by Geek for guys and girls. It's non-rigged mesh so you can position it how it works best on you. The Rumple Dreadlocks come in male and female fit. And the Rumple Horns are non-rigged mesh. The awesome Goblin Royalty makeup is by Bubble, and Goblin Pauldrons by May's Soul. The Goblin Mask is from a past Fantasy Gacha by Kahli Designs. From the current round of Fantasy Gacha is the Dark Prophet Designs Druidic Kings Staff. The awesome Dorian poet shirt is by gO! The Gloves are by O.M.E.N, two different Winter Eyes color by S0NG, and undershirt and pants are handy system layers from The Raider by Quality Designs. To see the a list on store locations, How to do the Stamp Rally, and picture previews of the Stamp Prizes, go to the main Enchantment website here:

On Him, The Goblin Prince:
Collar, necklace: Geek Rumple Neckcollar Green [mesh](Enchantment)(170L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Dreads line - Rumple [mesh](Enchantment)(250L)
Horns: Tableau Vivant Rumple horn [mesh](Enchantment)(180L)
Staff: Dark Prophet Designs Druidic Kings Staff [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)(75L)
Shirt: gO! Dorian shirt [mesh](222L)
Pauldrons: May's Soul Goblin Pauldrons [mesh](150L)
Eye makeup: Bubble Goblin Royalty (135L)
Mask: Kahli Designs Goblin Mask - Light Green (past, Fantasy Gacha)
Gloves: O.M.E.N Black Cruising Gloves [mesh](190L)
Pants, undershirt: Quality Designs The Raider (1995L)
Eyes: S0NG Winter Nature Eye [mesh](50L)
Eyes: S0NG Winter Snow Eye [mesh](50L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Sean Skin - Tone 03 A, Lips C, Nose B (990L)
Pose: Del May Swanky Male (50L)

Fallen Gods

Monday, November 10, 2014


(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: It was supposed to be easy. It wouldn't matter he didn't have experience at this whole vampire thing. Just pick up a pretty little drunk girl at the concert, follow her home, and when she passes out, drink her blood. He'd get a nice buzz, and in the morning she won't remember a thing! It was brilliant! And it would have worked too if not for her roommate who caught him in the act. He woke up with a horrible throbbing knot on the head, and he was handcuffed to the radiator. The girls were debating what they would do to him. He gulped.

Have you picked up your ROMP goodies? Hurry hurry! These goodie deals end at midnight SL, and then prices go back up to normal. You can find a link to all the stores in this round Here. From ROMP is the radiator in the picture is by Frogstar. It's 2 landimpact is edit mod, comes in either silver or gold, concludes 1 single pose, 14 couple posses, and cuff props. The Berlioz Collar by Lost Junction comes with a hud for 5 metal textures, no script, open collar and swiftcollar.

Our unlucky vampire is wearing the very full and glamorous Alchemist hair from Tableau Vivant on sale at Collabor88. It comes in both male and female versions. At the Xiasumi School Festival's Haunted House, you can pick up these awesome pale as a ghost Rays Mort Vivant skins by Tableau Vivant. They come in Bloody (shown above), Bruised, Congested, Red Liner, and Shadow styles and each one also includes hands and feet appliers! Swing over to the Xiasumi School Festival's Concert Hall and pick up this fun Amp necklace by 7 Mad Ravens. Also by 7 Mad Ravens is the Autumn Dreary Jacket which was at Halloween Fair, and should be in the main store soon. It comes with or without the shirt, and a hud to change the texture of the collar, jacket lining, and shirt. There are six color choices for the jacket. He's wearing Muschi's open fly jeans Cheeky Hotboy jeans. They come with underwear and hud to change the textures. From Haus of Darcy are the Deardriu Piercings for men. In the background is the Consignment & Floorplan tub and chair from the last round of Uber, and the house is Attic Skybox by Trompe Loeil. Sitting on top of the radiator is one of the Prize Rats from Pulse Game's Don't Pant adventure. If you haven't this event yet, run go do it! It's fun and lots of great prizes too!

On Him:
Collar: Lost Junction Berlioz Collar - Metals [mesh](ROMP)(200L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Alchemist hair - reds[mesh](Collabor88)
Piercings: Haus of Darcy Deardriu Piercing Male [mesh]
Necklace: 7 Mad Ravens Amped Up [mesh](Xiasumi School Festival)(199L)
Jacket: 7 Mad Ravens Autumn Dreary Jacket [mesh](Halloween Fair)
Pants, underwear: Muschi Cheeky HotBoy Jeans Black [mesh](360L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax, Relaxed [mesh] (450L)
Feet: Slink Male Feet Flat [mesh] (650L)
Eyes: S0NG Charmmy - Lust Eye [mesh] (50L)
Tattoo: [ni.Ju] Dusk Tattoo (100L)
Brow: Tableau Vivant Eyebrow 02 (Tintable) (80L)
Applier Hands: Clemmm Damaged Hands (99L)
Skin, Hand & Feet appliers: Tableau Vivant Rays Mort Vivant  Bloody (Xiasumi School Festival)(990L)

Radiator, pose: Frogstar Chain Me Up Radiator silver [mesh](ROMP)(350L)
Rat: Pulse Games Prize Rat [mesh] (Pulse Games - Don't Panic)
Tub: Consignment & Floorplan Bathtub - Pewter [mesh](past, Uber)
Chair: Consignment & Floorplan Slipper Chair [mesh](past, Uber)
House: Trompe Loeil  + Surround [mesh](past, Uber)


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy 2nd Anniversary Style Kingdom magazine!

Style Kingdom Vol 10 has just come out. It has a fun Horror Christmas section, closeups of various goodies for your winter wardrobe for both men and women, as well as Historical Christmas and Haute Christmas. There is also a powerful in-depth interview with magazine founder Dougie Boxen.  ..... oh, and you might spot Yours Truly in there too.

Read the Style Kingdom 2nd Anniversary, special double issue here:

Monday, November 3, 2014

Vampire Ballet: Black Souls, Red Cello

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: In life, Kuro twins were child prodigies thrilling audiences with their skillful playing. But those happy times ended when a deranged fan tried to "steal" their talent one limb at a time. Their savior was a well-meaning vampire who fused their broken bodies to dolls. When the twins awoke, the shock was too much for them. Gone was their spirit. The sat mute, traumatized, as lifeless as the dolls they inhabited. But their savior never gave up. Their souls were music, and music would save them the way he never could. The years passed, then one day he heard a clumsy bow strike the strings of the cello. He was so happy. It was the break through he was hoping for. Slowly with much effort, the twins returned to the world. For their official coming out, they performed at the auditions for the Vampire Ballet. By the time they played their last note, there was not a dry eye, even among the stone cold hearts of the vampire. They got the standing ovation. This year, Kuro Twins would be the featured guests of the Vampire Ballet.

The excellent gothic lolita dress, Black Rose Witch by MelonBunny, I wanted to show you guys so much for RMK Halloween but time ran out on me. The good news is, you can pick it up now at the main store. For the doll, I am wearing the Kemono version but you can also get it in the default avatar size. It comes with dress, bow with skull collar, apron, petticoat, and bat wings. The cello by Souzou Eien is awesome! It comes with a hud to change the wood color, a version for decoration, and one you wear with bow and sit on the stool to trigger poses. It also comes with a badass coffin case that opens and closes and has the cello inside. The hat and cuffs are from the Remarkable Oblivion's Melancholy gacha which you can play at their main store. Shoes by G Field work perfectly with the doll body. The doll heads are Coco group gift, and the doll body is old past Coco group gift. Aarya of the Dark Phantom blog is helping me out on this post. Head over to her blog to read the horrifying first part of the story here:

On her, Belladonna Kuro (left):
Wings, dress, bow, apron, petticoat: Melonbunny Black Rose Witch Dress, Kemono [mesh](550L)
Cello, bow, stool, pose: Souzou Eien The Master's Cello [mesh](We <3 Role Play)
Hair: Curio Obscura Long Gothic Spirals Pigtails [mesh] (250L)
Hat: Remarkable Oblivion Melancholy - TopHat - Inferno, gacha [mesh](75L)
Cuffs: Remarkable Oblivion Melancholy - Bracer L - Inferno, gacha [mesh](75L)
Head: DollCoco *DC*_Head(Non-Rigged)_Anna [mesh](group gift, free)
Body: DollCoco DOLLCOCO*_Body snow [mesh](past group gift, free)
Shoes: G Field Gina - black [mesh] (280L)

On her, Rose Kuro (right):
Guest appearance: Aarya Phantomhive of the Dark Phantom blog
Part one of the storyline:

DollCoco Designs

Friday, October 31, 2014

RMK Halloween: The Magical Academy 4

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Alarmed, the pet bats of the Witch of Fields, and her ghost familiar warned her a hex was coming! She quickly threw up a shield just in time to bounce the curse off her and return it to it's sender. She found Razorback sometime later in the potions rooms as an ugly toad. Serves him right for being so nasty. He would be trapped in that form until after Halloween and Merlin returned to the Academy to fix him.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN GANG!  Have a great time! Also don't forget today is the last day on RMK Halloween and the TAG Gacha. Here's one last look at awesome goodies you can win or purchase at these events. The Witch of the Fields is wearing the Dream Gacha prize dress Sally by RokumeikaN. Her hat by Remarkable Oblivion is one of the rares from the TAG Gacha. Her arm warmers by Senzafine are available in the RMK Halloween market on main street, as well as the Neverwish Wicked boots which come in many colors. While you stroll down main street, check out the fun gacha by Cila that has this cute Bats rare prize. Over at Cubic Cherry Creations are these adorable ghosts. The ghost's hat is the Candy Corn Dream Gacha prize and at the main street booth you can place the gacha there for more styles. Her green nail polish is the Dream Gacha prize from Goth1c0. And her lovely staff by HPMD animates a conjuring pose while you talk in local chat.

Today I have the next hint for the RMK Halloween End Game!
hint #2 :  Chan is looking for something.

On her, The Witch of the Fields:
Hat: Remarkable Oblivion SpellBinder - Oracle RARE [mesh](TAG Gacha)(100L)
Dress: RokumeikaN +RMK*Halloween2014DreamGacha*+Sally_dress [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Armwarmers: Senzafine "Willow" Armwarmers [mesh](RMK Halloween)(195L)
Staff: HPMD  Wooden Staff - Halloween (typing anim)[mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Nails: Goth1c0 Green (dream gacha prize) (RMK Halloween)(free)
Boots: Neverwish Wicked Boot - Dagger -Black/Plum (edit tint) [mesh](RMK Halloween)(150L)

Hat: BluPrintz Witch Hat - Candy Corn [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Ghost: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations Lil ghost~ Myr [mesh](RMK Halloween)(65L)
Bats: Cila Cute bat 01 02 04-RARE, gacha [mesh](RMK Halloween)(50L)


Happy Halloween!!

RMK Halloween closing dance performance was recorded this year instead of live because of logistical issues.

RMK Halloween UPDATE on END GAME:  Those close to level 9, keep working at it! There will be 1 day grace period. Hints are given on the Japanese blog. "Ray is standing" is hint #1. Chan is looking for something is hunt #2.

For more information go to:
(NOTE: text is in Japanese)

RMK Gothic wishes everyone have a Happy Halloween! ❤

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

RMK Halloween: The Magical Academy 3

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Not all denizens of the Ghost Academy were friendly. In fact, one of them was positively icy. It was not without irony that just when Royal Magician Razorback warmed up to the beguiling Witch of the Fields, she spurned his affections. He conjured particularly nasty curse on her using rare herbs harvested from her own fields. It's no exaggeration to say, Hell hath no fury like a warlock scorned.

Halloween is almost here, it's best time of the year with so many awesome new releases! I have some cool things to show you. First, I love Cyber Scythe by A & Y. It's fantastic and comes with a texture change hud to change it's many parts and it also takes custom tints. The Nehtar outfit by FATEplay comes with tunic, armor, pants, and boots. The armor has materials on it so it looks really cool with advanced lighting turned on. I tinted the red areas for a deeper shade of red. Tableau Vivant's Mystic Hair is another great TV long hair for guys. It works great under hats, and you can get all the new cool colors huds for it too. This one is a brown that ends in crimson tips. Awesome. Love all these new colors. Neverwish's Wicked Hat matches the RMK Halloween Dream Gacha broom prize. You can find the hat at Gacha Mania. This one is the rare and I tinted the hat band to match the outfit. The Nightmare gloved by Death Row are part from the TAG Gacha, as well as the Minotaur head on the ground. I'm happy to tell you Lovely Disarray is back and teamed up with Anatomy for a collection at the Body Mod Expo. The Delusion Eyes Sanguine & Sleepless makeup are great! I love darkness around the eyes. The Paine Piercing by Anatomy look cool combined with the face piercing mask by Goth1c0. You can pick it up at the Androgyny round of Genre. The Auxiliary Chest Belt sash is by Epia and has a raven on the buckle. Touch it and you can change texture color. The Abdomen Belt by Dark Prophet Designs has a cyber honeycomb pattern. You may need to edit your shape for the best fit. These wonderful Regent boots by Exalted I love so much come with the Regent outfit. The book, raven, and pose are by Uncertain Smile and you buy it at the RMK Halloween market on main street as well as the Spells and Hexes supply Kit by Souzou Eien. The toy boar mount by Culprit is from the TAG Gacha. And the bloody axe on the ground is a new group gift by Remarkable Oblivion.

On Him:
Staff: A&Y Cyber Bunker Shark Cyber Scythe - multicolor [mesh](RMK Halloween)(420L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Mystic hair - browns [mesh](300L)
Tunic, Armor, Pants: FATEplay Nehtar - Volcano [mesh](400L)
Hat: Neverwish Wicked Hat - Potion Master Black, Ultra Rare [mesh] (The Gacha Mania)(50L)
Gloves: Death Row night mare gloves [mesh](TAG Gacha)(50L)
Eyes, makeup: Lovely Disarray Delusion Eyes Sanguine & Sleepless (Body Mod Expo)(169L)
Piercings: Anatomy Paine Silver [mesh](Body Mod Expo)(115L)
Mask: Goth1c0 Silent Pierced Mask [mesh](Genre)(100L)
Sash: Epia Auxiliary Chest Belt [mesh](220L)
Belt: Dark Prophet Designs Abdomen Belt II Tech [mesh](400L)
Boots: Exalted Regent - Black [mesh](750L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Sean Skin - Tone 01 G (990L)
Pose, Raven, Book: Uncertain Smile Sorcerer 3 (RMK Halloween)(200L)

Tool Kit: Souzou Eien Spells & Hexes Supply Kit  [mesh](RMK Halloween)(125L)
Toy mount: Culprit  Dreameaters Boar Wild  [mesh](TAG Gacha)(50L)
Severed head: Death Row minotaur [mesh](TAG Gacha)(50L)
Axe: Remarkable Oblivion Zombie Axe - Bloody [mesh](group gift)(free)