Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Home and Garden Expo Design Contest: Cyborg Home 2050

HOUSE #3 - Nebur Cyborg's Baranda. Decorated by DevinVaughn with Akira Voorhees

While I have always loved to support the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life fund raisers in SL (like The H&G Expo and Fantasy Faire), this year it's personal. My mom has cancer.

Its been grueling the past 4 months, surgeries and chemo, but I am doing my best to take care of her, and keep her motivated. It wasn't easy, but I'm happy to report she rang the bell as she finished her last Chemotherapy treatment. The Ct Scan shows the tumor behind the eye, (Sinonasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma), is now gone. But its not over yet. There are still 2 mirco areas of cancer. She starts radiation treatments on the 28th, and is reluctant. Unlike chemo, radiation is permanent damage. Possible blindness, loosing taste and teeth.... And even though there will be challenges ahead, she is lucky to be in such good health and to have caught it so early at Stage 2. The only warning signs were her loss of smell, watery eyes, mood swings, and her normally low blood pressure got suddenly higher. The doctors consider her one of their best cases to beat this rare type of cancer.

American Cancer Society has been supportive, offering to fit her with a wig free of charge (mom refused, she wears her new "Joe Biden" hair without shame), and they have also offered counseling to me as a caretaker. We haven't used their services so far, but I do feel so grateful they understand the caretakers are suffering too. They are there for us if we need them. What an amazing organization. They are angels when people are facing the darkest and scariest moments in their lives. What they do is made possible by just little donations here and there by ordinary people. 

So if you love houses, interior design, and gardens, drop by H&G Expo and have a nice time looking at this year's 16 different creatively decorated homes. Selected participants have 7 days to decorate with a 400 prim/land impact limit. To vote for the houses you like, just drop some Ls into the H&G kiosk in front of each house. It really is for a good cause.  The vote ends March 19th.

For more details on the Expo, go here: SL Home & Garden Expo website.

THEME:  A Cyborg’s home in the year 2050

394 Prims. LOCATION:

I didn't have as much time to work on the house as past years, but I think this is my coolest house yet! Akira Voorhees was a huge help, as she added so many cool things to the home's strong cyber theme. Stabitha of What's Lost Spirits also contributed her gorgeous Cyborg Heads gacha series for the project. When thinking of a home that belonged to a cyborg, I imagined they would need more than just a kitchen and bathroom, but also a room for maintaining their cybernetic parts. What would you call such a room? After some debate, Akira and I thought, "Repair Den." The house has robotic helpers, a drone handles shipments outside, another serves drinks to guests on the patio, while inside a iRobot cleans the floor, a sassy little robot dragon adds lively conversions in the dining area, a robotic arm cooks up a delicious meal, and another arm does repairs upstairs in the den. 

I had another helper while building the house, my Mom, who was often peeking over my shoulder with interest. This is not her kind of house, I warned her she would hate it, but she said it was actually fun for the style of home it was, she understood the color and materials theme. She critiqued the house, pointing out problem spots and making suggestions.  She picked out and helped design the area for the last Relay for Life donation item I added to the house, -- the patio's seating area with the Heart Trees by Finca. (She joked that I would tell all my friends this FooFoo cute area she designed, and what can I say, she knows her kid. lol) Other Relay for Life fundraiser items for the house are the Cypress Trees by AZ Studio, the chandelier in the hallway by Incubo Design, and Incubo's the Hunt Prize Lighted Pathway outside. The Hunt Prizes are all 10L. You can find more details on the Hunt at the SL Home & Garden Expo website



Ceiling Light: DenPaMic Ceiling Light Hexagon [mesh](50L)

Plant: CELESTE Holographic Snake Plant - Holo  [mesh](Cyber Fair)(199L)*

Sculpture: Whats Lost Spirits ZONE88 - ESCAPE CYBORG [mesh](488L)

Furniture: HILTED Xero Collection - Set [mesh](299L)

Cityscape: Strange Merchant Light City Uptown [mesh](400L)

Water Fountain: Trompe Loeil Ines Wall Fountain [mesh](125L)


Kitchen: /MURDER\ "RAMSAY" Kitchen Carbon [mesh](500L)

Food: HILTED Future Food - Food Tray - Chrome  [mesh](199L)*

Pants: DISORDERLY Robotany Hydration Display, gacha RARE [mesh]*

Vending Machine: VOZ Potted Plant Vending Machine - Red [mesh](247L)*

Screen: CHI HoloGraphic billboard [mesh](247L)*

Arm: BROKEN ARROWS S.T.A.R.K Labs Fatpack (650L)

Floor: FOURTH WALL Landscape Slab [mesh](group gift)


Plant: CELESTE Holographic Monstera - Holo [mesh](Cyber Fair)(199L)*

Drinks: ISHIKU Synthine Spirits [mesh](450L)*

Robot: FOURTH WALL iClean Robot Vacuum - Black  [mesh](399L)*

Bar: EDERIGON Lunaris Bar fatpack [mesh](650L)*

Sculpture: Whats Lost Spirits WLS - CYBORG HEAD - 3 gacha [mesh]*

Neon: Stranger than Fiction Senpai Neon [mesh]*

Neon: free bird Bat Neon Sign, gacha [mesh]*

Neon: free bird Vamp Lips Neon Sign, gacha [mesh]*


Pet small: HEXtraordinary D-R4CO Purple Steel Droid gacha [mesh](50L)

Chandelier: BananA Gothic chandelier, Gothic gacha [mesh]

Sculpture: Whats Lost Spirits ZONE 88 - Cyberpunk Hand [mesh](past gift)

Rug: Laminak Fireside Cuddle Rug - Black and Cream [mesh](225L)

Dining Set: Granola Ophelia Dining set [mesh]

Bookcase: Violation Neon CoffinCase [mesh](150L)*

Frames: Dysfunctionality [DDD] Small Picture Frames [mesh](group gift)

Clock: CELESTE Steampunk Nixie Clock - Hours [mesh]

Book: floorplan handbook for the recently deceased [mesh](1L)

Pictures: SL Snapshots used in the house include my dear SL friends: Aarya in the hallway; and in the dining room bookcase from top to bottom: Fulli, the RMK Gothic gang (Fulli, Milk, Dev, Aoi, Rokia, and Kamo), and Akira.


Wall Art: Pitaya.Tropix Cyber Club - Cyber Panel 1 [mesh](75L)

Chandelier: Incubo Design Suspended Light Sticks (Relay for Life - Hope 9)(250L)

Wall Art: E.V.E {The Wall} Mural Red Rose [M01-Tile] [mesh](150L)*


Wall art: LINKRAVE M'yar Stone Slab (DECOR) [mesh](275L)*

Plant: CELESTE Holographic Snake Plant - White  [mesh](Cyber Fair)(199L)*

Tub: Violetility Intelligent Life Bath [PG] [mesh]*

Laundry Units: KraftWork Mini Laundry Unit . Working Washer/Dryer [mesh](199L)

Toilet, Sink, Mirror, Decor: Crowded Room Cyber Bathroom Fatpack PG [mesh](1299L)

Sculpture: Whats Lost Spirits WLS - CYBORG HEAD - 7 gacha [mesh]*

Shower: [PM]Pixel Mode Glass Shower - Black & Wood [mesh]



Nest: BROKEN ARROWS S.T.A.R.K Labs  fatpack [mesh](650L)

Floor: FOURTH WALL Landscape Slab, Black Slate [mesh](group gift)

Computer Station: CHI  Gaming Station assembled [mesh](249L)*

Ceiling machine: LINKRAVE Light Emitter - Type-C - Blue Light [mesh](145L)

Stand, cables, Arm: BROKEN ARROWS S.T.A.R.K Labs Fatpack (650L)

Headsup Display: Pitaya Cyber Interface - Color - Curve [mesh](208L)

Wall Art: Fantastical Notion [.fn] Ghost in the Machine (grunge) tintable [mesh](299L)

Sculpture: Whats Lost Spirits WLS - CYBORG HEAD - 9 RARE [mesh]*

Computer displays, server: Contraption Decor: Compass Spares FULL SET [mesh](900L)*

Old computer: random.Matter Cyber Doc - Old Tech [mesh](150L)*

Clutter: Candle & Cauldron {C&C} Technomancer's Mat - With Phone [mesh](200L)*


Chair: NOMAD Sci-Fi Bean Bags [mesh](50L)

Bed: Violetility Dee Bed [mesh]*

Screen: CHI HoloGraphic billboard [mesh](247L)*

Chandelierpolytope [p] Tri-Lamps v2 [L] [mesh](100L)

Bubble: BROKEN ARROWS Incubator Capsule - Blue fatpack [mesh](599L)*

Floor, Ceiling: Strange Merchant Cyber Dance Floor V:SquareBoxes - V:2.1 [mesh](300L)

Sculpture: Whats Lost Spirits WLS - CYBORG HEAD - 2 gacha [mesh]*

Plant: CELESTE Holographic Snake Plant - Pastel, White [mesh](Cyber Fair)(199L)*

Statue: IX-Vitarum [IX-V] Cat Statue [mesh](200L)*

Wardrobe: ReACT Generation V -* Citadel Gothica Wardrobe v2.1 [prim](495L)

Screens: katat0nik byoubu / shoji screen [mesh](250L)

Clutter: !A! Synthetic Safe House - Work Clutter, fatpack [mesh](2699L)*



Robot: solares Robo Cooler - SL18B [mesh](past gift)

Chair, Table: NYU/Marukin Kin set [mesh]

Tree: Finca Two heart tree green [mesh](Relay for Life - Hope 3)(120L)

Bamboo: Dysfunctionality [DDD] Zen Bamboo planters [mesh](85L)


House: Nebur Cyborg Baranda 102 Li [mesh](450L)

Tree: Lunaria Faery Tree [mesh](125L)

Tree: AZ STUDIO Grass Sienna Cypress in Dark Grill L [mesh](Relay for Life - Hope 4)(99L)

Pathway: Incubo Design Lighted Pathway [mesh](Relay for Life - Hope 9)(Hunt Prize)(10L)

Hedge: Botanical Seasonal Boxwood Hedge [mesh](500L)

Cargo Drone & Crates: Solares Cargo Drone, Crates animated [mesh](549L)

Streetlights, sign: Ashcan Consortia /AC/ Hex Style Set - Streetlight w/Concrete Base [mesh]

Bamboo: Dysfunctionality [DDD] Zen Bamboo planters [mesh](85L)

Pond: Dysfunctionality [DDD] Enchanted Pond [mesh](145L)

Special thanks to Akira Voorhees, Stabitha of What's Lost Spirits, and Fulli.

(Note: Items donated to the house by Akira Voorhees marked by *)