Monday, July 24, 2017

Sword of the Kōmori Daiyoukai

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STORYLINE: The Nightfang was a powerful sword. He could feel the energy pulsing in it. But like so many things in life, his father's favorite weapon didn't come with an instruction manual. Years would pass as he experimented with the it, trying to tease out its secrets. Then one day while strolling through a battlefield littered with the fallen, a butterfly landed on the sharp edge of the blade unharmed. Then more butterflies came to rest on it as if it was perfectly natural for butterflies to suddenly be smitten with a deadly metal. Thats when he realized those were no ordinary butterflies, they were the Jigokuchō, or the hell butterflies that come to collect the souls of the dead. Surely this was a major clue to Nightfang's ultimate attack.

Japonica is ending soon. Be sure to not miss the great sales, including 50% off for the event. This post continues Kōmori story with fantastic new release by Gabriel, Katahaori. I used a combination of the Enji and Shiro for this outfit, paired with the Enji Geta. Hey, it wouldn't be me if I didn't make a twist to this look; Hot Pink Latex Tabi? Obi on the Shoulder? Have you lost your mind, Dev? Maybe. lol I love how this turned out.  The AIR butterfly gacha is fun, when you walk an exact duplicate of your butterfly will rez around you in a particle effect. Pretty cool. In the set, the screens by katat0nik are mod, so they can all be tinted whatever color you like. The hanging lanterns are by Who What and include animating goldfish inside. .... Speaking of awesome, and japan... the Kagami event has opened. I look forward to seeing you all dressed up for another adventure game this year. See you there!

On him, Son of the Komori Daiyoukai:
Outfit: Gabriel ::GB::Katahaori, enji [mesh](Japonica)(380L)
Wraps: Gabriel ::GB::Katahaori, shiro, Sarashi gray [mesh](Japonica)(380L)
Geta: Gabriel ::GB::Takageta (male) enji [mesh](Japonica)(150L)
Butterfly: Air TefuTefu_6)Purple_CM, gacha [mesh](Japonica)(50L)
Butterfly: Air TefuTefu_9)White_CM, gacha [mesh](Japonica)(50L)
Obi: Naminoke *N*Decoration Obi BlackLily [mesh](Japonica)(200L)
Bento Wings: Linden Labs Elleria - Wings (starter avatar)(free)
Hair: No.Match No One, black pack [mesh](200L)
Katana: Mandala Sakura Dynasty [mesh](387L)
Collar: [CX]&[ContraptioN] Untamed Collar - Black [mesh](250L)
Face Piercings: CerberusXing Chained Bridge - Silver [mesh](300L)
Ears: Illusions Fairy Ears [mesh] (300L)
Skin applier: Soul Emmanuel - Cypher [V1] Special Edition TMP (975L)
Hairbase applier: Dura Omega scalp appliers (free)
Top applier: BareRose Omega AA for ::: B@R ::: Tokio 2069T2 (80L)
Gloves applier: Sn@tch Basic Latex Fingerless Gloves (past lucky board)
Head: 6DOO Human mesh head EKASI-01 Ver.1.02 [mesh](2,600L)
Hand, hand pose: Slink Male Hands Dynamic - BENTO [mesh] (875L)
Feet: Slink Male Feet Flat [mesh] (650L)
Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body V2.9[mesh](1,250L)
Pose: Del May DM - I'm here male (50L)

Screens: katat0nik byoubu / shoji screen 2Li [mesh](Japonica)(250L)
Lanterns: who what akari kingyo- {pink} [mesh](Japonica)(80L)
Pavement: xin. ishidatami 3, gacha [mesh]

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tomb of the Kōmori Daiyoukai

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STORYLINE: He inhaled deeply the smoke of the serpent pipe. As he exhaled, the snake at the tip hissed out smoke trails. He watched it lazily meander towards a nearby rockface. The pipe was a prized relic of the Kōmori clan. It was not of this world, it belonged to the spiritworld. It's smoke was being sucked toward a heavy spiritual presence nearby. There must be hidden cave. "Father," he smiled. "At last I found you." Once inside the cave, he discovered the massive fallen skeleton of his father, its batwings still stretched out, as if he might fly away at any moment. Beside it impaled in a pile of skulls, was the gleaming legendary katana of his father. Smoke swirled around it. The pulsing power emanating from the sword gave him goosebumps. He climbed up the pile of bones and lovingly withdrew his birthright. "Nightfang" he whispered to it as it were his lover, "So nice to meet you at last."

The idea of this post was inspired by one of my favorite animes.  The pipe, tattoo, hairsticks, and pants you can find at Japonica. The Bento wings are part of the brand new Linden Labs Bento starter avatars, and the bento tail is by Murder of Ravens. The giant skeleton is part of the Cureless gacha at Epiphany.

For more information on Japonica, go to:

On him, Son of the Komori Daiyoukai:
Pipe: BOILDEGG :02:Wa Hukimodoshi Snake Silver, gacha [mesh](Japonica)(50L)
Pants: Gild abi-hakama_purpleGradation [mesh](Japonica)(180L)
Hairpins: CerberusXing [CX] Hinotori Kanzashi (Purple) [mesh](Japonica)(150L)
Tattoo applier: U Design Atasushi (Japonica)(300L)
Bento tail: Murder of Ravens [M.O.R] bento demon tail v1.1 [mesh](150L)
Bento Wings: Linden Labs Sauin - Wings (starter avatar, free)
Collar: [CX]&[ContraptioN] Untamed Collar - Black [mesh](250L)
Face Piercings: CerberusXing Chained Bridge - Silver [mesh](300L)
Hair: Dura Dura-Boy*51 [mesh](130L)
Ears: Illusions Fairy Ears [mesh] (300L)
Hand, hand pose: Slink Male Hands Dynamic - BENTO [mesh] (875L)
Skin applier: Soul Emmanuel - Cypher [V1] Special Edition TMP (975L)
Tongue: 6DOO bento basic tongue thin front [mesh](150L)
Head: 6DOO Human mesh head EKASI-01 Ver.1.02 [mesh](2,600L)
Body: NX-Nardcotix David Mesh Body [mesh](1750L)
Bento hud face: Happy Dispatch [HD] bento Facial expression HUD (600L)
Pose: Hot Dive pose beast (30L)

Skeleton: Cureless Yokai Chronicles Gashadokuro BONE, gacha [mesh](Epiphany)(75L)
Skull mound: MGSit Store Horror [mesh](420L)
Katana: Mandala Sakura Dynasty [mesh](387L)
Fog: {anc} mist cloud [Heavenlyblue] 1prim sculpt (349L)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Little Fountain Visitor

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: A mist rolled slowly into the sleeping village. Tomorrow would be a buzz of activity during the summer festival, but for tonight the air was calm with only an occasional cricket chirp, or croak of a lonely frog. Stalking silently in the tall grass was the Little Lion, protector of the village. It was hard work keeping the rats away so the big event would run smoothly, but quiet moments like this made it worth it for the tiny fierce hunter. She sprung up with ease on top of her favorite place, the rock water fountain in the garden. From her perch, the Little Lion surveyed her territory. Then smiled in her own catlike way for a job well done, and took a drink.

It's summertime in Japonica! Throw on your Yukata, and head on over to enjoy beautiful creations in kimono & yukata for men and women, accessories, buildings, decore, food, tattoos, and gacha from Japan.  For more information, go to:

Fountain: MonkeyGirl [MG]Dokodemo Waniwa Type A1 [mesh](Japonica)(350L)
Building:  Maru Kado Kominka-01 (43Li) [mesh](Japonica)(450L)
Cart: Marushin D8 tawara #2, gacha [mesh](Japonica)(70L)
Plants, Statue: Del-ka Aedilis Asian Garden O-Ren [mesh](Genre - East Asia)(150L)
Fog: {anc} mist cloud [Heavenlyblue] 1prim sculpt (349L)
Grass: Happy Mood HPMD* WildGrasses -green- a [mesh](180L)
Cat: Fashionably Dead (fd) Cat - 12 Curious, gacha [mesh] (50L)
Lantern: The Looking Glass TLG - Lotus Valley Dream Lantern [mesh](past Fantasy Faire gift)
Path: Dysfunctionality [DDD] Stone Ruins Path - Long [mesh](135L)
Bamboo: Headhunter's Island Yellow bamboo row [mesh](99L)
Landform: Jumbo Core Plat  River [mesh](95L)
Walls: Fuubutsu Dou Stone Wall with materials [mesh](500L)

(click to enlarge)
Watermill: Soul Mates Miller's House with mill  [mesh](Japonica)(800L)
Pinwheel stand: bitter vanilla -15-  b.v Yatai (red) RARE, gacha [mesh](Japonica)(60L)
Cart lantern: Marushin #7 Chochin Dashi E, gacha [mesh](Japonica)(70L)
Cart Dragon: Marushin #10RARE Ryujin Dashi A, gacha [mesh](Japonica)(70L)
Tea House: 22769 Secret Teahouse [mesh](Japonica)(525L)
Floor lantern: 22769 Paper Console Lamp  [mesh](Japonica)(155L)
Floor lantern: 22769 Small Paper Lamp [mesh](Japonica)(115L)
Folding screen: 22769 Screen [mesh](Japonica)(125L)
Bed: 22769 Futon Bed [mesh](Japonica)(adult 725L, pg425L)
Hanging lanterns stripe: bitter vanilla -11-  b.v Chochin stripes, gacha  [mesh](Japonica)(60L)
Hanging lanterns red: bitter vanilla -12-  b.v Chochin red, gacha  [mesh](Japonica)(60L)
Hanging lanterns: bitter vanilla -13-  b.v Denshoku, gacha  [mesh](Japonica)(60L)
Bonsai: Madpeas Bonsai Tsume, 1li, gacha [mesh] (50L)
Bonsai: Madpeas Bonsai Mitsugo, 1li, gacha [mesh] (50L)
Willow tree: The Little Branch LB_WeepingWillow.V2 [mesh](386L)
Large tree: The Looking Glass TLG - Wolfmother Tree (250L)

Thanks for your help, Akira!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Tower of Phantomhive

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: A crow landed in the snow covered doorway of the ruined tower and cawed loudly. A blindfolded man turned his ear to the doorway and nodded as if he understood the message of the feathered visitor. He was a regal looking man, despite the maid uniform he wore. He was none other than Sebastian, the demon butler of Phantomhive Manor. He was busy preparing a rather interesting evening of entertainment for young master. Soon, the misogynistic thief who stole Her Majesty's crown jewels would arrive. The deranged criminal belonged to a secret society that believed women should never be in positions of power. Ridiculous. The butler snapped on a tight lady's latex glove. A sinister grin curled up on the edge of his lips. Oh how he did enjoy extracting information.

Happy 4th of July! To celebrate, don't miss making your own fireworks at the Independence Sale at Dictatorshop. All the adult furniture of the entire store is discounted 40% off. Shown above at the Contempo sofa, chair, stool, and cross. All the pieces come with a color change hud. You can choose what poses you want: m/f, f/m. f/f, m/m, or get the 4-in-1 option. All pieces will automatically rez props and attach them with permission.

Phantomhive Manor:
Sofa: DictatorShop Contempo Adult Sofa Version [mesh](pg mf fm 1495L) sale!
Chair: DictatorShop Contempo Chair Adult Hetero Version [mesh](pg mf fm 1495L) sale!
Stool: DictatorShop Contempo OMNI Bondage Stool 4-in-1 [mesh](fm mf ff mm adult 2,995L) sale!
Horse: DictatorShop Contempo OMNI Bondage Horse 4-in-1 [mesh](fm mf ff mm adult 2,995L) sale!
Cross: DictatorShop Contempo OMNI Bondage Cross 4-in-1 [mesh](fm mf ff mm adult 2,995L) sale!
Dining cart: Death Row 36.DRD MB dining cart, Mystic Bastion gacha [mesh]
Chair, LanternDeath Row DRD GV - Gothic Vampire Set  - Black [mesh](pg 1,200L)
Side table: Death Row DRD iron filigree bed set [mesh](pg 899L)
Throne: BananaN Dark throne RARE, gacha [mesh](50L)
Crow: Yummy Mr. Crowly, gacha [mesh](50L)
Flowers: Yummy Condolences Bouquet, gacha [mesh](50L)
Tree: Little Branch LB_SugarMaple.v2{4Seasons} [mesh](386L)
Tree: Little Branch LB_OrangeTree.v2{4Seasons} [mesh](386L)
Tree: Little Branch LB_BuckThorn{4Seasons) [mesh](386L)
Floor lamp: Kalopsia Chandelier [mesh]
Rug: Libertine Sangue Floreale, Rug (Animated)[mesh]
Rug: Libertine Ars Moriendi, Rug (Animated)[mesh]
Rug: Noctis Versailles aubergine octagonal sculpted
Tower: Poetica Ivy Tower large - dark [mesh] (2000L)

On him, Sebastian (one hell of a maid?):
Dress: katat0nik BW Apron Dress (male and female) [mesh](600L)
Boots: Empire Freesia - Maitreya - Black Latex [mesh] (599L)
Blindfold: Silvery K Blindfold Black [mesh](150L)
Tie: Bliensen + MaiTai Drago - Bow Tie for Men [mesh](299L)
Hand, hand pose: Slink Male Hands Dynamic - BENTO [mesh] (875L)
Head: [M.O.R] Kuro head v.01 [mesh](free)
Hair: Ayashi Sebastian-Black set [mesh] (250L)
Gloves applier: Sn@tch Basic Latex Fingerless Gloves (past lucky board)
Sleeves, pants applier: BareRose Omega AA for ::: B@R ::: Tailcoat Type2 (65L)
Collar: BlakOpal Hawkesworth-white shirt collar-tie (free)
Skin applier: Soul Emmanuel - Cypher [V1] Special Edition TMP (975L)
Chest: [V-Tech] Boi Chest Mod v2.2 - Maitreya (499L)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [mesh](2750L)
Pose: DelMay DM - Mime/Leaning (past gift)

Thanks for your help Akira!