Friday, December 28, 2012

News Report: Group Gifts and Freebies 8

(click to enlarge)
1: Fallen Gods Christmas gifts (free)
2: Yasum Designs Two advent for the 24th outfits male and female. [mesh] (group gift) free)
3: Champagne Sparkling Couture Xmas Gift (free)
4: Reila Skins Xmas Group Gift male, Halloween male (200L to join)
5: Belleza 2012 Xmas group gift, Ashton Group Gift, Jacob Group gift (250L to join)
6: RONSEM – Holiday Sweater [mesh] (group gift)(free)
7: Zpr // Accessories for the body Finger Gloves (free)
8: POSEOLOGY Starting out pose (free)
9: LikeA T-shirt with sunglasses [mesh] (group gift)(free)

Monday, December 24, 2012

News Report: Group Gifts and Freebies 7

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Gentlemen, Start Your Engines.... While the girls have been shopping for Christmas all month, maybe even as far back as October, we true sportsmen know when Christmas shopping is SUPPOSED to happen, the night before!  It's more fun that way. Like a game. A race to snatch stuff before time's up. We dont really believe in over-thinking things, just go with a gut instinct, (and whatever is available). Here in SecondLife, we can practice our fine craft without getting stuck in traffic or chased down by perfume snippers in the malls. The goodies are free. We teleport, click, and BOOM! Done. Merry Christmas to all!

*raises a glass of eggnog in salute to the Last Minute Shoppers*

So my fellow Racers, here's a quick guide for your mad yuletide smash-and-grab:

1: Chop Zuey - Advent 13. Group membership required. 350L to join. 4 non-member bonus gifts for guys too. (free)
2: KittycatS - Advent 24. No membership required. (free)
3: Yasum Design - Advent 24. Group membership required (free)
      Note: The Avents above have all days up to Dec 24th available
4: Alli&Alli Joseph Hair Snow, voting gift  (free)
5: Tableau Vivant Hybrid Skin (group gift, free) 50L to join, Lowrise sporty pants (free)
6: DOLLCOCO *DC*_Gift_AlbertLapin, Mesh rabbit avatar [mesh](free)
7: Energy Legal Insanity - Energy Club Bad Santa azure, Energie - FootWear Xmas Gift (group gift, free)
8: ROM 2012 Xmas GG, Rudolph nose and antlers (free)
9: Theater Chain Who are you? pose (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(free)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dolls of Christmas: Spain

(click to enlarge)
The next destination for the Dolls of Christmas tour is Spain, home to my hysterical, talented, and big-hearted best friends at the sandbox. You awesome!

In Spain, Nativity scenes are very important. People compete for Best Nativity with large and elaborate displays. Figurines are big selling items and very collectable. Even famous people are made into figures you can add to your manger scene. My fun friends from Spain shocked me when they revealed just how important one particular figurine is to a successful nativity display. If you want good luck for the next year, you better have a Caganer!

Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo!

UPDATE: At Solylence, look under the christmas tree at the different gift boxes. Original mesh clothing for men and women on sale 50% off, including the cool LED lights dress.

On Him:
Avatar: [ESUGA] "TSG" Charming Vampire Boi BJD (1000L)
Sweater: Solylence *Soly*Turtleneck sweater black [mesh] (75L)(50% Sale)
Pants: Solylence *Soly*Casual pants red [mesh] (225L)
Hair: esk-imo :esk-imo: Hair Casey BLK 01 (299L)
Shoes: BC322 Skull&Bones *BC322 Brothel Creepers Gibson (420L)
Ring: WTG +:+WTG+:+ **F+@ DR** jeweled nail (340L)
Necklace: Mandala KARMA Necklace/Shepherd Silver (477L)
Pose: Theater Chain tomboy, from +T*C+Lucky bag (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(250L)

On Her:
Avatar: [ESUGA] "TSG" Rheia Evil Sister BJD Avatar (500L)
Dress: Solylence *Soly*LeD Dress red [mesh] (125L) (50% Sale) LED Lighted dress that blinks, changes colors, and amazes!
Shoe: G Field *GF* Flower Pumps "Eve" black (220L)
Hair: Lo*momo +SD Lo*momo+" Canna fat pack (400 L)
Necklace: WTG **Luxury** choker-earpierces set (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(380L)
Bracelets: WTG **Luxury**bracelets (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(240L)
Pose: ZZANG Kawaii Dolli Pose Pack 006 (90L)
Prop: Orbis Secundus Christmas Nativity Scene (95L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dolls of Christmas: Sweden

(click to enlarge)
Our next trip on the Dolls of Christmas tour takes us up north to the home of my friends in Sweden.

On the darkest day of winter, December the 13th, the people of Sweden hold flickering candles and give thanks for the sunlight with Saint Lucia showing the way with song, warm coffee, and sweet lussekatt buns. Lucia (or Lucy) means "light." She wears a long white dress with red sash and headdress of lingonberry branches and candles.

13 december var Sankta Lucia dag i sverige. Vi önskar alla en god Jul och ett gott nytt är 2013!

On Him:
Avatar: [ESUGA] "TSG" Charming Vampire Boi BJD (1000L)
Sweater: SAKIDE Men Twisted Wool Sweater Red [mesh] (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(120L)
Hat: [sYs] KAZAKH cap - Wool black with Pins (With Love Hunt)(5L)
Hair: Ayashi Isami-white (edited)(200L)
Scarf: Fatewear Scarf - Weasley - PianoKey [mesh] (The Arcade)(50L)
Shoe: [Gos] Triumph Boots - Male - Worn [mesh] (795L)
Prop 1: The Looking Glass TLG - Baroque Hand Candle Gold White Drippy (100L)
Prop 2: Trompe Loeil Advent Bow (edited) [mesh] (The Arcade)(25L)
Skis: :: relaxin' :: uota Noel nordic ski ver 2.2 (10L)
Pose: Theater Chain +T*C+Fantasm, fantasm_02-2 (100L)

On Her:
Avatar: [ESUGA] "TSG" Rheia Evil Sister BJD Avatar (500L)
Hair: Lo*momo +SD Lo*momo+" Muguet fat pack (400 L)
Dress: The White Armory **TWA**Rose Chalice Bonus (group gift)(free)
Crown: Noire Saint Lucia Christmas costume (200L)
Pose: ZZANG Kawaii Dolli Pose Pack 015 (90L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dolls of Christmas: Germany

(click to enlarge)
Our second stop on Christmas Dolls tour is Germany for my lovely posing partner and the owner of the Men's blog.

The Christ Child is an angelic bringer of gifts to the good children of Germany. Originally meant to be the Baby Jesus, the Christkind is now usually shown as girl or woman in gold and white.

Like a Sith version of Santa Claus, Knecht Ruprecht doesn't bring gifts to nice children, he brings horrible presents like coal to naughty children and he may spank them with a twitch too! Alpine nations even have more sinister looking Krampus who has goat horns and cloven hooves. But for my modern interpretation of Knecht Ruprecht, I take inspiration from German goth rock band Oomph!. I really like this character, Knecht Ruprecht is cool! We need a character like this in America. lol

Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr. Ich hoffe du warst brav und das Christkind war bei dir und nicht Knecht Ruprecht!

On Knecht Ruprecht:
Avatar: [ESUGA] "TSG" Charming Vampire Boi BJD (1000L)
Hair: Yasyn Azemus Jaejoong - Smoke & Mirrors from Fatpack (899L)
Horns: Belial Japan Development [BjD] Horn-Vainglory [mesh] (680L)
Fur Collar: *chronokit* Mods coat 01 Fur Black  [mesh] (50L)
Jacket: *chronokit* Mods coat 01 Unisex Black M  [mesh] (400L)
Jeans: RONSEM Straight Jeans / jetblack male with belt  [mesh] (350L)
Jacket, Collar, Necklace: -diversional- Priest Top Holy (25L)
Piercings: Elemental Earth *EED* Simple Piercings (edited)(past hunt MHOH6, free)
Shoes: ..::Energie::.. Rider boot black (350L)
Nails: alaskametro French Noir 1 (25L)
Prop 1: Wildz Creations & Pimp Daddy Trivia Coal bag (25L)
Prop 2: B&B Botanica Naughty Gift Coal and Switches (75L)
Chair: Theater Chain Aoi Chair Black (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(300L)
Pose: Theater Chain +T*C+Fantasm, fantasm_02-2 (100L)

On Christkind:
Dress: Ambrosia Holy night dress Christmas white (RMK Gothic Frost Fair) (160L)
Hair: Lo*momo Spiranthes fatpack (400L)
Crown: Milady's The King Gold Set (200L)
Wings: Material Squirrel 2 Raphael Angel Wings in White (449L)
Shoes: Abebe Abebr Flats Wavy Silk White Golden (45L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Dolls of Christmas: Japan

(click to enlarge)
Secondlife makes it possible meet and grow close to many people around the world, even those who dont speak the same language! With the help of translators and being able to "show" instead of "tell," it becomes possible to communicate in ways text based social networks can't. This Christmas I would like to celebrate the season by honoring my friends and their Christmas Traditions.

First up are the clever, ambitious, and talented folks from RMK Gothic who named their new Christmas Tailcoat after me. I feel humbled and amazed! They tell me many interesting things about Christmas in Japan. The biggest surprise is Kentucky Fried Chicken. They must make a reservation for their Christmas KFC chicken months in advance! It's just not Christmas in Japan without the Colonel.


On Him:
Avatar: [ESUGA] "TSG" Charming Vampire Boi BJD (1000L)
Outfit: +RokumeikaN+ Christmas Tailcoat Dev (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(800L)
Hair: Ayashi Youya-black (200L)
Shoes: Lapointe & Bastchild Couture dress shoes Snakeskin 2 buckles (399L)
Prop: poche Merry Christmas, champagne (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(free)

On Her:
Avatar: [ESUGA] "TSG" Rheia Evil Sister BJD Avatar (500L)
Dress: Kyoko Couture KC No.54 RMK limited dress (RMK Frost Fair)(50L)
Hair: Lo*momo +SD Lo*momo+" Muguet fat pack (400 L)
Shoes: G Field Bow Strap Shoes Kate red (180L)
Prop: poche Xmas Stollen (RMK Frost Fair)(free)
Pose: Theater Chain +T*C+Lucky bag (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(250L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Frost Fair RMK Gothic

(click to enlarge)
As the planet warms slowly year after year, Jack Frost is under a lot of pressure. When asked to stretch his icy claw and freeze the Thames once more, he agrees in an unusually warm gesture of goodwill. What could cause this sudden Christmas spirit in his frigid heart?

RMK Gothic celebrates the holiday season by bringing back a piece of history. During the Little Ice Age of the 17th century and 18th century, the Thames River froze in the heart of London. People took advantage of this usual event and created a shopping festival on the river called the Frost Fair. At the RMK Gothic Frost Fair, you can buy many new and limited edition products as well as score some nice freebies. Participating Stores are:
+Lo*momo+, : c.A. :: chocolate atelier, World's End Garden, ***Ambrosia***, +:+WTG+:+, Wretched Dollies, HPMD, SAKIDE, Down Down Down, FROZEN NIGHT, Bubblez Design, Dark Midday Designs, poche, [ni.ju], :::Dimbula Rose:::, Air, +SC+SugarCoat, +:::+Natural+:::+, :NuDoLu:, Fairy Tail, SOUP, La Petite fleur, Kyoko Couture, +RokumeikaN+, +Theater Chain+ 
On Jack Frost:
Blindfold: AIR Air_Blind11_Turquoise1_TM Gacha (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(40L)
Hair: SadisticHacker *SH* Kiyohime Hair white (edited)(250L)
Skin, Tattoo: Flamboyant Alien Femboy - Deltyn (edited)(past Femboy Hunt)(2L)
Eye shadow, Lip gloss: cheLLe Frosty Winter (100L)
Claws: [ni.Ju] Tintable White Claws (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(150L)
Outfit: +RokumeikaN+ +RMK*Tailcoat *+White (800L)
Icicle CrownHippo Snow Queen (100L)
Ears: De La Soul DLS - Glaive Collection - Ears (350L)
Boots: lassitude & ennui Suede mesh boots - M - white  [mesh](280L)
Prop: Siss Truss FrostMage Staff (edited)(85L)
Special Effect 1:  store c*C*c Free Gift c*C*c::WhiteBleath (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(free)
Special Effect 2:  Curious Kitties *C:K* Gothic Snowflake Particles (free)
(click to enlarge)
The Ghost of Christmas Past sprinkles her magic on Jack and brings back warm memories of Christmas in Victorian England.

On the Ghost of Christmas Past:
Hair: Wasabi Pills Sachiko Mesh Hair - Reds Pack  [mesh](250L)
Dress: +RokumeikaN+ +RMK*Doll of Christmas*+ (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(400L)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui Wanderlust boots - oxblood  [mesh](280L)
Skin: JM:Mai JM:Mai skin_dev doll (950L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors Pearl Clear Pond (subscription gift) [mesh](free)
Eye Alpha: VerseEye - Aria - Fat Pack - 20 Colors [mesh] (free)
Advent: Trompe Loeil Advent Bow, Sleigh, Lantern, Giftbox (edited) [mesh] (The Arcade event)(25L)
Furniture: Snowbound Gothic Gaslight Chaise (edited)(75L) Rugs (edited)(5L)
Toys: Alicia Stella Design Christmas Toys (free)
Tree: Boudoir Deluxe Victorian Christmas Tree (250L)
Pose: Adorkable Poses Gacha Gifts 6 (edited)(The Arcade event)(25L)
Cabin: Frozen Night FN*winter house 2 (300L)
(click to enlarge)
The Winter Duo agree to team up and revive the Frost Fair tradition!

On the Ghost of Christmas Past:
Prop: Poche xmas caffe latte snow (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(50L)
Nommie: DownDownDown DDD_Dec.S_Cake (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(14L)
Pose: Theater Chain USAMEN Dittos 3 from the Lucky Bag (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(250L)

On Jack Frost:
Pose: Theater Chain Cake M from the Lucky Bag (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(250L)
Freebies pictured from Pochec*C*c, and La Petite fleur

RMK Gothic Frost Fair
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cirque du MetaBody

(click to enlarge)
Being a male ballet dancer in mother Russia is highly prestigious, but I dreamed of something more. In my case, I literally did run away and join the circus, -- the Cirque du Soleil to be exact. Yes, I am still throwing people up in the air and catching them. That's what I was hired to do. But I don't have as much pointe work now (that's brutal on a foot!), and I love all the imaginative costumes and music. I hope my parents will someday forgive me and come see me perform. I think they will like what they see.

MetaBody has a collection of avant garde avatars you can download for free, modify how you like, add your own elements, and submit your creation for the next installment. This was a lot fun to do and many good pieces I can use in the future too! Your original creations must be submitted by November 30th. Head to MetaBody for more details.

On The Cigar:
Hair, Pants, Special effect, Sleeves: Meta_Body: Fog (edited)(free)
Nose, Cape: Meta_Body: Meta-Birds (edited)(free)
Hat, Glasses, Ascot, Mustache, Shoes: Meta_Body: Chart Man (edited)(free)
Clock for buttons, hat, pocket watch, and pose stand: Meta_Body: Lizard (edited)(free)
Prop: Basingstoke Horn BH Fine Cigar, Yadni's Junkyard (edited)(free)
Pose: Apple Spice Action Pose 009 (40L)

On The Firefly:
Hair: A&Y Neo-Phoenix Cyber Hair-Black (290L)
Headpiece: Meta_body: Silver7 (free)
Wings, TattooMeta_Body: Dragonfly (edited)(free)
Clothes, Claws, Tail: Meta_Body: Lizard (edited)(free)
Pose: No Strings Attached Fred Astaire w/ cane & hat (10L)

(click to enlarge)
This photo series was inspired by the new Tableau Vivant Perla Sweater for men and Low Rise Sporty Pants. They reminded me immediately of type of clothing you would see in a dance rehearsal. So enter the Russian dancer! The sweater and pants work great together, but remove the top and you have very sexy low rise pant that is barely hanging on. They are so low my modesty gene kicked in! lol I worked hard on a shape to go with the awesome new Tableau Vivant Marilyn Skin. With the pale brow on Tone 3, I could create a nice color theme. If Mr. Russian Dancer looks vaguely like someone famous, that was an accident, but since it looked good, I just went with it! lol

UPDATE: Pixel Ballet performs "The Nut" (their version of The Nutcracker) starting December 2nd. Shows are Sunday 5pm SL, and Wednesday 2pm SL. Come Early! Seats fill up fast!

On Him:
Skin: Tableau Vivant Marilyn Skin - Tone 03 (990L)
Eyes: FTL Dawn Eyes - Seiji (100L)
Hair: Dura Dura-Boy**26 Strawberry (120L)
Necklace: Rozoregalia Nornir Necklace (500L)
Ring: Kosh Adain Ring silver (Men's Dept Event)(99L)
Earring: Mandala Soul Ear Piercing Black (397L)
Pants: Tableau Vivant Lowrise sporty pants black (200L)
Shirt: Tableau Vivant Perla Sweater black (Collabor88 Event) (88L)
Shoes: DemotiK Beauty Ballet Shoe White (edited)(175L)
Prop: Magic Nook Shoulder Towel M (50L)
Pose: Apple Spice Ballet Pose 009 (40L)
Pose: Peta Grocery store {P.Ballet} Ground pas classical  ballet (25L)
Set: William Weaver build 008 (retextured)(free)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Sales

Okay guys, this sale is too good not give a fast post. Run over to FATEwear and pick up some nice mesh clothes for men at 50%, - 48 hours starting Cyber MANday, Nov 26th. 

There is a freebie too. At the landing, touch the bear on the railing and get free Friendship Bear.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fox Hunt Rivalry 1

(click to enlarge)
Lady Elisa von Edelweiss was in town for the fox hunt. When she glanced at me, it was as if the world stood still for a moment. Since she is a great fan of Equestrian sport, I knew if I won the fox hunt I would have a chance to gain her favor. But there was a problem standing in my way, a pansy albino who always wins. I had no intension of loosing to the jerk, so a few "precautionary measures" were in order. 

Several lucky things came together for the 2nd in the Fox Hunt series. First, the talented people behind Venexia just opened a new role playing sim, Goatswood, with a Victorian England theme. The new group gift skin from Tableau Vivant I thought would make a great handsome devil. (Villains are so much fun to play!) During my search for a coat that could pass as Equestrian style, I came across the FATEwear Desmond coat that has a Regency feel to it if you remove the hood. I got a good pair of rigged mesh thigh high boots for riding at BareRose. Mr.Poet delivers ascot, shirt, and nice hat and hair with an English flare. I often need good grey eyes, but finding some that work for men is tricky, so turned to Poetic Colors with excellent results. The horse I am riding in this one is actually a wearable one, so you can take it anywhere, no need to rez. But let me take a moment to gush about my posing partner. Isn't she smashing in +RokumeikaN+? Any ladies role playing at the Goatswood sim, I highly recommend you make a visit to RMK Gothic and get some great looks for your role play. The lassitude and ennui knee high victorian boots are also a great addition for Victorian theme outfits for the ladies.

On Him:
Skin: Tableau Vivant Marilyn Skin - Group Gift (group gift, 50L to join)(free)
Eyes: Poetic Colors nightfall - night mood [mesh] (100L)
Hat, hair: Mr.Poet Bakerboy Cap and Hair/Skull (200L)
Top: Mr.Poet Pleated shirt_Gray/Shirt (200L)
Coat: FATEwear Coat - Desmond (tinted) [mesh] (300L)
Pants: The Black Canary ~*{TBC}*~ He Lurks in Darkness (no longer available)
Boots: BareRose thigh hight boot [mesh]  (140L)
Rideable: Zed Avedon Realistek Horse / Bronze (4,980L)
Prop: Ruby Vandyke Rodeo Snake - hanging (25L)

On Her:
Dress, hat, purse, umbrella: +RokumeikaN+ +RMK*fille charmante*+BP (350L)
Boots: lassitude and ennui Flutter boots - raven [mesh] (280L)
Skin: BCC : ) [Light] Wendy Skin 03 (600L)
Hair: + NK + +NK +hair -Persian- white (100L)
Eyes: NoirOptix Pale Violet Eyes (99L)

Goatswood [SGS] Victorian Gothic Residential Roleplay
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fox Hunt Rivalry 2

(click to enlarge)
This Fox Hunt is a game of hide and seek. The winner is the person who tags the fox first. We were running hard on the fox's trail, when a shoe became loose on my horse Artemis. We had made an emergency stop at the blacksmith. Suddenly a snake slithered up and spooked her. She reared up and screamed, hooves flying. Luckily, I was not on her at the time, that could have hurt if I was thrown! After Artemis calmed down, we rejoined the fox hunt. The fox was a wily one. I found it hiding on the roof of the horse stables. We gave chase and finally "tagged" it. I hung the trophy in Artemis' stall. There was a very pretty lady in a purple dress waiting for me there. She invited me to have tea with her. It was a grand day!

This picture series was inspired by the Fox Hunt at the new sim Helping Hoof-Virtual Equine Therapy (or HHVET). The fox hunt was a lot of fun. I really got into creating the look! There are some great fashion possibilites for men in the Equestrian style. The Tableau Vivant Boot Pants were a perfect match. I am so happy to finally have an elegant styled pant that works with a tall boot. From Hoorenbeek, the Riding Boots are a must, and the Velvet Blazer reminds me of an Oxford schoolboy. BlakOpal provides the shirt, ascot, and vest. BlakOpal also has 2 more excellent free Victorian style outfits for men: Hawkesworth Outfit - Brown and Hawkesworth Outfit - Black. The Hunting Whip finishes off the look. It's awesome and authentic.

On Him:
Hair: Scars Ohayo Gray (100L)
Shirt: BlakOpal Tramontane Outfit - Sage (free)
Hat: Cero Style NOPH male Hat (past hunt, Night at the Opera Hunt #1) (free)
Blazer: Hoorenbeek Mesh Velvet Blazer Black [mesh] (520L)
Pants: Tableau Vivant Boots pants - Andalusite [mesh] (255L)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek Riding Boots - Black (520L)
Cane: Ernst Osterham Hunting Whip v1.1 (145L)
Gloves: KU ::KU::_InuSS_CM* Gloves gothic (free)
Poses: F*ckingNinjas *FN* Helen and the Minotaur*FN* Into Battle (50L)

On Horse:
Avatar: Waterhorse ~*WH*~Horse Avatar (Pinto) (2500L)
Texture: The Texture Barn Cleveland showy red bay Texture Pack for Horse Avatars (350L)
Tack: CarriageTrade Interactive Tack English Light horse (1299)
Mane and Tail: Scraggy Cat *SC* LH Braided Manes & Tails (Black) (250L)
Pose: F*ckingNinjas *FN* Charangoyle pose (50L)

On Fox:
Avatar: Timber Wilds Industry Fox (2100L)

HHVET Get a notecard of all current events at the landing point. Sim events include: horse races, hidden object hunts, barrel races, dressage training and competition, private riding lessons, steeplechase, trail rides, and of course the fox hunt. Check it out!

Free riding outfit for women.
Free horse, animal, and stable items.
All the past HHVET Leaf Hunt prizes.
Thanks for your help Fulli and Ivy!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hammy Style 2

(click to enlarge)
The hamsters suddenly stopped playing in the snow and looked up. The Northern Lights had appeared! It was a magical moment of awe for the little creatures.

For more information go to: Hammy Time Hunt.

On Strawberry Surprise, left:
Avatar: Beetlebones ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Siberian Snow) Gacha [mesh] (100L)
Hat: masami niekerk strawberry hat (free)
Tutu, Ballet Slippers: Muzi Ballerina Hammy Red (free)(Hammy Time Hunt 2)

On Panda Plaid, middle:
Avatar: Beetlebones ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Panda) Gacha [mesh] (100L)
Tie: 1005 Ham tie-1005 with texture change [mesh] (free)
Glasses: Regicat Pince-nez for Hamster (10L)
Crown: Neko Melody +SC+ Crown for Hamster Gacha (40L)
Ballet Slippers: Muzi Ballerina Hammy Red (free)(Hammy Time Hunt 2)

On Princess Peppermint, right:
Avatar: Beetlebones ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Fairy Pistachio) Gacha [mesh] (100L)
Tutu, Ballet Shoes, Tiara: Muzi Ballerina Hammy White (70L)
Nommy and Special Effect: Hippo Cold Breath Kit with Candy Cane (free)

(click to enlarge)
On Winter Hammy, top left:
Outfit: Hippo Hamster Winter Set (70L)
Muffs: Hippo Hamster Ear Muffs - Waffles with cinnamon bun nommy (50L)
Mittens: *=828=* Knit Mittens  tinted (Hammy Time Hunt, 5.2)(free)
Shoes: Hippo Hamster Snow Boots (50L)

On Hammy Skater, top right:
Outfit: c.A. Tulle dress for Hamster (free)
Headress: Half-Deer Unicorn Horn Hamster with texture change (free)(Hammy Time Hunt 1)
Skates: Nigel Linden Ice skates (edit to fit hammy, attach to lower leg) (free)
Hair: GUARAN-DOU *G-D* Ponytail Brown (5L)

On Baseball Hammy, bottom left:
Hat: Swine & Roses Peace & Love Helmet (free)(Hammy Time Hunt 3)
Baseball bat: Muzi Baseball Hammy - Bats & Balls (50L)

On Sick Hammy, bottom right:
Icebag, nose drip, tissue, thermometer, blanket, slippers: Muzi Purple Sicky Hammy (70L)
Furniture: KU Nest with acorns and poses (5L)


Furniture: who what GIFT-tukimi daihuku- (free)
Transportation: Pet Adoption Center Hamster Wheel (free)
Transportation: Kermit Rutkowski Hamster Ball (free)
Thanks for your help Fulli and Voodoo!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hammy Style 1

(click to enlarge)
Everyone loves Hammy, these lovable furballs are everywhere! Good news Hamster fans, there's a short and fun hunt going on right now just for you, the Hammy Time Hunt! Participating stores are: +Half-Deer+MUZISwine & RosesHippo, and Ya-Zuya. The hunt ends November 30th. For more information go to: Hammy Time Hunt.

Also, you can look at the fun Hammy images in the Hamster Photo Contest at Miniscape and vote for your favorites. Voting ends Nov 30th.

Top Left:
Avatar: Beetlebones ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Parti Sable) Gacha [mesh] (100L)
Dress, Icicle Crown, Polar Bear Hood, Scepter: Hippo Snow Queen (100L)

Top Right:
Avatar: Beetlebones ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Siberian Snow) Gacha [mesh] (100L)
Shower cap, Towel, Shower curtain with texture change: Hippo Hamster Shower Costume (80L)

Avatar: Beetlebones ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Fairy Pistachio) Gacha [mesh] (100L)
Tutu, Ballet Shoes, Tiara: Muzi Ballerina Hammy White (70L)
Prop: Milk Hall Fallen Log with many poses for hamsters and humans (100L)


(click to enlarge)
Avatar: Beetlebones ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Panda) Gacha [mesh] (100L)
Hair: shuu Yiyuan Mage Max (20L)
Weapon: *=828=* Katana (Hammy Time Hunt, 5.1)(free)
Lamp: Hippo Hamster Handheld Paper Lantern Gacha (10L)

Nommy: KU Sunflower Seed (free)
Scally cap and sweater: MUZI Sweater Hammy pink stripe (70L)

Hat and teeth: MUZI Beanie Beaver Hammy (free)
Boots: FashionyZee Halloween Gift (Hamster ver) (free)
Mittens: *=828=* Knit Mittens (Hammy Time Hunt, 5.2)(free)

Thanks for your help Fulli and Voodoo!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Premium: Orville

(click to enlarge)
"No, dont leave me!" she cried and ran after me. Before I could take off, she lunged at my plane. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this crazy lady had grabbed onto the wing! But it was too late to slow down, the wheels were already off the runway. The added weight caused the plane to dip dangerously to the side. I almost crashed in the ocean! ...And that was tamest thing that happened in the next 30 minutes of the Silver Baron's Wild Ride.  lol

The new premium gift has been released, a very cool World War 1 airplane. It's easy to fly. Sounds great. It seats one, but your buddies can also ride by hanging on for dear life on the wing. lol  You can take off the new premium Orville airport and fly over several connecting premium lands. The hangers and air traffic control tower are also in a 1920s style. Many people were there today. It was like a spontaneous air show. Cool!

Good news! If you are not a premium member, or if your membership will expire sometime before now and the new year, there is a sale for 50% on the quarterly membership. Read here for more details: Take-to-The-Skies-of-Second-Life

On Him:
Coat and Sweater: FATEwear Coat Derrick Tundra [mesh] (300L)
Eyepatch: Air Fairlady Corsair (600L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Dragon Mesh Hair - MALE - Whites Pack [mesh] (250L)
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mullingar Boots - Black (520L)
Transportation: Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04 (free)(premium membership required SALE 50%)

Orville Airport
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

News Report: Group Gifts 6

(click to enlarge)
1: Ayashi - Halloween Group Gift Male [mesh] (group gift)(free)
2: :SEY - Hook necklace, BS-Wallet Chain, Star&Skull Bangle, BucketBag (group gift)(free)
3: +RokumeikaN+ - *Men's Sweater*Black+GIFT (group gift, 100L to join)(free)
4: IKON - IKON Eternal Eyes - Green (group gift, 1st weekend of new month only)(free)
5: Chop Zuey - An UnQuiet Grave Mens Bracelet, Gentleman Caller Mens Ring (group gift, 350L to join)(free)
6: Crickets - Crickets "Nathan" Mesh Outfit (group gift)(free)
7: HeavenGate/BeatRush - Military jacket, Pea Coat, Jacket w/T, Halloween & Stadium jacket  [mesh] (group gift)(free)
8: Lotus - YUU-hair, 1st anniversary, Roy (group gift)(free)
9: JStyle - UK jacket (group gift)(free)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Cinema: A Star is Born

(click to enlarge)
When you're a reporter, sometimes the news breaks fast and there's no time to shave or even iron your shirt. The news waits for no one. So when I heard I there's a hot new starlet in town for a big movie premier, I grabbed a hat and camera and zoomed out the door. But I was in for a shock. This hot new leading lady is not lady at all, she walks on all fours! She's an exotic animal, a Fennux. When I attempted to ask a few questions, she just jumped in my arms, purred, squeaked, and meeped. If only all stars were as cute and cuddly, my job would be so much easier.

The Cinema is an all mesh sim. Inside you can get free movie snacks, and journey through seven theaters in genres such as: SciFi, Romance, Horror, Film Noir, and XXX. All items on sale are new items created for the event from 80 different stores! I really wish this event lasted longer because October has been crazy busy for me. The Cinema tends to be crowded and laggy, so go in a low lag outfit. Cinema ends today. Run go check it out.

The limited edition 3D Fennux Grabber is free at the Cinema with group join. Go the Fennux sim to get the free Pick grabbers, collect all 5. I have been doing the beta of the fens. They are really cute. Public demo and dueling of Fennex will start the first of November. For more information, go to:

UPDATE: Public Beta of Fennux is now live. 11/5

On Him:
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Ryan - 8 AM- Skin and shape (Fair @ The Nest event) (600L)
Hair, Hat: :GAUGED: Fedora Brown (250L)
Eyes: *FTL* Dawn Eyes - Seiji (100L)
Camera: Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera : GrandpaOldCamera.RARE (past gacha, The Arcade)
Shirt: *Edelweiss* School-Line Shirts Mens [mesh] (250L)
Tie: *Edelweiss* School-Line NeckTie Mens - wine [mesh] (80L)
Pants: *Edelweiss* School-Line Pants Mens - darkgray plain [mesh] (150L)
Shoes: GABRIEL ::GB::Driving shoes BROWN [mesh] (free, groupgift)
Pet head: Fennux Grabber - 3D Polar (free, ends Oct 31)
Pet hand: Fennux Western, Private beta, phase 2 (free beta to pre-order customers)


Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Burlesque

(click to enlarge)
Time for the sexier side of Halloween. Guerilla Burlesque's Halloween show is Wednesday Oct 31st at 11:45 pm SL. Be dazzled and amazed by the girl's clever costumes, concepts, stages, and live theater special effects. Come in your Halloween costume, but be low-lag and ready for live streaming music. The show is being held in a special Halloween theater that includes a cool haunted maze, very challenging. Can you find your way out? For more information go to:

For my outfit, I pieced together a look with "Halloween Burlesque" in mind. Included in the image are  two hunts I haven't mentioned before that have some goodies for the guys: DeadCool Fashion Event and tGk Stamp Rally. DeadCool's 13 Ghosts of Halloween Hunt is spread across the entire Halloween sim, and there is a second mini Haunted House Hunt for shoes. Many designers are all gathered in this one place for your Halloween shopping needs. For more information, go to: If you loved the Masks of Mystery Hunt at Gay Riveria, dont miss tGk Stamp Rally. The hunt is on the same sim as the adult Vitamen store. For more information and prize previews, go to ...oh and one more thing. Why use a flying broom when you can whack your friends with a fighting broom instead? Check out this fun freebie at Tala's.

On Him:
Skin: Akeruka Godric Group Gift (group gift, 250L to join)(1L)
Hair: Dura *Dura* Group gift -Halloween 2012-DAR (group gift)(free)
Necklace, Ring: Chaos, Panic, Disorder *:CPD:*: Demon Lord Necklace (99L)
Nommy: Larnia Kids eyeball mouthie pink sparkle (Trick or Trick Event!, ends Nov 2)(free)
Top: ++OHKUMA-YA Shoulderharness02_Belt (tGk Stamp Rally Prize, ends Oct 31, *Adult) (free)
Shorts: Maz Halloween Boyshorts (13 Ghosts of Halloween, Ghost # 10, ends Oct 31)(free)
Cane: The Black Canary ~*{TBC}*~ The Dandy (Silver/Gold) (125L)
Nails: Mandala !UNISEX [MANDALA]NAIL PALETTE 2/short (577L)
Stockings: RSK Designs Witches Outfit, spider stockings (25L)
Boots: Vika Design Brats Boots [mesh] (750L)
Pose: The Black Canary ~*{TBC}*~ Gackt Pose 10 (50L)

On Her:
Skin: Dark Midday Designs .::DMD Esther Skin (group gift)(free)
Hair: Ayashi Halloween Group Gift [mesh] (group gift)(free)
Eyes: [Gauze] Demon Greed, Smolder Eye glow (Resting Place #1 Gauze, ends Nov 18) (free)
Horns: .: Somina :. Rawr Horns (Resting Place #3 Somina, ends Nov 18) (free)
Makeup: [Gauze] Alagos - Eyes - Full (Resting Place #2 Gauze, ends Nov 18) (free)
Lips: DIENTES Tattoo Shop DIENTES* Sweet Bloody Lips PINK+RED (10L)
Outfit: Dark Midday Designs .::DMD Halloween Special Dress and Socks [mesh](group gift)(free)
Weapon: TALA's Fight Broom (free)
Nommy: Psychotic Neko I eat spiders (free)
Pose: AAA Poses Freebie-Katana-13-1 LD (2L)

Guerilla Burlesque, Halloween Theater Maze
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trick or Treat Event!

(click to enlarge)
Fun for kids of all ages is the third annual Trick or Treat Event! by Larnia Kids, Beach Street, and Bebe Buttons. The trick-or-treat trail is nicely decorated and will definitely get you in the Halloween mood. As you go down the trail, click the numbered cauldrons for prizes. You'll run into many classic horror characters and scenes. ...Have fun kids, be back before dark, and dont forget to take a flashlight!

Haunted Cornfield Maze is an interactive trail through a corn maze. Follow the clues, find the candy corn, and have a seat at the campfire and listen to spooky ghost stories.

On Him:
Shirt, Shorts: Frozen Night FN*stripe shirt for boys [mesh](RMK Halloween) (free)
Hat: LIKKA*HOUSE Starless Night Hat (RMK Halloween) (free)
Shoulder Pet: :SEY Black cat [mesh] (Ghosts of Halloween, :SEY 4/7) (free)
Boots: Death Row Designs DRD hoofs death CA5 (edited) (lucky chair) (free)
Ears, Tail, Paws: Dark Spot Designs Fennec White (tinted) (799L)
Pose and Bag: Sparrowtree Studios Poses SSP Trick or Treat (1L)

On Ghost:
Avatar: Frozen Night FN*ghost-cat (purple) Gacha [mesh] (30L) (Plain white ghost is free!)
Basket: Cara Cali Trick or Treat Candy Cauldron (Haunted Cornfield Maze) (free)

Thanks for your help Fulli!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monarch Butterfly Hunt

(click to enlarge)
Monarch Butterfly Hunt includes things for guys too from :::Dimbula Rose::: and *.amato.*! Look for the rare monarch butterflies. The hunt area is wonderfully decorated and makes a good place to just hang out with your friends or take pictures in your Halloween outfits. Hunt is from Oct 12th to the 30th. For information go to:

On Him:
Oufit: Dimbula Rose :::DR::: Munchkin Boy Set (Male) (86L)
Skin: Dimbula Rose :::DR::: Nilgiri skin(tan)_HW make (200L)
Shape, Eyes: Dimbula Rose :::DR::: Madhatter, Male Eyes Sky Blue (800L)
Hair: Dura **Dura-Boy**01 Gold (tint added)(100L)
Hat: Dimbula Rose :::DR::: Happy Halloween !!<3 (mmm Halloween hunt)(free)
Shoes: Redgrave 02 Classic Loafers Mokka (490L)
Pose: Amato *.amato.* DIO pose 02 (mmm Halloween hunt)(free)

On Her:
Skin, Eyes: Dimbula Rose :::DR::: RMK Halloween 2012 PRIZE (RMK Halloween)(free)
Hair: Magika Halloween Group Gift, Pumpkin [mesh] (subscribe to receive)(free)
Outfit: Dimbula Rose Halloween Cat 1/2 [mesh] (mmm Halloween hunt)(free)(free)
Ears, Gloves, Socks, Makeup: Dimbula Rose Halloween Cat 2/2 (mmm Halloween hunt)(free)
Shoes:  Amato MMM-HH2012 prize*.amato.*2/4 (mmm Halloween hunt)(free)
Pose: Amato MMM-HH2012 prize*.amato.* 4/4 (mmm Halloween hunt)(free)


(click to enlarge)
Included in the previews above are Monarch Hunt items, Halloween gift hairs from Dura and esk-imo, and prizes from RMK Halloween and The Resting Place.

On Him:
Jacket: Amato mmm-HH2012 *.amato.* 2/4 [mesh] (mmm Halloween hunt)(free)
Skin: Fierce Designs Fierce**Vampire skin - male (Resting Place prize)(free)
Eyes: A Netherworld Moonshadow Eyes - Blood (Resting Place prize)(free)
Pose: Amato MMM-HH2012 prize*.amato.* 1 through 8 (mmm Halloween hunt)(free)
Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] Dr. H. Boots - Black (520L)
Hair: ...Scars... Hair  Yukizirushi [White] (100L)

On Her:
Outfit 2Dimbula Rose :::DR::: orange munchkin set (free)
Hair 2: +SD Lo*momo+ Ajuga Halloween [mesh] (RMK Halloween)(free)

Outfit 3: Amato MMM-HH2012 *.amato.* 1/4 (mmm Halloween hunt)(free)
Hair 3: Dura Halloween gift hair, ladys (group gift)(free)

Outfit 4: Dimbula Rose :::DR::: Halloween Cat Set 2/2 (mmm Halloween hunt)(free)
Hair 4: esk-imo Halloween Gift Hair - Yurei (group gift)(free)
Thanks for your help Fulli!