Friday, November 29, 2013

Dance of the Cranes

(click to enlarge)
This image was inspired by a chance meeting with the sim designer of the snow covered Japanese village, "Yuki No Yume" .. A Dream of Snow. He said his favorite part of the sim was the dancing cranes, and he wished for an image of people dancing with the cranes.  So this is for you, Jac Mornington. Thanks for the cool sim to visit!

Pictured above and below are these awesome rigged mesh feet for guys with bracers by Glam Affair. Feet match Tableau Vivant skins perfectly. Head over to Shoetopia and look around! Shoetopia 1 Shoetopia 2  For more information, go to Shoetopia, ends Nov 30th.

On Her:
Outfit, Hair: BareRose Youko Dayu - lola (edit for hair) [mesh] (200L)
Chest: Lola Mirage [mesh] (1750L)

On Him:
Shirt, armor, gloves, belt: BareRose Kirisitan Paladin [mesh] (180L)
Pants: BareRose NS Kuro Suikan Pants [mesh] (190L)
Ears: Illusions Fairy Ears [mesh] (300L)
Feet: Glam Affair Homme - Vanity Feet - Braces white [mesh] (Shoetopia 1)(530L)
Hair: Sadistic Hacker Kiyohime B white (230L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax(450L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 1 - blond (990L)
Pose: Del May Fissure (150L)

"Yuki No Yume" .. A Dream of Snow

(click to enlarge)
Art: kisetsu Wall Scroll - Hasu [mesh] (past genre)
Throne: Okami Shogun's Throne - Pani Series (799L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

One Hell of a Butler

(click to enlarge)

There is something suspicious about that butler... I wonder what it is?

Ayashi released the new non-rigged mesh hair for men, Sebastian, I knew I had to try and see what I could come up with for a demon butler. The hair comes with X,Y, Z resize script for the perfect fit, and a color set hud. Ayashi has a new store at RMK Gothic! You can find it in the Dark Town section of the sim. Adding an elegant, yet studious, feel is the Angela Glasses by AIR.  You can touch it and change the frame color and the gem stones. The off the shoulder rigged coat is by DIRAM. An alpha hides your arms, and has two fake hands attached to the upper thigh. It comes with a color hud to change the skintone, but I went with a white glove look. The coat in many different colors, I choose a nice English tweed. The vest, shirt, collar and tie are included. The pocketwatch is mesh by House of Rain and has detail of tiny skulls and garnet. The pants are from the Smith suit set by Fatewear. The gloves in the close up are also by Fatewear and include materials that photographed here beautifully. Skin Noctis by Tableau Vivant you can find at the Boystown location. These awesome red eyes are by Aii. I swapped the shirt under the vest with SF Designs' because it had the tuxedo style I was looking for, and also, it's the best free tux in SL, imho. My favorite shiny shiny dress shoes are by PixelFashion. The candelabra I got the October Collabor88, but you can find it at the main store now. Touch the candle to change the color cream, teal, mead, black magic, royal, or brandy. Flames are particles. And my lastly, my current gothic abode is the Ivy Tower by Poetica.

On Him:
Hair: Ayashi Sebastian-Black set [mesh] (250L)
Glasses: AIR ANGELA_M_Charm L_CM (1000L)
Coat, Collar, Tie, Vest, Gloves: DIRAM JASON Coat - Prince de Galles [mesh] (650L)
Pants: FATEwear Smith - Tundra [mesh] (750L)
Pocketwatch: House of Rain HoR Bonedance watch - garnet - silver [mesh] (300L)
Gloves: Fatewear Dextor with leather materials [mesh] (300L)
Shirt: sf design Shawl Collared Tux (free)
Shoes: PixelFashion Bradford Shoes Black V [mesh] (390L)
Eyes: Aii Ugly & Beautiful Designs Kitsune Red Eyes (50L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Noctis skin - bald -Tone 01 (Boystown) (990L)
Candlelabra: Floorplan black magic candelabra [mesh] (175L)
Tower: Poetica Ivy Tower - dark [mesh] (2000L or 1800L)

You can find the AIR store to the right of RMK Castle in the Town section.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

NEWS: Making Mesh Garments Fit Better

Big announcement today on what Linden Labs will do for better fitted clothing. Project Deformer is now officially dead, collision bones method is the winner (this is the "liquid mesh" method). The experimental project viewer includes extra collision bones.

Copy/Paste news from here:

Making Mesh Garments Fit Better

by Community Manager  ‎11-20-2013 09:36 AM - edited ‎11-20-2013 10:31 AM
Today, we are launching an experimental Project Fitted Mesh Viewer with additional collision bones needed to support dynamically fitted mesh garments on all of the avatars. When these changes have been finalized, they will enable garment designers to use the superior capabilities of mesh content creation tools to make garments that adapt to a wide range of Second Life avatars.
Since the introduction of Mesh to Second Life, creators have faced challenges fitting Mesh garments to the Second Life avatar. Because mesh objects are not resizable in as many ways as the avatar itself is, it has been difficult for mesh garment creators to provide garments that adapt to the shape of the avatar in the way that the image-based clothing layers do. While many creators have made heroic efforts to provide products in a range of sizes, and some have collaborated to define a set of standard sizes that work reasonably well for much of the user population, many have found that mesh garments just don't work well enough for their avatars. Mesh garments also don't move with the body parts affected by avatar physics.
Users have developed two approaches to address these problems:
  • Rigging garments to the "collision bones" of the avatar skeleton (often marketed as "Liquid Mesh"). This works in current Viewers for some body parts, but there are some avatar shape parameters that do not have corresponding collision bones, so garments do not adapt to fit everywhere on the body.
  • The "Mesh Deformer" project added code to the Viewer to dynamically compute how to modify each garment shape by looking at how the vertices of the avatar were changed from that of the female and male base shapes.
The Linden Lab development team has studied both approaches, and compared their effectiveness, maintainability, and performance. Neither approach completely eliminates the occasional need for an alpha clothing layer to prevent small parts of the avatar skin from appearing through garments, but both work quite well at resizing garments so that they fit the avatar and move naturally with it. While the collision bones method requires the creator to do some additional rigging, we have decided that because it leverages more of the existing avatar shape system it is likely to be the more maintainable solution and to perform better for a wider range of users.
We have posted documentation on the wiki describing the full set of collision bones, including the newly added ones. We invite creators to begin experimenting with creating garments rigged to this new skeleton.
At this time, the new skeleton should be considered provisional and subject to change; we do not yet recommend selling or buying garments rigged to it. Since we may find reasons to improve it during this testing process, and any change to the collision bones will likely break garments rigged before the change, we want to make sure that we have a set of bones that we can all live with into the indefinite future before it is widely used.
Creators and other users who participate in testing can provide feedback by filing Jira issues in the Fitted Mesh project.


JIRA - Desigenrs: add your feedback to the new collision bones:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RMK Gothic Photo Contest

News mirrored from: RMK Gothic Blog Japan
Image by: +RokumeikaN+

■RMK Gothic Photo Contest■

November 11 was RMK Gothic’s second anniversary.
To celebrate, RMK Sim was renovated and then reopened on the 13th.
RMK is holding a photo contest in fashion and/or landscape photography!
The theme is RMK Gothic style: "lightness and darkness of 19th century Britain."

What is RMK Gothic style?
Gothic, Gothic Lolita, Antique, Victorian, Aestheticism, Decadent, Beautifully Villain.

Also, each area of the sim has it's own theme:
Town: Antique, Classical, Aesthetic, Formal
Dark Town: Mafia, Gothic, Darkness, Blackness, Punk (Note: Mr. Chang is the personification of darkness in RMK)
Forest of Alice: Lolita, Cute, Kawaii, Harajyuku style
Circus of Midnight: Dark Forest, Vampire Castle, and Dark Circus (Note: area still being renovated)

Application period: 11/18/2013 ~ 11/30/2013

How to apply:
• The registration flicker group "+ RMK Gothic SIM + EVENT".
• Write "Entry to the photo contest!" in the image description. Then, fill out the items used in the photograph.
• Please include your SL name in the image description if your name used in Flickr is different from your SL name.

・ Must be a photograph taken at RMK Gothic SIM.
・ Items used in photo should be the work of a tenant at RMK Gothic SIM. (Regardless if it is product, gift, or from their mainstore location.)
・ Subject should be the photographer themselves. If there are more people in the picture, you must get their approval to participate in the photo contest.
・ Landscape photography is welcome!
・ Photo manipulation is not allowed. No retouching.
・ The number of pictures submitted to contest is limited to 5 total.
・ If you submit pictures to the contest, you also give permission for RMK to use your pictures for publicity and promotion of RMK Gothic, and RMK Events.

Contest judge:
RMK Gothic owner

We look forward to seeing your rich creativity on the concept of RMK Gothic!

・ Winner: 1000L $
・ Runner: 700L $
・ RMK Award: 500L $

· The number of views and favorites on a Flickr image is irrelevant to the contest.
· Please Note: Your submission is not a contest entry unless requirements listed above are satisfied.
· The announcement date of contest results is yet to be determined.
· IMPORTANT: With regard contest submissions, by entering you give RMK Gothic SIM permission to use images for publicity and promotion of RMK Gothic, and RMK Events whether in Japan or abroad.
· If you have any questions, please send them in a notecard only. We do not accept questions via IM.

Submit your contest entry here↓

Monday, November 18, 2013

RMK Gothic: Renewal Gifts 3

(click to enlarge)

Which is sweeter? Cadbury chocolate, or the Cadbury girl? Maybe the Cadbury mascot bunny! This adorable Cadbury Maid outfit by RokumeikaN is free for visitors to the newly remodeled RMK Gothic. Just wear your RMK Gothic SIM group tag, and touch the sign at the Cadbury store. It's free to join.

On Her:
Dress, bonnet, apron, collar: RokumeikaN +RMK*Cadbury's Cocoa*Mini Dress+ (RMK Renewal)(free)
Blush: [ni.Ju] Hime-yu (60L)
Bunny: HPMD SleepyRabbit with Cuddle AO (250L)
Boots: Beetlebones ::BB:: Fowler Laced- Up Boots (Collabor88)(88L)
Hair: Dura x ARAI 02 Curl - strawberry (160L)
Gloves: Adam n Eve AE for SLINK Appliers Hands - Opera Gloves White (150L)

Below is a map of the Dark Town area.

RMK Gothic: Renewal Gifts 2

(click to enlarge)
All kinds of people are coming down to RMK Gothic, even my brother! I caught him snooping around the Undertakers. He let me play with his Nu'ville loot (the blood bag and Bunnicula), and I showed him where the RMK renewal gifts were like AIR's Rabbit Monocle, and the Frozen Night rigged mesh black collar. Hey, that's what brothers are for.  ^^

Now let me tell you more about items I am wearing. The Retro Military coast by Kauna is a must have and you can tint it whatever color you want. Like all of Remarkable Oblivion's creations, the Necromancer Crown is another fantastic item to own. It's like a little piece art sitting on your head. The Blood Bank Bag is actually rigged mesh you wear and carry with you. There is cool sippy straw from the bag to your mouth. Love it. For photo purposes, it's shown without the walk animation and straw. All vampires need to tour Nu'ville. You can get candy like blood pops, cute Beetlebones avis like bat, mummy, ghoul, angel, and fun shoulder pets like Bunnicula. He squeaks and wiggles his ears when you touch him. 

On Him, Code Name: Prince of Spades, left:
Collar: Frozen Night spare collar for dress suit black [mesh] (RMK Renewal open gift 2013)(free)
Monocle: AIR Air_Rabbit Monocle_Silver L_C (RMK Renewal open gift 2013)(free)
Hair: Ayashi Rioto - white pack [mesh] (250L)
Shoes: Super Kingdom Low Tops - Mesh Shoes Male [mesh] (99L)
Pants: My Own Way [M.o.w] Pants with suspenders [mesh] (past, group gift)
Coat, shirt: StormCrow Designs Jacket Shirt Black, Trench Coat Black [mesh] (past, Menstuff)
Glove: RokumeikaN +RMK*Prince of Spade* Gloves (past, Twisted Hunt)
Blood Bag: Ohmai Nuville // Nu'Ville Blood Bank [mesh] (Nuville Horrors) (100L to tour for a day)

On Him, Code Name: White Rabbit, right:
Monocle: AIR Air_Rabbit Monocle Silver L C (RMK Renewal open gift 2013)(free)
Shoulder Pet: Ohmai Nuville // Bunnicula Ghost [mesh] (Nuville Horrors) (100L to tour for a day)
Jacket: Kauna Retro Military Coat [mesh] (299L)
Crown: Remarkable Oblivion Necromancer Crown [mesh] (249L)
Stocks: Erratic patterned stockings skulls - black (past F*Friday)(150L)
Tongue: Bubblez Rebels Playground Outfit - Rebel Tongue (past, Rebel Playground)
Wings: Death Row Designs DRD Wings of eternal darkness - violet [mesh] (180L)
Shorts: Frozen Night FN*winter dress suit white 2 [mesh] (250L)
Boots: lassitude & ennui Suede mesh boots white [mesh] (280L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax, Relaxed [mesh] (450L)
Fangs: Venexia Venetian Vampire Fangs (500L)
Hair: Ayashi Rioto - white pack [mesh] (250L)
Pose: Inertia Loiter (150L)

RMK Gothic, The Undertaker's
Bunnicula loves the rabbit monocle so much, he got one too!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

RMK Gothic: Renewal Gifts

(click to enlarge)

Come celebrate the rebirth of RMK Gothic with these beautiful gifts by Frozen Night and WTG!

On Her:
Hat: Frozen Night Captured butterfly dress hat - mix [mesh](renewal gift RMK Gothic SIM)(free)
Necklace, Earrings: WTG **Welcome gift 06** (renewal gift RMK Gothic SIM)(free)
Eyes: Candy Mountain Zombie Valentine (group gift, 75L to join)(free)
Outfit: DelaRosa Glimmer Aine dark purple (99L)
Hair: Exile Dream of Paradise naturals (250L)

RMK Gothic Castle
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Friday, November 15, 2013

RMK Gothic: Forest of Alice, Ambrosia Gifts

(click to enlarge)
RMK has reopened with a whole new look! These pictures are taken in the Forest of Alice area. Several stores have re-opening gifts. Pictured above is the re-open hair bow gift by Ambrosia that matches the Ambrosia Kawaii Mini Hunt prize dress, necklace, and earrings.

On Her:
Dress, Earring, Necklace: Ambrosia Fuwa lace dress - aqua [mesh](Kawaii Mini Hunt)(free)
Hair bow: Ambrosia Rose hair acce - blue (RMK Re-open gift)(free)
Stockings: Ambrosia Lace stockings (1L)
Hair: Calico Ingmann Calico Clara [mesh] ( 250L)
Skin: Glam Affair Renee - Trending 03 (past, Collabor88)
Shoes: G Field *GF* Strap Shoes Alex patent white (200L)

(click to enlarge)
Helping me with the blog since the beginning is Fulli. As I look at this picture above I am struck with a realization that she looks very much like her mother here. Her mom was a professional model in her younger days, and now Fulli is a virtual model.  This skin by Glam Affair reminds her of her mother's look. Fulli's shape is her own creation and based on herself. Adding the elegant ladylike style of Ambrosia and you get a look that seems to have really gone back to her roots. 

RMK Gothic, Forest of Alice
Thanks for you help Fulli!

Here is a map to help you find your favorite stores in the Forest of Alice.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Seduction of Snow White, part 4

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The Prince was now armed with a method to hide to his tainted skin. At first he attacked people who were beautiful, but nothing happened. Then he remembered what the witch said, "You who possess no inner beauty, must now seek it from others." He fumed at that evil witch! It was much harder to find a victim, he had to actually talk to people to find out if they had "inner beauty." As he got closer to his true target, he was so desperate, he even sunk his fangs into a disgusting looking old lady, but this time worked! His beauty was restored. Now Snow White would be his!

Many goodies here from the current round of We <3 Role Play. I am wearing the first offering by Senzafine for men, and like all their clothing, it's richly textured. The Branch mask is by new comer to WLRP, Chimeric Fashions, and it fits on the face really nice. Gloves are by Ascent from the last round of Fantasy Gacha. The shoulder fluff is by Aii. The story behind it is the prince was pissed about being twice cursed he cut off one of the kitsune witch's tails and wears it as a trophy. Fulli is wearing complete outfit Rogue by Pucca Firecaster, and also the bow and arrow that perfectly match it. Picture taken at Small Town Green.

On Him, Prince Ravenna Woodsmen:
Mask: Chimeric Fashions Branch Mask (Black) [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (136L) 30% off
Tunic: Senzafine  "Elessar" Mens Tunic Jacket - Forest [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (255L) 25% off
Fur: Aii Ugly & Beautiful Designs Youkai Shoulder Fur (100L)
Gloves: Ascent Armored Glove 02 (past, Fantasy Gacha)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Vlodovic hair - Fall male [mesh](300L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors Jaded Eyes - Jade [mesh] (150L)

On Her, Snow White hunter:
Outfit: Pucca Firecaster PFC ~ Rogue [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (525L) Normally 700L
Weapon: Pucca Firecaster PFC ~ Black Sorrow [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (375L) Normally 500L
Hair: Exile Dream of Paradise naturals (250L)

Small Town Green
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The New RMK Gothic, and Crie Style's Caerus

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Prince Ravenna is alive and survived well past his natural lifetime. He was last spotted slinking around the streets of Victorian England. But how did he manage to loose that green tint of his? Was he saved, or is this the new form of the curse?

RMK Gothic has re-opened with a completely new look! The picture above is taken at the Main Town landing. Come down and play at the new beautiful new RMK Gothic! The Dante coat here by Fateware you can see how awesome the leather materials are in this shot. 

(click to enlarge)
New release by Crie is a clockwork monocle that keeps time for real! Just touch it to select your time zone from the popup menu. Super cool and stylish! You can find the new Crie store to the left on the RMK Castle, near the water on the south-west side of the map. The Tableau Vivant Vlodovic hair is fabulous for all you beautiful villains, and the Poetic Colors Jaded eyes are perfect for glamorous green-eyed monsters. lol The picked this skin for the prince because of it's boyish charm, it's also one of my favorites from Tableau Vivant. It's no longer available so I recommend trying the new Nathan skin which has lip style somewhat similar to this, or Ryan which has similarities to this look.

On Him:
Monocle: Crie Style Caerus (800L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Vlodovic hair - Fall male [mesh](300L)
Coat, tie, shirt: Fatewear Dante - Sahara with materials [mesh] (300L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors Jaded - Jade [mesh] (150L)
Boots: lassitude & Ennui Suede mesh boots - M - black [mesh] (280L)
Hat: Cero Style NOPH male Hat (past, Night at the Opera Hunt)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Femboy Hunt 2012 exclusive (past, Femboy hunt)

RMK Gothic

The Seduction of Snow White, part 3

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Generations upon generations of geisha perfected the art of beauty just as the men perfected the martial arts. Among them rose a legend, a geisha 87 years old, who looked as fresh as the morning dew. It had been to her Prince Ravenna traveled to learn the secret. Contrary to Geisha Tsuyu's claims, she did not really have a miracle skin moisturizer. The trickster was using black magic. When Snow White came into being, Prince Ravenna suspected the old witch was behind it. In a rage, he journeyed to her once more. He grabbed her by the throat and demanded she undo the damage to his beautiful skin. She claimed to be innocent. Her magic only brought to the surface the beauty that was inside. How could she have known what rotten a person he really was? He called her a liar. She was no more inwardly beautiful than he was, conning women into buying her useless cosmetics. She was so outraged, she cursed him again.

At the center of this image is this really nice dining set by Okami on sale at We <3 Role Pay. It comes with 4 seats, and multiple animations for men and women. I'm playing the wicked witch and wearing the new hair Kodji by Ayashi which worked great here for a youkai kind of vibe. Kodji is rigged mesh for both male and female. The Fox mask is by Sakka's Studio, and my fox shoulder pet by Sadistic Hacker. The Japanese Lantern hairsticks are by Tama from the past Genre. My second pet is really cool soul collector by Aii. The skin is a Halloween group gift by Glam Affair. The cool orb eyes are a group gift by Candy Mountain. And this badass makeup is by Avea on sale at We <3 Role Play. The spiderweb kimono and butterfly brooch are gacha prizes from the October round of Fantasy Gacha by Geisha Designs. There is very cute bow in the back. The trees in the courtyard are subscriber gifts by Isovii. The fox in the courtyard behind me is by anz-an. The awesome building is by ryusho Ort. Fulli is helping me out here and taking over the role as the Prince. She is wearing the Sakka's Studio men's causal Kimono and it comes with so many options, it's really nice. The hair is a new release Vlodovic by Tableau Vivant. I will be showing more of this cool hair. And lastly, the Raven shoulder pet is by Ohmai. It's one of 50 original prizes by the Beetlebone / Ohmai creative powerhouse team you can win at Nuville. If you love Halloween like I do, I highly recommend you make a trip to Nuville! I LOVE IT! Grab a bud and go have fun. You can get one 12 hour pass for 100L, or join the group for 800L and get more gifts and unlimited access to Nuville. ... Part 4 of Snow White coming soon...

On Her, Geisha Tsuyu:
Hair: Ayashi Kodji hair - whites [mesh] (250L)
Makeup 1: Aeva Amidala Make Up (We <3 Role Play)(50L) 25% off
Makeup 2: Aeva Neo Candy Make Up (We <3 Role Play)(50L) 25% off
Skin: Glam Affair Vera - Horror edition GIFT A (group gift, fee to join)(free)
Eyes: Candy Mountain orbs of nightmares [mesh] (group gift, 75L to join)(free)
Hairsticks: TAMA Japanese Lantern Hairsticks [mesh](past, Genre)
Pet: Aii Ugly & Beautiful Designs + Spirit Collector +  (250L)
Kimono: Geisha Designs *GACHA* Majo - Furisode RARE [mesh] (past, Fantasy Gacha)
Brooch: Geisha Designs *Gacha* Pocchiri - Jigokucho - Tengu [mesh] (past, Fantasy Gacha)
Shoulder Pet: Sadistic Hacker *SH* Kuda-gitsune White (180L)
Mask: Sakka's Studio ~Ss~ SHIRO KITSUNE Ver1.1 mask [mesh] (50L)

On Him, Prince Ravenna:
Hair: Tableau Vivant Vlodovic hair - Fall male [mesh](300L)
Shoulder Pet: Ohmai Nuville // Raven Pet (Nuville Horrors) (100L to tour for a day)
Kimono: Sakka's Studio M-Kimono/PlaneGreen [mesh](450L)

Dining Set: Okami Irori Table Vendor [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (450L) 25% off
Trees: Isovii arbresb obscurs -Mix maple- (subscription gift) (free)
Building: ryusho Ort Ryu Japanese academy complex (800L)
Fox: anz-an chouchinKitsuneMini (220L)
Thanks for you help Fulli!

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Seduction of Snow White, part 2

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: How dare the simpleton mother use black magic to make her spawn Snow White rival his good looks? Prince Ravenna's beauty was natural! He only used black magic to preserve his appearance. Why? Because when his looks began to fade, he didn't know how to survive. He always got along based on looks alone, and he absolutely could not tolerate the humiliation of others dotting on beauties much younger then him. So he made a deal with a wicked witch. The price he paid for his vanity was the curse's tale-tell hue of envy.

Oh yes I did! I made the Evil Queen a guy! Mawahahahhaha! It was fun project to reinvent Ravenna as an evil bishie. lol. The amazing crown and collar are by Gspot on sale at Enchantment. You can get in gold, black, or creme. The corset I am wearing is fully rigged for men! Dont walk, RUN go scoop up the awesomeness at Schadenfreude. The underlaying outfit is a combination of the gorgeous Vlad from Utopia and richly detailed Raider by Quality Designs. The Curio Obscura gacha coat is one I often pull out for my pompous villains. This beautiful skin is by Tableau Vivant and you can still find it for sale at the Boytown location. The hair, also by Tableau Vivant, is Beaumont and I love this cool Monsoon color of cyan and black. The Jaded eyes by Poetic Colors paired with this skin are amazing. The tintable chest tattoo is included in the Barerose set Light Dergie. The picture is taken on location at Enchantment. Love the castle and it's circling ravens.

On Him, Prince Ravenna:
Crown, Collar: GSpot Raven-Nell Black [mesh] (Enchantment) (399L)
Corset: Schadenfreude Noir Something Wicked Corsets male [mesh] (275L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Beaumont hair - male - Monsoon Pack [mesh](300L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Damon v.k (Boystown) (800L)
Tattoo: BareRose Light Dergie [mesh] (190L)
Outfit: Utopia Vlad  (890L)
Leg bands, arm bands: Quality Designs The Raider (1995L)
Coat: Curio Obscura Luxurious Fur Coat Black [mesh] (100L)
Boots: lassitude & ennui Suede mesh boots black [mesh] (280L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors Jaded Eyes - Jade [mesh] (150L)
Pose: Del May Touch me here male (50L)


The Seduction of Snow White, part 1

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: There once was a beautiful young woman named Snow White with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony. She was not married yet. No matter how wealthy her suitor was, or how sparkling his personality, he was just not a good enough match in her mother's eyes. Afterall, her mother had paid a heavy price to wish her daughter's beauty into existence, she certainly didn't want unattractive grandbabies.

Two great events going on right now for Role Players: Enchantment, and the November round of We <3 Role Play. The picture above is shows the gorgeous Junbug dress at enchantment. I recommend walking around in snow in this dress. Birds may land on your shoulder and chirp. lol The hair is by Calico at We <3 Role Play and comes in many colors. The necklace by Ellabella is at We <3 Role Play and makes a perfect match for Ms. Snow.

On Her, Snow White:
Dress: Junbug Snow White - blue [mesh] (Enchantment)(450L)
Hair: Calico Jasmine - Blacks Hud (We <3 Role Play) (150L) 40% off
Necklace: ellabella Magi necklace - Spectral (We <3 Role Play) (125L) 50% off

Thanks for your help Fulli

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Digital Dopplegangers

This week's Strawberry Singh / Winter Jefferson SL Blogger meme is "Avatar Look Alikes Challenge." Of course I had to try this! I grabbed my headshot from the RMK Gothic SIM English blog, and plugged it into the Celebrity Look A like Generator.

The results were jarring.

First I should say, my main avatar is not an attempt at a likeness of a real person, nor was it at any time. (I actually had a manga character in mind.) However there is something definitely something spooky going on here.

I experimented in Photoshop with a split face screen. I showed my results to Fulli. I asked her if I should do this meme. When she picked herself back up off the floor, she said yes. It's very interesting. lol

92% Cate Blanchett.

Raw image - Cate
(edits: removed all color but red, mascara, tattoo, and lipstick)

Raw image - Dev
(edits: desaturated yellow, image rotate)