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Fantasy Faire: The Dark Magican

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STORYLINE: The Unweaver once more brought strife to the Fairelands. The Bard Queen sent many  brave souls to seek the Champions and find the Lost Land where her daughter was held prisoner. However for the Dark Magician she had an urgent top secret mission: Find the Unweaver and bring him to justice!

FANTASY FAIRE 2015! I love this event, it's just pure magic. Fantasy Faire is one of the biggest events of the year. It celebrates the genre while doing a massive fund drive for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. There are 13 beautifully designed sims each with their own theme. There are over 150 designers with fantastic products to fuel your imagination. Each day there are various Role Plays going on throughout the sims, including jailing troublemakers (to release them, they must raise enough funds to make bail). There is a giant art sim with 4 galleries of work from some of the best Fantasy Photographers in SL. You can party with the Fantasty Faire DJs, or attend a story reading. And one of the coolest things you can do during the event is the Fantasy Faire: The Lost Lands Hunt. (more about that below)  

You can find out more details o the Fairehere: FantasyfaireSL
A schedule of daily events here:  Faire Events
For a shopping guide to the event, head here: Fantasy Faire Vendors

From Fantasy Faire, I am wearing one of the Relay for Life donations by Wasabi Pills, Jaden. It also includes 2 other colors. The Cured necklace by Other Skin comes in either male or female. The Guardians Cloak you can pick up at the Poppetsborough landing. Touch the cloak to change the outer color. It comes with fits for male and female, and 2 child sizes. The Nireus Wings by Material Squirrel are really cool. You can change the textures in the hud, adjust the size, angle, and make them auto close and flapp. The Germlin Fae is a particle special effect that will fly around you in a random pattern, it's pretty fun. The FF symbol is actually the box the Hunt Hud came in. It has a nice magic effect and triggers a pose when you hold it. (Note: I gave direct teleport links to the items in my stylecard below so you can find them easily.) ... From the past Arena event for men on the Fantasy Gacha sim is the FDD Stories breastplace rare gacha, and from Swagga is a the Makeshift spear and Survivor Pants. These items are not yet in their mainstore locations. ... From Haus of Darcy is a piercing set currently on sale for a discount at Tengoku no rakuen. The gloves are FATEwear and come with texture change hud and two hand poses.

On him, Dark Magican:
Hair: Wasabi Pills Jaden Mesh Hair - MALE - Licorice [mesh] (Fantasy Faire, Odyssey)(200L)
Necklace: OtherSkin Cured - Relay For Life 2015 - Male [mesh] (Fantasy Faire, Aurora)(175L)
Cloak: Loki Elliot Guardians Cloak - MEN [mesh] (Fantasy Faire, Poppetsborough)(250L)
Wings: Material Squirrel Nireus Wings  6.0 - Dark Scales [mesh] (Fantasy Faire, Odyssey)(249L)
Armbands: The Dark Fae Dragon Dagger Bands Black [mesh] (Fantasy Faire, Spires of Andolys)(75L)
Pet: Cole's Corner Gremlin Fae purple/black [mesh] (Fantasy Faire, Ichi-go Ichi-e)(250L)
Weapon: SWaGGa Makeshift Spear [mesh]
Pants: SWaGGa Survivor Pants - TMP Black [mesh]
Armor: FDD Stories *Donovan of Arena* Black Breastplate RARE, gacha [mesh]
Piercings: Haus of Darcy Little Fairy Facial Piercing - Raven's Moon [mesh](Tengoku no rakuen)(50L)
Gloves: FATEplay Duelling Gloves - Scripted [mesh](350L)
Eyes: Dead Apples Marble - Heroine [mesh](89L)
Face Applier: Clef de Peau Robin T1 (500L)
Brow Applier: Clef de Peau Robin Black brow (150L)
Skin Applier: Clef de Peau Body Soft:T1 TMP Appliers (500L)
Head: TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(m) - Anime (Deluxe) [mesh](5000L)
Body: TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body [mesh](5000L)
Pose: Repose M DARK WIZARD 1
Hud: Relay For Life the Lost Land, Fantasy Faire Hunt (Fantasy Faire, Fairelands Junction)(350L deluxe, 250L basic)

Ravenshold, Cave Maze

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To begin your quest on the Lost Lands Hunt, head to the Fairelands Junction. There are portals there that connect to each sim in the Faire. I hope you like swimming with the fishes, because this year's junction is underwater! Here you can find the Low Lag Skins gifts by The Plastik in light and dark for male and female. The Hunt Huds you can also find here. There are two versions: the basic is 250L, and the 350L deluxe includes an outfit by BareRose for girls and guys. This year's hunt hud uses video so make sure you enable media in your viewer. The story is written by Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect and Designing Worlds. The champions are a richly varied bunch, each with their own backstory. (Believe it or not, yours truly played the character of Bisclavret!) I encourage you to check out the Book of Champions and enjoy all these fun mini stories within the main story arc. If you need help on the hunt, head over to the Prim Dolls's blog: Fantasy Faire Lost Land Hunt, part one, and Prim Dolls's blog: Fantasy Faire Lost Land Hunt, part two. Deoridhe and I teamed up to do the hunt. It was a blast! (Yeah that's me making a cameo on her blog as The Exhausted Hunter. lol I'm wearing the same outfit that is shown in the picture above about you can see more of it.)  Also located at the Junction are the Silent Auctions with wonderful one-of-kind of items you can bid on. You can find the auctions in the galleries above the water.

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