Friday, August 30, 2013

The Eclipse Incident: Day Clan

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STORYLINE: But it was the time for Day Clan the rule. The two sides readied their weapons. Day accused Night of using black magic to swallow the sun. Night called Day liars using tricky to incite a war. The situation seemed hopeless. There cannot be both Day and Night at the same time. "Look!" a small child pointed to the sky. The sun was reemerging. The Day Clan called off the war. The Night Clan warned they would back, and in greater numbers, next time Day made false allegations.

In the background is a cool house by Aisling that is only 35 land impact. YES! A mesh house that has lovely textures, has doors, collisions, security, no phantoms and only 35 LI! It's all mesh, and that means you can scale it up for titan size, or scale it down for petities.  Pretty cool. The trees are a group gift from Isovii that comes with a menu to change leaf color. Both poses, and the set are by Chanimations. The kit has 3 poses in all. I am wearing a cool Goblin mask by Kahli Designs that was in the fantasy gothca. My jacket is by The Library and called Mr Darcy. The one on sale is red. The Boots are from the cheapies section of WLRP and the style works so good for many types of role play. The Belt is a single obj you can scale to fit your shape. The gloves are by Fatewear and have been updated to include materials. If you own Dextor gloves, just get the update for free and you will have the new leather materials too. The Firey shaped horns are by Rue and on sale at WLRP. How many of you guys went thorugh a lot of Ls at the Tableau Vivant sale? I know I did. This one of the textures I got for 400L. Tableau Vivant and Glam Affair will both be down for 2 weeks as they remodel. The outfit on Faun is fantastic. It's by the Muses and includes all armor shown, and boots. There is a red and black version on sale too. The auburn dreads are a dollarbie at Discord Designs. The natural white version you can find in the marketplace here. The stag horns are by Aisling and were another sweet item at Fantasy Gacha. Her skin is a fun one, a rough-n-tumble girl, like a boxer, who has stiches under one eye, burised other eye, and a busted up lip. The skin comes in 2 tones and has appliers for Tango and Lush.

On Him, Day Clan Goblin:
Jacket: The Library Darcy jacket - brown [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (200L) 1/3 off 
Boots: the Lounge Md Grey Exclusive Celtic Calf Boots - rigged [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (50L)
Horns: Rue Horns/Pyromancer: Bone [mesh] (We <3 Role Play)(62L) 50% off
Belt: Mabinogion Medieval Belt Black/silver [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (74L) 50% off
Makeup: Sacred TYLER skin - Add-on - Guyliner (We <3 Role Play) (695L) 25% off
Hands: Fatewear Dextor with materials (300L)
Mask: Kahli Designs Goblin Mask - Light Green (past, Fantasy Gacha)
Scarf: ::SP:: Black Scarf RARE [mesh] (past, Fantasy Gacha)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Ryan Sent to destroy 4 (reopen sale)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Hawk MALE Mesh Hair - Ash [mesh] (250L)
Pants: The Little Bat !TLB - Rocker Pants (Grey)
Eyes: Poetic Colors Jaded Eyes - Jade [mesh] (150L)

On Her, Day Clan Faun:
Outfit female: the Muses Penghel Armor Brown/Bone (We <3 Role Play) (299L) 25%off
Skin: Le Petite Morte lindley t2 fighter (We <3 Role Play) (400L) Tango applier (50L) Lush applier (63L) 50% off
Horns: Aisling Etchalvi Chocolate [mesh] (past, Fantasy Gacha)
Hair: Discord Designs -dDx- EFB01 - Auburn (1L)
Poses/set: Chanimations Sorceress Power and Word (We <3 Role Play) (300L) 33% off 

House: Aisling Yren House (We <3 Role Play) (595L) 30% off
Trees: Isovii ELEMENT I - Summer Oak (group gift, free)

The Eclipse Incident: Night Clan

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: As it has always been, the Night Clan stirs when darkness falls over the land. 

If you haven't already picked up the deals at We <3 Role Play, hurry. The August round ends on the 31st. I'm wearing an outfit by Kahli Desgins that can be worn on girls, guys, and even males on female base. The mesh attachements can be edited for a good fit. The outfit includes a lionhead shield and sword. Check out these fun mesh demon hands by Death Row. They are not rigged and have a X,Y,Z resize script. It includes a black glove layer to help blend the demon hand into your skin. Two items shown above I got at the Fantasy Gacha, the pink dragon shoulder pet by Candy Crunchers, and the horns I have on by Aisling. The Candy Horns our lovely Moon Maiden is wearing are from the cheapie section on We <3 Role Play and come in several colors. The gown is from Fateplay and can be worn without or without sleeves. There is a very nice lacing detail on the back of the gown. Both Night Clanners are wearing Fallen Gods skins currently on sale at WLRP. Both come in male and female versions. The poses and the summoning circle are from set kit by Chanimations that includes 5 poses, and a particle special effect for each hand in several colors. For the purpose of image, I made my own FX in postproduction.

On Him, Night Clan Drow:
Armor, pants, boots, belt, sword, shield, helmet: Kahli Designs Royal Guard unisex (We <3 Role Play) [mesh] (499L)
Skin: Fallen Gods HYBRID male CYAN Tribal (We <3 Role Play) (495L) 50% off
Hands: Death Row Designs Demon Hands [mesh] (60L)
Hair short: Faenzo UFFIE Hair // NTRL Grey [mesh] (1L)
Hair long: RedMINT (r)M ~ Hair(Mesh) No.06 ~ Stone [mesh] (edit hat)(discontinued)
Horns: Aisling Marangki -Bones- [mesh] (past, Fantasy Gacha)
Eyes: Rue Eyes/Grimalkin: Ice [mesh] (past, We <3 Role Play)
Setting: Urban Forge Virtuatecture UF gift box - TH Fall '12 (past, Twisted Hunt)

On Her, Night Clan Witch:
Skin: Fallen Gods CRYSTAL female VIOLET OpalFae Gloss (We <3 Role Play) (495L) 50% off
Dress: FATEplay Wende - Amethyst [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (375L) 25% off
Horns: Alchemy  Candy Horns - Ombre [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (25L)
Poses, set: Chanimations Sorceress Summon and Spell poseset (We <3 Role Play) (215L) 50% off 
Pet: Candy Crunchers Dragon Pet 10 - Rare [mesh] (past, Fantasy Gacha)
Eyes: Rue Eyes/Grimalkin: Frostbite [mesh] (past, We <3 Role Play)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Lory Mesh Hair - Iceberg (past, The Arcade)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tokyo 3.1: Guardian Momiji

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STORYLINE: "Tree Hugger!" He was five years old when he saw a rock thrown at his older sister by a bitter wheelchair-bound man. He was horrified when blood trickled down her face. He immediately charged at the nasty coot, but Sakura blocked him. "The person who is hurting here is not me." She pointed to the man's legs. There was a severe infection where his cybernetic limbs met his upper thigh. "Rejection," she whispered. He swore he would never accept implants after that day. But not all of his childhood memories were bad. He got to see the Walled Forest before it was destroyed. Remembering the beauty of leaves turned to amber, orange and red was all the motive he needed to follow into his sister's footsteps. Poachers and vandals would soon be overwhelmed by the fury of Guardian Momiji.

Continuing in the Tokyo 3.1 series, this one shows the new clothing for guys from Fatewear with leather materials. The pants are Brad, and the Jacket is Logan with an open or closed jacket. You can wear the included shirt under the open jacket, or go without. I showed you guys the Materials katana from Barerose that is in the Marketplace. This purple version you can get for free in the freebies section of Barerose. The samurai elements come from the Barerose outfit Komaoh Maru which also includes mesh chest armor and pants. The boots are rigged cyber badness by Mono:Krome. Love. I am wearing Kooqla's River Silver. The Tangerine version is currently a free group gift, it cost only 10L to join. I recommend joining and stay joined. These skins are awesome.   The hair is cool purple color with a top braid by Discord Designs. In this makeup by ni.Ju, I'm looking like the Visual Kei twin from the Kaulitz clan. (Well, when not making a frowny face anyway. lol) It's freebie at RMK Gothic.

On Him, Momiji:
Jacket, Shirt: Fatewear Logan - Volcano with leather materials (edit tinted) [mesh] (300L)
Pants: Fatewear Brad - Volcano with leather materials [mesh] (300L)
Headband, train, armor, gloves: BareRose Komaoh Maru [mesh] (190L)
Weapon: BareRose Purple Materials Katana [mesh] (free)
Tattoo: [ni.Ju] Makeup - Red Panda, RMK Open gift (free)
Hair: Discord Designs Briannon - Purples (edit tinted) (180L)
Boots: Mono:Krome MK-001 BOOTS MESH v2.0 UNISEX Cyber/Goth [mesh] (149L)
Skin: KOOQLA River silver (970L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors Jaded Eyes - Violet [mesh] (150L)
Harness: Dark Prophet Designs Weapons Harness IV, gacha (no longer available) [mesh]
Pose: F*ckingNinjas *FN* What is it good for? (50L)

Location: Tokyo 3.1

BONUS: Here is a fast raw unedited studio shot from the Official Viewer on the Fatewear jacket, shirt, and pants. ...One thing that surprised me was my tint on the shirt did not translate with a materials render.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Tokyo 3.1: Guardian Sakura

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Given enough time diverse things merge and combine. This was true too in Tokyo 2085. While huge chunks of the city had joined the global cyber collective, some parts of Tokyo were ageless. One small section close to the water even had real living sakura trees. This was her favorite place. Guardian Sakura defended it ferociously. Somethings were worth dying for.

Originally I had the idea of doing a tough-as-nails woman warrior, but my idea took a turn toward a combination of hard and soft, past and future, east and west, after I won the watermelon colored falls. lol. The Rebellious armor outfit by Dark Prophet Designs is a wonderfully crafted mesh with pieces that can be added or subtracted. Included is a hood with 2 styles of tattoo to shade the face and make you look mysterious. Nice touch! It's on sale 25% off at We Love Role Play until August 31st. The soft elements are by Barerose. The Otoko Ohka package also includes hair, kimono and shoes. The Codie falls by Discord Designs is available in gacha at the 24 Event until August 31st. This beautiful skin by Koola is a current group gift. I love the eyeliner and freckles. The Amidala makeup by Avea adds a nice geisha touch. The dewy Jaded eyes by Poetic Colors match the green falls end nicely. For the pose, I used both katanas in the Fantasy Ninja pose by F*ckingNinjas. Picture is taken at the new sim by :Sey, Tokyo 3.1.

On Her, Guardian Sakura:
Armor, outfit, boots, tattoo: Dark Prophet Designs Rebellious female [mesh] (1200L) 25% off
Hair: Discord Designs Codie Watermelon RARE, gacha (The 24 Event) [mesh] (30L)
Sash, chocker, train, sword effect: Barerose Otoko Ohka [mesh] (edit color tint)(185L)
Makeup: Aeva Heartsick Amidala Make Up (75L)
Skin: KOOQLA Okania Rion/01 (group gift,10L to join) (free)
Eyes: Poetic Colors Jaded Eyes - Spring [mesh] (150L)
Katana, Pose: F*ckingNinjas *FN* Fantasy ninja pose (50L)


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tempus Pillage: WW2 Raid

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STORYLINE: Tempus Pirate Herschel Hertz built a nice life for himself traveling back in time. He "borrowed" key pieces of history to sell to eager collectors on the black market. But instead of counting all his platinum bars, he should have studied his history a little more. When he landed on the deck of the Battleship Yamato, looking like some kind of fashion mashup of warring nations.... Well, he was just glad his crew of grumpy salvagers rescued him before he was buried up to the neck in sand to roast in the hot Pacific sun.

Death Row has released lot of sweet new goodies. This cool captain's hat works great for men and women. It comes with a hud to change the texture on the front metal plate. (I went with the skull and crossbones.) The bullet belt for men is one solid obj so it's easy to scale it to fit your shape or outfit. The details are great! The steam gloves comes in 3 colors, and include a resize script for x, y, and z scaling so you can get a perfect fit easily. The outfit by Phunk I got for Madpeas Mad City Film Noir look, but it also works great for WW2 looks. It's a complete outfit with coat, shoes, shirt, fedora, and cigarette or you can just wear the trenchcoat alone.

On Him:
Hat: Death Row Designs DRD cap unisex with hud [mesh] (180L)
Belt: Death Row Designs DRD Bullet Belt Male mono [mesh] (50L)
Gloves: Death Row Designs DRD chrono fangs steel [mesh] (50L)
Suit, Shoes, Trenchcoat, cigarette: Phunk Men's Man in Black Outfit [mesh] (375L)
Location: Yamato Memorial

(click to enlarge)
Time Pirate Hertz has a sweet cache weapons and they are all free from SciLab. That right, everything you see here is completely free. And that includes my favorite zombie hunting rifle. There is more in the gift box I didn't show here, a mesh bunny avatar, a castle, male and female armor outfits, and more. Such an awesome gift. All his new things are original mesh and really cool.

Weapons, tank, helicopter: SciLab Creator's Past 2009-2011 (free)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Goth Day at the Beach

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When is a Flamingo black? When it's Goth Day at the beach of course! Gothic Lolitas enjoy a little fun in sun as long as their brocade parasols and Sunblock 99 hold up.

Perfect for the lazy days is the new release by Rotten Toe, LaceDollDress. It comes in black, pink, or teal On the right is an Elegant Gothic Lolita swimwear set, Alrescha, by Likka House which includes swimsuit, gloves, sandals, and parasol. It comes in black or pink. The flamingo is by Weather or Not and at the current round of The Flux, "Flamingo Lounge." It and comes in small lawn ornament size and mega size with pose pack, pink or black.

On Her, white hair:
Dress: Rotten Toe !RT!:.:LaceDollDress [mesh] (180L)
Shades: Glam Affair Vintage Sunglasses Black [mesh] (Collabor88) (88L)
Hair: redMint (r)M~ Hair No.18(F) (193L)
Skin: Pink Fuel Harley porcelain (1000L)

On Her, black hair:
Swimsuit, gloves, sandles, parasol: Likka House Alrescha - blacky (200L)
Hair: Curio Obscura Erstwhile Spirals Hairstyle [mesh] (250L)
Nails, rings: Chandelle Nails RR black (The Black Fair) (1L)
Skin: Glam Affair Roza - 7 (past, The Arcade)

Goth-mingo: Weather or Not Flamingo [mesh] (Flux) (small 100L)(Mega pose pack 180L)
Beach: Studio-Skye Skye Beach [mesh] (699L)
Chairs: DIGS Tenby Deck Chair [mesh] (275L)
Radio: Standby Inc. Beach Radio - classic gacha [mesh] (50L)
Umbrella, table: Alouette Lounge Chair Set [mesh] (past, The Arcade)
Palm Trees: Alouette 3LI Palm Tree [mesh] (past, The Arcade)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paradise Kiss Sale + Black Fair

(click to enlarge)
WHAT? Paradise Kiss is closing?  *makes panic face*  No, no, no. Dont freak out, but do run to scoop up the sweet deals. The Paradise Kiss inworld store is closing and then moving to the marketplace. From now until the end of the month, you can buy original mesh clothing for men and women at 50-99L. For example the jacket I have on above, "Edgar," normally sales for 399L, but I got it for 99L. The jacket comes in black, silver, white, cobalt, blue, seagreen, brown, red, purple. And now I have some exciting news, there will be a rebirth as Ayashi comes back to it's Anime and J-Rock roots with plans to create entire outfits of total badass including hair, clothing, and shoes. Yes!!!!!!! *does the happy dance* One more thing, while working on this shoot I discovered in the marketplace this nice mesh scooter. It's by Prefabrica and it's totally free!

On Him:
Jacket: Paradise Kiss Edgar - purple [mesh] (99L) Closing Sale
Pants: Paradise Kiss Men's Skinny Jeans - white [mesh] (99L) Closing Sale
Scooter: Prefabrica Zoomer [mesh] (free)
Shoes: DECO Coconut Wingtip [mesh] (Collabor88) (188L)
Hair: Ayashi Jomei - white set (200L)
Necklace: Fusion Cord Cross Multi Necklace (male) (295L)
Tattoo: KOOQLA River stardust tattoo (past, Limited Bazaar)
Eyes: Poetic Colors nightfall city lights [mesh] (100L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 14 (990L)

(click to enlarge)
"I see a white room and I want to paint it black." The Black Fair is going on now til the 23rd. The event and gifts are heavily slanted towards the girls however I found a few things for guys to enjoy too: Bat Buddies by Epic, Batman mirror by Wetcat, Mustache earrings by Pure Poisen, black ring by Max Gossamer, high waisted black leggings by U:Refined, and black bag by Chandella. The hair is by KMADD. He had his 7 year rezday and released 3 nice eyes and 2 hairs for KMADD members in the group notices.  Motorcycle 19 has some freebies on the 2nd floor including the silver earring and shades. In the background is a gorgeous lounger by Aisling. (I am loving this store! Check them out at Fantasy Gacha, We <3 Role Play, and Taste the Rainbow hunt) The Lady Sciarri lounger comes with two texture huds, one for patterns and the other for colors, so you can mix and match for your decore style. The lounger comes with single and couple animations. Very nice.

On Him:
Bats: Epic Bat Buddies (The Black Fair)(1L)
Bat mirror, pose: Wetcat "Mirror" Pose Stand w/Prop [mesh] (The Black Fair)(1L)
Bag: Chandella Bag Marry. black [mesh] (The Black Fair)(1L)
Ring: Maxi Gossamer Black Roho - Large [mesh] The Black Fair)(free)
Earrings: Pure Poison Black Moustache Studd Earrings [mesh] (The Black Fair)(1L)
Pants: U:Refined  High Waist Black Leggings (can be used by guys) (The Black Fair)(1L)
Earring: 19 Motorcycle Onenine Piercing Ver.1.2 (free)
Shades: 19 Motorcycle 19 LOCS Ver,1.1 (free)
Hair: KMADD Fadima - Black & Silver 8 (group gift, free)
Lounger, lamp: Aisling Lady Sciarri with 2 texture huds and Oilbviate lamp - black [mesh] (700L)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bunny and Stag

(click to enlarge)
Many great new things to show you today. First up, these two new mesh chairs, Bunny and Stag by Tableau Vivant, are at the 2nd Anniversary of Collabor88. The theme is 1920s. I love this time period!  So many fantastic items. Keep trying to get in, so much coolness going on there. The T.V. chairs can change light wood to dark, and 5 fabric colors are in the event theme color palette. Bunny uses the girl palette, and Stag uses the guy palette. On the right, our elegant, yet powerful Stag girl is wear the new ruffle dress by Ambrosia. It also comes in green, blue, pink, and white pokadot. The dress includes a matching hairbow and bow at the front of dress. We are both wearing the new WTG rings, nails, and bracelets B&C Jewels for girls and guys. They come with a nice hud that will resize to any size hand shape! Fantastic. This huge mane for hair that says, "King of Jungle" is called Leah by Alice Project and it's available at the current round of the Zodiac. The outfit I have on is by the Black Carney. I am still crossing my fingers the entire store will come back online. But until then you can pick some highlighted items at RMK Gothic.

On Him:
Nails, Rings, Bracelet: WTG B & C jeweled nails male (260L)
Hair: Alice Project Leah [mesh] (Zodiac) (187L)
Chair: Tableau Viviant Bunny [mesh] (Collabor88) (88L)
Jacket, Pants: The Black Canary ~*{TBC}*~ Gentry (350L)
Shades: Kumaki K_gs Kasha_R2 [mesh] (400L)
Necklace: Rozoregalia Nornir Necklace 1/c (500L)
Boots: lassitude & ennui Suede mesh boots - black [mesh] (280L)

On Her:
Dress, bows, hairbow: Ambrosia Ruffled Dress - black [mesh] (130L)
Nails, Rings, Bracelet: WTG B & C jeweled nails female (260L)
Chair: Tableau Viviant Stag [mesh] (Collabor88) (88L)
Neacklace, earrings: Frozen Night crystal rose antique (free)
Stockings: Erratic patterned stockings skulls - white (150L)
Shoes: G Field *GF* Strap Shoes Alex patent white (200L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Jamie - Crystal pink [mesh] (250L)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Demise of Ludovico Sinistrati

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Ludovico Sinistrati was the inventor of the INCUBUS steam-class robots. As brilliant and wealthy as he was, he was deeply flawed. There wasn't a single living soul he actually liked. He was obsessed with creating a "better human" from gears and bolts; a friend who would always agree with him and do his bidding without complaint. So warped was his mind, that his idea of a romantic evening involved blindfolds, cages, and metallic paint. No matter what humiliating acts the ambitious silver-painted lady endured to win his favor, he simply trusted his robots more. 

There's a hat trick of awesomeness happening right now: Sinister Steam Hunt 3, Fantasy Gacha, and We <3 Role Play August. There are so many cool things, you will definitely be inspired. I know I was! In the image above, The skybox and gun turret for freebies from the Sinister Steam Hunt. The Gun Turret by Land of  Nodd can rez, derez, and follow the movements of anyone close-by, or you can lock  it in place.  The skybox by Potpourri Designs is stuffed with goodies. I used the Lair of Plotting Dastardly Deeds skybox, and I love the music box of spooky organ music to get you in the mood for Dastardly Deeds. lol Fantasy Gacha is wonderful. High quality original mesh items for low gacha prices. For example, a harness from Dark Prophet Designs will cost you 400L. Take a change on the Gacha and it will only cost you 75L. The rare include chains. At the sweet sales in We <3 Role Play August round, the Double Hanging Cage by Roawenwood comes with a nice set of animations that will pose both cages at the same time. The Silks by Soedara, which the Silver Lady is wearing, is made in mesh and comes with a really cool mask headdress. The chains that connect the wrist to the ankle are a particule effect. The metal scale poetic shirt by the Bastard is the clothing debut of the well respected designer of Rustica. The shirt is draped realistically across the body, it's a perfect fit, I dont even need an alpha unless I bend far forward. It has gorgeous detailed texture and includes metallic materials!

On Him, Ludovico Sinistrati:
Shirt: bastard Poetshirt Scaled with materials [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (199L)
Harness: Dark Prophet Designs Weapons Harness IV - Advanced Dark Grey [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha)(75L)
Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild S'Wear "Biker "mens leather pants (199L)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui Wanderlust boots male - black [mesh](280L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors nightfall - night mood [mesh] (100L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Andrej skin - Blonde - Tone 4 (990L)
Wrench: Flecha Sculpted Wrench fullperm (20L)
Robot: The Land of Nodd Automated Defense Turret [mesh] (Sinister Steam Hunt #5)(free)

On Her, the Silver Lady:
Silks: Soedara subOrdination - Brown Rust [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) 40% off
Skin: paulina Burner Chrome Silver Metal Skin (250L)
Cage: Roawenwood Weathered Dual Hanging Mesh Cage Set [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (347L) 30% off
Skybox, candelabra, fireplace, rug, spooky music: Potpourri Designs Lair for Plotting Dastrdly Deeds (Sinister Steam Hunt #20)(free)

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: So what happens when the creation of a diabolic genius suddenly becomes self aware without a drop of human compassion? ... Murder is what. It was a week after the INCUBUS' insurrection when neighbors complained about a bad smellStill perched on Sinistrati's body was his favorite pet, the SpiderBot. It was an eyewitness to the brutal murder but being a simple robot, the police overlooked it and began a manhunt for the "real" killer, the Silver Lady.

Is this barber chair cool or what?  It's by Noctis and very much in the flavor of Sweeney Todd. Love it! It comes with optional gears for the chair, a mirror, a side table and shaving bowl, and the posters on the wall. You can pick it up in the Sinister Steam Hunt. The coat I am wearing is the new Dante by Fatewear. I love this so much. It has leather materials, also comes with a shirt and tie. My shoulder pet, the Steam Spider and Mask are by Black Pearls at the Fantasy Gacha. There is so much awesome stuff there, Run do it before it ends on the 21st! In the background, you can see a nice coat rack by Aisling. It's from the new Cheapies section at We <3 Role Play. The hair is a dollarbie at Discord Designs.

On Him, Ludovico Sinistrati:
Coat: Fatewear Dante Claypit with materials [mesh] (300L)
Chair, table, bowls, posters, mirror, drap, knife, sisscors: Noctis The Barbers Chair [mesh] (Sinister Steam Hunt #27)(free)
Mask and Shoulder Pet: Black Pearls Spider Mask (gold) and Itzy Spider RARE (Fantasy Gacha)(50L)
Tattoo face: Sacred TYLER skin - Add-on - Bloody nose (We <3 Role Play) (695L) 25% off
Coat Rack: Aisling Endak Coat Rack [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (25L)
Hair: Discord Designs FBR01 - Dark Essentials - Cast Iron (1L)
Shirt: The Black Canary He Lurks in Darkness (no longer available)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Mr Evil is back to share with you guys some badass materials: Fatewear Dante leather and Bastard metal scales in the Materials Project Viewer.  Cool huh?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gearpunk Blues

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STORYLINE: Some people thought it was a woman who broke his heart, the way he sighed and brooded darkly for days. But the truth is, his brilliant new invention of total genius didn't work. 

Two cool new things at FaMESHed to show you that look great together, the Remarkable Oblivion Sandstorm goggles and Tableau Vivant Keyring Necklace. The Goggles come in 4 colors, each one you purchase has 3 options: open, half, and closed. The Keyring Necklace comes with a color hud to change the colors and works great on both men and women. If you haven't already gone and drained your wallet on all awesomeness at the Tableau Vivant 50% to 75% off Re-opening sale, I have good news. It's still going strong! But how long? I dont know. You can pick up the Long Vest, Leather Boots, and skins like the new Nathan line at good prices. The Harness by Dark Prophet Designs I picked up on sale at the last round of We <3 Roleplay. The August round opens the 4th, tomorrow, and it has over 50 designers, freebies and cheapies too. I have seen the previews, and guys can rejoice, lots of great things for the men! These L&B leather pants I have had for awhile. They look so great with the A.S.S. croptop, I couldn't resist using pairing them up again for another picture.

On Him:
Goggles: Remarkable Oblivion Sandstorm - WhiteWash - Closed [mesh] (faMESHed) (199L)
Necklace: Tableau Vivant Keyring Necklace with texture hud [mesh] (faMESHed) (300L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 1 (450L)
Shoes:Tableau Vivant Leather boots [mesh] (125L)
Vest: Tableau Vivant Long Vest - Black [mesh] (150L)
Hands: CheerNo Ken V.2_Maori Pale (Dressing Room Fusion) [mesh] (70L)
Harness, Armbands: Dark Prophet Designs Weapons Harness II - Dark [mesh] (400L)
Halfshirt: A:S:S Showoff crop shirt - black [mesh] (past, Boys of Summer)
Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild Mesh Leather Mens fatpack [mesh] (499L)
Hair: Raw House Khaos White 05 (250L)
Earring: Mandala Soul Ear Piercing, face piercing, necklace - black (397L)
Belt: BLITZED Legacy Belt - black (220L)
Choker: BLITZED Legacy Choker - black (150L)
Cuffs: BLITZED Legacy Cuffs - black (299L)

Location: Hazardous

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Tea Time!

Enjoy sweet English tea in the garden this summer with Rotten Toe's Tea Time. The set comes with tea cup, plate, and animation. 

On Her:
Prop: Rotten Toe !RT!...TeaTime (35L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!