Thursday, February 6, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood: Part 1

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STORYLINE: Little Red Riding Hood wanted to visit her grandmother. She insisted she didn't need anyone to go with her. She not was a baby anymore. “Alright Little Ms. Big Hood," her mother smiled, "Don't talk to strangers, and stay on the path.” Reveling in her newly won freedom, Little Red Hood came upon the most interesting butterflies fluttering in a flower patch. They were red, her favorite color! She had a wonderful idea to catch a few to show her grandmother! She giggled and laughed as she chased the butterflies. Unknown to her, she had attracted the attention of something monstrous hiding in the woods.

Enchantment has begun with 50 designers bringing new and awesome creations under the theme Little Red Riding Hood. This is my favorite of the Grimm fairy tales. Little Red's outfit has a great authentic German maiden vibe. The rigged mesh hood and hair by Ayashi worked perfect for the historical look since that is closer to the original "Little Red Cap" version. Junbug delivers once more a fantastic historical design in new Rotkappchen. The dress comes in three different colors. Completing the outfit with a wonderful historical feel are the socks and flats by Enfant Terrible. The socks texture can be changed. The shoe and ribbons you can get in several different colors, not just red. The basket by ANC has butterflies that animate when you touch them. The basket comes in several different colors. The Big Bad Wolf is Niramyth Productions's Wolfkin. This avatar is amazing, worth every penny. The base comes with everything you see here, ao, emotes, and 3 color versions. Hair can be added and removed. A new female version of Wolfkin has just be released. I highly recommend these avis for any werewolf fans. Enchantment runs Feb 1st - 28th.

On Her, Little Red Riding Hood:
Hair: Ayashi Little Red Riding Hood hair-Blond set [mesh] (Enchantment)(250L)
Dress: Junbug Rotkappchen [mesh] (Enchantment)(450L)
Shoes, Socks: Enfant Terrible Ribbon Ballerinas red, sock change hud [mesh] (Enchantment)(325L)
Basket: anc Rattenbag.littleredridinghood, animated [mesh] (Enchantment)(160L)

On Him, The Big Bad Wolf:
Avatar: Niramyth Productions "The Wolfkin" Full-Body Mesh Wolfman Avatar [mesh] (2,799L)
Pose: F*cking Ninjas Maiden and The Minotaur (edit)(50L)

Everest Creek
Thanks for your help, Fulli!

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