Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tainted Love

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STORYLINE: Once upon a time, he was a famous rock star, icon to some, a scourge to others. Romancing the shadowy side of life led to great success, but with it came great risk. One careless night with a "tainted" fan was all it took to forever change his life. When he regained consciousness, he was imprisoned in the city of Cursed. His death reported in the news. And just that quickly, his glory was over. Rather than despair, he opened a small creepy carnival for other permanent members of the Night Clan.

No Salvation's inspiration for the Style Icon fair is Marilyn Manson! When I saw their cool promo picture, I was like... Oooooooo! That's badass! Manson totally deserves Style Icon status. You can pick up the Mason inspired hat, jacket, and pants at the main store for No Salvation.  The set and props in this scene are all from the Tainted Love hunt for only 1L. I dearly loved this hunt last year. I've been so crazy busy this year, I'm glad I was able to scoop a few before it ends tomorrow. The stove by Elegant Goth has a heart cooking and it makes boiling sounds. The Biting booth by Redrum is too fun. (Pecks 50L, Kisses 100L, French Kiss 200L, Bites are free, and Hugs? no!) It comes with a 2nd gift too, pencils in the eye. The chair and table are by the Stone Misery. It comes with single and couple poses.

On Him, Marilyn Vampire:
Hat No Salvation Grotesque Laced Tophat - red [mesh] (Style Icon) (199L)
Coat, shirt, tie: No Salvation Grotesque Suit Coat w/ Tie - red [mesh] (Style Icon) (399L)
Pants: No Salvation Grotesque Pants - red [mesh] (Style Icon) (199L)
Cane: Chaos, Panic, Disorder Gentleman's Cane - Sliver & Ebony gacha (25L)
Hair: Ayashi Rioto - white pack [mesh] (250L)
Mesh Eyes, Facial Tattoo: By Snow Wolven Eyes & Makeup Unisex [mesh]
Lip: Aeva Glossed Pout Lips - Lust  (75L)
Tattoo: [ni.Ju] Makeup - Red Panda - pure black, RMK Open gift (free)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax (450L)
Nail Polish: By Snow Fashionable Black applier for Slink hands (1L)
Shoes: BC322 Skull&Bones *BC322 Brothel Creepers Gibson (420L)
Eyeliner: Tableau Vivant Red makeup (TGGS Hunt) (past)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Kevin Skin - Dark Creatures - 3 with appliers (Fantasy Collective)(399L)

House: Crushed Violets Red Rose Manor 2.0 (Tainted Love #22)(1L)
Booth: Redrum Biting Booth (Tainted Love #38)(1L)
Stove: The Elegant Goth Fatal Attraction Bloody Victorian Stove (Tainted Love #6)(1L)
Chair, table:  Stone Misery Valentine - Table, Armchair (Tainted Love #3)(1L)

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No goth should be without a Vampire Slayer's Kit, you know just in case you have a run-in with a "tainted" fan. lol  In RL, you can spend a lot of money on an authentic (aka fake) Victorian Vampire Slayers kit. But this one by 11th Hour and Cheeky Peas will only cost you 10L a spin. Fantasy Gacha ends tomorrow, so run over there if you haven't already! The entire set includes:  Vampire Slayer Suitcase (RARE), Candles, Old Century Stake, Slayer Scrolls, Old Bible, Garlic, Holy Earth, Holy Water, Slayer Cross, and Sage. The table I got on great deal along with a chaise lounge from Angelic Designs from 60 Linden Weekend. (Yes, it has bite animations of course.)

Vampire Slayer: 11th Hour/Cheeky Peas Vampire Slayer Kit [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha)(10L)
Table: Angelic Design Countessa Lounger and table - Crimson [mesh] (60 Linden Weekend)

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The textures on the Crushed Violets house are gorgeous. The doors open, and has a 2nd floor. It's 84 prim. The Fountain of Misery by Pandemonium is full of blood. This is a tricky one to find. Good luck!

House: Crushed Violets Red Rose Manor 2.0 (Tainted Love #22)(1L)
Fountain: Pandemonium The Fountain of Misery (Tainted Love #25)(1L)
Grass: [CIRCA] "Elysium" - Graveyard Burial Set [mesh]

For more excellent coverage of the Tainted Love Hunt, head to Prim Dolls.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Alice in RMK Gothic 2014

■Alice in RMK Gothic2014■

Alice in RMK 2014 is coming soon!

We are proud to announce our biggest festival yet, "Alice in RMK 2014." RMK Gothic will be dyed in the color of Alice in Wonderland from March 1st to the 31st March. The popular Bunny Hunt will return, as well as the Dance Show, and introducing this year a Market in the theme of Alice in Wonderland!

Please look forward to the Alice event at RMK Gothic!
Check our official blog for more details: Bunny Hunt Official Blog

■Store List■
La petite fleur
Down Down Down
Room of AMO 
:: c.A. :: chocolate atelier
Caco's Greenhouse
Kyoko Couture
+Theater Chain+


※Participating stores may change.

Bunny Hunt Official Blog:  Here!
RMK Gothic event Flickr:  Here!

+The Executive committee of Alice in RMK Gothic 2014+

FutureWave: Eden Rescue

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STORYLINE: By the time he had given up all hope of finding the Lost Eden, his skin had bleached pure white from lack of blood. He was ready to die. His dust would become a part of this barren world. But then a strange android wearing cat ears suddenly showed up. She belonged to the Lord of the North. She could not speak, but he could tell she was special, like an intelligence was behind her actions. She showed him an image of where the Lost Eden was being held captive. Ah-ha! The reason he could not find her, was because she not on Mars at all, but in orbit above it! The Lord of South had no idea what kind of violence a starving vampire was capable of, he wasted no time launching an attack. During the battle, the terrified Eden made a desperate attempt to escape. She was shot in the leg, slipped, and fell off the platform into the vacuum of space. He shrieked and dove after her.

Update: FutureWave has been a great success. It is now closed, and plans are being made already for it to inspire our visions of the future next year!

I am wearing new additions to FutureWave by Unsung. The crown, jaw, and chest plate all come in either white, black and white, or black. There several material zones you can tint different colors. Each mesh piece you edit for a good fit. One of the newest items said male/female but I want to explain it's for a specific character. However, if you have a male on female shape avatar, it should work. My eyes are a wonderful new creation By Snow. It's a contact lens that fits over your eye. There are layers of animations you can tint different colors. Very cool and only 25L. While you are there, don't miss the free gold Circuit nails. Going with my bleached theme, is the wonderful new skin by Tableau Vivant available at the Fantasy Collective. All four skins for sale there are fantastic colors, like the greatest hits from T.V.'s fantasy line, but updated for the new Kevin line. This cool eyebrow by Nuuna is so goth, so Siouxsie Sioux. I've been dying to use it for while now and finally got my chance. It's tricky to make the top brow nice and smooth, you may need to tweak your head shape and brow shape to wear it. The blood and bruises are by Lovely Disarray. They show up so nice on a pale white skin. Love it. Items I am wearing once more for the FutureWave finale are: the Epia group gift arm band, gorgeous hair by Argrace, free halo by Amelie Barbour, the white version of the Blue Falcon undersuit, grey version of the Miamai Tinker Taylor boot, the Vrsion glove, and the neck corset for men by Etchaflesh, and bleached a snowy white Death Row Devine wings.

Fulli is wearing 3 awesome things for girls from FutureWave.  Pink Fuel has an Alabaster skin with strong dark brow, several makeups, and appliers. MV's Frozen Shadenfreude Skirt has a wonderfully detailed texture, and it works great with the new Graves outfit Velocity. Both outfits come in multiple colors. Her hair is the spunky style Cookie by Wasabi Pills, and this pose is by F*cking Ninjas. For blog purposes, I flipped Fulli around in this pose facing forward. I hope you all enjoyed the phototelling series for FutureWave. We worked very hard to do so much in so very little time.

On Him, the Cursed A.N.G.E.L.:
Jaw: Unsung Mechabone Jaw - White [mesh] (FutureWave)(400L)
Armor: Unsung MechaBone Chest - Mens White [mesh] (FutureWave)(300L)
Headband: Unsung Mechabone Crown - White [mesh] (FutureWave)(400L)
Headdress: Amelie Barbour Concentric Halo [mesh] (FutureWave) (free)
Top, Pant, Gloves: Blue Falcon Industries Armored Undersuit - LIGHT (FutureWave)(300L)
Boots: Miamai Tinker Taylor boots - Glare Ceremony [mesh] (FutureWave)(300L)
Eyes: By Snow Radar Contacts with hud [mesh](FutureWave)(25L)
Gloves: Vrsion KONVERT 2.1 Male Glove [mesh] (FutureWave) (200L)
Wings: Death Row Designs Devine wings/glow - light [mesh] (100L)
Neck corset: Etchaflesh Male Zip Me Up Neck Corset [mesh] (150L)
Hair: Argrace ARATA - White [mesh] (250L)
Tattoo Brow: Nuuna Emi makeup - blue (100L)
Tattoo Bruise: Lovely Disarray Vital Hostility with Heavy Bruise (150L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Kevin Skin - Dark Creatures - 3 (Fantasy Collective)(399L)
Armband: Epia Symbol Armband [mesh] (group gift)(free)

On Her, Lost Eden:
Skin: Pink Fuel Sora <Alabaster> - Lt. Smoke (FutureWave) (1000L)
Skirt: {MV} Shadenfreude Skirt - Frozen [mesh] (FutureWave)  (250L)
Top, amor: Graves Velocity  clear (FutureWave) (590L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills  Cookie Mesh Hair - Night shadow [mesh] (250L)
Pose: F*cking Ninjas Man Overboard (2 Person) Pose (edit)(50L)

House: Fanatik Sky Tower [mesh] (3800L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

FutureWave: An Android's Tale

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STORYLINE: On Mars, androids made dangerous repairs, ran the businesses, and even kept lonely miners company. Among them was a security drone who became self-aware. There was a vicious legal battle over her in the courts, but it finally ended when she was granted full citizenship and human rights. The miners, who had less status then her, whispered conspiracy theories that her master, the Mars Lord of the North, had secretly paid the judge a bribe. In their opinion, she should have been dismantled as an dangerous rogue AI. But she herself did not care about legal matters, she was consumed with her own inner battles such as the horror of realizing she looked just like every other female security drone. She wanted to be an individual. She wanted to express her inner self. She was not Security Bot 10004872B! She was "Katt."

The new security version of the CMFF Androids include a human textured face. The mesh includes materials so when you turn on advanced lighting, you see your android is a little dinged up then you thought! You can wear your own eyes with it. But if you want to wear your own shape too, just edit the depth, width, and size of your eyes to line up with the android eye-sockets. You can wear either the torso (head, chest, and arms), or the legs (hip, leg, foot). This open up possibilities for your styling. For Fulli's female bot, we gave her a "human" touch. She's like a teenage girl. She loves cats and wants to be cute, so we dressed her up with that in mind. The orbit skirt by Schadenfreude at Collabor88 worked perfectly with android mesh, and we matched the Astro bracelets with it. (The bracelets are still out for you to buy if you missed it Friday.) Her space cat helmet is by Katat0nik. Her adorable cord tail is by Rab Labs. Her hair by Red Mint fits perfectly under the helmet. Polishing off her look, is the kawaii Visor by Papermoon. (Sadly, I was not able to photograph the glow stars that show on the visor, but they are cute and match with the stars on the helmet.)  I am wearing the ManDroid Security Enforcer by CMFF. Hey, he's a serious dude. Don't even think about sneaking into Biodynamics, he'll catch you. lol

On her, "Katt":
Complete Avatar: CMFF FemaleDroid Security Enforcer (with materials) [mesh] (FutureWave)(1250L)
Tail: Rab Labs C4T3 Kit White [mesh] (FutureWave)(395L)
Visor: Papermoon HoloVisor: Kawaii STARS - Purple/Pink [mesh](FutureWave)(250L)
Helmet: Katat0nik (blue) Space Kitty Helmet [mesh](Collarbor88)(188L)
Skirt: Schadenfreude Orbit Skirt [mesh](Collarbor88)(188L)
Bracelets: Schadenfreude Astro Rigueur Cuff [mesh](Fifty Linden Friday)(50L)
Hair: RedMint Hair No.13'13 - White [mesh](247L)

On him, Biodynamics Security Drone:
Complete Avatar: CMFF ManDroid Security Enforcer (with materials) [mesh] (FutureWave)(1250L)

(click to enlarge)

Insilico Mars
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Friday, February 21, 2014

FutureWave: Mars Outpost

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STORYLINE: A.N.G.E.L leadership was unhappy with him over the incident at the Seven Seas. For punishment, he was given a shitty assignment on Mars. The bastards knew he would starve there, but they didn't care. There are no humans on Mars. Just hybrids and androids. When he complained, they shrugged and said, "Better complete your mission quickly then."

More awesome from FutureWave! My outfit is by Vrsion, and it has a unique feel to it, both high fashion and scifi at the same time.  My jackpack and ray gun are by Gallactic.  You can get them both in many different colors at FutureWave. The styling is so nice. Love it. My boots are Death Row's stompers in Coal. I'm wearing the Kevin skin by Tableau Vivant currently on sale at Collabor88 for only 388L. For now this is tone 5 skin, but if it proves to be popular, the Kevin line will expand. Can you believe this hair by Argrace is mesh?  It's gorgeous. Love it. The BioMechAnoid shades I am wearing are so crazy, giant bug eyes, but I love it.

NEWS FLASH! You see those lights reflected in my shades?  Yep, they're real and it that appears to be a new feature in the latest SecondLife viewer. Sun, environmental and projector lights all reflect. You can see Loki Elliot's materials light reflection test at Drax Radio Hour.

On Him, Cursed ANGEL:
Jetpack: Gallactic Jetpack . cyan [mesh] (FutureWave) (200L)
Weapon: Gallactic Ray Gun - Cyan [mesh] (FutureWave) (150L)
Top: Vrsion KONVERT 2.1 Male Cardigan [mesh] (FutureWave) (350L)
Gloves: Vrsion KONVERT 2.1 Male Glove [mesh] (FutureWave) (200L)
Pants: Vrsion KONVERT 2.1 Male Pants [mesh] (FutureWave) (250L)
Boots: Death Row p.a.n. stompers - nonrigged coal [mesh] (FutureWave) (189L)
Shades: BioMechAnoid alien glasses [mesh] (150L)
Armband: Epia Symbol Armband [mesh] (group gift)(free)
Hair: Argrace ARATA - White [mesh] (250L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Kevin (Collabor88)  (388L)
Pose: momomuller 3M_sc0_m_3 (40L)
Insilico Mars

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: A foul smelling hybrid smirked at him, and tossed at him a keycard. "Enjoy your new home, Angel." He tossed it back, "Don't need it. Won't be here for long." The miner laughed, and placed the keycard on the desk. "I'll put this right here, incase you change your mind."  A creepy grin curled up on his lips. He laughed again and left him there, wondering what the miner knew that he didn't.

This is a wonderfully made little mesh Scifi home for you. It has a surprisingly cozy inside with warm woods and big windows. It has 39 land impact, 29 primsand with materials.  Go check out the demo for yourself.  FutureWave ends Feb 23rd.  p.s. To shoot this house at Insilco Mars I actually wore it. lol.  tricky blogger, tricky. lol 

House: Bauwurk The Outpost with materials [mesh] (FutureWave)(555L)

Insilico Mars

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

NEWS: New Linden Labs CEO Ebbe Altberg

The new CEO of Linden Labs has arrived and he's been talking to the community via his twitter account. Awesome! Having an opportunity to speak directly to the new Swedish CEO of LL, of course I could not  pass up the chance to whisper my heart's desire!
 20h  Välkommen, new LL leader Ebbe!
 20h  Tack!
 20h  Please Upgrade SL avatar: Higher res default avatar, Improve expression & bending, Male face can morph as cleanly as female. TY
 20h  slick new starter avatars coming up next month.
So there you go! I said it! But I don't think he understood what I meant. lol *Grrrrr Twitter word count limits* But hey, some new starter Avatars are coming and that's cool. What some of you don't know is, the male shape is a morph of the female shape, aka Ruth. When I edit the shape, it's adding morphs on-top of male morph of Ruth. The result is ugly things happen on the face, things that don't happen to the female shapes. I want this fixed! *pumps fists* The simplest way to fix this is adding a Male Morph Null for face to the male head shaping options. (The null would be anti-morph of the male morph, it would be like matter and anti-matter canceling each other out. Basically, it would neutralize the male morph verts movement on the XYZ and therefore create a more beautiful face morph without those ugly male nose triangles. Dialed to 100%, with no other morph applied, yeah it would bring back the true pureform of the SL default avatar, aka Ruth face.) When I get super ugly distortions on the nose, I could just dial up the Ruth Null and tame that distortion. And I want I upgraded avatar for 2014, one that doesn't have texture distortions on the inner thighs, one that doesn't have collapsing butt when you sit, one that has a smile that looks like smile instead of astronaut smiling in a windtunnel. If we can have excellent mesh avatars and mesh head with expressions, and appliers to add skintones, and fashion people are quick to adapt to new improvements, why on Earth is Project Avatar 2.0 on stall?  Time to kick start the avatar Mr Ebbe Altberg!

UPDATE:  Jo Yardley passes along my Twitter exchange with Ebbe
"I have a huge belief that Second Life is just the beginning of something that can be much. much, much bigger. If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t be here." - Ebbe Atlberg interview
Message from Ebbe Atlberg on the SL Forums, comments and relies:

Interview with Edde Atlberg at New World Notes:

Interview with Edde Atlberg by Jo Yardley:

Interview with Edde Atlberg by Inara Pey:

Interview with Edde Atlberg by Daniel Voyager

Drax Radio Hour broadcast about Ebbe Altberg coming to LL, and advice for the new LL CEO:

FutureWave: A Vampire's Fate 2065

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: He was an A.N.G.E.L., part of an elite force of guardians protecting the Eden, people who were free from all genetic engineering and cyberization. These untainted people were the most valuable things on Earth. His job was an extremely dangerous one. But his motives for doing it were not exactly noble. You see, he was just protecting his food supply. Good old fashioned humans were a rare thing in 2065. A vampire can't live on a cyborg's "transistor fluid," or bite the neck of a disgusting horseshoe crab blueblood freak either. The blood needed to be pure human, not glow-in-the-dark human jellyfish juice.

The awesome folks at Cursed have brought to you a new event, FutureWave with the goal of showing designers' own vision of the future. The results are amazing with many different styles of the future, and even some retro! The sim is a cool cyber city in the sky in black and cyan. Club Gothika mobile unit has moved to the cyber city it's DJs of Goth will be there rocking your moonboots.
Wednesday 2/19: 8-10pm SLT – Lokii Violet (Wednesday Night Spiral)
Wednesday 2/19: 10pm-midnight – Bronxelf (The Wednesday Night Darkwave)
Thursday 2/20: 2-4pm SLT -Cruel Britannia (Gothika After Hours)
Thursday 2/20: 10pm- midnight – Bronxelf (The Thursday Night Apocalypse)
Friday 2/21: 8-10pm – Lokii Violet (Friday Night Spiral)
Sunday 2/23: 8-10pm – Pie Zipper (Sunday Night Pie.)
Not only were the designers challenged to show their vision of the figure, but the Cursed team challenged us bloggers too! This post shows my thoughts about what would happen to a vampire in the future.

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: He was on his way to escort an Eden to a new safehouse when a Bounty Hunteress, dressed like a A.N.G.E.L., got the jump on him. (To see this storyline from the Bounty Huntress' point of view, go to Aarya's Dark Phantom blog. She has great coverage on FutureWave for the girls. It was fun to team up once more on an event, Blogger Powers Activate! -^)

To appreciate this outfit you have to see the moving parts. The Devine wings by Death Row flap. They can be turned on or off as well as adjust the speed. Tempest Dragons by DiGi circle around you and you can tint them whatever color you like. The halo animates too and is part of a cyber angel set by Amelie Barbour that's completely free! Don't miss the also cool cyber typing effect by Amelie Barbour, it's free too.  My mask is from the Blue Falcon gacha. Very cool and only 50L a spin. The jaw attachment is by Death row and comes in several colors: mono, bluesteel, toxic, and steel. The outfit by Blue Falcon Industries is actually system clothing layers, but it's so nicely made and even works on male and female! I like it a lot! The Tinker Taylor boots are by Miamai. There are two base styles, one clean like I wearing above, and one with straps and gold buckles. When you wear these boots you need to make your leg muscle standard size medium or lower. I am wearing the WarmIndustrialWristBracer by STONE Baubles for Men from Final Fantasy Fest once more. It just comes in so handy, and I could tint the metal parts to give it a cyber look. The skull gloves are by A:S:S and come in full length and fingerless. My Galaxy nails are amazing. They're by Beautiful Freaks. I will be wearing them a lot because they look so cool, and work great for men and black gloves. On my arm is group gift armband by Epia. It has hud that changes colors, emblems, and resizes. You can also edit tint. My Cyro Hair is by A&Y Cyber Bunker. It comes with a hud that lets you customize your cords and falls with a huge selection of textures! I am wearing a rigged mesh neck corset by Etchaflesh for men! Looks badass ... Hurry to FutureWave! It closes on Feb 23rd.

On Him, the Cursed A.N.G.E.L.:
Mask 1: Blue Falcon Industries SkullMask - White Gacha [mesh] (FutureWave)(50L)
Mask 2: Death Row Designs Cybermask - bluesteel [mesh] (FutureWave)(100L)
Wings: Death Row Designs Devine wings/glow - toxic veins [mesh] (FutureWave)(100L)
Spine: Death Row Designs Spine Centipede (edit tint) [mesh] (FutureWave)(100L)
Headdress: Amelie Barbour Concentric Halo [mesh] (FutureWave) (free)
Top, Pant, Gloves: Blue Falcon Industries Armored Undersuit - DARK (FutureWave)(300L)
Boots: Miamai Tinker Taylor boots - Dark Ceremony [mesh] (FutureWave)(300L)
Arm wrap: STONE Baubles for Men WarmIndustrialWristBracer (edit tint)[mesh] (Final Fantasy Fest)(145L)
Neck corset: Etchaflesh Male Zip Me Up Neck Corset [mesh] (150L)
Hair: A&Y Cyber Bunker Cyro Hair - multicolor [mesh] (550L)
Nails: Beautiful Freaks BF Nails - Galaxy (FutureWave) (255L)
Gloves: A:S:S Slink glove appliers -  Skull black & white (115L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax [mesh] (450L)
Pets: DiGi Gridwear S2 - Tempest Core (29L)
Armband: Epia Symbol Armband [mesh] (group gift)(free)
Pose: Hot Dive pose dive (30L)

On Her, Bounty Huntress:
See the Dark Phantom blog

Insilco Cyberspace
Thanks for your help Aarya!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Final Fantasy Fest: The Pride of the Viera

(click to enlarge)
Fulli is teamleader for this post. She's calling the shots on concept, pose, and music video. Here's a message from her: So everybody that ever played Final Fantasy 12 knows the Viera, a pretty peaceful bunny-hybrid village..., full of girls! So after talking with Dev I thought how would possibly look a male Viera? The result you can see how Dev shows so nicely. And seriously, every FF XII player asked himself at one point how a male Viera would look like, no? Also, I want to tell about the SL FF RP Sim. It is pretty amazing. Gives a nice game feeling. It is based on FF VII. The people are very nice and don't mind to help starters! Really recommended :)  Don't forget, the FFF goes till Feb 21 so when you wasn't there yet, jump on your Chocobo and off you go!

So that's how this post started, Fulli gave me the challenge to create a male Bunny Boy. lol. I used the black version of Evo's Viera's Pride and kept the eyes, scalp, eyebrow, lip, and armor. I thought long about a style of outfit that might be male Viera-ish, and the gorgeous Kung Fu pants by Jomo came to mind. They are pitch perfect. I added a quiver and belt from Pucca Firecaster from the Fantasy Gacha. The harness by Dark Prophet Designs is from a past Fantasy Gacha. The cool cheek tattoo is Reno Reloaded by Lovely Disarray, and the piercing that go with it are by Haus of Darcy. You can find both exclusives at Final Fantasy Fest. The shape I am wearing is not made by me this time, it's a creation of Aseria. It's a male on female base and made really well. This shape not available anymore, but you can browse other great shapes in his marketplace store. The skin I am wearing is once more the Sephiroth skin by Miraragon on sale at Final Fantasy Fest. The hands are the mesh demon hands by Death Row, and the black arm warmers are by Stone Baubles for Men at Final Fantasy Fest. Finishing off the look is the black leg warmers and bunny paw foot by Fiction and Chaos.  ... Fulli is wearing the complete Evo Viera's Pride. It comes with everything pictured above and also has a shape, helmet, and hair. The bunny-foot heels are really cute. Her hair is one she's been wearing a lot lately, it's by LaNoir Soleil Designs. It was from a past hunt, but you can go the LNS gift room and pick it up as well as many other incredibly excellent past hunt items. ...Now you guys be careful out there in your adorable bunny outfits, you never know what characters you might attract. Hop along little bunnies.

On her, Female Viera:
Complete avatar: Evo Viera's Pride w./ Tango Applier White [mesh] (Final Fantasy Fest) (450L)
Hair: LaNoir Soleil Designs NWSH - SOLSTICE -  Dusk [mesh] (27L)
Hands: Slink Hands Relax [mesh] (450L)
Chest: Lola Mirage [mesh] (1750L)

On Him, Male Viera:
Ears, scalp, lip. eyes, brow, armor: Evo Viera's Pride Black [mesh] (Final Fantasy Fest) (450L)
Tattoo cheek: Lovely Disarray Reno Reloaded - Face Paint Version 1 Black (Final Fantasy Fest)(150L) exclusive
Piercings: Haus of Darcy Reno Reloaded Facial, Ear Piercing [mesh] (Final Fantasy Fest) (450L) exclusive
Skin: Morphine Seph Pale Skin (Clean/WhiteBrow) (Final Fantasy Fest) (600L) exclusive
Arm wrap: STONE Baubles for Men WarmIndustrialWristBracer [mesh] (Final Fantasy Fest)(145L) exclusive
Pants: JOMO MESH kung fu pants F L [mesh] (350L)
Belt: Pucca Firecaster Furry Quiver - brown [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha) (75L)
Harness: Dark Prophet Designs Weapons Harness IV, gacha [mesh] (no longer available)
Hands: Death Row Designs Demon Hands [mesh] (60L)
Legwarmer, feet: Fiction and Chaos :F@C: Little Lapin (200L)
Shape: Asaria Gin - male for female base (edit)(no longer available)
Tattoo: NMJ Group NMJ BodyOil Male Tattoo Ver1 (150L)
Hair: Raw House Khaos White 05 (250L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Final Fantasy Fest: Vincent Valentine

(click to enlarge)
Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII, a special delivery for Valentine's Day. This was an awesome character to put together. Vincent is a badass goth in Final Fantasy, and his limit breaks are classic horror monsters. (And between you and me, I consider him a vampire too, albeit a Final Fantasy type twist to the genre. Vincent Valentine "is undead, undead, undead....") You have until Feb 21st to head down to Final Fantasy Fest and scoop up the awesome.

This awesome Vincent hair by Ayashi is on sale at the Final Fantasy Fest. You don't have to wear it black, you can wear any other color. The skin is the new release Sean by Tableau Vivant in the palest skintone with dark brow. Isn't the detail around the eyes awesome? Like black thorny tears, he's wearing the Guyliners by Lovely Disarray. Aii has this fun Vincent cloak with flexi tattered ends that swirl and move in a spooky cool way. The eyes are another soulful set from S0NG. I edit the texture to adjust the iris size. The backpack is a new freebie from the BareRose raffle. It's a coffin with a vampire creature trying to get out (which I think is cool symbolism for Vincent, monster in the coffin and he carries a heavy weight.). I totally camped hard for that. lol I added a tint to the wing to match his cloak and headband. The male corset from Schadenfreude I have shown before but this time with a spider texture. There are 3 different textures on the hud for it. The belt and shirt are by Lapointe and Bastchild. The belt is prim and scales on the x,y,z and comes with hud to change colors. The shirt is system and I used it here to work with the cloak. The pants, bracers and shin guards are by The Forge. Crazy person that I am, I wore on top of the Forge boots the goth classic winklepickers by Dare Designs. The system gloves are by Adan N Eve, mesh gloves by Ascent, and the armored glove by Druidamus. My gun of choice returns to the blog, the D-Z Guns Mini Redemptions Dual Chain Gun Revolvers. Love these babies.

On Him, Vincent Valentine:
Hair: Ayashi Vincent hair [mesh] (Final Fantasy Fest) (250L)
Eyeliner: Lovely Disarray The Guyliners : Watchful Eye (110L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Sean Skin - Tone 01 G (990L)
Backpack: BareRose Back Door - raffle [mesh] (free)
Cloak: Aii  Valentine Cloak (edit tint)(100L)
Corset: Schadenfreude Noir Something Wicked Corsets male [mesh] (275L)
Shoe: Dare Designs Spider buckle Winklepickers - silver [mesh] (399L)
Boots: The Forge Daerwen Boots male [mesh] (350L)
Pants: The Forge Bran Pants Standard - Black [mesh] (200L)
Gauntlets: The Forge Daerwen Bracer Left, Male - Silver [mesh] (350L)
Gloves 1: Adam n Eve AE for SLINK Appliers Hands - Opera Glove (150L)
Gloves 2: Ascent Armored Glove 02 [mesh] (past, Fantasy Gacha)
Glove 3: Druidamus Whisper - Glove rage (249L)
Eyes: S0NG Charmmy - Lust Eye [mesh] (50L)
Eyelashes: Action Mesh Natural Lashes BLACK [mesh] (200L)
Belt: Lapointe and Bastchild S'Wear "Biker" Belt : Mens Special Edition w/ HUD (299L)
Shirt: Lapointe and Bastchild "Narcisse" Ribbed Merlot mens shirt (299L)
Weapon: D-Z Guns Mini Redemptions Dual Chain Gun Revolvers (1800L)
Pose: Del May Swanky Male (50L)


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Final Fantasy Fest: Sephiroth and Kadaj

(click to enlarge)
Message from Fulli: The Final Fantasy Festival is going on! When I heard about an event of my beloved Final Fantasy I had to make a post about it! You can find everything there, from Moogles to Chocobos and more! Sephiroth has always been one of my favorite characters from Final Fantasy 7, and the movie Final Fantasy Advents Children. Isn't he badass!! And with Dev showing up as Seph's brother Kadaj, just makes the picture more awesome. I recommend this event highly to every Final Fantasy fan out there. Go on and check it out it goes till the 21 February.

So there you go, Fulli is a huge FF fan and she is very excited! The Final Fantasy Fest has 65 stores full of awesome. While walking around the sims in character, I totally felt like I was cosplaying at an anime convention. lol. Too fun. Sephiroth is wearing the new Sean skin by Tableau Vivant. This is the palest skintone and worn without the eyebrow. You can buy a tattoo layer eyebrow and tint it the color you like. I used grey here to great effect. (So awesome. I have wanted white/grey brows on a T.V. skin for as long as I have been wearing them.) And there's more good news, you can now get Slink hand and foot appliers for T.V. skinlines Sean, David, and Lucis. Woot! To make that creepy evil angel alien type look for both Sephiroth and Kadai I added eyeliner from CL9, and lip gloss from Random Matters. They are wearing awesome Clan of the Jenova eyes from Lovely Disarray which you can pick up at the Festival. The guys are both wearing Fatewear Dextor gloves, and hairstyles from Ayashi. Kadai is wearing mesh hair Rioto, and the Sephiroth hair is prim and flexi. A little birdie told me there could be a new mesh version of the Sephiroth hair in the future. (Cross your fingers gang!) Sephiroth's jacket, armor, collar, and wing are by  BareRose and come with materials. The leather pants are system by Lapointe & Bastchild, and suede boots by lassitude & ennui. The Masamune by Joxeluis Magic is fully scripted. I edited the hilt for better looking grip. Kadai is wearing a very cool outfit El Kaadaj by Goth1c0 available at the Fest. I've been running around in it a lot, it's just looks so cool. I added shoulder armor from the White Edge outfit by BareRose, harness by G&S.  The boots are by Gos. The prop katana by F*ckingNinjias I edited to add second blade. Kadaji is wearing the Morphine Sephiroth skin. There are 4 skins by Morphine at FFF: Genesis, Cloud, Sephiroth, and Vincent. A nice shape comes with it, but since it's no mod I created my own shapes.  ...Ok, run go check out the Fest! Lots and lots of great things are there.

On Him, Sephiroth:
Skin: Tableau Vivant Sean Skin - Tone 01 G (990L)
Brow: Tableau Vivant Eyebrow 04 (Tintable) (80L)
Eyes: Lovely Disarray Children of Jenova - Ghost [mesh] (Final Fantasy Fest) (400L) exclusive
Hair: Ayashi Sephiroth hair (Final Fantasy Fest) (250L)
Jacket: BareRose Laplace (with materials) [mesh] (190L)
Pants and Belt: Lapointe & Bastchild S'Wear Biker Leather Pant Set Black/silver (199L)
Boots: lassitude & ennui Suede mesh boots - M - black [mesh] (280L)
Eyeliner: CL-NINE CL9v2l_HeadEyeline01A dR80) (free)
Lip: Random Matters Chapstick - Mercury (130L)
Hands: Fatewear Dextor - Void (with materials) (300L)
Scalp: Yasyn Yasyn Hairbase - Smoke & Mirrors  (39L)
Weapon: joxeluis magic BusterMasamune 50% OFF fantasy (edit on hilt) (150L)
Pose: momomuller 3M_w2_02 (40L)

On Him, Kadaj:
Tunic, Pants: Goth1c0 El Kaadaj Outfit [mesh] (Final Fantasy Fest)(345L)
Skin: Morphine Seph Pale Skin (Clean/WhiteBrow) (Final Fantasy Fest) (600L) exclusive
Eyes: Lovely Disarray Children of Jenova - Forest [mesh] (Final Fantasy Fest) (400L) exclusive
Hair: Ayashi Rioto - white pack [mesh] (250L)
Eyeliner: CL-NINE CL9v2l_HeadEyeline01A dR80) (free)
Lip: Random Matters Chapstick - Mercury (130L)
Shoulder: BareRose White Edge [mesh] (190L)
Gloves: Fatewear Dextor - Void with leather materials [mesh] (300L)
Harness: G&S Mesh LeatherHarness [mesh] (50L)
Shoe: [Gos] Triumph Boots - Male - Worn [mesh] (795L)
Katana: F*ckingNinjas *FN* Fantasy ninja (edit blade) (50L)
Pose: Del May DM - Twirl prep (50L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood: part 3

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Grandmother picked up her special glasses to look at the Hunter, the ones that show a person's "true face." Little Red didn't understand why her Grandmother said, "Oh my, What big eyes you have." "The better to see you with," he replied. "And that big teeth you have!" Grandmother shoved her out the door and locked it. "Run!" she yelled, but Little Red didn't. There was sounds of struggle, breaking furniture, followed by an eerie silence with the smell of baking cookies. Little Red eventually found a way to sneak back inside, and what she saw was amazing. The Hunter was sitting sleepy at the dining table, moaning, and patting his swollen belly. "Oh Grandmother your cookies are the best. I ate so much I feel like there are rocks in my stomach." Her Grandmother winked, and showed her a little bottle of wolfbane spice she must have added to the cookies. Little Red was sad she would never see her Hunter friend again. He said not to worry, he made a deal with Grandma. When Little Red returned home, she was grounded for the rest of the Summer for disobeying her mother's orders.

Grandma Badass by special request. lol Let me tell you about the setting here. The Village House by Envisage Limitless is all mesh and only 20 Land Impact. It comes in 2 styles, one with window shades and one without. You can pick it up for 25% off at We Love Role Play. The cool tree with drape and fun twig chair are by Kalopsia. And not only that, but the Wolf mask too! The entire Red Riding Hood kit also includes a wolf head mount for the wall for when you want to brag about taking out the Big Bad Wolf, cute little red Lolita shoes, and a wolf head hairband. You can pick it up at Enchantment. Grandma Badass's glasses are by Stitched and you can pick them up for free at Enchantment. Goodies on sale at We Love Role play are her hammer and red flower horn is by Cubic Cherry, the Copper Cupid Arrow shoulder guards by ieQED, and red and yellow gown by Apsara. For the Hunter/Wolf King I added top from the Merek outfit at WLRP. I hope you guys liked my spin on Little Red Riding Hood. It was fun.

Curtains, Chair: Kalopsia Red Riding Hood - Full Set [mesh] (Enchantment) (400L)
House: Envisage Limitless Village Houses Shorehaven 1b [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (281L) 25% off

On Her, Grandma:
Gown: Apsara Ceren - Red/Yellow [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (220L) 25% off
Shoulders: ieQED arrow.pauldron.copper/platinum [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (169L) 25% off
Horn: Cubic Cherry {Hamel} Head Gear [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (110L) 25% off
Glasses: Stitched Grandma Glasses [mesh] (Enchantment) (free)
Skin: Bite and Claw :B&C:: Penny - Tone 2 - Dusky - CL - Dk
Hair: LaNoir Soleil Designs NWSH - SOLSTICE -  Dusk [mesh] (27L)
Eyes: S0NG mint kisses eye [mesh] (free)

On Him, Alpha the WereWolf King:
Mask: Kalopsia - Red Riding Hood - Full Set  [mesh] (Enchantment)(400L)
Shirt: Luminary Merek - Red [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (150L) 50% off
Harness, belt, boot, glove, pants, kilt, tattoo: Pucca Firecaster Creations Cimmerian - Red [mesh](We <3 Role Play) (450L) 25% off
Crown: Remarkable Oblivion RO - Sanguine Crown [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha) (100L)
Cape: Stitched  [S] Gallard // Grey Fur - Brown  [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha) (75L)
Hair: EMO-tions LEGOLAN - gray [mesh](Fantasy Gacha) (50L)
Shield: MeshedUp Claws Shield_Red [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha) (50L)

On Her, Little Red Riding Hood:
Hair: Ayashi Little Red Riding Hood hair-Blond set [mesh] (Enchantment)(250L)
Dress: Junbug Rotkappchen [mesh] (Enchantment)(450L)
Shoes, Socks: Enfant Terrible Ribbon Ballerinas red, sock change hud [mesh] (Enchantment)(325L)
Basket: anc Rattenbag.littleredridinghood, animated [mesh] (Enchantment)(160L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

NEWS: Linden Labs releases Fitted Mesh

News released from Linden Labs:

Fitted Mesh Is Here!

by Community Manager  ‎02-10-2014 12:09 PM - edited ‎02-10-2014 12:09 PM

Today, we're happy to announce that Fitted Mesh is available in the main Second Life Viewer! As we've previously blogged, Fitted Mesh gives Second Life content creators the power to craft mesh garments that make avatars look their absolute best. We’d like to thank the vibrant community of creators for their thoughtful feedback and help testing this feature.
For more information, check out the video below, then update your Viewer to the latest release and get creative with Fitted Mesh! 

See Video here: 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood: Part 2

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Little Red Riding Hood thought her life was over. But then the most lucky thing happened! She was rescued from the jaws of that foul beast by a hunter in the woods. The way he snarled, "Snatching little girls in my territory?" before sinking his sword deep the creature's chest made her swoon. He was so brave, so handsome, and so strong! Surely Grandmother would love to meet her savor. As they walked, she wondered what they would name their children.

We <3 Role Play returns and it has a beautiful new home custom built by Alchemy. It's fun to just sit and relax, it's so cozy. Run over there and check it out. While you're there, don't miss this awesome new outfit for the guys by Pucca Firecaster. It comes with harness, belt, kilt, pants, boots, gloves, and the tattoo in two strength options. The outfit comes with two colors, red and black. For my post, I edited the outfit to intensify the reds. The foot is rigged and scaleable so you can adjust it to the length you like. My wolfie shadow is by Aii and available at Enchantment. He's mesh with a ghostly flexi trail. From the front he looks scary, (like a red-eyed Anubis God of Death thinking about eating your soul), but from the side he looks almost cuddly. He attaches to your avatar center, so no matter what your AO does, he just glides behind you in a very creepy way. Love it! The rest of my outfit is from the Fantasy Gacha. The crown I am wearing is from Remarkable Oblivion. The cape is rigged mesh by Stitched. The shield by MeshedUp is scripted for sheath and draw. The hair is an elf style by Emo-tions (and at 50L, it's must for the guy Role Players). This pose by Axix is impressive and comes with the prop swords seen above. My skin is Marilyn by Tableau Vivant. T.V. has a new skin Sean released at the main store, and don't miss the new skin Kevin on sale at Collabor88. (pictures of new skins coming soon).

On Him, the Huntsmen:
Harness, belt, boot, glove, pants, kilt, tattoo: Pucca Firecaster PFC Cimmerian - Red (edit tint)[mesh](We <3 Role Play) (450L) 25% off
Crown: Remarkable Oblivion RO - Sanguine Crown [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha) (100L)
Cape: Stitched [S] Gallard // Grey Fur - Brown  [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha) (75L)
Hair: EMO-tions LEGOLAN - gray [mesh](Fantasy Gacha) (50L)
Shield: MeshedUp Claws Shield_Red [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha) (50L)
Pet: Aii + The Shadowing Wolf + {aii} [mesh] (Enchantment) (150L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors classic gen4 - m/r - oriental pearl [mesh] (free)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Marilyn Skin - Tone 07 / BL (990L)
Pose, swords: Axix Legendary Warrior (Fantasy Gacha) (50L)

Toru Enchanted Forest
A special thanks to the Remarkable Oblivion group, Bouncer Criss, and Nath Pevensey.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood: Part 1

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Little Red Riding Hood wanted to visit her grandmother. She insisted she didn't need anyone to go with her. She not was a baby anymore. “Alright Little Ms. Big Hood," her mother smiled, "Don't talk to strangers, and stay on the path.” Reveling in her newly won freedom, Little Red Hood came upon the most interesting butterflies fluttering in a flower patch. They were red, her favorite color! She had a wonderful idea to catch a few to show her grandmother! She giggled and laughed as she chased the butterflies. Unknown to her, she had attracted the attention of something monstrous hiding in the woods.

Enchantment has begun with 50 designers bringing new and awesome creations under the theme Little Red Riding Hood. This is my favorite of the Grimm fairy tales. Little Red's outfit has a great authentic German maiden vibe. The rigged mesh hood and hair by Ayashi worked perfect for the historical look since that is closer to the original "Little Red Cap" version. Junbug delivers once more a fantastic historical design in new Rotkappchen. The dress comes in three different colors. Completing the outfit with a wonderful historical feel are the socks and flats by Enfant Terrible. The socks texture can be changed. The shoe and ribbons you can get in several different colors, not just red. The basket by ANC has butterflies that animate when you touch them. The basket comes in several different colors. The Big Bad Wolf is Niramyth Productions's Wolfkin. This avatar is amazing, worth every penny. The base comes with everything you see here, ao, emotes, and 3 color versions. Hair can be added and removed. A new female version of Wolfkin has just be released. I highly recommend these avis for any werewolf fans. Enchantment runs Feb 1st - 28th.

On Her, Little Red Riding Hood:
Hair: Ayashi Little Red Riding Hood hair-Blond set [mesh] (Enchantment)(250L)
Dress: Junbug Rotkappchen [mesh] (Enchantment)(450L)
Shoes, Socks: Enfant Terrible Ribbon Ballerinas red, sock change hud [mesh] (Enchantment)(325L)
Basket: anc Rattenbag.littleredridinghood, animated [mesh] (Enchantment)(160L)

On Him, The Big Bad Wolf:
Avatar: Niramyth Productions "The Wolfkin" Full-Body Mesh Wolfman Avatar [mesh] (2,799L)
Pose: F*cking Ninjas Maiden and The Minotaur (edit)(50L)

Everest Creek
Thanks for your help, Fulli!