Thursday, July 28, 2022

Midnight Order: The White Knight

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STORYLINE: No sooner I had spoke into my recorder, “Reporter for Midnight Magazine here,” then I sensed a displeasurable aura coming my way. The Predator of Predators flopped down in a chair in front of me in a whirlwind of thunder and thinly veiled contempt. I cheerfully offered my hand, “It’s an honor to meet the Legend of the Hunter Society.”

He refused my hand, and scoffed at my recording equipment. “Is that really necessary? I have nothing to say to your blood soaked readers. I’m not here by choice.”

“Yes, I’ve heard the King has some kind of sway over you,” I thrust my recorder in his face. “Care to explain what it is?” He smacked my hand away with such violence, my poor little device was buried deep in the wall. “My my… aren’t you the scary one.

He stood up as if to say, this interview is over, but he paused by the door and asked, “I have no idea why you vampires… are interested in me.”

I leaned back and smugly regarded him. Got ya. “As strange as it sounds, you do have a fan club. Let’s just say, for the undead its a fantasy to be killed, and then by someone as beautiful and powerful as yourself... Well, you’re quite the dreamboat."

His lips curled up in disgust, revealing his own sharp fangs. “Vampires…,” he hissed unironically. “I do the world a favor annihilating you perverse vermin.”

Behind me, Lillian, from the makeup department, swooned at his dangerous growl and fainted right on the spot. Despite his menacing words, the 
Underworld’s Lancelot was very much the knight in shiny armor. He moved so quickly, he caught her before she hit the ground.

I quickly snapped a tantalizing shot of this accidental embrace. It was perfect for the editorial section! 
Oh yes, this next issue is going to sell out fast. 
Of course, Midnight Magazine wanted the world's only Elder Slayer for our July cover model. Lucky for us, the King ordered him to appear as a bit of positive public relations for his newly formed Camelot of the Night. Surely it was some kind of punishment for the White Knight’s misdeeds.

I smiled brightly at him, “Midnight Magazine has a wonderful photoshoot setup just for you. A romanic scene of thorns and roses. I’m sure you will hate every minute of it!”

Midnight Order is back bringing you some much needed Darkness in the blistering heat of summer. This image was inspired by Gothic Window by Schadenfreude, Valentine gloves by Cubic Cherry, Skellybones Tyrant Torch, and Wicca Liuva boots, -- all awesome items at the current round of Midnight Order. I have been feeling nostalgic lately, like wanting to get back to the original idea for my avatar when I first joined SecondLife. I'm very into vampire stories. Back in 2011, I had just seen the dark fantasy anime Vampire Knight. I really identified with the long suffering Zero. I bounced between several looks for avatar, but white hair and purple eyes just felt like home, so it became my main look. The VK story itself was loosely inspired the tales of King Arthur. So I'm putting my own spin on things with the idea of vampire magazine article, Camelot Exposed! 

Ok, so first, in the unholy Lancelot makeover is the hair by Ginko. Its something I might wear forever. Its gorgeous. Comes in male and female fits. I love me some slutty boots, so when I saw Wicca's Liuva boots had male fits, I knew I needed to feature them! They come with a hud to change the colors.  The Valentine gloves work perfectly with Wicca boots and the fatpack comes with a lot of great texture options. I added the Nunna Klei tattoo for extra glam spark. Can we speak about that beautiful Axe by Skellybones? Wow. Just awesome. It comes with 4 hold poses and a texture hud. The Gothic Window by Schadenfreude makes my gothic loving heart sing. Its lovely, and has many color options. There is also a version with a stained glass texture, and a coffee table with a stained glass shadow!

On Him, The White Knight of Dark Camelot:
Hair: Ginko Hair #84 Hair - Rigged(Male/M) [mesh](Midnight Order)(465L)
Gloves: Cubic Cherry Valentine gloves FATPACK, LegacyM [mesh](Midnight Order)(249L)
Tattoo: Nuuna The KLEI tattoo [BOM] [mesh](Midnight Order)(250L)
Boots: Wicca's Originals Liuva Boot Jake  [mesh](Midnight Order)(599L)
Weapon: Skellybones Tyrant's Torch [mesh](Midnight Order)(499L)
Armbands: NOCHE Roman gold cuffs - Legacy [mesh](99L)
Pants: toksik Remnant Pants Legacy M, White [mesh](240L)
Crown: Sinful Sky Valentine Thorns Roses [mesh]
Blood: sacrilege eternal damnation [BOM](329L)
Head, Lips, piercings: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: HCXII LettucePray 2

Window Frame: Schadenfreude Zadkiel Window [mesh](Midnight Order)(250L)
Roses: Mesh Plants Rose Bush Pack [mesh](280L)
Petals: Luna Rosarie L+R petal storm, gacha [mesh]
Thorns: {anc} Ironorbs and Thornbush

Thanks for your help, Aarya!