Thursday, May 6, 2021

Fantasy Faire 2021: Khol Dracys

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STORYLINE: Red embers drifted upwards in the smoke choked red sky above the hidden Canyon of Khol Dracys. Above the sound of the roaring wildfire, a bellowing screech suddenly echoed off the rocky cliffs. A terrifying sound not heard in over a thousand years. Villagers huddled tightly together in the town's central circle. A man towering over them on the village's sacred stone of the dead, shouted "Behold a dragon born of fire and ash!" He was dressed in the royal colors of House Targaryen. The villagers looked nervously at the eerie red flames consuming their homes, and then at strange animated bones of the long dead dragon, before returning to their unwelcome visitor who most certainly dug up the bones of the dragon their ancestors had slayed a millennia ago. What witchcraft was this? More importantly, how does one defeat something already dead? The mad Targaryen began to dance wildly to a tune only he heard, "Fire cannot kill a Dragon!" he said, and then repeated it many times. "Fire cannot kill a Dragon!" 

The Fantasy Faire is stunning this year, even bigger than last year with 20 sims!  And I'm happy to tell you the Shopping Guide has been updated based on all the feedback from past years. It's now on the main website and even has sections for male items and special avatars. You can see it all here:

As always, I'm so happy to help out on the catalog. This year I cataloged Khol Dracys, the fun Dragon and Dinosaur sim created by Wanders Nowhere of Prehistorica. The image above is inspired by Khol Dracys, the viking themed items on Fallen God's sim Valahlla, and leaked images of the upcoming House of the Dragon series on HBO. (Can't wait!) The Dragon and Stone monument are gifts from the Faireland Quest, part 1, Language of Birds.  

BishieStyleSL will be on hiatus until I am settled in at my new home in about 2 to 3 weeks.
Thanks for your help, Aarya!

On Him, the Targaryen Necromancer:
Outfit: R3D Viking Tunic Njord - Legacy m [mesh](Fantasy Faire 2021, Scrimshaw Warrens)(250L)
Boots: R3D Boots Runar - Black - Legacy m [mesh](Fantasy Faire 2021, Scrimshaw Warrens)(199L)
Fur: REKT Fantasy Furrneck White - Legacy [mesh](200L)
Crown: NOIR Aegon The Conquer Crown [mesh]
Hair: RavenBell Aster Hair M1 [mesh](350L)
Tattoo: Lovely Disarray Battle Ready : Warpaint - Complete Double (230L)
Head: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: sakupose+ yzk mens pose 4 hero1 (70L)

Dragon: Prehistorica Animesh Skeletal Dragon, language of birds quest HUD [mesh](Fantasy Faire 2021, Khol Dracys)(350L with outfit)
Rocks: Fallen Gods Valhalla Memorial, language of birds quest HUD [mesh](Fantasy Faire 2021, Valhalla)(350L with outfit)
House: Del-ka Aedilis Guthrum C/M - Summer [mesh](Fantasy Faire 2021, Valhalla)(549L)
Trees: FelixvonKotwitz 1 Li Mesh Pine Season d1a [mesh](295L)
Land: Jumbo Core Plat  River,19 li [mesh] (95L)

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Engine Room: The Robotic Burlesque

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STORYLINE: The younger brother of the Marquess of Waterford, Lord Berksford, was throughly obsessed with automatons. He studied the masters and tinkered endlessly in his workshop. The result of all his work? In true scandalous fashion, (his big brother would be proud), he debuted The Robotic Burlesque to much fanfair. The show was the talk of the town. Berksford tolled not for fame, but for his own amusement. Sure his brother every now and then came with special requests, but it seemed innocent to him and he liked the challenge as much as the revenue. I mean what Gent wouldn't want giant spider legs to leap over tall buildings, right? When the police busted down his door and arrested Berksford for the Spring Heeled Jack Murders,  ... he was completely surprised.

The Engine Room is ending soon. Here's a last look at some wonderful creations there. This image was inspired by Burlesques, Steampunk Mechanics, and the beautiful What's Lost Spirit doll. 

On him, Lord Berksford:
Mask: [LANEVO] Deadly Drive Mask [mesh](Engine Room)(342L)
Shirt: AsteroidBox Albian Shirt Legacy red Male [mesh](Engine Room)(270L)
Boots: Hotdog Gaiter boots brown [mesh](Engine Room)(250L)
Wrench: +SEKAI+ Pipe Wrench [Fatpack] [mesh](Engine Room)(199L)
Goggles: Gabriel ::GB:: Flight goggles [mesh](free)
Gloves: Gabriel ::GB:: SP Gloves LegacyBrown, gacha [mesh](75L)
Hair: barberyumyum B06 01 [mesh](300L)
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes - Leonine [mesh](150L)
Pants applier: Roosters n cHix Roosters Justice Pants (99L)
Pants: BareRose ::: B@R ::: Pirate Emperor Pants [BOM](185L)
Tattoo: Overt Dirt 7 [BOM](100L) 
Head: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: <K&S> Seductive lady5

Dolls: What's Lost Spirits WLS - STEAMPUNK DOLL vs2 [mesh](Engine Room)(288L)
Chaise Lounge: The Looking Glass The Torch Singer Chaise, gacha [mesh](60L)
Curtains: T-3D CREATIONS Curtain Display 008 Full Perm [mesh](358L)
Stage: Death Row -DRD- Villa rouge - Stage [mesh]

This post was made possible with the help of my of Blogger Bat Buddie, Aarya Phantomhive. Thanks Aarya! To see her finale to the Spring Heeled Jack series, the Killer, go to: Dark Phantom Blog: Dance with the Ripper

Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Engine Room: Spring Heeled Jack

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: The Marquess of Waterford was a prankster with an aristocratic disregard for the law. Together with his merry gang of drunken hooligans, he terrorized the sweet young ladies of New London. It started with simple jump-scares from behind a bush or darkened alley, and grew into elaborate costumes and clever contraptions that gave him seemingly supernatural abilities. But with all his hilarious tabloid fame came a dark side, -- a deadly imitator. What had been fun and games was now dripping in blood. He was Public Enemy Number One. Of course he couldn't go to the police for help! After all, he wasn't leaping over tall buildings to get closer to his pursuers. No, this was his problem to solve. Could he discover the true serial killer's identity before he was unmasked as the Marquess and framed for the numerous grisly murders?

Engine Room. This image is inspired by the Victorian urban legend of Spring Heeled Jack, and by the sweet items on sale at the Engine Room: the Rayne Claws by Skellybones, Bloodlust outfit by toksik, Tsuchigumo Spider Legs by Aii, Steampunk shaded by Dreamcatcher, gift scar tattoo by TF, and the very Jack the Ripper vibes of Varonis's Dayport scene. 

On him, Spring Heeled Jack:
Coat: toksik Bloodlust Top Navy [mesh](Engine Room)(350L)
Pants: toksik Bloodlust Pants Navy [mesh](Engine Room)(210L)
Boots: toksik Bloodlust Boots Brown [mesh](Engine Room)(160L)
Legs: Aii Tsuchigumo Spider Legs Masculine [Animesh](Engine Room)[mesh](999L)
Claws: Skellybones Rayne Claws [mesh](Engine Room)(250L)
Glass: Dreamcatcher Stylized Glasses Unisex [mesh](Engine Room)(250L)
Makeup: TF Linea [BOM](Engine Room)(Gift)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Mon hair [mesh]

Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 1 - blond [BOM]

Mesh head: Raven Bell James, Bento [mesh](2000L)

Pose: [3M] 3M_jump1_1 (40L)

Skybox: VARONIS Dayport background [mesh](Engine Room)(449L)

This post was made possible with the help of my of Blogger Bat Buddie, Aarya Phantomhive. Thanks Aarya! To see her story of the Sheriff hunting Spring Heeled Jack, go to the Dark Phantom Blog: Prep Patrol

Friday, March 26, 2021

The Engine Room: Justice

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Officer Dobson waited silently on his perch above New London. Sweat matted his hair. It was another humid night. No doubt many naive young women had their windows open in hopes of catching a breeze. They knew nothing of the monster that plucked his eyes out. He turned his head towards the clack of a horse and buggy on cobblestones. The clocktower rang, once, twice, three times. The hair stood up on the back of his neck. There! On the street below. The sound he knew only too well. First came the click of those demonic metallic boots, the clicking of gears, followed by a mighty swoosh. He tightened his grip on the sword. The click of boots on the rooftop moved towards him. "Not one more woman, Spring Heeled Jack. Justice has come for you." 

It's Engine Room time! From March 20 - April 20th, get your fill of all the wonderful and clever creations on the Spring round of the Engine Room.  This image was inspired by the Myst hair from RavenBell, the P.0.E, and the Greek goddess Themis. (and if you caught a reference to the Bed Intruder song, you weren't mistaken!)

On him, Officer Dobson:
Outfit: Process of Elimination [P.0.E] Kalandor [mesh](Engine Room)(1,200L)
3rd Eye: RichB. The Third Eye[mesh](Engine Room)(299L)
Wings: ROZOREAGALIA KALAVINKA*WING Soar/A [mesh](Engine Room)(290L)
Orb: Petrichor :[P]:- Korsik Orb [Encased-R-Menu] Carved Metals[mesh](Engine Room)(569L)
Hair: RavenBell Myst Hair Gradient Pack [mesh](350L)
Scales: random.Matter Hands of Fate, Scales Copper/Emerald, gacha [mesh](85L)
Sword: random.Matter Hands of Fate, Sword Copper, gacha [mesh](85L)
Head: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Body: Signature Gianni - Mesh Body [mesh](3500L)
Pose: [3M]_sco_m_3

Skybox: VARONIS Dornenburg Scene [mesh]


Friday, February 19, 2021

Midnight Order: Club Manjushage

(click to enlarge)
STORYTELLING: Down below the streets of Chicago in the 1920s was a dark basement that appeared to hold nothing more than discarded old newspapers and dusty crates. But if you opened the right crate, a hidden passageway would be revealed. Club Manjushage was a dazzling feast for the eyes in expensive black marble, dripping red velvet, and glints of gold decorating the sharp art deco edges everywhere. There was no prohibited alcohol here. SpeakEasies were not the only secret clubs in Chicago, and Alcohol was not the only forbidden drink. 

This image was inspired by the Art Deco style the Neudamm water fountain by Contraption, and illustrations of Erte.

On Him:
Earring: +koii+ persona earrings  [mesh](Midnight Order)(269L)
Eyeliner: Gorsimi Strut Shadows (Midnight Order)(400L)
Flower: cinphul spider lily [mesh](Midnight Order)(262L)
Eyepatch: Garmonbozia Tenebra eye patch [mesh](Midnight Order)(299L)
Shirt: THIRST The Baron Vest- Legacy M THIRST [mesh](Midnight Order)(400L)
Tattoo: Lilithe Astraea Tattoos - Eclipse - Fresh, gacha [mesh](Midnight Order)(65L)
Hair: Exile Rory [mesh](390L)
Coat: Moon Elixir x MUSE Dripping In Luxury - Rigged - Coat [mesh](350L)
Smokes: NikotiN HOLDER_ Black V.4.0 [mesh](499L)
Claws: L'Emporio&PL Oblio Vampire Claws male [mesh](350L)
Head: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: ZZANG strength 003

Water Fountain: Contraption Decor: Neudamm Deco Fountain [mesh](Midnight Order)(400L)
Skybox: Process of Elimination [P.0.E] - Sci-fi Art Deco Apartment [mesh](1500L)

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Mainframe: Drug Injection 2077

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: The cop working the roughest neighborhood of Insilico was Cursed A.N.G.E.L. He thought he had seen everything working that beat. Maybe he was too much of an old world creature, preferring things like flesh and blood. He had a hard time wrapping his mind around hottest drug. He was getting tired of calling the morgue to pick up another dead teen off the street. They called it The Plug, and it wasn't chemical. No. It was computer code junkies jacked right into their cyber enhanced body ports. Unbelievable.

This post was inspired by the Drug Injector pose and the optical themed goodies at Mainframe.

On him, Cursed A.N.G.E.L 2077:
Jacket: LINKRAVE Typhoon Breaker [mesh](Mainframe)(525L)
Earring: UNGOD Cyber Eye Spider - BB [mesh](Mainframe)(299L)
Optics: Butanik83 Optical Implant SPYDR6 [mesh](Mainframe)(250L)
Glasses: ENRAGE glasses Cori [mesh](Mainframe)(369L)
Glove: L'Emporio&PL Cyber Pulse BENTO [mesh](Mainframe)(398L)
Hair: Dura U93-HAIR-FAT PACK1 [mesh](330L)
Bridge: KROVA Bridge Cover v2 BLK [mesh](150L)
Eyes: By Snow Citadel Eyes - Carbon Cyan [mesh] (200L)
Tattoo: Nuuna+ Emi makeup Aqua [BOM](75L)
Head: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Pose, USB: Strut Poses Drug injector [mesh](Mainframe)(250L)

Background: JEYS Cyberhunter RARE 02, gacha  [mesh](Mainframe)(69L)
Effect: Dreamcatcher Face and Body Tags Pixel Game (Mainframe)(299L)

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Mainframe: RAB8 and the Crystal Palace

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The crowd was cheering at the Crystal Palace. RAB8 was preparing to take the stage when gravity on the space station suddenly failed. Darkness. Emergency bots flicked on and buzzed around him. He heard gunshots. An explosion. People shouting... Alarms blaring. What the hell? Was the Space Station was under attack?

This image is inspired by a combination of things: the endings of the video game CyperPunk 2077 and their Kitsch style, my past post for RAB8, and from the Mainframe event items like the Omise CyberRabiEars and Black Cat anti-gravity poses. Speaking of Mainframe, have you checked out all the awesome loot at the event this round? Its ending soon. Don't miss it!

On him, RAB8:
Ears: Omise CyberRabiEar [mesh](Mainframe)(350L)
Corset: Fika Chassis Augmentation Maitreya [mesh](Mainframe)(700L)
Boots: Eudora3D Road Boots (Maitreya)[mesh](Midnight Order)(499L)
Hair: KMH Hair CP006 (Male) Unrigged[mesh](Mainframe)(325L)
Armbands: krankhaus Cross Straps Maitreya [mesh](Midnight Order)(250L)
Jacket: krankhaus Mahou Shonen V-Tech Jacket [mesh](500L)
Collar: A&Y Helix Cyber collar Maitreya multicolor [mesh](MF gift)
Shorts: Cubura Arcangel Shorts Maitreya [mesh](399L)
Guitar: Mug Punk Rocker #17 Electric Guitar Black, gacha [mesh]
Eyes: By Snow Citadel Eyes - Carbon Cyan [mesh] (200L)
Makeup: Lovely Disarray Dead of Night [Complete](150L)
Bodysuit: Graves G242 Mainframe - White - male (460L)
Tattoo: Apocalyptic Tattoo Circuited body M&B tattoo (500L)
Skin, Boi layer: Pink Fuel [PF] Doll V2 Vamp [BOM](2500L)
Mesh head: Raven Bell  BJD Bento Head James // OMEGA-UV [mesh] (2000L)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [BOM] [mesh](2750L)
Pose, helmet: Black Cat Poses BCp Cyber Helmet Pose 3 [mesh](Mainframe)(150L)

Pet: Solares Zap-01 Blue Dron, gacha [mesh](Mainframe)(99L)
Skybox: PALETO Backdrop Blueshift purple version [mesh](199L)

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Midnight Order: The Grand Masquerade

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: It all started with the ringing of a tiny bell. Cornelius had been engrossed in a book when a stunning woman stepped inside the bookstore and asked the shopkeeper about a rare out of print book. Normally his mind was focused on invention, he wasn't one to chase after a skirt. However, he began to visit that little bookstore more frequently. He told himself it was research, but in truth he was hoping to see her again. And see her again he did. She was strolling down the aisles, picking up books. He nodded. "...Yes, yes. Excellent choice. A lady of good taste." And then She looked directly at him and smiled. What she said, he had no idea. He forgot his own name. She laughed and took the book he had desperately been pretending to read and turned up right side up. Normally he would have been quite embarrassed, but all he could think was "she smiled at me." So it came as quite a shock the next day he discovered his mystery woman on the cover of the newspaper. She was the youngest daughter of the Queen's Knight family, and would be soon be picking a husband from the attendees of the Grand Masquerade. He had no invitation. He had no hope to win the hand of such an amazing lady. But he felt if he didn't tell her his true feelings, it would kill him. Words failed him in her presence, so he created a beautiful ruby mechanical heart. His plan was to sneak into the ball before it started, and offer it to her.

Are you wanting something gothic and elegant in this month of love? Well I have some some good news for you, Midnight Order is a debut event by SLS folks, and there are fantastic items to drool over. Be sure to check it out!

On Him, Cornelius:
Outfit: AsteroidBox Sabien Outfit - Legacy (M) - Fatpack [mesh](Midnight Order)(299L)
Cape, sash: Salem Apostle Cape Silver Rigged M [mesh](Midnight Order)(299L)
Heart: Reliquary !R! The Lodestone Heart [mesh](Midnight Order)(399L)
Mask: Moon Amore Lucrezia Masquerade Wearable Silver, gacha [mesh]
Hair: Wasabi Pills Cayden Mesh Hair [mesh](250L)
Claws: L'Emporio&PL Oblio Vampire Claws male [mesh](350L)
Head: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: Del May Standstill

On Her, Blair:
Guest Appearance: Aarya Phantomhive of the Dark Phantom blog. Her side of this story here.
Dress: tosksik Descent Dress[mesh](Midnight Order)(360L)
Hair: Ravenbell Celeste Hair [mesh](Midnight Order)(250L)
Mask: Moon Amore Lucrezia Masquerade Holdable Black, gacha [mesh]
Pose: Unholy Duality [UD] Eeve - pose 5 - mirror (Mainframe)(149L) 

Ballroom: Death Row DRD MB ballroom RARE, Mystic Bastion gacha Full Set [mesh](7500L)