Sunday, May 24, 2015

World Goth Fair: What We Do In Cursed, 5

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STORYLINE: Maximilian Spyder was the first democratically elected leader in the history of Cursed. He won in a landslide against his arch rival Kaiser Kruel. He wasted no time sweeping in massive reforms to the thunderous applause of the inhabitants of Cursed. But it was not all glamor and idealism. Max has to make diplomatic efforts to try and bring together all the diverse branches of Cursed Nation, including defeated forces of Kaiser. Perhaps his most challenging was his dealings with the Elusive Vampire Squids. They lived deep under the ocean in eerie gothic shrines with bioluminance.

World Goth Fair continues with new goodies released yesterday for World Goth Fair.  And the fun continues: on May 26th at 8pm sl, You Shriek will be LIVE inside Secondlife! For more details, go to:

I'm using a borrowed computer right now so I am not able to do usual fancy image style. But I wanted to show you a few more cool things. At World Goth Fair is adorable Angler Fish mask by Spyralle. It comes in 3 color choices. The outfit Midnight Rambler is by Dark Water Designs and also comes in several color choices. The spike cuffs are by 7 Mad Ravens on sale at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room.

On Maximilian Spyder:
Mask: Spyralle  Angler Mask - Red [mesh](World Goth Fair)
Outfit, hood, cowl, boots: Dark Waters Design Midnight Rambler [mesh](World Goth Fair)
Cuffs: 7 Mad Ravens Hard Black Cuff [mesh](Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
Sash: Epia Auxiliary Chest Belt [mesh](220L)
Belt: Dark Prophet Designs Abdomen Belt II Tech [mesh](400L)
Gloves: Adjunct Luxury Winter Gloves - Black, gacha [mesh](no longer available)
Hair: Dura Dura-Boy 14 - black (120L)
Armband: Epia Symbol Armband [mesh] (group gift)(free)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Noctis skin - bald -Tone 01 (Boystown) (990L)
Pose: Del May DM - Wall nudge male

Hallway: Win Factory Halls of the Drow Noble Basic Set 1 [mesh](1500L)

Friday, May 22, 2015

World Goth Fair: What We Do In Cursed, 4

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STORYLINE: Wrath got caught smuggling during the Scarlet Rebellion. After he lost his job when the Deathhead Scouts were disbanded, he didn't know what to do with himself. He had two great passions: Bats, and giving the middle finger to the authorities. He went on to become the first Carrier Bat Keeper in Cursed (similar to Carrier Pigeons but with squeaks and midnight runs). His bats became a popular way to smuggle secret messages out of Cursed.

The World Goth Day all-day party continues at Club Gothika at the World Goth Fair. But this party doesn't end today, there is a special upcoming live performance! Read more details here:  The designers have released several new items today at the fair, so be sure to swing by and have a good time chat and listening to the music too.

Pictured above are the Swagga Arkham bats from the Fantasy Gacha. They come in black, white, and red, for arms, head, and the rare on the chest. The pants are also by Swagga, The Omega Pants, for Totally Top Shelf. They come in red and black fitted mesh for the default avatar or TheMeshProject body. ...The Seb hair by Tableau Vivant is on sale at the Men's Department. You can get it normal or with one side shaved like in the picture above. ...From The Dark Fae is the The Line Make jackets on sale at World Goth Fair. They come in fatpack of all gothic color needs. ... The Nylon Chucks by FATEstep are called Nylon not for the fabric, but the Designer of the Nylon Outfitters. She made artwork for these sneaker. With the texture change hud, you can recolor all the various parts and choose that painting you like. I adore these shoes with their original artwork! ... The mask is the steampunky Eyes of the TechnoMancer by Eudora 3D. They have a hud to change the color of the lens. ... These huge wings are by Europa. They include many colors and a tattered wing option. ... Cuffs by Mandala, and face piercings by Haus of Darcy and HV. Chapstick by Random Matters. ... And lastly, Kooqla has released a blue tone Malus skin with a TMP body applier as a group gift right now. 

On Wrath, the Batkeeper:
Jacket: The Dark Fae TDF's The Last Line Male fackpack [mesh] (World Goth Fair)(750L)
Sneakers: FATEstep Nylon Chucks - Slink Flat [mesh](495L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Seb hair [mesh] (The Men's Department)(250L)
Pet, arm: SWaGGa Arkham - Arm (Left) RARE, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Gacha) (50L)
Peat, hand: SWaGGa Arkham - Head Black, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Gacha) (50L)
Pants: SWaGGa Omega Pant - Black [mesh](Totally Top Shelf)(299L)
Goggles: Eudora 3D Eyes of the TechnoMancer Mask Bordeaux [mesh](250L)
Wings: europa Shryke wing (vamp) [mesh](250L)
Cuffs: Mandala Bracelets SANKARA Black (427L)
Piercings: Haus of Darcy Deardriu Piercing Male [mesh]
Cheek piercings: Hebenon Vial HV Singles: Jewel Cheeks [mesh](230L)
Lip: Random Matters Chapstick - Noir (130L)
Hairbase: Action Hair Base 04 Veganic - Snow (107L)
Applier tattoo: Clemmm Damaged Hands (99L)
Nail Polish: By Snow Fashionable Black applier for Slink hands (1L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax [mesh](450L)
skin: Koolqa Malus blue skin with TMP body applier (group gift, free)
Body: TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body [mesh](5000L)
Pose: Del May DM - Mime/Marcel Marceau (free)

Walkway: Le Boheme Gothic Pathway, 110li (150L sale inworld)

What We Do In Cursed, 3

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STORYLINE: Lilandra was an eccentric artist. Unlike the other Darks, she slept in the night and worked during the day. Her paintings were highly prized among the Dark for the powerful emotional chords they struck with the viewer. Others tried to emulate her style but ultimately failed. It was a mystery. She said needed privacy to create her masterpieces. Most accepted this explanation, however there was more to it. 

Happy WORLD GOTH DAY everyone, and welcome Akira Voorheese to the blog. She was a great help. I told her I was looking for a Bride of Dracula, ancient, vampire, and elegant. And just like that, BOOM, she had it done. Awesome. ... This first image uses heavily the wonderful Vanitas gacha by Noctis that ran in the October Tag gacha. When you touch a painting, it will slowly become more painted. It will also send you a paint palette and paint brush. I love these. (5/23/15 UPDATE: Good news! This gacha has returned to the Noctis mainstore at New Babbage.)  I included a few more artists studio gacha items from the School Festival last month by Sorgo and vive atelier. I'm a sucker for art studio stuffs. Love it. ... Akira is wearing several nice gacha from the Fantasy Gacha: the deviousMind crown and necklace, and the Una Bronte dress. She's wearing two hairs by booN. She thought I was crazy to suggest wearing 2 at the same time, but it looks great. Thanks for your help, Akira!

Setting, Painting room:
Chair, pose: Noctis Vampirium2 Parlor chair wings, 3li [mesh](255L)
Rug: Noctis Semi antique Chinese rug (55L)
Pencils, cup: SORGO Water Cup gacha, 2li [mesh](75L)
Sketchbook: vive atelier 09 Artists Sketchbook gacha, 4li [mesh](50L)
Painting, palette, brush: Noctis Vanitas painting 5/Edwaert Collier: 1663 gacha, 3li [mesh]
Painting: Noctis Vanitas painting 2/E Collier, Natura Morta con Teschio gacha, 3li [mesh]
Painting: Noctis Vanitas painting 3/Ambrosius Bosschaert 1630 gacha, 3li [mesh]
Painting: Noctis Vanitas painting 1/Phillipe de Champaigne, 1646 gacha, 3li [mesh]
Stool: Noctis Vanitas artist's stool wood gacha, 2li [mesh]
Barrel: Noctis Vanitas artist's barrel w brushes gacha, 6li [mesh]
Crate: Noctis Vanitas artist's paints and pallette on crate gacha, 6li [mesh]

On her, Lilandra:
Guest appearance: Akira.Voorheese of The SL Chatterbox blog
Necklace: deviousMind VictorianGothic - Crystal Cross 2-row Necklace , gacha [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)(75L)
Crown: deviousMind VictorianGothic - Crystal Cross Crown , gacha [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)(75L)
Dress, belt: Una Bronte Drees and belt, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)
Hair 1: booN MMK375 hair black [mesh](280L)
Hair 2: booN POI481 hair black [mesh](280L)
Tattoo: SongBird Messy Eater - Rather Hungry (100L)
Makeup: cStar Limited Cat Liner - 009 - Hardcore Cat (no longer available)
Eyelashes: Mon Chéri *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash [mesh](299L)
Fangs: Cain Realistic Vampire fangs (50L)
Lips: MUDSKIN Candy Lips_Deadly Apple glossy_Dark
Skin: Plastik Immortalia Skin-Femme:// Avicus
Eyes: S0NG Sweety~ Vampire Eye (50L)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 [mesh](2750L)

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The truth was Lilandra mixed blood into her paints. She collected "blood scent" from various places, animals, and people. You see, to a Dark a blood scent can evoke a mood. It's similar to how music, or color can effect a human.

Oh man you guys, this setting is beautiful! I am in Vampire Heaven! lol The gorgeous bed is by Death Row. It comes with a hud to change 2 of the drape colors, comforter, and pillows. Like all Death Row furniture, it includes lots of poses for male, female, couples, and adult. It will attach props to you too, just click accept when a menu pops up. ... From the Fantasy Gacha is the beautiful gothic gacha by Ravenghost. The Sarcophagus is interactive, the lid will slide open with a nice creepy sound and you can lay down inside. The candles have a cool melting wax texture animation effect. And the Gazebo is very lovely too. ... I hear it all the time, people are looking for nice statues in SL. Guess what? You can find these amazing statues by Papermoon and The Muses at the Fantasy Gacha too! The Rares for statue and candelabra come with a hud to change all the textures, 7 statue colors, 7 candle colors, the metals. (You can mod tint the drapery if you like too) The commons have a texture hud for the candles. The swinging chandelier is it stunning.  ... Ok now all your goth loving people, Raise your Goth Flag and let it fly proud! Happy World Goth Day! Head down to World Goth Fair, shop, listen, dance, and chat with all other lovers of the gothic culture. Below is today's DJ schedule at Club Gothika at World Goth Fair.  .... p.s.  There will several new releases for WGF today since today is World Goth Day. Go check it out! Have fun!

Setting, Castle Max:
For additional pictures bv Akira, go to:
Bed: Death Row DRD drapery bed, 8li [mesh](pg 699L, adult 999L)
Candle: Ravenghost Requiem Low Pillar Stand, gacha 1li [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha)(69L)
Candle: Ravenghost Requiem Medium Pillar Stand, gacha 1li [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha)(69L)
Coffin: Ravenghost Sarcophagus 1.2 RARE, gacha 8li [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha)(69L)
Gazebo: Ravenghost Requiem Gothic Ruin RARE, gacha 16li [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha)(69L)
Statue: Papermoon / The muses Visage: Stone - Statue 05/RARE, gacha 3li [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha)(50L)
Chandelier: Papermoon / The muses  Visage: Light - Swinging RARE, gacha 5li [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha)(50L)
Statue: Papermoon / The muses  Visage: Stone - Statue 06/RARE, gacha 3li [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha)(50L)
Skybox: Dysfunctional Designs [DDD] Khan's Keep Base, 55li [mesh](495L)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

World Goth Fair: What We Do In Cursed, 2

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STORYLINE: It had been one year since the walls around Cursed fell. Those imprisoned in the City of Cursed for being "dark" won their freedom at last! Scarlet, the leader of the Rebellion, was finally reunited with her long lost sister Elizabeth. Their joy was overwhelming. But like any sisters, they eventually had some disagreements.... At first the arguments were over little things like clothing borrowing without permission. Just normal sisterly squabbles, right? Well, mostly. Only a sister of Darkness would threaten to add her sister's head to the collection if the Baron La Croix's sacred skull was not returned immediately.

I'm so happy I was able to return to the Elizabeth and Scarlet plotline from last year. It felt unfinished to not show their reunion last year. But since a year has past, well..., Elizabeth is discovering some of the unpleasant sides of her older sister. lol

The Femdom throne and Gullotine at by Unkindness. The set is a new release for ROMP. The Queen of Hearts throne includes several sitting positions, and the guillotine has a uncomfortable pose for the naughty. The Kendo Sword by Souzou Eien is from the current Anime round of Genre. It comes script with changeable holding poses, or unscripted. You can mod, so I added a red tint to the grips. The Rose cane is by Chaos Panic and Disorder on sale at World Goth Fair. And the Gothic endtable, cognac, and glass are by 22769 ~[bauwerk] on sale at World Goth Fair. The Skull is a group gift from Contraption and the Baron's top hat comes from the Tableau Vivant Samedy hair set. ... Scarlet is wearing the jacket by Dark Water Designs on sale at World Goth Fair. The system corset and fitted mesh skirt with texture hud are by Sakide. The Charlotte boots are by Bliensen + MaiTai. They come in red or black and have a texture hud to change decoration on the boot from rose to raven. Scarlet's pose by Black Tulip is one from the Lost in the Woods set, on sale at WGF. .... For details on what Elizabeth is wearing, head over to the Dark Phantom blog.

On her, Scarlet the Ringmaster:
Boots: Bliensen + MaiTai Charlotte Sometimes Boots - Red  [mesh](World Goth Fair)(399L)
Jacket: Dark Water Designs Mad World Jacket - red  [mesh] [mesh](World Goth Fair)(150L)
Dress, undershirt: SAKIDE Merula Skirt Fitted, body suit [mesh] (World Goth Fair)(225L)
Weapon: Souzou Eien Shinai Kendo Sword [mesh](Genre)(100L)
Hair: Olive the Chelo Hair - Naturals [mesh](Dark Style Fair)(200L)
Hat: deviousMind VictorianGothic - CrystalSpider Tophat [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)(75L)
Choker: deviousMind ictorianGothic - CrystalSpider Choker [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)(75L)
Stockings, applier: Cannibelle Big Stripe Stockings - Black (50L)
Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Hypno Eye L.E. Rebis [mesh](65L)
Tattoo: Clemmm Unkin Body Smear (group gift)(free)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual [mesh](450L)
Gloves: Adam n Eve AE for SLINK Appliers Hands - Opera Glove (150L)
Skin: Glam Affair Vera Horror edition GIFT C (Past group gift)
Pet: Swagga Ararkham - Red bat head, gacha (Fantasy Gacha)(75L)
Pose 1: Lovely Smiles Pack Poses 119 (150L)
Pose 2: Black Tulip Lost in the woods 4, #18 - Mirror (World Goth Fair)(175L)

On her, Elizabeth the Cute Clown:
Guest Appearance: Aarya Phantomhive
(Part two of the Elizabeth storyline and style card coming soon to the Dark Phantom blog)

Guillotine, throne: Unkindness uK-Queen O' Hearts Guillotine, FEMDOM Throne [mesh](350L)
Cane: Chaos, Panic, and Disorder Rose Walking Stick (World Goth Fair)(99L)
Table, accessories: 22769 ~[bauwerk] Gothic End Table, Cognac Bottle, Glass [mesh](World Goth Fair)(175L)
Hat: Tableau Vivant Samedy Hair [mesh](300L)
Skull: ContraptioN Decor: Two Odd Skulls (group gift)(free)
Cigar: Death Row cigar2r [mesh](prop given on DRD furniture poses)

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Despite their differences, (and silly arguments over who is the hottest Hottie in Cursed), Elizabeth and Scarlet had a bond so strong the wall that kept them apart broke first.

The hats and Scarlet's necklace are from the deviousMind gacha at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Each item has 5 colors you can select from a popup menu. Scarlet is wearing the Crystal Spider hat and collar and it makes me happy since the Spiders are a symbol for the Rebellion in my Cursed storylines. ...The collar on Elizabeth is by Sweet Lies, also at the Fnatasy Gacha. ...The white bat on Elizabath's shoulder and the red bat by Scarlet are from the Arkham gacha by Swagga. They're so awesome! Best looking bats in SL! ... Both Scarlet and Elizabeth are wearing the Chelo hair by Olive on sale at the Dark Style Fair. You can get a simple color pack, larger color pack, or fatpack. You can color the streaks separate from the back of the hair.

World Goth Fair has released it's DJ schedule for the big day, World Goth Day on May 22, and it's even longer than in the past! Schedule below. WGF has lots of staggered releases, some will be released on May 22nd for World Goth Day, so be sure stop by and enjoy the tunes.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

World Goth Fair: What We Do In Cursed, 1

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Good evening mortals. Welcome to Cursed's 4th annual World Goth Fair. As relations between The Dark and Humans normalize, we hope a tour of the city with opportunities to meet our colorful denizens will help promote understanding and trust. I am Commander Ashe of the Night Troops. I will be your escort. We are not that much different than you. We creatures of the night put on our black leather pants one leg at a time too. But if I were you, I would not lag behind. Some of the residents have more hunger than sense. Follow me.

The bats have left the belltower, its time to get your Goth on! The World Goth Fair is open! Each year World Goth Fair tries something new: things that didn't work out get dropped, and new ideas are tried. There will be staggered releases throughout the event, and several on May 22 for World Goth Day itself. And I am excited to tell you this year a little batty whispered in my ear something very special is going to happen. Something that uses the words "Gothic Bands" and "LIVE in SecondLife" in the same sentence. Watch the official World Goth Fair blog for an official statement, bands, and times!

If you are new to this World Goth Fair madness, check out this nice Dark Beauty Magazine interview with one of the holiday's co-creators, DJ Cruel Britannia. In fact, Cruel Britannia will be one of the many DJ spinning the tunes right here inside SL for the all day party on May 22 for World Goth Day! Don't Miss it!

Pictured above is the new Sgt Nemesis Marching Band outfit by Avatar Bizarre. You can get it in male or female, and it includes the coat and pants. It's one of many fun things you can pick up at World Goth Fair. A list of all merchants and map of the store locations is here. In the background in front of Club Gothika are two cool statues by Lost Junction, Reaching for Redemption. You can pick them up at One Word. (Note: Technically One Word ended on the 15th, but the displays are still up as of this morning.)

On Him, Commander Ashe:
Coat, pants: Avatar Bizarre AB Sgt Nemesis Marching Band Male [mesh](World Goth Fair)(225L)
Hat, nose chain: Remarkable Oblivion Paragon Cap, Nose chain - Forever Black [mesh](249L)
Eyeliner: Lovely Disarray The Guyliners : Slept in (110L)
Scar: Usagi Cafe Usagi Cafe hunt item #4 (past hunt, free)
Ear Piercings: Haus of Darcy KYO Mesh Ear Piercing, Facial Piercing - Frost [mesh] (150L)
Face piercing: Haus of Darcy Fire In The Water Prt. 1 (50L)
Ears: Mandala Unisex Simple Ears [mesh] (297L)
Gloves: Adjunct Luxury Winter Gloves - Black, gacha [mesh](no longer available)
Latex: Red Devil Devastating Black (199L)
Armband: Epia Symbol Armband [mesh] (group gift)(free)
Scalp: Action Hair Base 04 Veganic - Snow (107L)
Shoes: PixelFashion Bradford Shoes Black V [mesh] (390L)
Eyes: S0NG Sublime - Vampire Eye [mesh] (50L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Noctis skin - bald -Tone 01 (Boystown) (990L)
Pose: ZZANG Strength 006

Statues: Lost Junction Reaching for Redemption Statues [mesh] (One Word)(200L)

World Goth Fair

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fantasy Faire: Fishhook the Brave

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: A great gathering of all Merkind was called. The Unweaver's villainy must not be allowed to continue! The Unweaver was vulnerable to water, but how could he be lured to their domain? Many ideas were offered, but no workable plan was found until the eccentric Fishook raised his hand. He was a Mer with a love for human fishing inventions. Some thought he was twisted. (Why would he love a thing that struck terror in hearts of most Merkind?) But his hobby lead Fishook to perfect the art of leaping out of the water. He loved crashing on boats to steal the lures of stunned fishermen. He was fearless. So naturally, his plan was accepted. The Sirens sung a beautiful song no mortal could resist. Slowly a mist crept into Odyssey. Fishhook knew it had to be the Unweaver! At just the right moment, he gathered all his strength and leapt high above the water. He caught the Unweaver by surprise, snared him, and they crashed below the waves. The Elders quickly sealed the Unweaver in a magical pearl where he could no longer make mischief. The Fairelands were saved thanks to Fishhook the Brave!

Today is the last day of the Fantasy Faire! Don't miss the opportunity to get some wonderful event-only Mermen skins and Atlantean temples from Fallen Gods! The male skins come with appliers for Slink hands and feet, Lotus, Soul ears, and the MeshProject head and body. You can also pick up the beautiful Pearl Temples and Pearl Lights by Fallen Gods. ...The Eclectica gargoyle ears are awesome! They come in several styles. Touch the ears to change the metal, skin, and gemstone textures. ...The staff by Bite and Claw is one of the excellent prizes from the Fantasy Faire Lost Lands hunt. ...I love this new Hozuki makeup by Lovely Disarray. It's a unisex applier for the Mesh Project head on sale at Dark Style Fair.

The Fantasy Faire has raised a phenomenal amount of money this year for Relay for Life. Until next year, this is Dev signing off with a fishtail high five slap for a job well done!

On Him, Fishhook the Brave:
Skin, skin appliers, outfit: Fallen Gods Oceanica Atlantic Ivory Male (Fantasy Faire, Odyssey) (1100L)
Ears: Eclectica gargoyle ear 'beastly' version [mesh](Fantasy Faire, Ichi-go-ichi-e)(285L)
Staff: Bite and Claw Ionna Staff [mesh](Fantasy Faire, Spires of Andolys)(FF Hunt Gift)(free)
Makeup applier: Lovely Disarray Hozuki : Makeup Set [Unisex] (Dark Style Fair)(150L)
Headband: Remarkable Oblivion RO - Atlantis Headband - Ahoy! [mesh](249L)
Hair: Argrace Ken Urei - White [mesh] (250L)
Eyes: Dead Apples Marble - Olive [mesh](89L)
Head: TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(m) - Anime (Deluxe) [mesh](5000L)
Body, hands: TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body [mesh](5000L)
Pose: Del May DM - Slalom (50L)

Buildings: Fallen Gods Pearl Temples, 4 styles [mesh](Fantasy Faire, Odyssey)(1400L)
Lighting: Fallen Gods Pearl lights [mesh](Fantasy Faire, Odyssey)(240L)

Fantasy Faire, Odyssey


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fantasy Faire: Minion of the Unweaver

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Chomper was an outcast of Tanglehimmer Grove. While the fairies danced in the dappled sunlight of their magic circles, he sulked in the darker region of the forest. They thought he was creepy with his sharpened teeth. He wasn't a bad guy, just a loner. But that all changed when the legendary Unweaver dropped down before him. He was being chased by Bard Queen's hounds, and needed help. Chomper was stunned at first. Him? Help the Unweaver? He didn't think that highly of himself, but the Unweaver whispered flattering words in his ear and before long he was seduced by the darkness. He conjured up a mist and helped the Unweaver escape.

Fantasy Faire has only a 2 days left. Already a massive amount money has been raised for The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life! Congrats to all! Check the official Fantasy Faire blog for more details and the weekend's Event Scedule. In my stylecard below, I give direct links to where the items are help make your shopping easier. Also, thanks to Helena Stringer, here's a wonderful Shopping Guide to all booths in Tangleshimmer Grove. If you haven't been to the Faire yet, or have never visited one before, don't miss it! Fantasy Faire is a one-of-kind event in SL each year. It's full of imagination that'll make you feel like a kid again, or inspire you. The goodwell is overflowing, and there are lots of cool people to hang and goof off with. lol  (I had the blast the other day riding the Lobster Bus with the talented builders behind the sims.) There's lots to do: hunt, pick up gifts, explore, role play, see a performance, look at art galleries, and of course goodies can to be purchased for a good cause.

Above I am wearing the beautifully crafted Nova Helmet by Trap. The set comes in 3 base colors with a hud to change the glow, tentacle, and hair colors. Across the street on the gorgeous Yazakura sim, is Gauze. (I totally want to move in on the Yazakura sim, my house right next to the pond or a waterwheel, it's so cozy!) You can get the entire Alchemist outfit and Mage Staff there. The makeup is by Fujiwara's World on the Poppetsborough sim. You get it in several different colors. But let's talk about something seriously cool that might have escaped your notice. Hello! That is a MESH mouth for Men! I have tried another mesh mouth for guys, but it was hard to fit. This ones is much easier, and it comes with a handy alignment guide you can wear as a tattoo. I am very impressed, gang. The shark tooth Chompers version is for Relay for Life. The teeth are separate, so if you have opther teeth (ior fangs!) you like, you can use those instead. Also, you ca pick up the Kiss mesh mouth for guys as well as a closed mouth one. The hud for the Chomper mouth comes with textures for all the Soul skintones, and there are lip tones built into it also, you can even make your lips glow! lol Love it. The Skin and and matching MeshProject body applier you can also pick up in all the fun fantasy colors. Also at De La Soul are mesh fantasy ears and they take appliers. I spotted Fallen Gods has an applier for those ears! Ok, gotta run. Have fun gang!

On Him, Minion of the Unweaver:
Helmet: ANA - Trap Nova Helm Copper [mesh](Fantasy Faire, Yozakura)(100L)
Outfit: Gauze The Alchemist - Boots, Jacket, Pauldron Male [mesh](Fantasy Faire, Yozakura)(700L)
Staff: Gauze Alchemist Staff - Mana Back [mesh](Fantasy Faire, Yozakura)(200L)
Makeup: Fujiwara's World FW :. Berserker Markies ~ Coal (Fantasy Faire, Poppetsborough)(100L)
Mouth, teeth: De La Soul :Soul:. Kissers - Eros - Chompers, Teeth [mesh](Fantasy Faire, Ichi-go Ichi-e)(599L)
Skin Applier TMP: De La Soul :Soul:. Gen 1 Male - (F4) (Fantasy Faire, Ichi-go Ichi-e)(349L)
Skin: De La Soul :Soul:. Dominic - (F4) - Toned - NoBrows (Fantasy Faire, Ichi-go Ichi-e)(599L)
Body, hands: TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body [mesh](5000L)
Eyes: Aii  Kitsune Violet Eyes (50L)
Pose: Eternal Dream ED Dream Spell poses, male (Fantasy Faire, Poppetsborough)(180L)

Fantasy Faire, Tanglehimmer Grove