Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Engine Room: The Robotic Burlesque

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STORYLINE: The younger brother of the Marquess of Waterford, Lord Berksford, was throughly obsessed with automatons. He studied the masters and tinkered endlessly in his workshop. The result of all his work? In true scandalous fashion, (his big brother would be proud), he debuted The Robotic Burlesque to much fanfair. The show was the talk of the town. Berksford tolled not for fame, but for his own amusement. Sure his brother every now and then came with special requests, but it seemed innocent to him and he liked the challenge as much as the revenue. I mean what Gent wouldn't want giant spider legs to leap over tall buildings, right? When the police busted down his door and arrested Berksford for the Spring Heeled Jack Murders,  ... he was completely surprised.

The Engine Room is ending soon. Here's a last look at some wonderful creations there. This image was inspired by Burlesques, Steampunk Mechanics, and the beautiful What's Lost Spirit doll. 

On him, Lord Berksford:
Mask: [LANEVO] Deadly Drive Mask [mesh](Engine Room)(342L)
Shirt: AsteroidBox Albian Shirt Legacy red Male [mesh](Engine Room)(270L)
Boots: Hotdog Gaiter boots brown [mesh](Engine Room)(250L)
Wrench: +SEKAI+ Pipe Wrench [Fatpack] [mesh](Engine Room)(199L)
Goggles: Gabriel ::GB:: Flight goggles [mesh](free)
Gloves: Gabriel ::GB:: SP Gloves LegacyBrown, gacha [mesh](75L)
Hair: barberyumyum B06 01 [mesh](300L)
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes - Leonine [mesh](150L)
Pants applier: Roosters n cHix Roosters Justice Pants (99L)
Pants: BareRose ::: B@R ::: Pirate Emperor Pants [BOM](185L)
Tattoo: Overt Dirt 7 [BOM](100L) 
Head: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: <K&S> Seductive lady5

Dolls: What's Lost Spirits WLS - STEAMPUNK DOLL vs2 [mesh](Engine Room)(288L)
Chaise Lounge: The Looking Glass The Torch Singer Chaise, gacha [mesh](60L)
Curtains: T-3D CREATIONS Curtain Display 008 Full Perm [mesh](358L)
Stage: Death Row -DRD- Villa rouge - Stage [mesh]

This post was made possible with the help of my of Blogger Bat Buddie, Aarya Phantomhive. Thanks Aarya! To see her finale to the Spring Heeled Jack series, the Killer, go to: Dark Phantom Blog: Dance with the Ripper

Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Engine Room: Spring Heeled Jack

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STORYLINE: The Marquess of Waterford was a prankster with an aristocratic disregard for the law. Together with his merry gang of drunken hooligans, he terrorized the sweet young ladies of New London. It started with simple jump-scares from behind a bush or darkened alley, and grew into elaborate costumes and clever contraptions that gave him seemingly supernatural abilities. But with all his hilarious tabloid fame came a dark side, -- a deadly imitator. What had been fun and games was now dripping in blood. He was Public Enemy Number One. Of course he couldn't go to the police for help! After all, he wasn't leaping over tall buildings to get closer to his pursuers. No, this was his problem to solve. Could he discover the true serial killer's identity before he was unmasked as the Marquess and framed for the numerous grisly murders?

Engine Room. This image is inspired by the Victorian urban legend of Spring Heeled Jack, and by the sweet items on sale at the Engine Room: the Rayne Claws by Skellybones, Bloodlust outfit by toksik, Tsuchigumo Spider Legs by Aii, Steampunk shaded by Dreamcatcher, gift scar tattoo by TF, and the very Jack the Ripper vibes of Varonis's Dayport scene. 

On him, Spring Heeled Jack:
Coat: toksik Bloodlust Top Navy [mesh](Engine Room)(350L)
Pants: toksik Bloodlust Pants Navy [mesh](Engine Room)(210L)
Boots: toksik Bloodlust Boots Brown [mesh](Engine Room)(160L)
Legs: Aii Tsuchigumo Spider Legs Masculine [Animesh](Engine Room)[mesh](999L)
Claws: Skellybones Rayne Claws [mesh](Engine Room)(250L)
Glass: Dreamcatcher Stylized Glasses Unisex [mesh](Engine Room)(250L)
Makeup: TF Linea [BOM](Engine Room)(Gift)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Mon hair [mesh]

Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 1 - blond [BOM]

Mesh head: Raven Bell James, Bento [mesh](2000L)

Pose: [3M] 3M_jump1_1 (40L)

Skybox: VARONIS Dayport background [mesh](Engine Room)(449L)

This post was made possible with the help of my of Blogger Bat Buddie, Aarya Phantomhive. Thanks Aarya! To see her story of the Sheriff hunting Spring Heeled Jack, go to the Dark Phantom Blog: Prep Patrol