Tuesday, February 18, 2020

2020 Home & Garden Expo: Decorating Competition!

Home & Garden Expo Decorating Competition has returned for the 3rd year. 
There is still room for a few more Competitors to join, deadline join is extended to Feb 19th!

How does the contest work?

There are 14 houses to choose from, and a prim limit of 400.
Each contestant can decorate in any style they wish that suits their house, but they MUST include at least three items purchased from RFL vendors at the Home and Garden Expo.
Competitors can work alone or in pairs or in a small team.

Houses are located here: Hope 3

February 13th – 19th
Apply for the competition, stating which house they would like to decorate.

February 19th – 26th
The competitors decorate their houses and gardens

February 27th – March 2nd
Visitors to the Expo can vote on which house and garden they like best. Voting is by donating to a kiosk set outside each of the houses. Each Linden donated to Relay for Life in these kiosks will count as a vote. All money raised goes to Relay for Life.

March 4th – the winners will be announced at a special party!

To enter, fill in the form on the by Feb 19th:

More details on the contest and house previews here: