Saturday, July 6, 2019

Summerfest 2019: The Vampire Pool Party

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STORYLINE: Summer is a time for going to the beach, splashing in the surf, and soaking in the sun. But what about the creatures of the night? Are they doomed to never experience the joys of summer?  Well down on the Moonset Strip at a little club called the Rockabilly Rox, the vampires are throwing a hell of a pool party. The speakers are blasting, coffins and headstones lined in neon, beach balls bouncing everywhere, and over at the dance floor the Nosferatu are splashing around happily in inflatable pools filled with suspicious looking red liquids. Who says only humans get to enjoy summer?

Summerfest is close to an end, but forget to grab the the fun-gear for your Summer. The image above was inspired by Schadenfreude's fun inflatable pool, bat wing inner tubes and floating drink holders. All them come with a hud to change the colors combinations in many ways, and their materials catch a perfect plasticky look in the light. The floating drink holder and ring, will slowly turn on the water for a realistic floating effect. The inner tube also comes in a Vehicle version, so you can race around and terrorize your neighbors in your own floating batmobile. There is a wearable ring, and floating ring and inner tube both have poses  build into them. The skull shaped inflatable pool can change its colors and even do a sugar skull texture versions. And you can change the water color from white, blue, pink, toxic green or of course red.  On the floor are beautiful Triton beach towels with poses from Balaclava.  From S16B, I picked up the cool Tootime club skybox by Anxiety for 30% off. Also from Anxiety are the neon gravestone group gift, and the neon coffin from the Cult gacha. The finishing touch of neon wireframe palm trees are from Foxcity.

Pool, pose: Schadenfreude Skull Inflatable Pool [mesh](Summerfest)(250L)
Inner Tube: Schadenfreude Bat Inner Tube, float [mesh](Summerfest)(250L)
Cupholder: Schadenfreude Bat Inflatable Cupholder, floating can [mesh](Summerfest)(250L)
Beach towel: Balaclava Triton Beach Towel Flamingo [mesh](Summerfest)(120L)
Beach towel: Balaclava  Triton Beach Towel Strelitzia [mesh](Summerfest)(120L)
Coffin: anxiety CULT [Neon Coffin] BLACK, gacha [mesh](75L)
Tombstones: anxiety neon gravestone 7 group gift [mesh](free)
Palm trees: Foxcity Potted Wireframe Mood Plant  [mesh]
Skybox: anxiety TOOTIMEclub skybox [mesh](SL16B, Golden)(280L) 30% off

Also from Summerfest are the retro Surfer sunglasses by Bondi which comes with a hud to make many different color combinations and bonus fatpack colors, and Val hair from Action that includes the option to turn rings in the hair on or off. Vampire Valerie is modeling the pose from Eidolon available in the Sumer Picnic Pack.

On Him, Vampire Val:
Wings: Schadenfreude Inflatable Bat Wing [mesh](Summerfest)(250L)
Sunglasses: BONDI Surfer Sunglasses [mesh](Summerfest)(205L single, 445L fatpack)
Hair: Action Inkubator Val [mesh](Summerfest)(377L)
Collar: Artificial Hallucination  +AH+ Belt Collar male rig [mesh](249L)
Teeth: 6DOO bento vampire teeth Cuspid fangs [mesh](250L)
Ears: Mandala STEKING_EARS_Season5 [mesh](697L)
Tattoo: silentsparrow Spooky Tattoos - Slink & Omega Appliers - SL Av Tattoo Layers (199L)
Tattoo: Izzie's Face & Body Blood & Wounds (199L)
Mesh head: Raven Bell  BJD Bento Head James // OMEGA-UV [mesh] (2000L)
Body: Signature Gianni - Mesh Body [mesh](3500L)

On Her, Vampire Valerie:
Top: 1313 Mockingbird Lane Norma Jean Swim Halter Black Polka Dot [mesh] (Lootbox)(50L)
Bottom: 1313 Mockingbird Lane Norma Jean Swim Briefs Black Polka Dot [mesh] (Lootbox)(50L)
Gloves: Addams Marion Gloves Custome Maitreya [mesh](75L)
Glasses: Barbwire Bettie .:BB:. Punk Pin-up glasses - Black skull [mesh](60L)
Necklace: deviousMind dM! LaSombra VampireNecklace ONYX/SILVER [mesh](225L)
Hair: Alice Project Kumi Bloody White [mesh](Halloween hair)(50L)
Tattoo: Izzie's Face & Body Blood & Wounds (199L)
Skin, eyemakeup: Pink Fuel [PF] Harley <Porcelain> fatpack (1500L)
Head: RavenBell BJD Lance Head // OMEGA-UV [mesh](2000L)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [mesh](2750L)
Pose: EIDOLON Summer Picnic Pack, Bambiberry Wine (Summerfest)(100L)

Thank you for your help, Fulli!