Friday, August 20, 2021

Wizarding Faire: The Trouble with Doyle, part 3

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STORYLINE: Fia ran up the cobblestone path to Doyle’s medieval family home. He had his back to her and was wearing a long hooded green cape. “Finally,” she panted. “Hey, was that the Headmaster I just saw leaving?” Doyle didn't react. He seemed stunned. In one hand was an empty tea cup and in the other was some kind of formal owl mail letter. She peered over his shoulder, “Oh, is that an acceptance to bring you back to Hogwarts?” He only seemed to notice her when she lost her balance and almost fell onto him. He turned a solemn face towards her, and she gasped. His beautiful long locks were gone and he was wearing a mask. She took a step backwards. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought he was a Death Eater. “What happened to you?” 

Doyle looked down again and stared at the tea cup. “There was an accident. A misfire. Apparently I am dyslexic.” She couldn’t help but feel nervous, he was acting very strangely. “So umm…, what was the Headmaster doing here?” 

“He said he would never have expelled me, but the Ministry of Magic forced his hand. Someone embedded in the Ministry wants that cursed Dementor summoning spell I accidentally created.” He turned and looked at Fia. “The Headmaster erased the original spell from textbooks to prevent any attempt to reverse engineer what I did. All of them. Every single book, like it never existed. And from the minds of all students too, ...except me.” Doyle looked off towards the setting sun. “He said, I’m its discoverer. The first new spell in over 133 years. He says I need it for leverage. …You should go away from me.”

“No, Doyle,” she tugged on his cape. “I don’t understand what’s going on, why you are dressed that way, and what's in that letter…”

"Here," he gave it at her. It was invitation to join an elusive private school for pureblood witches and wizards. “They made it clear they were a very expensive. Too expensive for a simple farmboy, but they would graciously waive all fees if I give them the Dementor spell.”

“No. Don’t do it!”

Doyle shrugged, “Do I even have a choice? My magic is growing stronger and I can't control it. Either I join them, or discover which of them infiltrated the Ministry of Magic. If I do that, and I can return to Hogwarts under the Headmaster's protection.” 

He looked down at the tea leaves in the cup. “Apparently, its a very dangerous mission.” He dropped the cup and it shattered on the rough stones. “Goodbye.” He mounted his broom and turned to leave. 

“No, Wait!” She shoved the symbol-casting spellbook at him. “Take this. It will help you!”

He looked at the book, then his eyes opened wide in amazement. It was like he finally saw her. "Its simple," she beamed, "Don't chant, Draw! No more accidents!" 

He carefully tucked the book inside his robes, nodded a thanks to her, and flew away.

I got a little crazy with the Grand Finale to the Trouble with Doyle series. Its been fun. The Wizarding Faire is ending soon. Hurry over and get all the awesome stuff for your own HP inspired stories.

On him, Doyle:
Cape: Hotdog Shady cloak Tall Green [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(250L)
Teacups: Ladybird Trelawney Tea Set [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(250L)
Ring: Hopscotch Magical Ring Snake [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(150L)
MaskKROVA Vitzili's Mask green [mesh](Midnight Order)(200L)
Nose Chain: Garmonbozia Write me earrings [mesh](Midnight Order)(1 L)
Hair: barberyumyum *barberyumyum*S01 blonde [mesh](300L)
Head, Lips, brows: LeLUTKA lel EvoX KANE 3.1 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)

House: Hisa The Windburrow [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(1475L)
Mailbox: Noxturnal Ye Old Public Spellbook Library [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(300L)
Location: Angel's Nest

Thanks for your help Aarya!

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Wizarding Faire: The Trouble with Doyle, part 2

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STORYLINE: Fia flopped down for lunch in the Great Hall of Hogwarts and sighed, "Has anyone seen Doyle? He's missing again." Her Griffendor roommates exchanged knowing looks. "You didn't hear? He reversed the word order of a spell, its some kind of learning disability, and summoned a small Dementor." Fia's eyes grew wide. All color drained from her face. "Shut up. He did not!" The other girl nodded, "It's true. Lucian's mom reported him to the Ministry of Magic. She demanded he get expelled immediately. You would think those slimy Slytherins would love to have a Dementor for a pet, and..." Fia suddenly stood up and slammed her fist into the table. "Don't talk about Doyle that way! He's wonderful!" She ran out of the hall to her favorite tree and sunk down to think. This was horrible. It wasn't right to kick him out of school for one mistake. Poor Doyle. She pulled from her pocket a treasured doodle drawing. Doyle made it on a lunch napkin. When no one was looking, she stole it. She traced the lines with her finger. He was really talented. It wasn't right he was getting kicked out....  Suddenly, an idea hit her! She raced to the library, grabbed a book of spells on casting magic by drawing symbols (instead of using chants), and raced to the Slytherin Dorms. She banged on the door like mad. "I need to see Doyle!" It was unlike her to be so bold. The Slytherin boys were annoyed. They told her it was too late, and to go away. But she refused to accept Doyle was already gone, so they showed her his empty dorm. It was only then her shoulders fell. "...but, I have the perfect plan to save him...." 

On her, Fia of Gryffindor:
Dress: ALTAIR cassandra uniform lion [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(399L)
Umbrella: Insomnia Angel Witch Wand Umbrella gothic lolita [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(420L)
Book: AERTH Grimoire Azaghun [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(299L)
Gloves: Viki Wizard Glove [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(250L)
Skin, head: Persephone [p] ginerva skin creme browless (Wizarding Faire)(849L)
Glasses: Fantastical Notion [.fn] Astral Glasses Solar golden rust [mesh](Midnight Order)(300L)
Hair: RavenBell Gem Hair v1, crystal [mesh](350L)
Boots, socks: Cute or Die! [CoD!] Vampire Academy Boots Maitreya [mesh](299L)
Head, eyes: LeLUTKA lel EvoX LILLY 3.1 [mesh](3990L)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [BOM][mesh](2750L)
Pose: R.icielli CUTE Poses 2 / 03 (179L)

Bed: Raindale Nightingale bed [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(350L)
Chair: Disorderly Common Study Chair Green [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(149L)
Pet castle, tree, bowls: PandaFace Magic House Cat Castle fatpack [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(450L)
Books behind bed: Pitaya Harry's Books [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(98L)
Owl light: HEXtraordinary Owl Sconce [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(299L)
Screens: Eclectica Curiosities Revival Dressing Room Screen [mesh](Midnight Order)(350L)
Wall Scone: Static Ghast Claw Sconce Eldritch [mesh](Midnight Order)(275L)
Skybox: Candle and Cauldron {C&C} The Serpent's Lair [mesh](500L)

Thanks for your help Aarya!

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Wizarding Faire: The Trouble with Doyle

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STORYLINE: There are many kinds of aspersing witches and wizards at Hogwarts. But there were none quite like Doyle. Popular with a burning desire to be the best, he landed easily in House Slytherin. Everything seemed to be going his way when his grades began to slip. He was in real danger of failing. He stopped going to events and parties. He disappeared often, and spoke to no one. The headmaster of Slytherin had enough, he searched all hidden corners of Hogwarts before finally discovering a sad and frustrated Doyle, alone in the tower trying over and over to cast a spell right. ...You see, spells require concentration, and an exact recital. Change any word, or any order of an incantation, and horrible things could happen. In fact, there floating over Doyle's shoulder was a baby Dementor. The headmaster gasped. He never knew such a thing was even possible! Troubled, his eyes darted to the spellbook in Doyle's hand. And then, he suddenly realized what happened. “Doyle, are you dyslexic?”

It's finally here! Grab your broom and race to the Wizarding Faire 2021, it opens today and runs until August 21st. The image above was inspired by the tiny pet Dementor by Hopscotch, HotDog Cape, the richly detailed Mage decor items by DRD, and a little bit of my childhood experience Dyslexia. The Dementor you can wear and it will hover over your shoulder. The Cape comes in rigged sizes for small, medium, and tall, and also includes an unrigged version. It also has a hud with a few poses you can trigger to work with the cape. I am a huge capes fan, I love this. The Skull Wand is by the team of Skellybones and Star Sugar. It has several built in animations you can trigger by touching it. Nice animations for wands too. The Spellbook by KitCat also comes with a wand and an animations. You click the hud and choose a fun spell to prank your friends, like give them a fit of giggles. lol The Mage Den decor by Death Row is a delight to look at with so many fun details. I especially love the table with crystal magic. Very cool. From over at Midnight Order, I have three super cool items that work well together for the gothy inclined men, the Nocturne Arms by Wicca, Hot Dog broken glasses, and Mitore outfit by AsteriodBox. The Armwarmers have a nice texture hud to change the colors to fit any outfit. The Broken Glasses are by Hotdog come in 3 different metallic colors. And the Mitore outfit fatpack also includes a hud to switch round the colors all you want. The thigh high boots are also built into the pants. If you want a grittier version, there is a side texture pack you can get at the event. 

On him, Doyle, the Dyslexic Slytherin:
Pet: HopScotch Soul Sucker (Animated) Shoulder Pet [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(250L)
Cape: Hotdog Shady cloak Tall Black [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(250L)
Book: KitCat Magic Potter Spellbook, interactive [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(200L)
Wand: StarSugar / Skellybones SS/SB Skull Wand Silver, interactive [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(250L)
Arms: Wicca's Originals Nocturne Arm Gianni [mesh](Midnight Order)(399L)
Top, Pants: AsteroidBox. Mitore Top, Pants Belleza Jake, Fatpack [mesh](Midnight Order)(1889L)
Glasses: Hotdog Broken glasses Gold [mesh](Midnight Order)(200L)
Hair: RavenBell Aster Hair M2 solids [mesh](350L)
Head, Lips, brows: LeLUTKA lel EvoX KANE 3.1 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: Fashiowl - Hermione - 15 (Wizarding Faire)(250L)

Decor: Death Row Designs DRD The Mage's Den, Fatpack [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(2175L)
Skybox: VARONIS Sombre Skybox [mesh](429L)
Thanks for your help Aarya!

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Midnight Order: Symphony of the Night

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STORYLINE: Only the pale light of the waning moon leaked into the darkness from broken rafters above. Footsteps echoed down the long stone corridor. Alucard summoned a candelabra and lit it with his dark powers. It was not so much for him, as he could see quite well in the night. Revealing himself in a friendly manner he hoped would assure his visitor he meant no harm. "I am Alucard, master of the castle," he bowed politely. The flickering light gleamed on his long golden locks. A bitter voice sneered at him, "Oh, I know who you are, Bloodsucker." The man pointed to the blood splatter covering Alucard, "The chosen one? The messiah foretold by prophecy? Ridiculous! You're the son of the devil himself, Dracula..." Alucard cut him off, "And the son of my mother, a human."  Undeterred, the man spat, "Abomination! I will purge you from this world!" Alucard sighed, not this shit again. 

I know I know, everyone is talking about the Gachapocalypse (me too!), but can we take a moment to swoon over the Gothic goodies at Midnight Order? So much awesome.... Midnight Order's halfway point is this weekend, new gifts will be put out and live DJ Friday the 6th , 2 - 4pm SL time, and at 7 - 9pm SL time, and on Saturday the 7th f2 - 4pm SL time, and at 7 - 9pm SL time. Midnight Order ends August 20th.

The image above was totally inspired by the classic Gothic creations this round, and of course Alucard from Castlevania. (Is the Castlevania Netflick series great or what?) For my picture above, I did Alucard more in style of the classic Symphony of the Night. He is wearing the Eternal top, pants and boots by Toksik. All items are mod, so I tinted the boot laces to gold. The gorgeous candelabra is by Reliquary and has texture hud to change all its textures. Smartly hidden on his right thigh are the Kosii Hunter Stakes and Holsters to bring down a big bad like Dracula. It is interactive, with a hud to trigger draw, flip and sheath animations. From a past MO round, is the beautifully created TF: Mort Veins BOM texture, - its perfect for any starving creature of the night. The Dhampir cape by Aii works so well here, its Bento and you can touch it to change it's built in animations. The background is the castle at No Salvation.

On him, Alucard:
Candelabra: Reliquary !R!&:P:- Orryn Candelabra [mesh](MidnightOrder)(399L)
Top: toksik Eternal Blouse (Legacy M) [mesh](MidnightOrder)(250L)
Necklace: toksik Eternal Necklace (Legacy M)[mesh](MidnightOrder)(250L)
Pants: toksik Eternal Pants (Boot Fit) (Legacy M) [mesh](MidnightOrder)(180L)
Boots: toksik Eternal Boots (Legacy M) [mesh](MidnightOrder)(250L)
Holster: Kosii Hunter Stakes [mesh](MidnightOrder)(599L)
Cape: {aii} + Dhampir Alis Cloak L (Red) +  Bento [mesh](315L)
Claws: L'Emporio&PL Oblio Vampire Claws male [mesh](350L)
Gloves: NOCHE Bill Essential Gloves [mesh](349L)
Hair: Sintiklia Hair Wenna Light [mesh](300L)
Tattoo: TF: Mort :: Veins (BOM) (303L)
Head, Lips, brows: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: momomuller / 3M [3M]_sc0_m_3 (40L)