Sunday, November 6, 2022

Necrotize: Revenge of the Small Blue Planet

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STORYLINE: The Caretaker had been asleep at the spaceship controls, his hand still resting on a full belly. He had a satisfied smirk still on his face from eating the forbidden fruit from a quarantined planet.  Other than the small blue planet being infested with life, he saw no harm in stopping for a quick tasty organic meal. But as his eyes snapped open and stared in shock at the angrily blinking monitors of the colony ship, he knew he had made a grave mistake. The ship was making an eerie mechanical bleep in a repeating rhythm that seemed to be counting the passing of time. His monitor was glitching and forming a pattern. He couldn’t read the alien language that spelled out, “Welcome to Earth Asshole,” but he did recognize the skull pattern of the monkey creature he ate. It was laughing. Was it mocking him? More alarms began to blare. Lights flickered. He looked around in disbelief. No way did that primitive culture have a Planetary Defense. There was no armada. What was happening? A red alarm began to flash. Hull breach in Pod Bay 94. He grabbed a weapon and raced there. The doors were jammed. He forced it open, and was immediately struck with swirling wind and sparks. On top of a pod was some kind of alien technology bot destroying his precious cargo! And it was rapidly multiplying, building more copies of itself from parts of the ship! What was it? Malevolent Artificial Intelligence? Horrifying! He leapt inside to maelstrom to quickly do what must be done. If he survived, he would never again question the quarantine bans.

Necrotize's finale is tomorrow, don't miss all cool alien and cyber horror themed creations and gifts! This image was inspired by items at the event, and a twist on the classic War or the Worlds trope: "germs save the Earth!" But in my version, its our AI that mounts the attack. Our Cute Little Hero is a Classic Macintosh on spider legs by Shard. Its an Animesh pet you can wear with texture options to have him wear a ghost sheet, and of course there are blood spatter options. Love him! I'm wearing the Aliens Convent themed Observer outfit by Somnium. It's a complete outfit including hands, so you really only need to make sure the head fits for any style avatar to wear it. The Xenomorph-like  Helmet by Ivy includes tattoo layers for shading on the face, and texture change hud. The grey Fralin skin by Stringer Mausoleum is perfect for the Caretaker and its EvoX too. The Symbiote Scissor weapon by Artemisia has 2 huds for textures and attack animations. The Skybox and Pods are by Celeste. They are both mod which was super handy for me to change things up a bit to create the inside of large alien spaceship. Adding to the organic feel of the ship,  is What's Lost Spirit's Fear buildings that function as pillars lining the cargo bay and acting as the main pod pillar.

On him, The Caretaker:
Outfit: Somnium The Observer [mesh](Necrotize)(550L)
Helmet: IVY Lyrae Headpiece [mesh](Necrotize)(375L)
Weapon: Artemisia Symbiote Scissor [mesh](Necrotize)(600L)
Eyes: IKON Deadshine Eyes - Quicksilver [mesh](150L)
Skin: The Stringer Mausoleum Fralin Grey, ExoX  [BOM](Necrotize)(299L)
Head: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Pose: Del May DM - Twirl prep (50L)

SpiderMac: Shard Makilltosh [mesh](Necrotize)(489L)
Vine Building: What's Lost Spirits WLS Fear [mesh](Necrotize)(388L)
Pods: Celeste The Pod [mesh](Necrotize)(262L)
Skybox: Celeste The Chamber [mesh](Necrotize)(187L)

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Japonica / Necrotize : A Drop of Bittersweet Amber

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A Drop of Bittersweet Amber
Flowing from deep within a dark forest is a malevolent force of grief and hatred...

An interactive hud based Japanese Horror Story event.
Open until October 31st. In Japanese and English.


Produced by BAROQUED Events.
Story: Kamo Resident / calibration: jokerx Kristan
Landscape: syunin Arida / Script Design: elysion Lomu
Translators: Kyrieholy, DevinVaughn
Sponsor: Zambrotta Zadark


To begin your adventure into a spooky story from our friends from Japan, go to the link. Straight ahead on the path is a marketplace with fun items to purchase. To the left are instructions how to play, To go to start, sit on the small shrine just right of the billboards. Once you are in the main start section, click for the English Hud (or Japanese Hud). Be sure to ACCEPT the popup menu for Experiences. This is needed to proceed, and it will keep track of your progress in the game/story. (NOTE: If at any point, the story doesn’t automatically start, walk a bit and it will trigger.)

All set? Good! Now walk forward through the rows of red Torrii gates. The hud will popup. You can choose Start, or Continue. (If you have already started the game, choose continue or else it will erase all your progress.) The story prologue beings from Koma's point of view. Step forward once more, the prologue from the Professor's point of view will play. Continue on the path, and the Survivor's point of view will play. Once you reach the end of the path, right-click+sit on the doors to move to the next stage. Now the main story begins.

To unlock new chapters of the story as you go along, you must complete certain tasks. You start in the library. You need to find a total of 10 books/magazines. As you find them, they will be added to your HUD at the top of your screen. Once you have found them all, touch the doors of the library to move to the next stage.



You land in the village. You need to find the First Family's house, its the largest one. Once inside, more of the story is revealed. First find the Male Student's bedroom. (Hint: its the Red Door. Bedrooms are on the 2nd floor.) Then find Koma's confining room in the basement. (Hint: its the white square on the floor.) Then find Grandma's bedroom. (Hint:  its the door with the orange wood frame.) Once you are there, you need find her Dairy and touch it to go to the next stage. 


Oh no! The diary has a security spell on it! To escape from Grandma's Twisted Dimension Maze, you must find the map of the First Family's house. You will know you found it when you see a table in the center of the room with the map on top, highlighted by a bright green transparent box around it. Touch it to reveal all of Grandma's secrets, and enter the next stage.


You return to the village to perform the purification ritual. Near where you land is a small Hokora shine. Touch it to get the map of the village's hokora locations and correct order to touch them. You see a lot of the village as you run to each location. When you reach the last shrine the entrance of the village, you unlock the climax of the story, and will be transported to the finale stage.

Once the story ends, you will be teleported and have an attached object, a box of amber sugar candy. Follow the path to the shrine. You can touch the mailbox on the right front side of the shrine to send a message to the game creators. On the steps before the shrine are more gifts and souvenirs. And you can make a donation to the Osaisen tip jar in front of the shine. I hope you enjoyed this interactive story!

Return to start and the marketplace by going through the tunnel.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Engine Room: the Automaton Blood Doll

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STORYLINE: Miss Anna was stuck in a nightmare. The dream began as she was piloting her small airship above New Deco. She was about to dock at the SkyCrypt, when there was a horrible explosion. Flames, and fire. Then pain, screams, and the roaring wind in her ears. She was falling, falling, falling forever but never hitting the ground. She didn't know how long she was stuck in the dream. Suddenly, gravity hit her like a wall of bricks. Her eyes snapped open to strange sounds like whirls and clicks. “Thank the Gods of Invention and Blood!” That voice.... yes, she knew that voice, it was her master, the vampire Monsieur Bleu. “There was a horrible accident, my love." He lifted her stiff heavy hand. "This was all I could do to save you," he whispered as he kissed it. Strange, she felt nothing. She wanted to scream, but had no voice. She began to thrash wildly. "I will find who did this," his outrage barely contained. Knowing what she wanted to see, he held her hand firmly, as if to say "be calm," and slowly guided her off the platform towards the scene of the blast. Light leaked from the crumbling wall and gleamed on her beautiful metallic doll face. “It is a new day. Whatever challenges come, we will face it together.”

Engine Room! Necrotize! And Halloween! Three of the coolest events in SecondLife! This post was inspired by awesome gothic items at Engine Room and Necrotize that work wonderfully for a classic vampire style. How sweet is that? From the Engine Room: Mr Bleu is wearing an excellent hairstyle all dapper gents need, Ginko Hair #97. And just as elegant is the VC Lab outfit, top and pants, Favorite II. The jeweled brooch is awesome. The skeleton Necro-mask is by Dreamcatcher and on sale at Necrotize. Between Bleu and Anna is the Hot Air Balloon Chandelier by Architect. Anna is wearing the Gracious Dress by toksik. And for when you need to be really over the top, try the Beatrice Collar by DREAMCATCHER! Anna's face is the Bespoke Marionette Doll Head. It takes EvoX textures. For extra machine touches, are the Realm Eyes by TWC, and layers of the Fallen Gods Metropolis tattoo, and Materica skin. Have you tried Aii's new BOM hairstyles? The Sonata Hair comes with a normal hud, but you can also switch it to the fancy next generation of hairstyles by going to BOM mode. And one more fun item from Engine Room is the metal Fan by Arts&Gears. It's interactive with animations to flick your wrist to open and close the fan.

On Him, Monsieur Bleu:
Hair: Ginko Hair #97 Hair - Rigged, Male [mesh](Engine Room)(465L)
Outfit: V.C.LAB Favorite II - Legacy M, red [mesh](Engine Room)(289L)
Mask: DREAMCATCHER Necro-mask [mesh](Necrotize)(199L)
Earring: RAWR! Ankh Queen ELF MALE EvoX Earrings [mesh] 
Claws: RAWR! Merciless Claws Legacy MALE [mesh] 
Eyes: S0NG Charmmy - Lust Eye [mesh] (50L)
Cape: egosumaii Catacomb Prince Cape, gacha [mesh] 
Head, Lips, piercings: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: FOXCITY Forever After (200L)

On Her, Anna the Automaton Blood Doll:
Guest Appearance: Aarya PhantomhiveFor complete stylecard, go to Dark Phantom blog.
Dress: toksik Gracious Dress (Lara) [mesh](Engine Room)(500L)
Collar: DREAMCATCHER Beatrice Collar [mesh](Engine Room)(199L)
Head: BeSpoke Doll Marionette - Head, female [mesh](Engine Room)(600L)
Hair: Aii Sonata Hair [F] [L style3] + {HAIR HELL} [mesh](Engine Room)(500L)
Eyes: [TWC] Realm Eyes (Gld-Blue)(Engine Room)(400L)
Fan: Arts&Gear *AG* Iron fan R[A] (Engine Room)(220L)
Tattoo: Fallen Gods METROPOLIS Rust Prototype, complete[mesh](Engine Room)(480L)
Skin: Fallen Gods Materica female +FGInc.+ RUST Elegance [mesh](1200L)

Lamp: Architect Hot Air Balloon Chandelier [mesh](Engine Room)(275L)
Decor: Pitaya The Last Vampire - Long Banner, Curtains, Candelabra, Coffin, Chains 01 [mesh]
Setting: Remarkable Oblivion Danse Macabre - Ruins Stage RARE [mesh]
Thanks for your help, Aarya!

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Engine Room: Rusty Tears of the War Machine

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: The General of New Deco was haunted. No amount of awards, medals, or ribbons could chase away his waking nightmare. The war was still raging with no end in sight. Everywhere he looked, ghosts of soldiers with no voices and eyes stared back at him. Why were they haunting him? He had reached the limit of what the body and mind could endure. He just couldn't, ... kill anymore. Of course his superiors were disappointed, after all he was a brilliant tactician and beloved by his men too, so they offered him an early exit if he would just sign a simple contract. Unfortunately for him, having too much time to think did result in one more death, -- his. So it came as a shock when he awoke inside a monstrous thing of metal and gears. His will was no longer his, since he had inadvertently signed it away. He was programed to obey. There was no such thing as mercy for a War Machine. The tears of rust on his automaton face were the only clues to the screaming, blind ghost locked inside.

How awesome is the Art Deco theme items at this around of Engine Room? I felt very inspired, and this idea grew out of it. Here are items I used in the image from the event: The Metropolis tattoo really fired my imagination, I paired it with the older Rust skin are from Fallen Gods and between the layers added a white tint by XyR. The outfit is the beautifully made Fotsoldier Gambsion by Turb. It has a hud to change textures. It's also mod, so I could hide the sleeves to show the arms. The right arm is Eliavah's Manticore Arm with hud to change its textures. Its made for the girl avatars, but Female Legacy was a close fit with only a small poke on the backside of the upper arm. The Left arm is Wicca's Barclay that has male fits, and a texture hud. For fun, I added the Frankie Bolts by Haunt that include a bloody neck tattoo layer. It's an Engine Room Gift. The General is smoking the Selenes Vape by Aerth. It has many texture options too. 

On Him,
Outfit: TURB Footsoldier Gambison [Legacy M][mesh](Engine Room)(500L)
Right arm: Eliavah Manticore Mecha Arms [Legacy Female][mesh](Engine Room)(499L)
Left Arm: Wicca's Originals Barclay Hand Legacy(M)[mesh](Engine Room)(399L)
Gun: Val'More HuntRevolver - Prototype [mesh](Engine Room)(500L)
Neck Bolts: HAUNT Frankie Bolts [mesh](Engine Room)(Engine Room Gift)
Vape: AERTH Selenes Vape [mesh](Engine Room)(350L)
Helmet: Butanik83 Engineers Helmet [mesh](383L)
Pants: RIOT Birds of Prey pants black [mesh](gacha)
Eyemakeup: Tableau Vivant Vincent Make up Silver spry [BOM]
Tattoo: Fallen Gods METROPOLIS Rust Prototype, complete[mesh](Engine Room)(480L)
Tattoo: Clemmm Unkin Body Smear [BOM](333L)
Tattoo: [XyR] Skin Toner Overlay (Classic UV) (male) [BOM](gift)
Tattoo: VON RustTears6, RustTears4 [BOM]
Skin, eyes: Fallen Gods Materica male +FGInc.+ RUST [mesh](1200L)
Head: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: p.o.s.e. gansta (49L)

Fountain: Contraption Decor: Neudamm Deco Fountain *gold* [mesh](400L)
Mirror: CIRCA "REVIVAL" Art Deco Mirror Classic [mesh]

Friday, August 19, 2022

Midnight Order: Merlin's Secrets

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STORYLINE:  As part of our Camelot Exposed series, we here at Midnight Magazine want to shift focus to a well hidden power behind the scenes. No one really thinks much about Merlin. He’s the advisor to the King, and mentor of the White Knight. He’s always busy with the dull tasks of keeping the Kingdom running. And he’s just so cheerful, its annoying! Well, that should have been our first clue he is not as he appears. Our investigative journalists did an incredible job unmasking Merlin as none other than the Golden Knight from the Age of Ruins. Merlin is the true architect of Camelot of the Night in concept as well as stone. Midnight Magazine would love to know more of Goldie’s juicy secrets! Just what kind of game is this ancient being playing??

This round of Midnight Order is ending soon. Head over and check out the new additions at Mid point, such as Contraptions new cyberpunk textures for their Bete Noire outfit. Shown above is my Dark Camelot twist to Kaien Cross. From Midnight Order is the wonderfully gothic and holy Shattering Sun Halo by Oblivis Solem. Its animated and has texture options, or you can edit tint it how you like. From Quills & Curiosities, is the Jacquard Blouse which comes with a texture hud. Te Azrael Pants by AsteroidBox has fits for men and women and texture options. For more magical effects, are the RSS DarkAuraStaff with comes with wearable animated magical dust and sprites as well as the staff which comes with a hud to trigger an animation. In the setting, is the Lestat Sconce by Candle & Cauldron. To change the texture, click the lamp and hold a few seconds then release for the popup menu. Lights can be turned on and off. The skybox is by Spires Society and is wonderful gothic scene to drool over. Don't miss it! I hope you all enjoyed my Midnight Magazine idea. Maybe it will it will back in the future. It was fun to write with a different point of view.

On him, the Golden Knight:
Halo: Oblivis Solem Shattering Sun Halo, Brass [mesh](Midnight Order)(350L)
Top: Quills & Curiosities Jacquard Blouse, Legacy [mesh](Midnight Order)(300L)
Staff: RSS DarkAuraStaff [mesh](Midnight Order)(220L)
Pants: AsteroidBox Azrael Pants - Legacy, green [mesh](Midnight Order)(279L)
Glasses: Air Morris gold. Left charm, CM [mesh](500L)
Cape: toksik Sombre Cape Male, Black [mesh](200L)
Hair: monso Jessica2 Hair [mesh](349L)
Gloves: Contraption Dapper Dandy's Gloves [mesh](350L)
Collar: Frozen Night FN*dress suit cravat, black collar [mesh](300L)(gift)
Head, Lips, piercings: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Pose:  [3M]***_w7_1  (40L)

Lamps: Candle & Cauldron Lestat Sconces [mesh](Midnight Order)(150L)
Skybox: Spires Society Lordhunter Crypt_Dark Catholic Mesh [mesh](Midnight Order)(1500L)

Monday, August 8, 2022

Midnight Order: Scandalous

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: Stop the Presses! Oh, my dear dark hearted readers of Midnight Magazine, today is a Daily Scandal for the record books! Remember how, with her engagement to the King, the Queen of the Succubi promised to be a shiny example of Dark Camelot's high minded ideals? Oh but dear readers, you know where this is heading or this column wouldn’t be called the Daily Scandal! Our intrepid photog captured on camera the Queen's secret rendezvous with someone who is definitely not a friend to succubi! In fact, he is the last person you would expect to become entangled with one. Yes, you heard me right. The White Knight, an unstoppable enforcer of justice and punisher of the wicked, was caught at the castle in the throws of passion drinking the Queen's blood right under the King's nose! It's a Shocker! Could the rumors be true its not the King’s awesome power that keeps the White Knight in line? Oh my, the taste of that sweet, sweet seductive succubi blood must be quite a weakness for our nocturnal Lancelot. Stay Tuned, dear Readers, as we confront the King with this shocking image!

Hahaha This is was a fun image to do, 2nd in my Midnight Magazine series. Many thanks to Aarya Phantomhive for teaming up with me for this. There is another version of this image that shows more of the setting, be looking for it!  

Lots of goodies from the current round of Midnight Order. The Bete Noire waistcoat by Contraption with Turb, has something I wish all clothing had, -- alpha channels. You can hid the sleeves, the tie, and all parts so it can fit under the matching coat by Turb, also at the event. The top includes a harness for guns, can you buy the Contraptions sold separately, or add your own. It even has options for left handed, right handed, or both. The top comes with many texture options by hud. And you can also get matching pants for a complete Film Noir badass look. The Order Gauntlets by Static have fits for many avatars. Love them! And the BADs earrings rigged to fit Lelukta human or elf ears. The setting is beautiful gothic skybox, that comes in regular and crimson, Lordhunter Crypt by Spires Society. For more information on what Aarya is wearing, go to Dark Phantom blog.

On him, the White Knight vampire:
Top: ContraptioN x TURB Bete Noire Waistcoat Legacy M [mesh](Midnight Order)(500L)
Gloves: Static Order Gauntlets, Legacy M [mesh](Midnight Order)(365L)
Earring: BADa Cross B Earrings < Human EvoX [mesh](Midnight Order)(229L)
Hair: Dura U109-HAIR-FAT PACK FA/ Male [mesh](380L)
Blood, chalice, arm pose: sacrilege eternal damnation [BOM](329L)
Pants: toksik Remnant Pants Legacy M, White [mesh](240L)
Head, Lips, piercings: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: FOXCITY Close (200L)

On Her, The Queen of the Succubi:
Guest Appearance: Aarya PhantomhiveFor complete stylecard, go to Dark Phantom blog.
Bodysuit: Enfant Terrible Lendsey Body [mesh](Midnight Order)( 225L)
Sleeves: Enfant Terrible Lendsey Sleeves [mesh](Midnight Order)(199L)
Hair: S-Club Emily [mesh](Midnight Order)(399L)
Horns: Unholy Asmodeus [mesh](Midnight Order)(450L)
Wings: Aii & Ego Night Glamour [mesh](Midnight Order)(1000L)
Eyes: Ikon Deadshine [mesh](Midnight Order)(390L)

Skybox: Spires Society Lordhunter Crypt_Bloodlust Mesh [mesh](Midnight Order)(1500L)
Smoke: Midjourney love spell smoke effect clipart created in AI
Thanks for your help, Aarya!

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Midnight Order: The White Knight

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: No sooner I had spoke into my recorder, “Reporter for Midnight Magazine here,” then I sensed a displeasurable aura coming my way. The Predator of Predators flopped down in a chair in front of me in a whirlwind of thunder and thinly veiled contempt. I cheerfully offered my hand, “It’s an honor to meet the Legend of the Hunter Society.”

He refused my hand, and scoffed at my recording equipment. “Is that really necessary? I have nothing to say to your blood soaked readers. I’m not here by choice.”

“Yes, I’ve heard the King has some kind of sway over you,” I thrust my recorder in his face. “Care to explain what it is?” He smacked my hand away with such violence, my poor little device was buried deep in the wall. “My my… aren’t you the scary one.

He stood up as if to say, this interview is over, but he paused by the door and asked, “I have no idea why you vampires… are interested in me.”

I leaned back and smugly regarded him. Got ya. “As strange as it sounds, you do have a fan club. Let’s just say, for the undead its a fantasy to be killed, and then by someone as beautiful and powerful as yourself... Well, you’re quite the dreamboat."

His lips curled up in disgust, revealing his own sharp fangs. “Vampires…,” he hissed unironically. “I do the world a favor annihilating you perverse vermin.”

Behind me, Lillian, from the makeup department, swooned at his dangerous growl and fainted right on the spot. Despite his menacing words, the 
Underworld’s Lancelot was very much the knight in shiny armor. He moved so quickly, he caught her before she hit the ground.

I quickly snapped a tantalizing shot of this accidental embrace. It was perfect for the editorial section! 
Oh yes, this next issue is going to sell out fast. 
Of course, Midnight Magazine wanted the world's only Elder Slayer for our July cover model. Lucky for us, the King ordered him to appear as a bit of positive public relations for his newly formed Camelot of the Night. Surely it was some kind of punishment for the White Knight’s misdeeds.

I smiled brightly at him, “Midnight Magazine has a wonderful photoshoot setup just for you. A romanic scene of thorns and roses. I’m sure you will hate every minute of it!”

Midnight Order is back bringing you some much needed Darkness in the blistering heat of summer. This image was inspired by Gothic Window by Schadenfreude, Valentine gloves by Cubic Cherry, Skellybones Tyrant Torch, and Wicca Liuva boots, -- all awesome items at the current round of Midnight Order. I have been feeling nostalgic lately, like wanting to get back to the original idea for my avatar when I first joined SecondLife. I'm very into vampire stories. Back in 2011, I had just seen the dark fantasy anime Vampire Knight. I really identified with the long suffering Zero. I bounced between several looks for avatar, but white hair and purple eyes just felt like home, so it became my main look. The VK story itself was loosely inspired the tales of King Arthur. So I'm putting my own spin on things with the idea of vampire magazine article, Camelot Exposed! 

Ok, so first, in the unholy Lancelot makeover is the hair by Ginko. Its something I might wear forever. Its gorgeous. Comes in male and female fits. I love me some slutty boots, so when I saw Wicca's Liuva boots had male fits, I knew I needed to feature them! They come with a hud to change the colors.  The Valentine gloves work perfectly with Wicca boots and the fatpack comes with a lot of great texture options. I added the Nunna Klei tattoo for extra glam spark. Can we speak about that beautiful Axe by Skellybones? Wow. Just awesome. It comes with 4 hold poses and a texture hud. The Gothic Window by Schadenfreude makes my gothic loving heart sing. Its lovely, and has many color options. There is also a version with a stained glass texture, and a coffee table with a stained glass shadow!

On Him, The White Knight of Dark Camelot:
Hair: Ginko Hair #84 Hair - Rigged(Male/M) [mesh](Midnight Order)(465L)
Gloves: Cubic Cherry Valentine gloves FATPACK, LegacyM [mesh](Midnight Order)(249L)
Tattoo: Nuuna The KLEI tattoo [BOM] [mesh](Midnight Order)(250L)
Boots: Wicca's Originals Liuva Boot Jake  [mesh](Midnight Order)(599L)
Weapon: Skellybones Tyrant's Torch [mesh](Midnight Order)(499L)
Armbands: NOCHE Roman gold cuffs - Legacy [mesh](99L)
Pants: toksik Remnant Pants Legacy M, White [mesh](240L)
Crown: Sinful Sky Valentine Thorns Roses [mesh]
Blood: sacrilege eternal damnation [BOM](329L)
Head, Lips, piercings: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: HCXII LettucePray 2

Window Frame: Schadenfreude Zadkiel Window [mesh](Midnight Order)(250L)
Roses: Mesh Plants Rose Bush Pack [mesh](280L)
Petals: Luna Rosarie L+R petal storm, gacha [mesh]
Thorns: {anc} Ironorbs and Thornbush

Thanks for your help, Aarya!

Sunday, May 29, 2022

ScifiCon: Where No Rat Has Gone Before

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: There is a rat on the ship. No, really. Its huge, wearing a Starfleet uniform, and piloting the USS Karni Mata out of Spacedock. Gone are the days of him being hazed at the Academy, having trashcans emptied in his dorm room, or worse, called a disease carrier. No, today Cadet Ricky Rat was on the bridge of a real Starship. Trusted. Respected. His wings earned. His mother would be so proud, and all his thousands of siblings. He couldn’t wait to find another M Class planet. You see, the Rodents are clever and just as eager to colonize space as humans. Once the humans accepted rodent-kind as equals, they actually made a good team. In fact, they had already been traveling together for so long, it predated recorded history

Today is last day of the 14th Scificon in SL. And what's a Scifi convention without Star Trek? It would be like peanut butter without the jelly. I'm still racing around to look at everything. I discovered a new-to-me store, Sailor V Creations, full of detailed recreations from Star Trek series and movies. There is a demo in their store of the bridge of the Sovereign Class Starship (from the ST:TNG movies). All mesh, so much detail. Just wonderful. Of course I had to blog it! There are freebies in the store, hunt prize, and you can follow the links to full demos of many ships and sets. Ships are not just starship recreations, but also have connecting mazes of interactive rooms for your space traveling Strange New Worlds adventures. The older models are impressive too, all built in prim. Stunning build work. Needless to say, both types are land impact heavy but you can also take the interior rooms out to use as a skybox.   

For my Vermin crewmen above, I used Eclectic Stars' Orville inspired Bortus outfit (also at the convention), with the grey Bespoke Carla Rodent head. These two items just seemed to click. And so a crazy story idea was born. Enjoy the last day of the Con!

On him, Ricky Rat:
Top, Pants, Shoes: Eclectic Stars Bortus Pants, Legacy Male[mesh](Sci-Fi Con 14)(395L)
Head, skin: BeSpoke Rodent Carla - Head male, grey, bento [mesh](800L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)

Spaceship: Sailor V Creations Sovereign Class Starship [mesh](Scificon: New Xantis)(25,000L)

Friday, May 27, 2022

ScifiCon: Radical Ed and the Quest for Space Lobster

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STORYLINE: On the dusty streets of New Albuquerque in the off world colonies, a strange flame haired teen danced and sang to a song only he heard. Following behind Radical Ed was a short legged dog dressed in a lobster costume. In the teen's arms were takeout boxes from Space Lobster, and on top of that was an open laptop almost at his eye level. The screen flickered with the image of a blue haired woman. “Damn it. He got away. I don’t see why I should pay for dinner when I have no money! It should be the one who collects the bounty!” A nonchalant sounding guy replied, “Hey, not my problem you make bets you can’t pay.” The woman began to curse. In the distance, Ed heard gunfire. He checked a map on his computer, then stopped in front of a hanger. Its massive door slowly groaned open. “We’re heerrree!” He placed the boxes on the ground and pointed to his furry companion, “Guard, Einstein!” The little corgi smiled and barked. Ed looked back in the distance towards the gunfire. It was getting closer. He hurried inside, but froze in his tracks at the awe inspiring sight looming over him, -- the AMC Tiger Mech. “Whoa.” Then a big mischievous grin grew across his face. In a blink of an eye, he pirouetted up the scaffolding, and landed inside the heavy war machine. His hands danced at the controls as he Oooed and Ahhhed at the shiny technology. Then he reached down, grabbed a handful of wires, and yanked. “Oops,” he chuckled. He popped open his laptop, plugged it into the machine, and typed as fast as the gatling gun firing outside. Close, too close!  He smashed the enter key, tossed a bomb with a smiley face into the cabin, and hopped to the ground with a soft thud. The corgi barked and ran up to him. Panic crossed Ed's face as he quickly scooped up the little dog, dropped low, and rolled behind a cluster of tall metal crates. Gunfire began to ricochet into the hanger. Metals sparks all around them. When the ammo ran out, a man wearing a cowboy hat raced in. But he had no face. What he had instead was a solid metal plate with heat seeking vision. The Golden Express Bandit! Ed watched quietly as the bandit labored up the scaffold, leaving a trail of blood, then flopped into the pilot seat. “Goodbye, Spike Spiegel!” he snarled as the Tiger’s guns suddenly stirred and aimed outside. “Shit!” A figure silhouetted against the bright sand outside, dove to the side just as 3 rockets launched in his direction. Ed reached down with his hand and clamped the dog's jaw shut as the rockets exploded. The ground shook. The sound of the explosions reverberated in the desert canyon. A few moments later, Spike's weak voice flickered through the laptop. “Damn.... No ...lobster tonight. I... I think I need a medic.” Ed punched in a few keys on the laptop. As the cockpit canopy lowered and locked tight, a grin spread across his face like the cat who caught a mouse. The mech began to fill with smoke. “Nitey Nitey Mr. Express." Outside, a confused Spike stumbled into the hanger holding his side. Ed popped up from behind the crates and pointed to the charred lobster boxes. “Order more, your treat!” The towering mech lumbered out of the hanger with Ed trailing behind it, his fingers working a joystick. Spike leaned against the wall, and watched the kid with the little corgi trotting behind him still wearing a ridiculous lobster costume. He lit up a smoke, and shook his head, "Damn brat. Next time we bet on who pays the hospital bill."

Its ScifiCon in SL! Have you see it yet? Many fun sims, a hunt, cool things to buy in themes of Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, Space Western, Steampunk, Super Heroes, Silvertech, Ecotech, and Near Future. This post and story were inspired by items at the event and the anime Cowboy BeBop. From Death Row Designs is a stunning fully meshed sim with shitton of decor items that is just stunning to behold. The DRD team worked for months on this massive Space Western theme build. And delivering badassness, is the brand new AMC mech and repair bay with animated repair arm and flying repair bot by Solaras. For Ed's outfit is the Cyber mechnic by MALified, and Googles and backpack by Butanik83. Radical Ed is an ambiguous gendered character, so for my take on him I used Off-shoulder Crop Top with V-tech flat chest mod for Maitreya, and +AH+ collar to hide the seam with a male head Kane by Lelukta, wearing female face skin by DeeTalez and Boi skin by Pink Fuel. Since this is a mechnic outfit and Repair Bay and Hanger, I threw in the Sekai pipe Wrench for fun. And speaking of fun, how adorable is the little Corgi by Sweet Thing & DarkendStare?   

For an event schedule at Scificon and Maps of where stores are located on each sim, head to: (Note: If you have trouble viewing the website, switch to the firestorm browser)

And now a little more Information about the very cool new [AMC] Solares Tiger mech. At Scificon, you can demo the Tiger and try it out within the store. You will first want to buy from the vendors for Basic Mech, Deluxe, or Mega pack which includes everything. If you want to do max Relay for Life donations: 1) Get the basic (The basic includes the Tiger and all you need to start fighting.) Then 2) walk over to the row of Relay for Life vendors to get fun addons like the popular Repair Bay, or Cat Ears for your mech, and a variety of skins. Now how do you add the addons? 1) Unpack workshop. 2) Rez the tiger on the ground. 3) Wear Workshop hud 4) Then wear on the addons you want to load into the Workshop menu. 4) Drag and drop addons from the Workshop menu to "skin" tab or "front deco" tab for the ears. See the video below. Here is a video clip showing the Repair bay and the Mech firing on it. lol And 2nd video clip showing how change skins in the Workshop menu. You can add the cat ears this way too, just drag and drop it to the Front Deco menu. This is the first release, so there are sure to be more addons in the future. Have fun Space Cowboys! 

On him, Radical Edward:
Pants, gloves, boots: MALified Cyber Mechanic, Black, Maitreya[mesh](Scificon: CircuitJanes)(389L)
Backpack: Butanik83 Planet Explorer Backpack [mesh](Scificon: New Xantis)(250L)
Goggles: Butanik83 Planet Explorer Goggle [mesh](Scificon: New Xantis)(200L)
Top: krankhaus Off-Shoulder Crop Jacket [mesh](200L)
Pet: Sweet Thing. & darkendStare Plopped Lobster Corgi [mesh]
Wrench: +SEKAI+ Pipe Wrench, Fatpack [mesh](199L)
Collar: Artificial Hallucination  +AH+ Belt Collar male rig [mesh](249L)
Hair: Dura Dura-Boy01, fatpack (200L)
Skin face: DeeTaleZ Skin *Selma* for LELEVOX / nobrows/ Nordic (past gift)
Skin: Pink Fuel [PF] <Porcelain> Boi/Athletic 1 [BOM](250L)
Head: LeLUTKA lel EvoX KANE 3.1 [mesh](3990L)
Chest: [V-Tech] Boi Chest Mod - Maitreya [BOM](499L)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara  [BOM] [mesh](2750L)
Pose: Poseidon Ice 8, gacha

Mecha large: Solares [AMC] Tiger Mech, basic pack [Animesh](ScifiCon: Violet Streak)(1999L)
Repair Bay: Solares [AMC] Mech Bay [Mesh](ScifiCon: Violet Streak)(1999L)
Laptop: Kraftwork Shabby Console Desk, Laptop [mesh](399L)
Hanger: Death Row Designs DRD Xantis - Hangar [mesh](Scificon: New Xantis)(575L)

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Fantasy Faire: The Hunt in Basset Town

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STORYLINE: Outside the dusty town of Basset was a sign that read, "Quarantine. Do Not enter." A Bounty Hunter known simply as D stopped and looked at it. A sickly person stumbled towards him. “You the Bounty Hunter? Half human, half monster killer?” D nodded and said nothing. “A suspicious looking fella came through last week, everyone he touched soon died. The rest of everyone is plum near dead or dying." He offered a burlap bag to D. “It's not much, but that’s everything we got. The whole town pitched in. So you can kill this thing, right?” D looked at his sad sunken face, then towards the town with many ghostly faces peeking out at him from their windows. “There's not much time left,” he said and without another word, rode off. A week had past before the Hunter returned. But everyone in Basset Town already knew he was successful. He was greeted with laughter and people running up to him, their cheeks now a more healthy color. "Don't celebrate too soon," he threw down the burlap bag and the head of the monster rolled out. “This fight is just beginning. The Unweaver is an evil seed that can take root and sprout again at anytime, anywhere. Be more careful and savor your lives.” And with that, he tipped his hat and rode out of town to the stunned silence of the townfolks.

Last call for the Fantasy Faire 2022! On May 11 at some point the Fairelands will disappear into the mists. Be sure to see and do everything you planned before the close!  This photo series is for my Mom, who had been undergoing surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation for cancer for the past 6 months. Her treatment ends this week. I feel grateful to her doctors, medical science, American Cancer Society, and all the kind hearts who donate to make a difference. If we care, and love each other, great things are possible.

P.S. I love Vampire Hunter D. There was no way I would not try to do a homage to it thanks to the awesome outfit by Quills & Curiosities at Fantasy Faire. Vampire Hunter D was my introduction to anime back in the 90s.

On him, Bounty Hunter D:
Outfit: Quills & Curiosities - Hunter's Garb [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Basset Town)(500L)
Necklace: Quills & Curiosities - Hunter's Pendant [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Basset Town)(150L)
Hat: Quills & Curiosities - Hunter's Pendant [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Basset Town)(250L)
Wings, Tattoo: Forest Fantasy Store [FFS] Demon Bat [Bento][mesh](Fantasy Faire: Sylvuselah)(690L)
Monocle: ERG Bat Wing Monocle [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Basset Town)(100L)
Weapon: Val'More Ghostspear [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Atheneum)
Hair: barberyumyum L19(02) style1 [mesh](Collabor88)(288L)
Cape: DREAMCATCHER Vampire's cloak - unisex [mesh](199L)
Claws: L'Emporio&PL Oblio Vampire Claws male [mesh](350L)
Head: LeLUTKA lel EvoX KANE 3.1 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)

On horse, Shadow:
Collar lamp: Static Bounty Hunter's Lantern [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Basset Town)(250L)
Tack: Blackthorn Stables Tack [BTS-TH] Blk/Slvr Baroque Tack (550L)
Horse: Teegle Teegle Horse avatar [mesh](3500L)

Thanks for your help, Fulli!

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Fantasy Faire: The Stinging Bees of Opet

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STORYLINE: Deep in the fertile Nile delta was an island paradise called Opet. The pharaoh created it to honor the givers of life in his realm, for without them there would be no future. It was a clean and safe place to give birth with good medical care in the teachings of Imhotep. But this was also the land of gods and demons. The people of Kemet took very seriously threats from evil creatures who could create illness or snatch infants. The most trusted members of Pharaoh's army, the Stinging Bees, were rotated in and out of Opet. The soldiers considered it a posh assignment, even a prestigious reward to guard so many pretty faces. The women often chose to marry their protectors. Captain Djoser was a ferocious fighter, but with one smile from the beguiling Priestess of Hathor, he became as weak as a kitten. They had planned to wed and start a family. But then the unthinkable happened. She was suddenly struck by a mystery illness. Djoser knew all to well the signs of a demon attack. He swore on a small golden idol of Hathor, he would find the Unweaver and force him to remove the curse from his beloved.

On Him, Captain Djoser of the Stinging Bees:
Makeup: Seydr Verdandi Makeup [BOM](Fantasy Faire: Atheneum)(250L)
Tattoo hands: Fallen Gods Thoth's Acolyte, dark [BOM](Fantasy Faire: Opet)(gift)
Horns: Fantastical Notion [.fn] Leight Horns - Anubis [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Gaalthyr)(300L)
Armor: Partner in Crime Adelicia's Guardian Ash [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Gaalthyr)(250L)
Weapon: Artemeisia Ash Sword Glaive [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Atheneum)(375L)
Wings: Evil Baby Majestic Wings [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Bassett Town)(499L)
Statue: meadowWorks Hathor Cow Head Obelisk [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Opet)(250L)
Armbands: NOCHE Roman gold cuffs - Legacy [mesh](99L)
Hair: Aleutia Jessie Metallic Wig [mesh](249L)
Cuff: David Heather Ramses Costume [mesh](350L)
Collar: Wimey Tribal Collar Old Gold [mesh]
Necklace: Montauk chained collar - necklace [mesh](350L)
Skin: Fallen Gods Pure [xy] + Ivory [BOM](660L)
Head: LeLUTKA lel EvoX KANE 3.1 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)

Fantasy Faire: Opet Sponsored by Fallen Gods

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Fantasy Faire : The Hidden City of Tenpyo

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STORYLINE: Hidden beyond a snowy pass deep in the Nippon mountains, was the twelve hundred year old city of Tenpyo, the capital of the Oni Lands. Beautiful. Regal. A place untouched by modern times. It had been safely defended all these years. Until one day, the Benimurasaki Onmyōdō detected the evil miasma of the Unweaver had infiltrated their paradise.

The Fantasy Faire is back!
This post was inspired by the hat and veil by Hopscotch and the fun skin and tattoo by Soul and AERTH. Not to mention, this stunning sim created by Gabriel. Its a Must see! the Faire is open until May 8th. DO NOT MISS IT!   (Below the style card, is an FAQ for FF I made for those new to SL and the the Faire.)

On Him, the Benimurasaki Onmyōdō:
Veil: HopScotch Veiled Hat, posable [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Tenpyo)(225L)
Pet: ridi-ludi-fool obake medama-3 patapata [animesh](Fantasy Faire: Bassett Town)(80L)
Tattoo: AERTH Moon Tears Body Tattoo MAGENTA [BOM](Fantasy Faire: Atheneum)(200L)
Skin: SOUL .:S:. [G3] Dantela [F20] EVO, LEGACY M [BOM](Fantasy Faire: Atheneum)(1499L)
Necklace: who what magatama pendant- male [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Tenpyo)(210L)
Typing Effect: who what GOBOUSEI- [benimurasaki] male [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Tenpyo)(180L)
Pants: Gabriel ::GB:: Wa sarouel (Legacy) (C) Kurosame [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Tenpyo)(99L sale)
Hat: Maru Kado Suge Gasa White [mesh](100L)
Hair: Ginko Hair #22 Hair - Rigged Male, colorful [mesh](279L)
Arm wraps: CerberusXing Wraps (350L)
Belt: sakka Studio Ss.Kosode Nagoya-Obi [mesh](200L)
Collar: Bare Rose ::: B@R ::: Karakuriko C2 Kesa [mesh](190L)
Claws: L'Emporio&PL Oblio Vampire Claws male [mesh](350L)
Head: LeLUTKA lel EvoX KANE 3.1 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)

Here is a quick FAQ on Fantasy Faire off the top of my head.

**Q: What is the Fantasy Faire?**
A: Its an annual event hosted by the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Its like SL's World Cup or Super Bowl. It's HUGE! The theme is Fantasy (fiction, fashion, role play, decor, sim design, tabletop games, video games, anime/manga/comics, radio station, parties, art galleries, quest games, etc)

**Q: They raising funds?**
A: yes! All designers participating have an item for sale that is either a 100% donation or 50%. There is also a silent auction. Donations. And a Hud you purchase to play a quest game with stories, videos, and prizes. (note: A higher level hud includes an outfit for men and women). Last year in 2021 the Fantasy Faire in SL raised a new record, $95,178 in US Dollar (that's L$23,794,648 in Linden Dollars). So far this year after 8 days, the Fantasy Faire has raised $42,503 USD (that's 10,625,800L). Yes, I was not kidding when I said its huge! Relay for Life says of all their fund raising operations, SecondLife's Fantasy faire is by far the biggest fund raiser per money invested in an event. )

**Q: Ok! I want to see it, do I need to dress up in a costume?**
A: Come however you want, Fantasy allows for barely clothed styles, furries, city smashing giants, fairies, animal avatars, tiny kittens, robots, whatever you want as long as it's PG. But a word of  WARNING, the sims are very full of people and objects. To avoid lag, and enjoy the best experience, wear a low lag avatar, and work for graphic settings to keep frame rates up. At the main landing is a free Low Lag gift avatar/outfit you can wear. This year its a paperdoll style. To read more about being low lag, go here:

**Q: What is there to do?**
A: Explore the 20 sims! Its very big deal to land a sim to decorate for the Fantasy Faire. Its SL's finest creating amazing fantasy settings. This my favorite part of the fair. I also enjoy people watching and making new friends. I have made many long lasting friends at the fair, good people too. You can also visit during live DJ shows and Live dance Performances. The Lit Sim has gatherings to talk about certain books and authors. Tabletop game tournament. Several sims have their own Hunts and Games. And the big game will start soon, you purchase a hud to play it. The first part usually requires hunting for objects hidden across the sims. The 2nd part takes place on the game sim, with puzzles. You can also shop like crazy. Lots of amazing stuff.

You can read more the Fantasy Faire here:
The website has links to event calendar, the shopping catalog, details with the sims designers, role plays, game information, images taken, and daily blog posts.Go have fun! But don't wait too long to go, it ends May 8th. First week is full of events. 2nd week does not have events, but sims and games are still open.

**Q: What is the "Unweaver" I see mentioned in the game?**
A: Its the Faire's personification/embodiment of Cancer. He is the villain we quest to defeat.