Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sad news: After Sony's Aquistion, SL GO will close April 30th

This is a sad day.  I have used and enjoyed SL Go. It made it possible for me to shoot movies in SL, and when under tight deadlines for the blog, SL Go saved the day when otherwise I would be facing hours of crashville roulette. (I crash a lot when shooting for the blog.) I love the Firestorm version of it. And SL Go Mobile with firestorm just launched a few days ago, March 24th. SL Go solved a huge problem in virtual worlds, being mobile by cloud streaming on a server. I had plans to shoot video for Fantasy Faire this month using SL Go. It's not possible now. My account with SL Go has already been deleted.

UPDATE: 4/10/15 Drax Radio Hour #65 Excellent in depth reporting on SL Go & On Live's sale, and more. Highly recommended listening

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