Saturday, March 30, 2019

Home & Garden Expo Design Challenge: Stone Cottage

The Home and Garden Expo this year has must-see attractions such as a preview of the NEW mesh Linden Homes for premium members, and the rideable animesh Teegle Horse, as well as excellent hunt goodies including a car in the Expo Hunt, speakers and workshops, not to mention purchasable homes, decor and garden items to support the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. ...And then there is what has kept me busy the past week....

The Home & Garden Expo's Decorating Competition!

It's even bigger and better this year! 16 winners drawn in a lottery compete to decorate 1 of 16 different style homes. There's a 500 prim limit and 1 week to decorate. Once the decorating period ends, the houses are voted on by visitors by paying the Kiosk in front of each house. All money goes to a good cause.

This year, I took the feedback I received from last year's competition, and applied it to this year. I paid extra attention to the garden, land impact, lived-in decor, and staying on theme with the style of the home. It's an intense challenge. Each time I try it, my decorating skills improve. Hey, ...Why not try it yourself next year?

My idea for "House 11- Stone Cottage" is French Country & Artist.
Please visit my house, and if you like it, or other houses, please vote!  Merci beaucoup!
Home & Garden Expo Design Challenge: House 11 - Stone Cottage

Front Garden:
House: Love Everlasting LE ~ Stone Cottage Roof [mesh](Relay For Life)
Ground cover: .Lunaria. Purple Tulip Field [mesh](Relay For Life, Hope 1)
Street Lamp: Atelier Visconti A.V. Noir Triple Street Lantern [mesh]
Grass: Fanatik Architecture: GRASS (group gift) free
Planter: Dysfunctionality [DDD] Barrel Planter - Simple Ferns [mesh]
Pathway, ground texture: HappyMood HPMD Dirt Road - brown [mesh]
Tree: 3D Trees Wisteria 6 prims M/T (80L)
Hanging Ivy: Dysfunctionality [DDD] Draping Ivy - Large Clump [mesh]
Wall: Never Totally Dead Mur Parc Lutiniere

Storyline of house: Louis couldn't believe it. He had been a lowly art student in America, but after taking a DNA test and working on his family tree, the most unlikely thing happened.... Long story short, he inherited the family's ancestral home in France. It was fully furnished too. But there was one catch to his ownership, -- he was the estate's new caretaker. If he failed to properly maintain the cottage, someone else would get the job.

Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, he learned quickly its neither easy nor cheap to maintain such an old building. So many things required urgent repair. He needed to find a way to make money quickly. At first he tried offering tours of the home, then he tried opening the house for weddings. Then one day while working in his secret artist's studio in the attic, inspiration struck. His pet cat Gigi made the most curious pose. It reminded him of a famous painting. He quickly started a remake of this masterpiece, but with a cat instead of a person.

His whimsical Cat Paintings were a hit with tourists. They were selling in Paris, and he had the waiting list of patron to paint each of their cats in their own famous painting. He was never hurting for money again. The family was so impressed, they decided his most famous painting would become a permanent part of the family estate. It would become the duty of the next generation to protect his painting, his legacy, along with the rest of the family estate.

Roof Garden:
Plants: BlossomMeshObjectShop [BMS] Hydrangea Flowerpot [mesh](Relay For Life, Hope 3)
Hedge: by Felix Gacha Hedge Set Bullet 1 Prim, gacha[mesh](Relay For Life, Hope 2)
Hedge: Botanical Seasonal Boxwood Hedge Straight 2x1x1 [mesh]
Recliner: NOMAD Garden Recliner A, gacha [mesh]
Recliner: NOMAD Garden Recliner B, gacha [mesh]
Overhang 3D Trees hanging wisteria + animated C/M (120L)
Mirror: {anc} Looking-glass oval mirror amber 2Li, gacha [mesh]
Potted Topiary: hive cone boxwood topiary[mesh](150L)
Topiary: Trompe Loeil Odette Topiary 10 Tall  [mesh]
Planter: Aethis Creations AC Modern Planter 2A metal [mesh]
Water: NEKKA 0.5LI mesh water illusion [mesh]

TIPS: Make your home look lived in. Add elements that you would see in a real house, and include all the necessities, even pets, but keep in mind your prim limit.

Kitchen furniture: Consignment Catia Kitchen set [mesh]
Hood: Apple Fall Plantation Stove Hood (Whitewashed) [mesh]
Basket: Apple Fall Hanging Wicker Basket [mesh]
Scales: Apple Fall Neva's Antique Scales [mesh]
Bread: Apple Fall Poppy Seed Loaves [mesh]
Kitchen utensils: vespertine hanging tools /copper 3, gacha [mesh]
Stool: noctis Medieval Scholar's stool [mesh]
Plant: Apple Fall Basil Sproutlings [mesh]
Plant hanger: Organica Hanging Bamboo Herb Planter [mesh]
Scale: Apple Fall Neva's Antique Scales  [mesh]
Salt & pepper: Pixel Mode salt & pepper mills [mesh](75% off sale)
Teapot: Pixel Mode The Kitchen - Copper Kettle [mesh](75% off sale)
Bottles: Apple Fall Ceramic Bottles [mesh]
Food: 8f8 14 primavera in Toscana Gourmet Set, gacha [mesh]
Wine: Apple Fall Argentinian Malbec[mesh]
Cat: JIAN Pudgy Persians 17 Black Grubbin' Kitten, gacha [mesh]
Brick wall, floor:

TIPS: Got a problem spot? Don't be afraid to throw down prim floors, or raise a wall. Sometimes a simple fix solves many problems.

Living Room:
Table: Nutmeg Romanov's Golden Dresser [mesh]
Roses: Apple Fall 8. Roses Jug, gacha [mesh]
Armchair, sofa, coffee table, side table, candlestick: Fancy Decor Faline Fatpack - Tapestry [mesh]
Rug: Apple Fall Althea Rug - Antique Light [mesh]
Books: Apple Fall Design Books [mesh]
Books: Apple Fall AF Reading Pile, gacha [mesh]
Chandelier: Death Row 27.DRD MB halway hanging chandelier, gacha [mesh]
Wall lanterns: Death Row 33.DRD MB wall chandelier, gacha [mesh]
Wall panel: LISP Artemis Panel Wall Thin Warm [mesh]
Fireplace: Apple Fall Hampton Outdoor Fireplace [mesh]
Chimney extension:

TIPS: This can be a crazy expensive project, so keep an eye out deals like the Pixel Mode 75% off sale going on right now, or the popular Apple Fall Pancake Breakfast which sharp eye visitors will spot in almost all the houses this year! (It was part of last weekend's The Saturday Sale)

Dining Room:
Chandelier: The Looking Glass Torch Singer Chandelier, gacha [mesh](Relay For Life, Hope 2)
Armchair: Nutmeg Romanov's Golden Armchair White [mesh]
Accent Chair: Nutmeg Accent Gilt Chair [mesh]
Rug: Dutchie blue and green rug [mesh]
Plant: Soy Super long Hanging Hedera [mesh]
Table: Apple Fall Plantation Dining Table (Whitewashed) [mesh]
Pancakes: Apple Fall West Village Pancake Breakfast Board [mesh]
Tea set: Apple Fall AF Tea Time Teaset, gacha [mesh]
Tea: Apple Fall {af} Lemon Tea, gacha [mesh]
Toast: Apple Fall {af} Toast & Butter, gacha [mesh]
Lilacs: Apple Fall {af} Lustful Lilacs, gacha [mesh]
Sidetable: Apple Fall Chinese Credenza [mesh]
Bowl: Fancy Decor Faline Handled Bowl, Faline Fatpack - Tapestry [mesh]
Drapes: Opi - Mesh Curtains & Pillows Arched Drape Curtain [mesh]

TIP: Sometimes you may need to be creative over a home issue. For instance, the neighboring house has a very different style. To keep the mood and theme of my home visually intact, I used a simple one prim wall with an excellent medieval brick texture on the sides of my home. ...Another creative solution I used was use a teleport system to access areas not reachable by walking.

Harpsichord: Fancy Decor Harpsichord RARE, gacha [mesh]
Table: Fancy Decor Opulent Half-Moon Table RARE, gacha [mesh]
Plant: Apple Fall Hydrangea Bunch - Pink [mesh]
Drapes: Opi - Mesh Curtains & Pillows Arched Drape Curtain [mesh]
Suitcase: Apple Fall AF Worn Luggage Bag [mesh]
Coat Rack: Unlikely Designs ::UD:: Black Coat Rack [mesh]

TIPS: Link objects to save prims. Do it to ONLY to non-scultped, no script, or items that contain no poses and animations. And do NOT try this with your non-copy Gacha wins. You could explode the prim count on the item and be unable to fix it.

Curtain, tub, sink, towel: Con & floorplan Bathroom set [mesh]
Caddy: Pixel Mode Ansley Bath Caddy, gacha [mesh](closing sale 75% off)
Curio: Apple Fall 4. Blanket Curio, gacha [mesh]
Toilet: Apple Fall Lange Toilet [mesh]
Mirror: Kalopsia Le Miroire de la Marquise [mesh]
Rug: [noctis] butterorange rug 1li [mesh]
Radiator: Apple Fall Apple Fall Victorian Radiator [mesh]
Wall scones: Death Row 33.DRD MB wall chandelier small, gacha  [mesh]
Cabinet: Apple Fall Petit Ami Medicine Cabinet [mesh]
Basket: Apple Fall Neva's Laundry Basket [mesh]

TIPS: Don't use sets exactly as they rez out of the box. Show your creativity by mixing and matching decor items, even combine them!

Chaise Lounge: The Looking Glass The Torch Singer Chaise, gacha[mesh](Relay For Life, Hope 2)
Bed frame: Death Row 38. DRD MB bastion Bed, gacha [mesh]
Bed: Apple Fall AF Aristocrat Bed RARE, gacha [mesh]
Wall panel: LISP Artemis Panel Wall Thin Warm [mesh]
Tapestries: *paper moon* Coppen - Apollo and Daphne [mesh]
Clock: Apple Fall AF Carriage Clock, gacha [mesh]
Pillow: Apple Fall AF Pillow (Tree), gacha [mesh]
Pillow: Apple Fall AF Pillow (Horse Riding), gacha [mesh]
Pillow: Apple Fall AF Pillow (Script), gacha [mesh]
Rug: Apple Fall AF Ruffled Rug, gacha [mesh]
Sideboard: Apple Fall AF Fleur Sideboard (Mustard), gacha [mesh]
Mirror: {anc} Looking-glass. {magic mirror} HEAVEN 6Li RARE  [mesh]
Wardrobe: Bazar Glam-MALE closet 05 [mesh]
Wardrobe: Bazar Glam-MALE closet 04 [mesh]
Wardrobe: Bazar Glam-MALE closet 03 [mesh]
Wardrobe: Bazar Glam-MALE closet 02 [mesh]

Note: For my last 2 rooms, I tried to show the artistic process. It's a work space, a bit dirty and messy, but also has surreal elements to show the imagination of the artist. ...I  love including at least one really good interactive piece of furniture in a home. This room has easel and chaise lounge for artist and his muse. The drawing will gradually reveal and it'll exactly match the pose of the model! Pretty cool.

Sketch art creator: Akaeshae RACT The Sketchbook [mesh]
Chaise Lounge: Noctis Belle Rouge Chaise Rose [mesh](255L)
Painting: [noctis] Vanitas painting 3/Ambrosius Bosschaert 1630, gacha [mesh]
Painting: [noctis] Vanitas painting 5/Edwaert Collier: 1663, gacha [mesh]
Stool: [noctis] Vanitas artist's stool wood, gacha [mesh]
Rug: Papermoon Round Rug 1 [mesh](past hunt gift)
Canvas: vive atelier 10 Artists Stack of Canvas' Clean, gacha [mesh]
Ceiling lamp: vive atelier 11 Artists Studio Ceiling Light Copper, gacha [mesh]
Sketchbook: vive atelier 09 Artists Sketchboo, gacha [mesh]
Curtains: Kalopsia Flying Curtain [mesh]
Flying paper: Moon Amore Opera Romance Burning music sheets, gacha [mesh]
Birds: {anc} NO LIMITS flock of flying doves egg-yellow, gacha [mesh]
Mirror: {anc} Looking-glass oval mirror nickel 2Li, gacha [mesh]

Note: The final secret room is my happy ending for the home's owner. I love the fun CopyCat artworks by Nylon Outfitters. I included as many as I could fit. And at the end of the hall is cool animating painting by Blue Sky.  I hope you all liked my house!

Art Gallery:
Animated painting: BLUE SKY Animated Sky Painting - Landscape [mesh]
Picture Frame: Apple Fall AF Ornate Mirror [mesh]
Painting: Nylon Outfitters (NO) CopyCat Art - Cubist Cats, gacha [mesh]
Painting: Nylon Outfitters (NO) CopyCat Art - Picatso, gacha [mesh]
Painting: Nylon Outfitters (NO) CopyCat Art - Time to Eat?, gacha [mesh]
Painting: Nylon Outfitters (NO) CopyCat Art - Birth Of Max, gacha [mesh]
Painting: Nylon Outfitters (NO) CopyCat Art - Country Cats, gacha [mesh]
Painting: Nylon Outfitters (NO) CopyCat Art - Orphan Kitten, gacha [mesh]
Painting: Nylon Outfitters (NO) CopyCat Art - Portrait of Sasha, gacha [mesh]
Painting: Nylon Outfitters (NO) CopyCat Art - Whiskers & His Feather Toy, gacha [mesh]
Painting: Nylon Outfitters (NO) CopyCat Art - Yarn Face, gacha [mesh]
Painting: Nylon Outfitters (NO) CopyCat Art - La Catnip Danse, gacha [mesh]
Mirror: {anc} Looking-glass oval mirror gold 2Li, gacha [mesh]

Thank you for your help, Fulli and Akira!