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Japonica / Necrotize : A Drop of Bittersweet Amber

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A Drop of Bittersweet Amber
Flowing from deep within a dark forest is a malevolent force of grief and hatred...

An interactive hud based Japanese Horror Story event.
Open until October 31st. In Japanese and English.


Produced by BAROQUED Events.
Story: Kamo Resident / calibration: jokerx Kristan
Landscape: syunin Arida / Script Design: elysion Lomu
Translators: Kyrieholy, DevinVaughn
Sponsor: Zambrotta Zadark


To begin your adventure into a spooky story from our friends from Japan, go to the link. Straight ahead on the path is a marketplace with fun items to purchase. To the left are instructions how to play, To go to start, sit on the small shrine just right of the billboards. Once you are in the main start section, click for the English Hud (or Japanese Hud). Be sure to ACCEPT the popup menu for Experiences. This is needed to proceed, and it will keep track of your progress in the game/story. (NOTE: If at any point, the story doesn’t automatically start, walk a bit and it will trigger.)

All set? Good! Now walk forward through the rows of red Torrii gates. The hud will popup. You can choose Start, or Continue. (If you have already started the game, choose continue or else it will erase all your progress.) The story prologue beings from Koma's point of view. Step forward once more, the prologue from the Professor's point of view will play. Continue on the path, and the Survivor's point of view will play. Once you reach the end of the path, right-click+sit on the doors to move to the next stage. Now the main story begins.

To unlock new chapters of the story as you go along, you must complete certain tasks. You start in the library. You need to find a total of 10 books/magazines. As you find them, they will be added to your HUD at the top of your screen. Once you have found them all, touch the doors of the library to move to the next stage.



You land in the village. You need to find the First Family's house, its the largest one. Once inside, more of the story is revealed. First find the Male Student's bedroom. (Hint: its the Red Door. Bedrooms are on the 2nd floor.) Then find Koma's confining room in the basement. (Hint: its the white square on the floor.) Then find Grandma's bedroom. (Hint:  its the door with the orange wood frame.) Once you are there, you need find her Dairy and touch it to go to the next stage. 


Oh no! The diary has a security spell on it! To escape from Grandma's Twisted Dimension Maze, you must find the map of the First Family's house. You will know you found it when you see a table in the center of the room with the map on top, highlighted by a bright green transparent box around it. Touch it to reveal all of Grandma's secrets, and enter the next stage.


You return to the village to perform the purification ritual. Near where you land is a small Hokora shine. Touch it to get the map of the village's hokora locations and correct order to touch them. You see a lot of the village as you run to each location. When you reach the last shrine the entrance of the village, you unlock the climax of the story, and will be transported to the finale stage.

Once the story ends, you will be teleported and have an attached object, a box of amber sugar candy. Follow the path to the shrine. You can touch the mailbox on the right front side of the shrine to send a message to the game creators. On the steps before the shrine are more gifts and souvenirs. And you can make a donation to the Osaisen tip jar in front of the shine. I hope you enjoyed this interactive story!

Return to start and the marketplace by going through the tunnel.

About the Horror Movie Style poster at the top of the post: 

While working on the English translations, I had scenes from the story I wanted to do for blog, but there was not enough time. So I switched to a Horror Movie Style Poster instead. For the central character of evil, I used the Aii & Ego hair Necromantic at the Necrotize event. This is one of a series of hair by Aii that uses both a normal texture hud, and also an option for a new style of textures using BOM.  With BOM textures, you can add a dusting of snow to your hair, or sparkles, or splatters of blood. The only limit is your imagination! The hair comes with an option of unrigged horns with hair strands on it. The way the back of the hair is made, it will work on both men and women, and has 3 head sizes to fit a variety of mesh heads. Also from Necrotize are the Hatchling Eyes by Repulse which I used for a very spooky effect here! They are normally much darker, so I added a glow in photoshop for the purpose of this image. The rest of the avatar and outfit are meant to be something like a twisted and cursed version of high ranking Shinto Priestess who was once beautiful, but now quite scary and vengeful.

On her, the Dark Miko:
Hair: Aii & Ego Necromantic Hair [F] [M] + {HAIR HELL}[BOM][mesh](Necrotize)(500L)
Eyes: REPULSE Hatchling Eyes (Red)[mesh](Necrotize)(99L)
Head: BeSpoke Monster Malice - Head, male and female [mesh](2000L)
Arms: ContraptioN Mutation Claws *tainted* [mesh](350L)
Outfit: BareRose ::: B@R ::: Ft Slim Suikan, Flat [mesh](190L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Damon v.h, SLUV [BOM](past skin)
Chest: [V-Tech] Boi Chest Mod - Maitreya [BOM](499L)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V5.1  [BOM] [mesh](2750L)

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