Friday, November 20, 2020

Necrotize: T'arnn Gorkand of Mars

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Long after humans left the Earth and modified their bodies to adapt to living in the harsh conditions of Mars, a false prophet rose. The colonists had struggled to survive in the desolate wasteland for generations despite the steady support from Earth. The truth was, one small mistake and the colony could die. Few lived past 27. It was from this misery a myth was born that lifted the spirits of the Martians. A story about ancient aliens who lived on Mars when water still flowed. It was during this time T'arnn Gorkand became the first Emperor of Mars. He told them he had received a vision from these Ancient Astronauts. They showed him the location of their ancient capital city buried under a large pyramid, and he promised to lead true believers to this paradise if they swore allegiance to him.

Is this mesh head by Badwolf cool or what? It inspired this Mars fantasy themed post. The head comes with a Hud to switch out the skin textures. You can also edit-mod to hide the exposed brain if you want to wear a hat or hair. The scarf is a creepy attachable Animesh Void Worm. Head over for the last call at Necrotize to pick up goodies and gifts. Stay safe everyone for the holidays!

On him, T'arnn Gorkand of Mars:
Head: BadWolf Dreadful Cerebrum [mesh](Necrotize)(300L)
Scarf: [vaak] Animesh Void Worm [mesh](Necrotize)(199L)

Landscape, Planet: NASA Mars Gallery
Halo: The Doomed Ship

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Necrotize: The Dance of Death

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: Astronaut Purple was dozing off at his post on the Coms. It was sterile and empty in space. He missed strange things like bugs. He smiled thinking of his lazy summer childhood days back on Earth. When he stepped outside, insects would fly away. Living things were everywhere. His mind drifted to sinister buzz of the bug-zapper on his father’s back porch. And then, it turned into the hum of the spaceship. His eyes snapped open. He was not alone. That’s when he noticed a strange dark figure in the security cameras. Was he hallucinating? He rubbed his eyes and looked again. It was gone. Probably nothing. He sighed. Nothing exciting ever happened here. Suddenly the door hissed open. Standing there was a beautiful, deadly, and strangely seductive alien. He jumped from his chair, knocking it over, his heart racing. She moved towards him in an erotic motion, inviting him to a dance. He felt like moth to her flame. Its a dream, right? She touched his leg, and electric shock jolted up and down his body. He could see his own bones glow inside his legs. The zap boomed in his head, it was deafening. He felt like he was falling. Like a unexpected power outage, everything flickered to darkness. ... Surely this was a dream.

This image originally was inspired by Fantastical Notion's First Emissary avatar. It was unusual and interesting, and it grew into a ghost Astronaut. Then it took a twist into a deadly galactic dance between a Xenomorph and Astronaut. I couldn't find a location that worked for this image, so I switched to creating a background. More items shown on the "Ghostnaut" are the Val'More Machina legs. They are not rigged so I posed them for this image. For the face is the Conviction Mutant eyes, and TF mort veins. Contraption put two excellent items on discount at the event, animesh Powerjammer spine, and Grymmer vest. On a side note, The X-ray effect I created by breaking apart the Cureless Skeleton and adding props to spine, ribcage, and legs, and using the Body Outline by Euthanasia. On the Zenomorph is the awesome shiny and scary NCHRGX outfit by Human Glitch. The freaky demonic wings are by DarkendStare's R'Lyeh. The dark skin by Petrichor has cool details like red spots, I especially loves the spots around the ears, I have never seen that before. The super shiny & bumpy detail on the skin is the material shine by This Is Wrong. Her cyber eyes and glossy lips are by Suicidal Unborn.

Necrotize will be ending soon. All lovers of cyber, horror, and scifi be sure to not miss it. The setting for the event is SUPER cool, created in collboration by Contraption and CerberusXing. So many great items are there to inspire your cyber nights. Your handy guide here:

On him, the Ghostnaut:
Helmet, horns: Fantastical Notion Hands of the First Emissary [mesh](Necrotize)(900L)
Boots: Val'More Prototype - Machina Legs [mesh](Necrotize)(320L)
Eyes: Conviction Mutant Eyes Purple [mesh](Necrotize)(560L)
Makeup: TF Mort Veins [BOM](Necrotize)(275L)
Skeleton: Cureless Skeletal System Noir [mesh](249L)
Arms: Contraption SP1NDL Prosthetic arm [mesh](500L)
Chest: Contraption The Grymmer Vest [mesh](Necrotize)(350L)
Animesh: Contraption Power Jammer Spine [mesh](Necrotize)(375L)
Pants: Gabriel ::GB::Cyber Elysion Pants Belleza Silver, gacha [mesh](75L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Noctis skin - Tone 01 [BOM]
Mesh head: Raven Bell  BJD Bento Head James // OMEGA-UV [mesh] (2000L)
Body: Euthanasia Signature Outline [mesh](250L)
Pose: Del May DM - Yin Yang (150L)

On her, Xenomorph Female:
Skin: Petrichor :[P]:- Shadowlaz Femme Skin Sanguinna [mesh](Necrotize)(1149L)
Outfit: Human Glitch NCHRGX Bordo [mesh](Necrotize)(299L)
Boots: Human Glitch NCHRGX Boots [mesh](Necrotize)(399L)
Wings: darkendStare R'lyeh Wings [Black Blood] Right [mesh](Necrotize)(349L)
Helmet: ANA Trap Nova Helm Black [mesh](100L)
Claws: CerberusXing [CX] Salient Talons - Onyx BENTO (277L)
Tail: CerberusXing [CX] XenoPlug - Black [mesh](500L)
Materials: THIS IS WRONG Corrputed shine 3D (Necrotize)(399L)
Lips: Suicidal Unborn -SU!- Cyber Necromancer Lip Gloss -Genus- (Necrotize)(350L)
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn -SU!- Cyber Eyes -NECRO 3000X (Necrotize)(299L)
Head: GENUS Project Genus Head Strong Face GIFT001 v1.7 Mocap [mesh](group gift)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [BOM] [mesh](2750L)

Nebula: uxmal750ad Nebula Stock Image 2

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Necrotize: Grover's Mill 1938

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: Grover's Mill, New Jersey, 1938. Site of the Martian Landing in the Radio Broadcast of the War of the Worlds. ...Or was it? One little Trick or Treater will never tell, he was just visiting on the best day of the year to blend in with the human population

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! This year has been a strange one, very fitting my "costume" this year is a cute Grey Alien by Hotdog at the Necrotize event. The Halloween goodies and gifts are by Circa, Schadenfreude, and Vespertine. 

On Him, the Grey Alien Tourist:
Head, eyes, skin: Hotdog Alien head Bento Silver [mesh](Necrotize)(250L)
Bucket: Schadenfreude lavendar Treat Bucket, 2020 [mesh](Panic Pumpkin)(gift)
Coat: Hotdog Tailcoat White [mesh](350L)
Pants: Artificial Hallucination AH+ Nightwalker Pants low boots Jake [mesh](350L)
Boots: Gabriel GB Cyber Boots Silver Elysion, gacha  [mesh](75L)
Backpack: GALLACTIC Jetpack grey [mesh](295L)
Weapon: GALLACTIC Ray Gun grey 1 [mesh](295L)
Headband: Aux Devilish - Headband - Black [mesh]
Body: Belleza Jake 2.0 Bento Mesh Body  [mesh](2999L)
Pose: sakupose+ yzk mens pose 4 hero7 (70L)


Treats: Circa "Spooky Delights" 3-Tier Cupcake Stand - Black LI:4 [mesh]
Treats: Circa "Spooky Delights" 3-Tier Cupcake Stand - White LI:4 [mesh]
Treats: Circa "Spooky Delights" Ghost Meringue Platter -Org (Giver) LI:3 [mesh]
Treats: Circa "Spooky Delights" Ghost Meringue Platter -Vio (Giver) LI:3 [mesh]
Treats: Circa "Spooky Delights" Multi Cookie Stand - Black LI:5 [mesh]

Bucket: Circa "DarkMoon Manor" Oval Pumpkin Bucket LI:9 [mesh] (Shop & Hop)

Lantern: Circa "Thornhill" Lantern Hook w/ Deco - Bats - Black (L) LI:6 [mesh] (Shop & Hop)

Tree: Circa "Haunted Hill" Gnarly Tree - Electrified  Prize '20 LI:9 [mesh] (Scary Halloween Hunt)

Wagon: dust bunny & tenshi pumpkin wagon, autumn harvest gacha LI:4 [mesh](50L)

House: dust bunny wildrose manor LI:124 [mesh](600L)

Truck: Consignment [Con.] Stepside Pick-up - HUD - Yellow [mesh](75L)

Hay: 22769 Hay Bale with blanket LI:2 [mesh]
Bucket: Schadenfreude (bone) Treat Bucket, 2020 [mesh](gift)
Bucket: Schadenfreude (black) Treat Bucket, 2020 [mesh](gift)

Pumpkin, candy: Vespertine colourful halloween candy board LI:3 [mesh](150L)
Pumpkin, candy: Vespertine candycorn floor mess /jack o pumpkin LI:1 [mesh](150L)

Pumpkin: Vespertine mr.vampy pumpkin LI:1 [mesh](group gift)

Pumpkin: Vespertine trick or treat pumpkin LI:1 [mesh](group gift)

Pumpkin, candyVespertine candy pumpkin with treats LI:2 [mesh](group gift)

Pumpkin: Vespertine boo! pumpkin LI:1 [mesh](group gift)

Tree: Lunaria Enchanted Elm v2 - Orange LI:11 [mesh](100L)

Pumpkins: Lunaria Gourd Family LI:2 [mesh](group gift)
Pumpkins: Lunaria Pumpkin Patch LI:5 [mesh](50L)
Shrub: Lunaria Season Changing Shrub LI:3 [mesh](50L)
Tree: Lunaria Spirit of Halloween Tree LI:19 [mesh](150L)

Poster: free bird Carry Garlic Poster, gacha LI:1 [mesh]

Poster: free bird If The Broom Fits Poster, gachaLI:1 [mesh]
Pallet: free bird Ghost Pallet Decor, gachaLI:1 [mesh]

Pallet: free bird Monster Pallet Decor, gachaLI:1 [mesh]

UFO: SENRIES Koenji UFO LI:74 [mesh]

Corn: Bad Katz Mesh Cornstalk Grouping LI:7 [mesh](145L)

Leaves: DMC Flying Leaves marble B LI:1 [mesh](99L)

Leaves: SHD Autumn Leaves Maple/Birch/Mixed, with particles LI:2 (75L)
Land: Jumbo Core Plat Rock Multilevel LI:37 [mesh](55L)

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Necrotize: An Impostor Among Us

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The PA system of The Skeld suddenly crackled to life, "Emergency! Emergency! Meeting Called!" Crewmate Pink rushed down the spaceship hallway. Not again... not another death. First was Purple, then Yellow, and now... ? She was so lost in her thoughts that she ran right into crewmen Blue. A monstrous tongue whipped out of a gaping hole in his belly right at her. She screamed. BANG! BANG! BANGBANG! Bullets ricocheted off metal. She ducked and covered her head. After the smoke cleared, she heard heels clicking towards her. "Is he dead?," she shyly asked. The heels stopped. It was Cyan, "You mean IT. Blue died a long time ago. And you're welcome." She put her gun back into it's holster. Green kicked off Blue's helmet to reveal the skeletal remains hidden inside. White gasped, "That's not possible! Blue was with me in engineering the whole time! He couldn't have been dead!" Red sighed, "Of course its possible. How long have we been without oxygen? With these stupid helmets on, none of us can even see each other! We have no idea how long he was like.... that," she shuddered. "Umm... guys," Black began slowly. "If Blue was in engineering, who sabotaged the oxygen so we needed to wear helmets?"  They all looked at each other suspiciously, and slowly backed away. Among them was another alien, if not more....

Necrotize is open to fill your Halloween with creepy Scifi horror.  If you haven't guessed already, this image was inspired by the game "Among Us," the animated Maw from Ambix, and the many super cool alien and astronaut boots available at Necrotize. (Be sure to check out the Cinphil and Cureless boots with male fits!) The event looks like the alien mothership from the nightmares of H.R. Giger. You have got to go check it out. And also there are lots of gifts for you too, just touch those icky green eggs... if you dare!  Booowahahahahah.

Shopping guide here:

Astronaut Crewmates, left to right:
Cyan: cinphul raptor boots Legacy Male [mesh](Necrotize)(500L)
Green: Cureless Xenomech Boots green Legacy Male [mesh](Necrotize)(299L)
Red: Eudora3D Vertigo Boots browns & reds [mesh](Necrotize)(399L)
Black: Human Glitch NCHRGX boots black [mesh](Necrotize)(299L)
Pink: SEKA's Cyberlita Stomper Pink [mesh](Necrotize)(249L)
White: Cubic Cherry Dalamud boots white [mesh](Necrotize)(249L)

On him, Astronaut Blue:
Mouth: AMBIX Monster Maw Mouth + Tongue Rigged][mesh](Necrotize)(599L)
Skeleton: ZED Skeleton Avatar [mesh](Shop and Hop - Aurelian)(gift)
Helmet: The Black Forest TBF Space Helmet [mesh](10L)
Outfit: Radix Enigma 77 Cyber Suit Jake Blue, gacha [mesh](75L)
Collar: Antinatural Deathracer Biker Mask blue, gacha [mesh](75L)
Gloves: Contraption Dapper Dandy's Gloves [mesh](350L)
Pose: Del May Dead To the World (50L)

Blood: Pixelancer Spillage [mesh](99L)

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Engine Room: The Alliance

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: The defenders of the natural world gathered their forces. Stepping before the howling troops was General Pa-Hin, Chief and Shamen of the Sioux Nation. His name meant porcupine. "Today is a day that will go down into legend," he began slowly, his booming voice echoing in the warehouse full of heavily armed Lycans. The rowdy beasts calmed down and looked up at their leader, hypnotized by his every word. "It is an honor you accept me as one of your own, and allow me to lead you. Today is the last day of the life-sucking blight upon the Earth. Now is our time!" A young wolf began to howl, and his peers chastised him for loosing his cool. His ears drooped. The general smiled benevolently at the excitable pup, then continued, "While our arrogant enemy is preoccupied with the human's war and petty squabbles for power among themselves, they have forgotten to protect their most precious members." He dramatically pointed his cane towards the Castle of the Elders in the distance, "Kill them and all their blood sucking slaves join them in oblivion." Rolling hoots and howls erupted. The ground shook below their pounding paws. But with one small wave of Pa-Hin's hand, they silenced again. "This task will fall to the hands of our new dear ally, the esteemed Vampire Hunter's Association. Their representative, Mademoiselle Jacqueline, only asks that we get her elite squad of assassins inside. It is our job to SMASH their walls and break their defenses to safely deliver the hunters inside." He hands her a scroll,  "Thanks to this valuable map, her team knows exactly where the Fiends sleep."

This finale post was inspired by the dieselpunk offerings at the Engine Room and Indigenous Peoples Day. The porcupine jacket by Hotdog includes fits for men and women. The Butanik83 Life-support Boiler and matching gift Arm Pressirizer include a hud to change the textures. Seka eyepatch has a textures and matching Rusty nail septum is a gift I repurposed to be an earring. The crow headed walking cane is by The White Crow and includes a version that smackable weapon. For more details on what Aarya is wearing, visit her blog Dark Phantom

You can see the Engine Room’s shopping catalog here: Shopping Guide. Visit here before its gone Oct 20th.

On him, General Pa-Hin:
Jacket: Hotdog Porcupine jacket BJ/S/SG Brown [mesh](Engine Room)(250L)
Backpack: Butanik83 Life-support Boiler Machine [mesh](Engine Room)(250L)
Armband: Butanik83 Upper Arm Pressurizer [mesh](Engine Room)(gift)
Eyepatch: SEKA's Rusti Eye R [mesh](Engine Room)(375L)
Earring: SEKA's Rusti Nail Giftie [mesh](Engine Room)(gift)
Cane: The White Crow TWC Senior Crow, Gold [mesh](Engine Room)(500L)
Hand: REKT_Gentlesteam_HAND L Scorched, gacha [mesh](Engine Room)(50L)
Hat: Silvery K Military Girl PeakedCap Green 2, gacha [mesh](80L)
Collar: Pucca Firecaster PFC~Bones - choker, gacha [mesh](75L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Cayden Mesh Hair [mesh](250L)
Claws: L'Emporio&PL Oblio Vampire Claws male [mesh](350L)
Pants, boots: Contraption Airship Deck Crew [mesh](400L)
Skin, head:  Genesis Labs Skin_JUNG_05, gacha [mesh](100L)
Tattoo: Ghost'Ink StarBlood Tattoo, gacha (50L)
Body, skin: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Legacy (m) (1.2) [mesh](5500L)
Pose: momomuller / 3M _3M_stick1_2 (40L)

On Her, Jacqueline of the Vampire Hunter's Association:
Guest appearance: Aarya Phantomhive. For more story & style credits, go to the Dark Phantom blog
Outfit: Eliavah Regius Attire [mesh](Engine Room)(119L)
Makeup: TF Machinest [BOM](Engine Room)(275L)
Hat: bonbon martha hair [mesh](Engine Room)(250L)
Boots: A&Y Neo-Victorian Boots [mesh](Engine Room)(450L)
Weapon: Omise A.S.S.BUNKER [mesh](Engine Room)(500L)

Saturday, October 10, 2020

The Engine Room: Attack on Castle Noctem

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: In the frozen wastelands, far from humanity, sat Castle Noctem, the fortress of the Vampire Elders. It was the most precious real estate in all vampiredom for a simple reason that the nights were long, and in deep winter, the sun didn’t rise at all. Being so far removed from their food source was not a problem as most the ancients were asleep. They were guarded 24/7 by the elite Royal Guard. They were outfitted with the latest technology, their armor impervious to daylight. It would be foolish for anyone to dare attack such a heavily fortified castle. So it came as quite a shock when the sirens began to wail. 

Tonight at the Engine Room there will be party and halftime giveaway you won't want to miss! See you there at 2pm - 4pm SLT.

The image above is inspired by the cool Process of Elimination Tannhauser armor. It comes in fits for many mesh bodies, and even digigrade leg for furries too. The texture hud will allow you to switch out the colors to your own preference. Also shown in the badass Val'More Prototype Revolver. It includes fun hold animations like flipping the bullet up and down. It had texture hud for switching the glowing word on the front, metallic color, and if you want to show or hide the crossbow.

SURL You can see the Engine Room’s shopping catalog here: Shopping Guide.    

On Him, Commander Ashe:

Armor: Process of Elimination [P.0.E] Tannhauser, Gianni [mesh](Engine Room)(1900L)

Weapon, bullet, aniamtion: Val'More Prototype - Revolver, animated [mesh](Engine Room)(500L)

Cape: Curemore Star Gals Supreme Commander Cape (ULTRARARE), gacha [mesh](99L)

Hair: Air Kazura A01_Tail white [mesh](200L)

Pose: MGSIT-STORE Horror [mesh](420L)


Castle, rocks: Death Row Bloodcroft Castle RARE, gacha [mesh](45L / full set 3750L)

Small rocks: FANATIK LOFOTEN Base [mesh](1500L)

Cliff: FANATISKELLIG Mountains [mesh](2000L)

Bush: Landscaping by Felix Mesh Bush Se 1 Li=3 Shape=5 Colors [mesh](195L)

Pine: Landscaping by Felix Mesh Seasons Pine-Fir Trees Set 7 Shape=1 Li [mesh](295L)

Hill: Landscaping by Felix Mesh Winter Hill Landscape 2 [mesh](250L)


Bloodlines North

Monday, October 5, 2020

The Engine Room: Monsieur Bleu

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: The glamorous owner of the Vampire Ballet was not one to trifle with. Monsieur Bleu's image was that of a kind gentleman with a love for the arts. His enemies considered him the most docile of the vampire elders. The Werewolves were not scared as they captured his poorly hidden coffin during the day. They planned to experiment on him deep in the most secure section of the Vampire Hunter’s lair. However, as simple creatures they didn't know it was the day of the solar eclipse. They were caught completely by surprise when Monsieur Bleu exploded from his coffin with a ferocious attack. One by one they fell to his sharp high-powered wolfsbane venom injectors. They had no idea they walked right into his trap. It was Monsieur Bleu himself who leaked his coffin whereabouts to their spy. The foul oversized dogs were never a match for such a beautiful villain as himself, he claimed, afterall, one doesn’t live as long by being a fool.

Fall is my favorite time of year, and because Halloween is going to be a bit different year, I was feeling nostalgic for Halloweens past. So this image is inspired by both the new (The Engine Room) and the old (RMK Gothic). You can see the Engine Room’s shopping catalog here: Shopping Guide.    

The two-toned long ponytail River hair by RavenBell is on sale at Neo Japan with a texture hud for top and bottom. At the Engine Room, the outfit and shoulder harness are by Gabriel. Don’t miss the free gift of rigged goggles by Gabriel that match, as well as all the other many gifts! From Ungod are the stabby stabby finger jewelry that come in blood or poison. And jaw dropping gorgeous Dornenburg skybox by Varsons. It includes an interior hall and small room with a fireplace. Poses are on the park bench.

On Him, Monsieur Bleu:

Outfit: Gabriel ::GB:: Steampunk suit [mesh](Engine Room)(380L)

Shoulder belt: Gabriel ::GB:: Steampunk Shoulder belt [mesh](Engine Room)(240L)

Glasses: Air Morris gold, right [mesh](Engine Room)(250L)

Hair: RavenBell River Hair [mesh](Neo Japan)(250L)

Hairbow: RavenBell Luxe Hair [mesh](350L)

Weapon: UNGOD Steampunk Poison Injector Poison [mesh](Engine Room)(199L)

Eyes: Poetic Colors PC Milky Eyes - Dove [mesh]

Skin: Tableau Vivant Andrej skin - bald -Tone 15 [BOM]

Mesh head: Raven Bell James, Bento [mesh](2000L)
Body: Signature Gianni - Mesh Body [mesh](3500L)

Pose: Grafica stance (20 pose set)(600L)


Skybox: Varonis Dornenburg Scene [mesh](Engine Room)(799L)

Monday, September 28, 2020

The Engine Room: Wrath of the Dolls

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Neither Belladonna or Rose Kuro spoke. It was impossible with their artificial porcelain doll bodies. They rarely moved, and expressed themselves only with music. Even the coldest vampire's heart would weep from their heart wrenching cello performances. If the twins were angry at their creator, no one knew. He had been a kindly old vampire who adored them in life and rescued them from certain death. A jealous rival had brutally attacked them and left them for dead. The vampire held their broken bodies and wailed. His tears of blood raining down on them preventing them from passing quietly into death. You see, their creation had been an accident. Not knowing what else to do, he merged them with doll bodies and tended them for years, hoping one day they would revive and play music once more. Thanks to his tireless efforts and years of tender care, they did. And it was not long after the twins joined the Vampire Ballet that their mentor disappeared. Nervous members of the troop whispered he had been attacked by vampire hunters. Hearing this, the twins stirred from their stupor. One grabbed a scythe, the other a gun. No one stopped them. They gasped as these awkward stumbling dolls exited the theater into a dark ominous storm.

Engine Room reaches its one year anniversary. It's not only bigger and better, with an awesome Aetherpunk custom build by Contraption and it has gifts to celebrate too! You can view the Shopping Guide here. The picture above was inspired by the lovely Insomnia Angel Aisha dress, CerberusXing Scythe, the Schadenfreude Vampire Hunter kit, and the past Kuro Twins stories from my collaboration with Aarya Phantomhive.

On Her, Belladonna Kuro:
Weapon: CerberusXing [CX] Reforged Reaper prop [mesh](Engine Room)(250L)
Eyepatch: kosmii Lance Eyepatch L silver [mesh](Engine Room)(399L)
Dress: Insomnia Angel Aisha gothic dress MaitPetite [mesh](Engine Room)(Fatpack 1000L)
Collar: Insomnia Angel lolita detachable collar Mait[mesh](Engine Room)(300L)
Boots: Eudora3D Lyra Boots (Maitreya) Black1[mesh](Engine Room)(399L)
Gloves: Contraption Dapper Dandy's Gloves *ASTROM* [mesh](350L)
Headdress: Casse lustre Rose Princess headdress black, gacha [mesh](75L)
Hair: barberyumyum *barberyumyum*93(anime) [mesh](300L)
Necklace: deviousMind !dM LaSombra VampireNecklace Onyx/Silver [mesh](225L)
Lips: The Little Black Dress LBD-Glossy-Sheer-Lipstick-12-Pack (149L)
Skin, makeups: Pink Fuel [PF] Doll V2 Vamp [BOM](2500L)
Head: GENUS Project Genus Head Strong Face GIFT001 v1.7 Mocap [mesh](group gift)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [BOM] [mesh](2750L)

On Her, Rose Kuro:
Guest appearance: Aarya Phantomhive of the Dark Phantom blog
Weapon: AiiZawa Pneumatic Peacemaker 1.0 [mesh](Engine Room)(499L)
Dress: Insomnia Angel Aisha gothic dress MaitPetite [mesh](Engine Room)(Fatpack 1000L)
Collar: Insomnia Angel lolita detachable collar Mait[mesh](Engine Room)(300L)
Hat: MIL*MIL Gothical Hat [mesh](fatpack 350L)
Boots: Eudora3D Lyra Boots Maitreya Black1[mesh](Engine Room)(399L)

Book kit: Schadenfreude Vampire hunting book kit [mesh](Engine Room)(350L)
Flask: Schadenfreude Vampire flask [mesh](Engine Room)(75L)
Cross: Schadenfreude Large cross [mesh](Engine Room)(group gift)
Pose: MGSIT-STORE Horror [mesh](420L)

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Strange Case of Dr Oliver Paynesworth

(click to enlarge)

Death Row Designs will be delivering another fun gacha and hunt for Halloween this year. The theme this time is Asylum. This is my entry to DRD's the "Join the Family" contest. I brought out one of my favorite asylum dwelling characters. Enjoy. Style Credits below the story.

The Strange Case of Dr Oliver Paynesworth 
(as told by the Admitting Nurse at the Rosewood Asylum)

It had been an ordinary day at the Rosewood Asylum when the town’s respected general practice doctor, Dr Oliver Paynesworth, strolled past me without a word, not even a Hello, and disappeared down the long of hall of Rosewood’s worst behaved residents, otherwise known as the "inmates." Of course I went to fetch him, since we don’t allow visitors to that wing of the asylum. 

I discovered him in the oddest place. He had taken the last room to the right and barricaded the door with the back of a chair so that I could not open it. I looked through the glass peephole and saw him, just sitting in the middle of the room on the floor with a vacant look in his eyes.

“Excuse me Dr Oliver, What are you doing? Is there something wrong?”

He didn’t look at me as he said in a hallow voice, “I am admitting myself. I am a danger to society. Please leave me alone.”

Alarmed, I fetched the director of the Institution. He spoke to the Doctor for some time before he came back out shaking his head. “Nurse, can you please check into this?” He had filled out a form to accept Dr Oliver and wrote that the Dr believed he could kill with a mere thought. He blamed himself for his fiancĂ©’s death after she broke up their engagement. He wanted me to call her doctor to check if the story was true. 

Dr Oliver’s case turned out to be a sad example of the ravages of grief, most likely driven by intense regret that his last words to his fiancĂ© were, "I hope you die." Turns out she had just discovered her diagnosis of terminal cancer and couldn’t bring herself to tell him, so she abruptly broke off their engagement without explanation. We figured after some grief counseling, and revealing the truth of why she ended their relationship, he would return to normal. But sadly, that’s not what happened.

One day we found him in a pool of blood. He had cut off his own legs with exceptional surgical skill. What he used, we have no clue, but it must have been a very large sharp blade. We searched high and low for this dangerous weapon but could never discover where he had hidden it. He was ranting on and on about offering his legs to Death in exchange for bringing his beloved back to life.

He had clearly taken a turn for the worse. 

We were able to stop the bleeding. Once he had recovered, we gave him a wheelchair and fitted him with new prosthetic legs. I think Dr Rosewood held hope he could save his old friend.

As the months passed, Dr Oliver would sit on the floor, not eating, or speaking…. Other "inmates" requested to be transferred away from his unsettling dark aura. Except one. She requested to be moved directly across from him. In truth, she was here because she was in so much pain her family couldn't care for her. She was often yelling across the hall, begging Dr Oliver to kill her. If he heard her, I don’t know. He was covered in dust by then. Cobwebs hung from his eyelashes too. I thought he was long dead and everyone was too scared to go in and check.

But he was not dead.

The morning on the 19th, I discovered front door of the Rosewood Asylum was open. No "inmates" escaped. No, instead they were all yelling, crying, and cowering their rooms. When I reached the last door on the right, it was open. Dr Oliver was gone. There was no sign of him. I checked across the hall and the lady was still locked inside her room. No one entered, but she was clearly dead. White as a sheet. And smiling.

It was creepy. We closed off that cursed wing of Rosewood. No one ever did see Dr Oliver Paynesworth again. The only clue we had as to what became of him was a note left on the floor.

Thank you for caring for me. 
It is time for me to go now. 
Please take good care of your health. 
Your time precious. Don’t waste it.

Dr Oliver Paynesworth, 


On him, Dr Oliver:
Hair: A&Y CyberBunker Electric-rain hair - Male - pink [mesh](290L)
Top: Contraption Engineer's Top, male [mesh](500L)
Weapon: Val'More Prototype Project - Takizawa Sickle [mesh](380L)
Claws: Naberius Iron Eater Claws (Aether) Bento Jake, gacha [mesh](75L)
Legs: Contraption Classic Leg Prosthesis *gunmetal* [mesh](150L)
Coat: Curio Obscura Luxurious Fur Coat Black, gacha [mesh] (100L)
Glasses: ContraptioN The Tinkerer's Glasses, gacha [mesh]
Hat: Harm's Way Top Hat texture change [mesh] (99L)
Eyes: IKON Deadshine Eyes - Quicksilver [mesh](150L)
Skin, TMP Appliers: Fallen Gods Pure [xy] + Ivory(660L)
Head: TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(m) - Anime (Deluxe) [mesh](5000L)
Wheelchair, pose: Luna Rosarie L+R Bloody Rosarie wheelchair, gacha [mesh]

Building: Madpeas Run Down Asylum, 159m x 80m footprint, 1100 li [mesh](975L)

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Aengima: Dreadful Depths: Captain Nemo

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The mournful sounds of a pipe organ reverberated throughout the metal hull of the Nautilus. Captain Nemo's sour mood was made obvious to all. His submersible ship lay sunk on the ocean floor, wounded by a Kraken attack. They had been so close to finding the lost city of Atlantis! It was frustrating. But Captain Nemo could not be so easily defeated. They would make the necessary repairs and be underway on the hunt in less than a week. 

Dive! Dive! Dive!  Last call for the fun underwater steampunk round of Aengima. This image is of course a little homage to the 2000 Leagues Under the Sea. I was inspired by so many great items. The beautiful La Malvada Muder tattoo is lovely and full of interesting water themed elements. The Hat is by KiB designer, and Eyepath and Goatee by Badwolf. From Graveyard is the walking cane. And from Static are the whimsical animesh  Nightmariner Lanterns. They are so fun to watch, but also come in a hold version and static props.

On Him, Captain Nemo:
Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer Kairos Tattoo N2 [BOM](Aengima)(200L)
Hat: KiB Designs Steampunk Hat and mask K073 BROWN(Aengima)(199L )
Eyepatch: Badwolf Damned Eyepatch(Aengima)(200L)
Iron Goatee: Badwolf Evil Goatee(Aengima)(250L)
Belt: Gabriel ::GB:: Sp Belt (Legacy) Brown, gacha [mesh] (Equal10)(75L)
Gloves: Gabriel::GB:: SP Gloves (Legacy) Brown, gacha [mesh] (Equal10)(75L)
Pants and boots: Gabriel ::GB:: SP Pants (Legacy) Brown, gacha [mesh] (Equal10)(75L)
Coat, scarf: Mr Poet Drape GreatCoat set - Black  [mesh](400L)
Belt: BareRose ::: B@R ::: Pirate Emperor Red Sash Shirt[BOM](185L)
Beard: Tableau Vivant Facial hair - Jawline - Dark [BOM]
Hair: Action Hair Base 04 Veganic Espresso [BOM](107L)
Skin, eyes: Fallen Gods Materica male +FGInc.+ RUST [mesh](1200L)
Mesh head: Raven Bell James, Bento [mesh] (2000L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: [3M]**_chair5_1 (40L)

Lantern: Static Nightmariner's Lamp [Animesh](Aengima)(395L)
Walking Cane: Graveyard Corsair Cane [mesh](Aengima)(250L)
Organ: LunaRosarie L+R Lucia eleison -organ [mesh](2000L)

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Mainfame: Cyber Idol Bodyguard

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The siren of Insilico, Ferah, had a little stalker problem. But that was before she hired a nearly indestructible SAW 655 cyborg. No one dared get close to her now when he was on the job. 

Aarya and I teamed up for this last Mainframe shot. It's always so much fun collaborating with her. We bounced ideas, coordinated on camera angles, poses and windlights. She took the pictures and I edited in photoshop a blend of 5 windlights while she was sleeping. Then I shot Insilico to drop in a background and sent her the pieces to use however she wishes. Hey, its so true "Two Heads are better than one." I hope we can team up again in the future.

Let me just tell you this.. the cinphul Mongrel Saw is badass. It has many moving parts. No one will come near you, but be careful you don't slice off a leg or anything. lol  I am also wearing the helmet by Ghost Bullet + Sugerhigh. its mod so you edit the shape and drop in tints. The Butanik83 Wings have on are actually a tail. I know, I'm crazy. But its so cool I wanted to show it. The pants are by Inkrane and come with alpha hud to change texture and alpha out the lower area with socks, for a better fit with boots. Aarya will tell you more about what she is wearing on her blog, you can see it here: Dark Phantom 

On him, bodyguard SAW 655:
Helmet: Ghost Bullet + Sugarhigh SK helmet fatpack [mesh](Mainframe)(100L)
Wings: Butanik83 Tail of ONAGA [mesh](Mainframe)(200L)
Weapons: cinphul Mongrel Saw[mesh](Mainframe)(349L)
Pants: Inkrave Edge Runner Trousers [mesh](Mainframe)(525L)
Collar: SOLE 10 TIME RIFTER Collor Red, gacha [mesh](75L)
Collar: SOLE SA - Collar Mk.1 Black [mesh](799L)
Armband: SOLE GRPE - CArm White, gacha [mesh](75L)
Skin, head applier: Fallen Gods Legacy of Maul, male skin Coal TMP [BOM](990L)
Head: TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(m) - Anime (Deluxe) [mesh](5000L)
Body, skin: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: yzk mens pose 4 hero2

On her, cyber idol Ferah:
Guest Appearance: Aarya Phantomhive of the Dark Phantom blog
Dress: ERSCH Daela Dress black [mesh](Mainframe)(310L)
Wings: AMBIX Plasmorphic Holowing [mesh](Mainframe)(599L)
For a complete stylecard and more of this storyline, visit the Dark Phantom blog here.

Pod: Cerridwens Cauldron [CC] XB Pod Black/High Res Textures [mesh](Mainframe)(250L)


Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Mainframe: The Shipping Drones

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The Wasp Virus was raging in the Mainframe. Highly developed Cyborgs were locked in hibernation mode. How would the mail get through? Enter an unexpected hero… an old series Solares Cargo Drone. It would be up to little drones keep things running until the contagion could be purged from the system.

So many awesome cyber goodies at Mainframe. I just love this genre. This image was inspired by current events, the Cerridwens Cauldron XB Pod, and the cute Solares Cargo Drone. The XB Pod has poses in it, and you can touch the LED screens to trigger an animation or open the pod door. Cerridwens Cauldron also has a matching free planter at the event. The Solares Cargo drone can change to different colors and themes, and it will seamlessly busy itself picking up boxes and delivering them. The gorgeous Hydra Mask is by Lanevo. The fatpack comes with a hud that can change the textures on all its many parts and adjust the transparency on the face. It also has has a bangs hairstyle that will fit nicely inside the mask. The Power Chip is from a gacha by Astara. Its face is animated and you can change its display colors. The Bionic necklace by L'Emporio&PL also includes a texture hud to customize it. I am wearing the new Athletic Legacy mesh body by TheShops. Its so nicely made, and pitch perfect for my style. The downside is there are currently no clothes or accessories for it, or deformers. But I found the A&Y Arm Boosters for Gianni fit pretty well. The unrigged muffler by Krova was easy to adjust. And... my most daring clothing attempt is super cool Cryo Chest by Wicca's Originals at Mainframe. Its made for Maitreya, but as long as I have no lower half... its no trouble. lol

On him, Shipping Drone Hydra:
Helmet: LANEVO HYDRA MASK fatpack [mesh](Mainframe)(780L)
Waist: Wicca's Originals Cryo Chest Maitreya [mesh](Mainframe)(599L)
Powerchip: Astara Chip-n0Mix Power Chip, gacha [mesh](Mainframe)(25L)
Necklace: L'Emporio&PL Bionic Necklace Male [mesh](Mainframe)(350L)
Armbands: A&Y Cyber Bunke Arm Booster Male[mesh](390L)
Muffler: KROVA Muffler [mesh](150L)
Body, skin: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)

Pod: Cerridwens Cauldron [CC] XB Pod White/Low Res Textures [mesh](Mainframe)(250L)
Cargo Drone & Crates: Solares Cargo Drone, Crates animated [mesh](Mainframe)(409L)

Horizons - stage 5

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Wizarding Faire 2020: The Substitute Teacher

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The class had been murmuring. The Professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts was late. He was never late. Did something bad happen to him? Speculation was rampant until a dramatic kick to open the door made them all spin in their seats towards someone they had never seen before. She had wild disheveled hair, and a spiteful glare. " 'ello Dearies. Care to learn 'ow to not get owned in a duel like Professor Musty Pants?" Fennimore's jaw dropped. Was she a substitute teacher, ....or the reason the professor was missing?

The Wizarding Faire is ending soon. This post was inspired by the Dueling Skybox by Pitaya, the Dueling Wand and hud system by Nishi, dueling pose by Lulustuff, and the Artemis Dress by Altair.  I imagined someone like Bellatrix LeStrange teaching Dueling. Also shown are Thor Wizarding Class set, Random Matters Precarious Plants books, and Foxwood's kitty and Cauldron.

On Her, The Substitute Teacher:
Dress: ALTAIR artemis dress, pink black maitreya [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(320L)
Wand: Nishi Vine Wand Light, and Nishi magic wand system [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(299L)
Boots: CULT Sora Boot, Maitreya [mesh](269L)
Bloomers: Insomnia Angel ichigo spirit bloomers noir, gacha [mesh]
Glasses: ContraptioN The Tinkerer's Glasses, gacha [mesh]
Rings: Swallow Maitreya Egypt Bento Rings [mesh](450L)
Hair: Exile Windsong, naturals [mesh](280L)
Eyes: FATE Oculi - Realistic Dilation Mesh Eyes [mesh](350L)
Tongue: 6DOO bento basic tongue thin front [mesh](150L)
Lips: La Malvada Mujer Lady Ketamine Lips, applier (99L)
Makeup: La Malvada Mujer Goddess Kiss, applier
Stockings: Violent Seduction Hemera Stockings Black, applier (75L)
Top: Curious Kitties Sakura Fishnet Top [BOM](gift)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Noctis skin - bald -Tone 01 [BOM]
Mesh head: Raven Bell James, Bento [mesh] (2000L)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara  [BOM] [mesh](2750L)
Pose: Lulustuff Lumos Solem Pose, bento Immobulus03 (Wizarding Faire)(75L)

Skybox: PITAYA Magic Practice Skyebox NATURAL [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(467L)
Cat: Foxwood Floofy Kitty - Light [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(350L)
Cauldron: Foxwood Moon Cauldron [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(250L)
Desk, clutter: Thor Wizarding Class set [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(589L)
Books: random matter Precarious Plants set [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(460L)
Armor: Death Row 25.DRD MB knight decor, Mystic Bastion, gacha [mesh](45L / full set 3750L)

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Wizarding Faire 2020: First Day of School

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Fennimore's parents told him he had to take his little cousin Willow with him to Hogwarts. She was shy and worried about getting lost in the train station. When he didn't offer his hand for her to hold, she held onto his shirt tail instead. "I'm going to be in Ravenclaw too, Fenny!" she shouted over the busy noise. "We can have lunch and dinner together everyday!" But he could hardly stay mad at her. When he disappeared into the wall at platform 9 3/4, she gasped. Her eyes shone brightlyIt reminded him of his first time going to Hogwarts. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to help her out.

Wizarding Faire is so full of good stuff to inspire, it can be hard to pick a theme! The First Day of School was inspired by the Luggage carts from Sari-Sari and the animesh Howler letter from Guhit x Salemi. Willow's outfit from the Ersch Harriet Gacha, and necklace by Oxide. Fennimore is wearing the Wand Armband and potions book by Hopscotch, and his unhappy owl friend from gacha by Yokai.

On Her, Willow:
Dress: ERSCH Lara Dress RARE, Harriet gacha [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(75L)
Earring: ERSCH earrings broom, Harriet gacha [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(75L)
Eyepatch: ERSCH eyepatch RARE, Harriet gacha [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(75L)
Hat: ERSCH hat RARE, Harriet gacha [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(75L)
Necklace: ERSCH necklace, Harriet gacha [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(75L)
Letter: Guhit x Salem Magical Howler & Envelope [Animesh](Wizarding Faire)(300L)
Necklace: OXIDE Enchant Amulet [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(149L)
Hair: KURURU [KRR] Aria Hair, monochromes [mesh](299L)
Boots: Cute or Die! [CoD!] Vampire Academy Boots Maitreya) [mesh](299L)
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes - Denim [mesh](150L)
Head: SOMEMORE SaeBom Mesh Head - 09, gacha [mesh]
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara  [BOM] [mesh](2750L)

On Him, Fennimore:
Book: HopScotch Potions to go - Book [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(150L)
Armband: HopScotch Wand Holster Mesh [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(200L)
Top: Mossu Sean Cardigan - Blue - Legacy [mesh](349L)
Shoes: Deadwool  Dandy shoes - fitted - black/silver wingtip [mesh](360L)
Socks: Deadwool Dandy socks plain (for shoes) [mesh](150L)
Pants: S O R G O ButlerPants (forShirt+Belt) / DARK [mesh]
Hair: Dura 2018 Group gift Hair [mesh](gift)
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes - Denim [mesh](150L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Femboy Hunt 2012 exclusive [BOM]
Mesh head: Raven Bell James, Bento [mesh] (2000L)
Body, skin: TheShops [BODY] Legacy (m) (1.2) [mesh](5500L)

Cart, Pose: Sari-Sari Porter's Trolley, Luggage Cart [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(499L)
Owl: YOKAI 1 Owl Magic School Magic Owl Cage RARE, gacha [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(50L)