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Fantasy Faire: Minion of the Unweaver

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STORYLINE: Chomper was an outcast of Tanglehimmer Grove. While the fairies danced in the dappled sunlight of their magic circles, he sulked in the darker region of the forest. They thought he was creepy with his sharpened teeth. He wasn't a bad guy, just a loner. But that all changed when the legendary Unweaver dropped down before him. He was being chased by Bard Queen's hounds, and needed help. Chomper was stunned at first. Him? Help the Unweaver? He didn't think that highly of himself, but the Unweaver whispered flattering words in his ear and before long he was seduced by the darkness. He conjured up a mist and helped the Unweaver escape.

Fantasy Faire has only a 2 days left. Already a massive amount money has been raised for The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life! Congrats to all! Check the official Fantasy Faire blog for more details and the weekend's Event Scedule. In my stylecard below, I give direct links to where the items are help make your shopping easier. Also, thanks to Helena Stringer, here's a wonderful Shopping Guide to all booths in Tangleshimmer Grove. If you haven't been to the Faire yet, or have never visited one before, don't miss it! Fantasy Faire is a one-of-kind event in SL each year. It's full of imagination that'll make you feel like a kid again, or inspire you. The goodwell is overflowing, and there are lots of cool people to hang and goof off with. lol  (I had the blast the other day riding the Lobster Bus with the talented builders behind the sims.) There's lots to do: hunt, pick up gifts, explore, role play, see a performance, look at art galleries, and of course goodies can to be purchased for a good cause.

Above I am wearing the beautifully crafted Nova Helmet by Trap. The set comes in 3 base colors with a hud to change the glow, tentacle, and hair colors. Across the street on the gorgeous Yazakura sim, is Gauze. (I totally want to move in on the Yazakura sim, my house right next to the pond or a waterwheel, it's so cozy!) You can get the entire Alchemist outfit and Mage Staff there. The makeup is by Fujiwara's World on the Poppetsborough sim. You get it in several different colors. But let's talk about something seriously cool that might have escaped your notice. Hello! That is a MESH mouth for Men! I have tried another mesh mouth for guys, but it was hard to fit. This ones is much easier, and it comes with a handy alignment guide you can wear as a tattoo. I am very impressed, gang. The shark tooth Chompers version is for Relay for Life. The teeth are separate, so if you have opther teeth (ior fangs!) you like, you can use those instead. Also, you ca pick up the Kiss mesh mouth for guys as well as a closed mouth one. The hud for the Chomper mouth comes with textures for all the Soul skintones, and there are lip tones built into it also, you can even make your lips glow! lol Love it. The Skin and and matching MeshProject body applier you can also pick up in all the fun fantasy colors. Also at De La Soul are mesh fantasy ears and they take appliers. I spotted Fallen Gods has an applier for those ears! Ok, gotta run. Have fun gang!

On Him, Minion of the Unweaver:
Helmet: ANA - Trap Nova Helm Copper [mesh](Fantasy Faire, Yozakura)(100L)
Outfit: Gauze The Alchemist - Boots, Jacket, Pauldron Male [mesh](Fantasy Faire, Yozakura)(700L)
Staff: Gauze Alchemist Staff - Mana Back [mesh](Fantasy Faire, Yozakura)(200L)
Makeup: Fujiwara's World FW :. Berserker Markies ~ Coal (Fantasy Faire, Poppetsborough)(100L)
Mouth, teeth: De La Soul :Soul:. Kissers - Eros - Chompers, Teeth [mesh](Fantasy Faire, Ichi-go Ichi-e)(599L)
Skin Applier TMP: De La Soul :Soul:. Gen 1 Male - (F4) (Fantasy Faire, Ichi-go Ichi-e)(349L)
Skin: De La Soul :Soul:. Dominic - (F4) - Toned - NoBrows (Fantasy Faire, Ichi-go Ichi-e)(599L)
Body, hands: TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body [mesh](5000L)
Eyes: Aii  Kitsune Violet Eyes (50L)
Pose: Eternal Dream ED Dream Spell poses, male (Fantasy Faire, Poppetsborough)(180L)

Fantasy Faire, Tanglehimmer Grove

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