Monday, May 21, 2012

World Goth Fair and Nightstalker Hunt

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The biggest names in SL Gothic fashion and lifestyle gathered in one place! Walk along the midway, scoop up sponsor freebies, and test your luck on many gatcha at the tents and throughout the sim. Each store has an exclusive item for only this event. 50% of the proceeds go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Club Gothika will kick the party off at 3 pm sl to 3 am sl time. ...Oh and, keep an eye out for the mysterious "Batmoo." More Information

World Goth Day be broadcast on radio live in NYC WFMU radio, and inworld at Goth Fair sim starting at 3 am ET. 13 hours of music, and the party could last even longer, who knows? 

And if that's not enough goth partying for you, hunt the freebies at 47 stores participating the World Goth Day Nightstalker Hunt. Both the Nightstalker Hunt and World Goth Fair run until May 31. Hunt Store List

On Him:
Hat: Howling Creations Ringmaster Bats in the Belfry Top Hat (Goth Day Festival)(Free)
Hair: Howling Creations Ringmaster Men's Ebony hair (Goth Day Festival)(Free)
Necklace: Chaos, Panic, & Disorder! Cross of Thorns Necklace (#30 Goth Day Nightstalker Hunt)(Free)
Lip piercing: Bubblez Design Gothica Piercing 3 (group gift)
Chin piercing: CoLLisions Unheimlich Facial Piercings (#13 Goth Day Nightstalker Hunt) (Free)
Ear piercing: CoLLisions Unheimlich Ear Loops Barbell Chains (#13 Goth Day Nightstalker Hunt) (Free)
Ring: The Jewelry Exchange Vampire Emblem Signet Ring (Twisted Hunt Arcane #144)(free)
Prop: Gothica CG Batmoo I - white stuffed animal (official mascot of Goth Day) (50L)
Prop: The Fooding TF Carnival treat - candy apple, popcorn, soda [Mesh] (Goth Day Festival)(Free)
Tattoo: Monster Rock :.G.O.T.H.: BAD BOY TATTOO FOR MAN (free)
Nails: beauty by alaskametro<3 nailpolish - "french noir" (25L)
Skin: Death Row Designs drd corpsenew 7 bloody (lucky chair)
Eye prop: Necronom Inc Infinity Eyes (499L)
Eye texture: Sn@tch Illyria Eyes Blackness (Flesh Game Hunt)(Free)
Shoes: Energy Rider Boot Black V (599L)

On Her:
Skin: Tuty's LUCINE Gothic Skin -heartbreak (free)
Hair: Monster Rock G.O.T.H NIKITA HAIR (free)
Outfit: Monster Rock **GIFT 1400 MEMBERS**.:G.O.T.H..:CRAZY(free)
Prop: The Fooding TF Carnival treat - popcorn [Mesh] (Goth Day Festival freebie)
Prop: Gothica CG Batmoo I - pink stuffed animal (official mascot of Goth Day) (50L)
Necklace: House of Rain Vapor- onyx/amethyst/black titanium [Mesh] (#17 Goth Day Nightstalker Hunt) (Free)

World Goth Fair: Dark Eternity Island, and Cursed
Thanks Fulli for your help!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fender Fangs

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Everyone loves a sexy ride, but for those who depend on the powers of seduction, it's a matter of life or death! Don't get caught on the ugly side of the track, find out what the "Fender Fangs" are up to.

On Him:
Outfit, Helmet, Gloves, Shoes: 19 MOTORCYCLE RACING Suit-01 Red (800L)
Shades top: SISU - Paramilitary Gear Ballistic Glasses (75L)
Shades bottom: 19 MOTORCYCLE LOCS shades (group gift 190L to join)

On Her: 
Outfit with shoes: LINZOO Ringo AGEHA GP Race Queen Costume Black (200L)
Skin: Mother Goose's LENE1(LB) (lucky board)
Shape: ~RA~ freebie girl 2 (free)
Hair: A&Y Demona Ultra long Cyber loks hair Snow (200L)
Eyes: BSN Deep Eyes- bright blue (1L)
Make up: Micalia Darkrose Glamorize Dance Combo makeup (1L)

Car: Visiwa Estate, ZA Motors & ZA Marine Camera GT Package Ver 2.0.SLX (6995L)
Motorcycle top: Bytegang worlds PFB 900 - Yakuza - superbike 2.0 (499L)
Motorcycle bottom: Streetfire Shigaisen MRR (free)

Top image: Skybox: The Nawty Box Post Modern Vamp-Gothic Urban Skybox (60L weekend)
Bottom image: NRRA Nina Roar Racing association (free)

Racing Sims:
Corse GP Racing Track (demo bike and timed demo cars for racing)
NRRA Nina Roar Racing association (demo car, bike, and free car and bike for racing)
Racers Island Raceways (demo car for racing)
Thanks Vodoo, Nedar, and Fulli for your help!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fragile Doll. Lost Soul.

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She was a fragile vampire. He was a lost soul. Will love bloom between these outcasts?
On Her:
Outfit: BeautyCode - XYroom Lingerie Set Angelique Silver (99L)
Gloves: World's End La Nuit Du Chasseur gloves (free)
Shoe: World's End Le Dernier Lamento Shoe (free)
Earrings: Curious Kitties Simple Pearl Earring (free)
Ring: Ginza *GJK*Claddagh Ring {Bloody Valentine} (lucky board)
Necklace: World's End Romance Le Noir Necklace (free)
Hat: World's End Romance Le Noir Hat (free)
Eye: FTL Cabochon Eyes - Sumire (100L)
Lashes: FTL Eyelashes - C01 Natural (280L)
Tattoo: WoW Skins - XYroom Arisa LipGloss (99L)
Hair: DrLife Hair Yi-bang(Silven) (lucky board)
Skin: TuTy's LUCINE Gothic skin - Mascara tears (free)

On Him:
Shirt: Artemis Men GroupGift Vneck Shirt (free)
Pants and Belt: Lapointe & Bastchild S'Wear Biker Leather Pant Set Black/silver (199L)
Shoe: Lapointe & Bastchild Urban Buckle Boot & Shoe Set Crocs (499L)
Necklace: Gabriel black bead necklace mens (free)
Bracelet: Gabriel orion hand belt with chain black (free)
Hair: Little Britain Designs Night Raven/Dirty White (300L)


Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's a small world afterall

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Yeah yeah... I know it's not macho to be cute, tiny, and pink but you'll be a hit with the kawaii loving crowd when you're out and about spreading some springtime fox magic cheer. Just be careful ya wee lads, don't be hugged to death, or smothered between two ample bosoms!

On him, Sakura Fox:
Avatar: Steamboat Energy Company SEC Micro Fox - Fully Articulated Micro Avatar (700L)
Skin: Gaidion Priestman Micro Fox White Textures (100L)
Outfit: Mirco Paws Playful Yukata Sakura (without the top) (L98)
Vest: Leoki's Dreams *LD* Star Shirt for Micros (10L)
Wings small: Barerose Tokyo Simple White Wings (raffle prize) (scaled down)
Wings large: Frozen Night FN*blossom wings [sakura] particle_chest (free)
Belt: Curious Kitties Peaceful Sakura Choker White (free) (scaled down)
Props: Curious Kitties Magic Sakura Wand (free) (scaled down)
Effects: Curious Kitties Magic Sakura hand particles (free)
Hair: A&Y Dante hair - white (250L) (scaled down)

On her, Shadow Fox:
Pose: Tavatar Carrying Pose of Micro Fox (free)
Avatar: Dark Spot Designs Fennec - Sculpted furry - black (799L)
Location: Kawaii Anime

Bonus Micro Fox freebies:
Props: Kitsune World Sumomo Micro Fox Mod Kit (camping prize)
Skin: Tavatar Grey Fox skin (free)
Furniture: Busy Bunnies Free Micro Avatar Bed (free)
Outfit: Micro Paw Micro Freebie (free)
Furniture: MicroWorlds Micro Freebie Outdoor Laundry Set (free)
Hat: Nomiki Tremmor Micro B&W French Beanie Set (free)

Bonus Micro:
Deform: Micro Paw Micro Paws DIY Mesh Furry Kit (Female) (free)
Deform: Micro Paw Micro Paws DIY Mesh Furry Kit (Male) (free)
Oufit: Micro Paw Micro Mesh Outfit Creation Lite Pack (free)

Thanks for your help Fulli!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

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If you see nothing else in Secondlife, see Insilico, a breath taking cyber city. Inside you will feel like you are walking on the set of Blade Runner! But to explore the cyberopolis, Earth ruins, or Mars mines, you need to be properly attired.

Outfit: DV8 Legacy Blacklight (lucky chair)
Headphones: Primal Groove Cyber jet headphones (lucky board)
Prim Eyes: Primal Groove Cyber eyes (free)
Neck Corset: BND Collar Set (5L)
Hair: A&Y Dante hair - white (250L)
Skin: [ plastiline ] skin Ash - Clean Face (600L)
Location: Insilico Earth Ruins

Tattoo: Amacci Hairbase Tattoo - grey (free)
Piercings: LoveCats LoveCats Piercing Set Mens (group gift)
Hair: A&Y Tilo Gothic hair - white (250L)
Shades: Graves Mainframe Bodysuit - White (mined for glasses) (400L)
Boots: Rublik Digi Strap Reloaded boots (450L)

Insilico Main

Zombie Hunt

The undead are rampaging all over SecondLife! You grunts better get yourself a reliable zombie blasting weapon ASAP, or you'll be swarmed by hordes of brain-eaters faster than you can say, "Damn it, Reload! Reload!" 

Outfit:"M&I" Cosplay Resident Evil BSAA (12L)
Weapon: SciLab [FRAG] M4A1 Assault Rifle (free. group membership to activate)

The Big Fish Story

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Get hooked on the watery side of Secondlife and take a dive into the depths with these fishy freebies. Inspired by the Crazy Hair Hunt, I decided to make my first blog post here a Merman theme. I reeled-in so many great freebies, I can't post them all! Here are a few favorites:

Merman Tail: Calypso "Calypso"Mermaid/Merman (free)
Hair: Tekeli-li Hathor - Oceanic (Crazy Hair Hunt #4)
Necklace: Tekeli-li Piscene Necklace (1L)
Bracelets: Tekeli-li Ouroboros Bracelets (1L)
Prop: caroline Winslet Abalone Trident (with AO) (free)
AO: Ethereal Faerye -Lost in Starnight- Mer AO (ZHAO-II) (free)
Skin: Mother Goose's [Lee] Hyeok Lee m_s_skin 002 (800L)
Eyes: FTL Dawn Eyes - Shinbashi (100L)
Nails: alaskametro<3 Nail polish french teal (free)

Club Mermaid 
(click to enlarge)

Merman tail: Club Mermaid MermaidFESTA LTD,ED-brown-  (free)
Hair: U-neek FISHY GOODNESS! (Crazy Hair Hunt #1, gift 2 of 3)
Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum Massive Overgrowth - Darknight (Crazy Hair Hunt #13)
Tattoo: caroline Winslet Taliesins Tails Bubble makeup  (free)
Tattoo: CL NINE CL9v2l_HeadEyeline01C(bk)  (free)
Eyes: CL NINE CL9eyes_DrippingRedSample (free)
AO: Club Mermaid Merman Free AO (free)