Wednesday, July 31, 2013

EVENT: Boats & Bikinis Expo + Luggage Hunt

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Today is the last day of another fun expo from Sand and Sea folks, the Boats and Bikinis Expo. This event has the theme French Riviera. Along the perimeter are shops with swimwear, decor, and furniture, and in the center are the docks. In the boats area, you can jump on and test drive a few models or explore. There is even staff there at JP Collection to answer your questions. Oceania has five free collectible plushies for the event, including a Jumbo shark! (Be sure to explore around to find them all.) Participating stores are:
Ampersand Photography, Aphrodite Shop, Beach Street, Beusy, Bliensen + MaiTai, Capricious, Chez Moi, Dead Dollz, Faboo, Fior Di Perle, Inspired, JP Collection Yachts, KittyCatS, LISP Bazaar, Little House of Curios, Luas Urban Style, :{MV}:, Oceania Breedables, Shey, Southern Seas Ships, Star Fashion, Tarnished, TUFF, Unrepentant
For more information, go to Sand, Sea, and Secondlife.

On Him:
Body: CheerNo Ken V.2_Maori Pale (Dressing Room Fusion) (edit for head/neck) [mesh] (70L)
Shoulder Towel: FATEwear Towel - Matt - London [mesh] (200L)
Swim Trunks: Flow Standard Surf-N-Short - Blue (Collabor88) [liquid mesh] (288L)
Hat: Flow Stretch Visor Beanie - Striped Blue (Collabor88)[mesh] (88L)
Hair: Sadistic Hacker *SH* Kirio1 Hair piece - white (free)

On Her:
Swimsuit: Dead Dollz [mesh] (Luggage Hunt)(free)
Necklace: Bliensen and MaiTai (Luggage Hunt)(free)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Veronica Mesh Hair - red [mesh] (250L)

(click to enlarge)
The Luggage Hunt:
To begin the luggage hunt, go to the City of Hanalei Office of Tourism. Touch this pile of luggage. Your challenge is to find all the missing luggage through out the sim. Read the local chat and follow the directions. Each person will have a different hunt path. The store you are looking for will be in all caps, like "TUFF." To help on hunt, there are sign posts with a handy teleports for all the store locations. There are many fantastic swimsuits for the ladies, while the guys can enjoy boat prizes and nice beach theme decore. Happy Hunting gang!  ... p.s. the store Capricious is not the sign board. You can find it next to the Aphrodite Shop.

On Him:
Swimtrunks: EPIC Big Kahuna Trunks with color texture hud (300L)
Model Boat: South Seas Ships Model - SSS Junk (Luggage Hunt)(free)
Plushie: Oceania JUMBO Chillin' Shark Collectible Plushie (Luggage Hunt)(free)
Sunglasses: Rozoregalia Aquila Sunglasses No.7 - red (400L)
Necklace: Rozoregalia Nornir necklace (500L)
Bracelet: Rozoregalia Nornir (400L)
Hair: Scars Glico - gray (no longer available)
Camera: Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera Shoulder Red (past, The Arcade)(no longer available)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Captured Butterfly

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STORYLINE: She spent her charmed life like a butterfly, flitting gently from one nightclub to next. She was a beautiful songstress with the voice of an angel. She was never for want of money or love. She seemed to have the best luck. That is, until one stormy night she stepped into the Peacock Hotel never to be seen again. No one knows what happened that night. She is presumed dead, but her body was never found. Even today on dark stormy nights, the ghosty voice of this captured butterfly can be heard once again echoing in the halls.

Is this hat by Frozen Hat cool or what? Love the spiderwebs and butterflies. It comes is several colors too. The dress is by Panda Express and was on last month's We Love Roleplay round for nice sale price. The inworld store has even more colors. Is this Madpea's Madcity sim goreious or what? It's stunning.  And I have some Madpeas news, on August 1st there will be a sequel to the Room 326 hunt, called The Cry of the Peacock. It will have new prizes, new stores, and new challenges. Can't wait!

On Her:
Hat: Frozen Night Captured butterfly dress hat - black [mesh] (180L)
Dress: Panda Express SteamLust - mint [mesh] (350L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Veronica Mesh Hair - ethereal [mesh] (250L)
Umbrella: Souzou Eien Pretty Goth Umbrella Grey [mesh] (past, World Goth Fair) (75L)
Skin: Glam Affair Luria skin - 11 (past, The Arcade) (100L)

Madcity, Peacock Hotel

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good News for Role Players: WLRP & FATEplay

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STORYLINE: When his father, the King, was killed in battle against the Saxon raiders, the young Prince took up his father's Sundisk banner and charged into the fight. He had no weapons or armor. He was a spoiled noble, not a trained fighter. He wished to be killed quickly. Funny how things don't go according to plan.

We <3 Role Play current round ends July 31st. Many terrific new mesh items on sale.
Boys of Summer ends July 31st. Exclusive items.

On Him, Captured Prince:
Top, Pants, Boots: Kahli Designs Royal Raiment - Black/Silver [mesh] (WLRP)(249L) 50% off
Eyes: Rue Eyes/Grimalkin: Green Gold  [mesh] (WLRP)(75L) 50% off 
Hair: LALA Moon Side Winder - Black Sepia (free, Lucky board)

Throne, props: Tia Odin Throne [mesh] (WLRP)(720L adult / 420L pg) 25% off 
Lighting: Rustica Gilded/Wood Candle Chandelier set [mesh] (WLRP)(399L) Sale
Sundisk banner: GSpot Sun on a stick Bronze green [mesh] (WLRP)(350L) Sale
Ferns: Envisage:Limitless Ferns Red-Tip [mesh] (WLRP) (free)

On Him, Saxon Raider Maximilian:
Armor: The Forge Daerwen male [mesh] (WLRP) (245L) 30% off
Boots: The Forge Daerwen Boots male [mesh] (WLRP)(245L) 30% off
Face tattoo: Tricky Button Lost a Knife Fight (WLRP) (25L) 50% off
Top: A:S:S Showoff crop shirt - red [mesh] (Boys of Summer) (60L) Sale

(click to enlarge)

FATEplay is a new division of FATEwear with male and female role play inspired clothing. Current offerings are outfits first seen in 3 colors at Fantasy Faire that include materials. Now these cool outfits are back and expanded to 8 colors. I look forward to seeing what comes next. 

On Him, Gandalf the Blue:
Outfit, cloak, hat: FATEwear Ithron (edit for tint) [mesh] (500L)
Pipe: Adjunct Churchwarden Style Pipe - Leprechaun [mesh] (100L)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Double Feature: Femboy Hunt + Genre Lolita

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: He could hardly believe it. The prettiest girl at Anime High said yes to a date with him. Not having any better sense, he took her to his favorite place in the world. It was a rundown movie theater deep in Pack territory. All the best werewolf movies could be found there, even B-movies long forgotten. He was completely obvious when she blurted, "This place smells like wet dog," and kicked a half-chewed bone littering the floor as if it were made of toxic waste. He was in heaven. Today's showing was, "Curse of the Blood Moon," followed by "Tyrannosaurus Rex vs The Hellhound of Dracula." During the horrific climax of the movie, she screeched and clung to his arm with a iron grip surprising from someone so delicate looking. It was awesome. If he had a badass tail like Satan Sliverclaw, it would be wagging like mad. When he asked her for a second date, she said yes, but she would pick where they go next time.

I laughed so hard on this copy. ...Ok, let me tell you a little bit about this image. We are both wearing the new mesh anime head by Utilizator. It comes with a hud to change eye colors and emotes for eyebrow, tears, eyes, mouth, and blush. You can use the hud to change skin, brow, and eye textures. It's a lot of fun for girls, but tricky for a guy to pull off. I combined it with the mesh male body from U & A. It's super skinny so I used my own shape to tweak how I liked. The skin texture is full perm which it made it possible for me to create alpha textures. I know my way around UVmaps and Photoshop so this was easy for me, but it could be difficult for others. I have really warmed up now to the idea of wearing a mesh body. It's so nice to have hands and feet that look better then the default avatar. The hair I picked up during the Magika sale. My lovely date here loves the Utilizator female mesh body but for more clothing options, she matched the mesh head to a skin by Fortunata. She loves long hair. When I saw the hair by Enigma at Hair Fair, I knew she would go crazy for it. The hair comes with all colors, and 30% of sales goes to Wigs for Kids. Her dress by Kastle Rock currently on sale for 100L at Genre's July theme Summer Lolita. I am wearing a fun Femboy Summer Hunt prize from Sugarnova. You can see prize previews of most Femboy Hunt items HERE. The Revolt popcorn really creates movie watch ambience with a loud munching sound and spray of temp rez popcorn kerns. This awesome couples chair by Row by Row is prefect for in-world movie viewing and it comes with many original animations. And yes, this really is a werewolf movie theater. It's located in the Lost Wastelands, part of the City of Lost Angles.

On Him:
Shirt, Shorts, Shades, Sandles: Sugarnova Summer Rebel (male on female base shape)[mesh](Femboy Summer Hunt #33)(2L)
Head: Utilizator M3 Mesh Anime Head [mesh] (500L)
Body: U & A Mesh Male Base (edited for alpha) [mesh] (500L)
Hair: Magika Minzy - B&W pack (199L)
Popcorn: Revolt Popcorn [mesh] (the Arcade)(free)
Chair: Row by Row Halcyon Theater Red (3500L)

On Her:
Hair: Enigma Isabella with all colors hud (Hair Fair, 30% donation) (290L)
Dress, Sleeves, Bows, Sheers: Kastle Rock Couture Lolita Dress - Blue [mesh](Genre - Lolita) (100L) 
Head: Utilizator M3 Mesh Anime Head [mesh] (500L)
Skin: Fortunata M3 Skin 0 (49L)
Socks: Dark Midday Design Chubbits Chunky Lolita Shoes +Socks White [mesh] (165L)
Shoes: G Feild Platform Shoes Rosette - black (180L)

Thanks for your help Fulli!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SALES: Glam Affair, Tableau Vivant, Fatewear

Three fantastic brands I dearly love are having massive summer sales right now!

Fatewear Sale 50% 7 day sale ends 7/17.

Glam Affair Sale 100L for older skins that soon be retired.

Tableau Vivant Sale 50%-75% ALL of T.V. on sale, and past Collbor88 prices return to 188L or 88L

Event Sales
Also, two events right now that have awesome goods on sale are We <3 Role Play and Genre.

Genre - Lolita genre this month, many great deals for Elegant Gothic Lolita and Summer Lolita styles

We Love Roleplay - There are some epic new original mesh goodies here on sale. I will post more soon!

Monday, July 15, 2013

EVENT NEWS: Hair Fair 2013, Sim 3 Brickness

(click to enlarge)
Our kawaii corporate demon here is wearing a lot of nice items from several July events. The tricky girl got into Sim 3 Brickness at Hair Fair. Her bubblegum locks with headband come from the Mira fatpack by Ayashi. The natural colors are at the fair. Her smartly tailored suit is by Paradise Kiss. (Scroll down for more Hair Fair, the Sim 3 freebies) Her pink rose jewelry is part of the fantastic WTG 4th Anniversary set that also includes a mesh dress, earring, and a crown. It is a gift for current group members, and is also for sale for 1000L. Those mesmerizing doll-like eyes are the latest release from Poetic Colors on sale now at Men's Department. Ms Pink's horns and bindi are by AIR and also on sale at Sourire event KASASAGI. Remember Miniascape's Horror Night 2011Horror Night 2012, and the Bloody Valentine? This event is similar and cool spooky fun, but then you will need to use a translator since it is in Japanese only. There are 3 endings to the tale and 3 prizes. But if you are not able to do the quest, definitely swing by to check out the shop section full of many of my favorite Japanese designers.

On Her:
Hair: Ayashi Mira hair (Hair Fair, Sim 3 Brickness)(250L single color)
Bindi: AIR Bindi 7 TM Gacha Black/Silver (Sourire event KASASAGI) (10L)
Horns: AIR Ifrit pair horn 77 TM Gacha Rose/Silver (Sourire event KASASAGI) (40L)
Choker, Bracelets, Rings, Nails: WTG **4th Anniversary** (group gift)(1000L to buy)
Suit: Paradise Kiss Iren Jacket an pants, black [mesh] (399L)
Undershirt: Chandelle Top lace #001
Skin: Izzie's Geanna Bubblegum Skin porcelain (250L)
Tattoo: Cupcakes/Skinosaurus Tex Haru - Two Heart Gems (the Deck)(no longer available)
Eyes: Poetic Colors PC Milky Eyes - Dove (Men's Department)(100L)

(click to enlarge)
Hair Fair 2013 - Sim 3 Brickness - freebies
1: Colors Free E, medium Grey (all colors)
2: Ayashi Akio-brown
3: Hairon Sparrow - Darkling (3 colors)
4: MiaMai Janetta Grey3 (6 colors)
5: Calico Renata (all colors hud)
6: Calico Mandy (all colors hud)
7: Calico Denise [mesh] (all colors hud)
8: Calico Desiree (all colors hud)
9: Vanity Hair Morea G6 (all colors)
10: Ayashi Liliana-Orange [mesh]
11: Damselfly Elaine Free Hair, light red [mesh] (all colors hud)
12A: Slink Wire Tiara with Gemstone [mesh] (color hud)
12B: Faenzo/Goucci Nouveau Earrings [mesh] (color hud)
13: Iconic Freedom -BombShells (all colors)
14: Lamb Right-Brained (all colors)
15: Eep hair 012 green with white bows
16: Tram black ribbon and hairpin

On Him:
Shirt: Heaven Gate Neo Male HodieVest Gray [mesh](group gift)(free)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Marilyn skin - Blonde - tone 3 (990L)
Necklace: :Sey "Star&Skull"-Necklace & Bangles (300L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors jaded - violet (100L)

On Her:
Jacket: Corvus Red Templar Jacket [mesh](Fi*Friday)(55L this week)
Skin: Glam Affair - Laurel 04 BL (The Arcade)(no longer available)
Eyes: Poetic Colors nightfall - night mood (100L)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

EVENT NEWS: Hair Fair 2013, Sim 4 Harbor

(click to enlarge)
Hair Fair is back with 4 sims of designers to help raise money for Wigs for Kids. The sims are decorated in a playful Legos theme. And the wonderful Prim Bus that slays lag like a champ? It's a giant Lego this year! How cool is that? (Scroll down for all the gift hair on Sim 4: Harbor.) Pictured above, I've got my skintight cyber suit on for a good reason, the Fair is packed! Crack out your own old school Lag Combat Suit(TM), wear no scripts, or attachements and you'll do well at this crowded event. My body glove is by Graves, and cool new Fawk hair by Gauze at the Fair. Don't have any handy system clothing left? Don't worry, you can pick up the free lowlag outfit at the landing. Here's another tip for you: join the Hair Demo group to try on hair demos at the comfort of your home. This is good idea too since many hairstyle come with Color Change Huds. The Fair does not allow scripts, so you will have to exit to try all the colors. Sim 4: Harbor was the first sim I was able to get into. Keep trying to get in gang, and have fun! The Events runs until the 28th.

On Him:
Hair: Gauze Fawk - Popularity (Hair Fair 2013, 15% donation) (300L)
Outfit: Graves G242 Mainframe - White - male (460L)
Tattoo: Wasabi Pills Hairbase - LONG - Faded (included with hairs)
Eye makeup: SongBird Shock Rocker Triple Pack (100L)
Eyes: Rue Russian Blue Set [mesh] (75L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 14 (990L)
Pose: Amato MMM-HH2012 prize*.amato.*

(click to enlarge)
And now I'll get a little wild and model hairs for both girls and guys. lol.

Hair Fair 2013 - Sim 4 - freebies
1: Analog Dog mono (all colors) [mesh]
2: Tableau Vivant Constantine - [HF] Unisex Gift (all colors, color huds) [mesh]
3: (red)Mint Goodies Bag (wear for all color demo delivery) [mesh]
4: Clawtooth Hair Fair 2013 Dollarbie (Gift Bag) (3 colors) [mesh]
5: INK Hair SKC GIFT For hair fair 2013 ::Blonde/Blue [mesh]
6: Gauze Hair Fair 2013 Gift Bag (8 color hud)
7: Baiastice Color Demos (all colors) [mesh]
8: Tameless Dori - Naturals (All colors, touch to color change)
(NOTE:  Alice Project has a "coming soon" display for a gift hair)

BONUS Clothing:
9: DCNY/Exile Low Lag outfit & Hair Base for men and women
   Auxiliary This sum free gift <3 Thank you! Ivy & Tyr [mesh]
   Heartless HF2013 Goodie! [mesh]

On Him:
Shirt: MAMD Mesh_Mens Jacket With Rolled up Sleeves [mesh] (250L)
Necklace: Rozoregalia Nornir Necklace (500L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Andrej skin - Blonde - Tone 4 (990L)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

HUNT NEWS: The Return of Room 326

Mad City by the Madpeas opens today and runs until the end of the month. This hunt brings back the gorgeous Peacock Hotel by Never Totally Dead and the fantastic downpour of Madpea Noir. The cityscape is expanded with a larger city block and a park with open dancefloor. Many places for cool photo ops.

And for your burning questions about Mad City, here's a direct reply from Momma Pea herself and Yuna Khaos:
Dev: I have a question. I did Room 326 on the first round. I see the city has expanded. Are there more changes from the first time? 
Kiana Writer: Devin, story is same
Dev: ok. Prizes also?
Kiana Writer: new prizes and stores and of course surprises too ;)
Yuna Khaos:  Everyone is more then welcome to walk around. There are shops around the sim you guys can go shopping at.
So there you have it!  Crack out your trenchcoats detectives. Put on your spike heels Femme Fatals. 'Cos this hunt is going to have some awesome new prizes. And don't forget to explore the newly expanded Mad City. For more information, go HERE.

BONUS:  Here's a sneak peek at the people behind Madpeas and the upcoming new game UNIA from the popular Drax Files series.

Bunny in Cherry Dress Suit for Boys

(click to enlarge)
The White Rabbit is back and showing you the new cherry linen and lace version of the Dress Suit for Boys from Frozen Night at RMK Gothic. The suit also comes in colors brown, green, red, purple, white, black, and blue. Included is a male shape on the female base, but for the image above I used my own male shape with dial settings adjusted to body fat 0, and leg muscle between 35-40. The cool garter socks by *AAA* are handy for all fashionable dandies. Garter socks come in 3 styles and is only 15L. Mr Bunny's face is by Apelz, and the ears by Curious Kitties.

Magika is having 50% off sale right now. It's a great time to go get some good hair over there. Most hairs come with a color hud so you get many colors with just one hair. If you have trouble teleporting in for the sale, give it a little time and try again.

Also something else you guys might be interested in, the Femboy Summer Hunt starts July 17.
And don't forget to update your viewers before July 9th when Linden Labs throws the switch to Server Side Appearance or you will be seeing a lot of grey textureless people.

Outfit:  Frozen Night dress suit [cherry pink] for boys [mesh] (300L)
Socks: *AAA* Black socks A (15L)
Hair: Magika Blame [mesh] (125L) Sale 50%
Avatar: Apelz Ice Cream Bunny - Vanilla (299L)
Shoes: [MnM] platform shoes *PS-001M [mesh] (400L)
Hat: Cero Style NOPH male Hat (past hunt, Night at the Opera)
Ears: Curious Kitties Kittenz Wonderland Bunny Avatar [mesh] (past, RMK Bunny Hunt)
Pocketwatch: Dreaming Maiden McTwisp [mesh] (past, RMK Bunny Hunt)
Cane: The Black Canary The Dandy (Silver/Gold) (no longer available)