Thursday, October 31, 2013

Haunts of Halloween: Ghost vs Sorceress

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STORYLINE: It was supposed to be an easy victory on the battlefield. His enemy did not have the weapons, strategy, or the numbers to defeat his army. But what he didn't know was an evil sorceress used black magic to turn the tide of the battle against him. He and his beloved war horse were now cursed. He was forced to be only a specter watching over what was once his kingdom. He was helpless to do anything to stop the rampaging forces of darkness. Until one day the Sorceress made a fatal mistake. She tried to gain control over the ghost realm. Now it was his turn to dispose of her!

(photo by Aarya Phantomhive, image edits by Dev)

This was a  wonderful Halloween treat, a three person joint project between me, as the Ghost Warrior, Fulli as the Ghost Horse, and Aarya Phantomhive (of the Dark Phantom blog) as the Evil Sorceress.  If you enjoy my style of "Phototelling" then definitely check out her blog and the Sorceress's point of view on this story and even more cool photos of this scene. She excels at fun coverage on gothic theme events. The first and last images are mine, the middle two are Aarya's because I kept crashing and couldn't get this scene. Thanks for your help Aarya! 

There's a lot of great things going today for Halloween, but if you are caught without a costume, I have this great suggestion for you, and these goodies are on sale today, the last day at We <3 Role Play round October!  Rochambeau's The Hound is a complete mesh outfit, beautifully detailed, and has everything you need. Just add a skin and you are good to go! I used the Rotten Ghost skin by Fallen Gods. The staff is a wonderfully detailed by Gspot.  The Forge Boadicea headdress I won at Fantasty Gacha. The Kawashima hair by Tableau Vivant on sale also ending today at Collabor88. This hair style worked great under the helmet, and has a good period style look to it with a natural body wave and the higher cut is more like a Knight style. Fulli is wearing a fun Halloween mod, Apocalypse Horse, from Breeder's Choice. Her skin is custom mod by MISAE. Now go out there scare some people and get some treats! HAPPY HALLOWEEN Gang!!! ^^/

(photo by Aarya Phantomhive, image edits by Dev)

On Him, Ghost Warrior:
Tunic, pants, boots, helmet, glove, armor: Rochambeau The Hound [mesh] (We <3 Role Play)(560L) 25% off
Skin: Fallen Gods ROTTEN GHOST male Meat out (We <3 Role Play) (495L) 50% off 
Staff: Gspot vexillum of bellerophon green gold [mesh] (We <3 Role Play)(299L) 25% off 
Hair: Tableau Vivant Kawashima I Hair - Male -v2 [mesh] (Collabor88)(188L)
Headress: The Forge Boadicea's  Headpiece RARE [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha)(50L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors PC Milky Eyes - Dove (150L)
Pose: Apple Spice Kick Fight Pose Set RARE (past, Men Only Gacha)(30L)

On her, Ghost Horse:
Avatar: Breeder's Choice BC Quarter Horse Avatar Black (3000L)
Ghost Horse Mod: Breeder's Choice Apocalypse Horses - PESTILENCE (900L)
Skin Mod: MISAE(mutholi)

On her, Evil Sorceress:
See: Dark Phantom  (details coming soon)

Haunted Paths, Fantasya
Thanks for your help Aarya and Fulli! It was fun! Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Haunts of Halloween: Plan 9 from Outer Space

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The son of The Great Tyrant was beautiful like his father, an angel, but he had a wicked heart like his mother. He set eyes on conquering the homeworld of Barbarella, one screaming fangirl at a time.

Triple stars for you rock trivia fans who name the alludes in the image above: movie, band, and guitarist. For the Oh Hair by Tableau Vivant and I used pink in the Equinox pack for Visual Kei look. The jacket by Kuana I got at FaMESHed and should be in the mainstore soon. The cool neckwarmer by Shi is at Collabor88, as well as the color change ankh rings by Maxi Gossamer. The Circa ring is an animated spider in the gacha at HorrorFest. I'm wearing the handy Frozen Night shorts again, but this time I am wearing mesh stocking from Sn@tch. To make this work on a guy and boost my Visual cred, I paired it with the platform boots by Lapointe & Bastchild. The fun Mikkokosmos guitar is one of 2 Luckyboards you can win at Libber's Guitars. There is also a free off-the-shoulder guitar, and a typing effect guitar. The picture is taken at a cool wrecked spaceship under the ocean at DDU.

On Him, Pretty Pretty:
Hair: Tableau Vivant Oh Hair bangs - Equinox [mesh] (300L)
Jacket: Kauna Tunic: Black [mesh] (past, FaMESHed)
Ring1: Maxi Gossamer Rings - Angelica's Ankh Of Power [mesh] (Collabor88) (188L)
Ring2: Circa Fright Night Macabre Ring - Drucilla Spider RARE (Horrorfest) (45L)
Scarf: .Shi Hesed Neck Warmer - Mystic Male  [mesh] (Collabor88) (188L)
Stockings: Sn@tch Jinx Stockings - white [mesh] (past, Woeful Wednesday)(50L)
Boots: Lapointe & Bastchild Platforms Croc&Steel (499L)
Guitar: Libber's Guitar Mikrokosmos Limited v.1 (luckyboard)(free)
Shorts: Frozen Night FN*winter dress suit white 2 [mesh] (250L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax  [mesh] (450L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Noctis skin - bald -Tone 01 (Boystown) (990L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors nightfall - night mood [mesh] (100L)
Pose: Del May Air guitar (50L)


Monday, October 28, 2013

RMK Halloween: Candy Witch

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: At last, Halloween is almost here! The Candy Witch cuddled down on her favorite batty chair, next to her hand painted pumpkins, and began to flip through her beloved recipe book. She giggled with excitement and slurped on her special spider-blood candy-corn popsicle concoction. She had the most delicious halloween candy recipes. They were famous all over the Ghost-side of RMK! 

Lots and lots of goodies in these images from RMK Halloween. The pumpkins are mesh by Half-deer and adorable. You can scale then up or down how you like. The bat chair and tree shadow are by La petite fleur. The chair comes with 3 poses. The cute long shirt is by Rotten Toe and comes grey, orange, and purple. The broom against the wall is a nod to World's End Garden. The fun witch hat by Down Down Down you can touch and change the main colors, ribbons, and gemstone colors. The RMK prize version has two main colors, orange and purple. The retail version has more color options. The Candy Witch's house is a cute cartoony house for 50L you find in the marketplace.

On her, Candy Witch:
Hat: Down Down Down DDD_witch's large hat_RMK [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Shirt: Rotten Toe RMK Halloween Gift - Purple [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Chair, wall art: La petite fleur Halloween BatChair [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Props: Half-Deer Painted Pumpkins [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Batty shoes purple (Wizarding Faire) (280L)
Broom: World's End Garden :::WEG::: Bewitch! Broom (past, RMK Halloween 2012)
House: RE Blueprint DesignWitches Shop w/Spider - Fun Halloween Decoration! (50L)

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Suddenly she heard a clap of thunder. She threw on a comfy sweater and skirt and stepped outside to admire the beauty of the Ghost Rain. The spirits were already busy catching it, and trying to make a new recipe that could best hers from last Halloween. But it didn't really matter who won as the discoverer of the best new sweet treat, she figured everyone would win since discoveries were shared and enjoyed by all. Halloween was sweet indeed.

The orange fringed sweater is a new group gift by ::K:: and comes in sizes for male and female. Above is the large male size and it works great with NuDoLu's prize skirt. The Candy Witch has gorgeous new glasses by AIR and fun materials enabled Popsicles by [ni.Ju]. Popsicles come with mouth pose, or hand pose, and 3 signal and double flavors. For more information on RMK Halloween, go to:

On her, Candy Witch:
Skirt: NuDoLu Jupe carree Halloween orange [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Glasses: AIR Air_Lutecia_Black_for RMK RMK Halloween)(free)
Nommie: [ni.Ju] Halloween Popsicles RMK PRIZE (with materials)[mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Shirt: ::K:: Fringe Pullover Chinesered - pumpkin (group gift)(free)
Lips: The Little Black Dress LBD-Glossy-Sheer-Lipstick-12-Pack (149L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Kumi Poy Mesh Hair [mesh](250L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rotten Toe: Lolita Bones Dress

(click to enlarge)

New release, Lolita Bones Dress, by Rotten Toe is perfect for Halloween parties in elegant style. So cute! Skirt is layered flexi that swish with your movements. Neck corset and corset are rigged mesh that move with you.

neue Release! Lolita Bones Dress, Rotten Toe ist perfect für jede Halloween Party im eleganten Style.Der Skirt hat verschiedene Layer die sich mit dir bewegen.Das nackencorset und Corset ist mesh und bewegt sich mit dem Körper!:)

Dress, stockings, corset, neck corset: Rotten Toe Lolita Bones Dress [mesh] (450L)
Hair, hair bow: Lo*momo Muguet (400L)
Boots: lassitude & ennui Flutter boots - raven (280L)
Model, Photographer: FullPleasure

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Haunts of Halloween: Revenant

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: He was murdered. His thirst for revenge reanimated him and he rose from the grave. This time, it would be him who would drive a sharpened scissor into the heart of the one he once loved.

The busiest week of the year in SL is going on right now. Lots of hunts, parties, events, gacha, sales, and adventures. Who doesn't love Halloween? Here is a quick look for Must See things:

HorrorFest major event full of win! Gacha, Sales, Hunt to benefit for Epilepsy Therapy Project
Halloween Gacha at Death Row
Nightmares Halloween haunted house that ends at Aii store. Nice freebies there, and fun store too
We <3 Role Play is a must do every month, don't miss this around, some awesome stuff for men. If luck is with me, I will be showing you more things from October!

I am wearing one of the two new Horror skin group gift from Tableau Vivant (David and Lucis) This lovely toothy grin is by Contraption on sale at Horrorfest with 25% donation to Epilepsy Therapy Project. It comes with several options for grin style and bloody mouth. Wicked! The cuffs i also got at HorrorFest. They are by a new division of Roawenwood, called 5&20. The collar and headdress are from the Halloween Gacha at Death Row Island. The Vincent cape I got at store Aii while at Nightmare Halloween. The Scissorhands are another amazing item by Remarkable Oblivion. I'm wearing the Fallen pants once more because they are just so cool, and look great without a shirt. Now I need to tell you to not walk, but run and get this badass cemetery set by Circa on sale at HorrorFest. It's mesh and looks so awesome. This sweet set is making a new home right next to my dark castle. Have a fun saturday gang!

On him, the Revenant:
Teeth: ContraptioN The Carnivorous Jaw [mesh](HorrorFest)(25% donation)(250L)
Wristbands: 5&20 Eidolon Armlet MALE [Black/Rust] RARE [mesh] (HorrorFest)(45L)
Collar: Death Row collar skull RARE, Gacha  [mesh](Halloween Gacha)(40L)
Headress: Death Row karma -death doubleband RARE [mesh] (Halloween Gacha)(60L)
Gloves: Remarkable Oblivion RO - Scissorhands [mesh](Male) (299 L)
Cloak: Aii Ugly & Beautiful Designs Valentine Cloak (Nightmares Halloween)(100L)
Pants, Boots: The Fallen Outrider - black [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (375L) 25% off
Skin: Tableau Vivant Lucis - Horror Edition Gift 3 (group gift)(free)
Pose: Apple Spice Intimidating Pose 001 (past, Men Only Gacha)(30L)

Crypt, plants, graves: CIRCA Elysium Apparition Crypt & Graveyard set [mesh, 21 parts](HorrorFest)(750L)
Crypt2: CIRCA Elysium Crypt Sarcophagus & skeleton LE [mesh](HorrorFest)(50% donation)(250L)
Open Grave: CIRCA Elysium Haunted Open Grave [mesh](HorrorFest)(275L)
Graves: CIRCA Elysium Graveyard Burial Set [mesh](HorrorFest)(50L)
Trees 3: Isovii arbresb obscurs Hallowseve tree/Dark Bat (subscription gift) (free)

Friday, October 25, 2013

FallenGods: 6th Anniversary Party Oct 26th

(click to enlarge)

The 6th Anniversary of Fallen Gods has arrived. The party has been going on all week, and the grand finale starts at 1pm SL, October 26th! The theme this year is "Rebirth." Throughout the day you can party, show off your best Fallen Gods look, and maybe even win skin vouchers! For a complete event schedule, go to:

I nicknamed Scarab above "Mr. Beetle Buns" because... well, why don't you find out for yourself! lol  Go jump on that lucky fortune chair at Fallen Gods and win this cool skin and outfit. The mesh parts are rigged too. The headdress is very modified version of the super awesome Anubis mask by Illusions, and I made it work perfectly with the Sephiroth hair by Ayashi. The eyes one of the many, (I counted 58!) prizes that can be won at System Failure. Love Pluse Games! They made the best haunted house in SL each Halloween. Don't miss it! ... And speaking of Ancient Egypt, also going on right now is Death in the Desert, produced by the same people behind the popular Octoberville mysteries.

On Scarab:
Skin, outfit: Fallen Gods SCARAB Male +FGInc. [mesh] (Lucky Fortune, ends Nov 3rd) (free)
Eyes: SongBird Polished Eyes : Green (Pulse Games, System Failure)(free)
Hair: Ayashi Sephiroth - blue (250L)
Headress, necklace: Illusions Anubis Mask, and Medallion:: Male (edited)(950L)
Collar: Illusions Khepra Necklace (edit for male) (400L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax (450L)
Pose: Hot Dive gsit06 (30L)

RMK Halloween: The Pumpkin Prince 2

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The Pumpkin Prince is a noble vampire. No one really knows how old he truly is, but it seems he lost the joy for living a long time ago, except on one night a year, October 31st, when he is "born" once more in the form of an infant. As the hours of Halloween pass, he grows, living an entire lifetime in one night. The ghosts all look forward to his resurrection each year. It just wouldn't be Halloween without the Pumpkin Prince.

At last! RokumeikaN releases it's first mesh item for the men! This is a sneak peek at cool things to come. You can win this outfit at RMK Halloween. For more information go to: These fantastic eyes are a free for Halloween at Poetic Colors. The earrings and necklace are freebies and group gifts at Chop Zuey. Love it! The mole on the cheek is a tattoo freebie you can pick up at  A:S:S:. This lovely skin is one of four special Halloween skins for men at Dimbula Rose. There is even a new clown one for Halloween 2013 that you can win at LuckyBoard! For the ladies, there are also Halloween skins for the girls, and cute luckyboard clown skin, and free clown style dress.

(click to enlarge)

On Him, Pumpkin Prince Midnight:
Oufit, belt, collar, hat: RokumeikaN Halloween Event Prize*2013[mesh] (RMK Halloween)(free)
Skin: Dimbula Rose Knyam skin_(Vampire) HW 2011 (150L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors PC Jaded Eyes - Autumn Song [mesh] (free)
Necklace: Chop Zuey Something Wicked, Men (group gift, free)
Necklace: Chop Zuey Something Wicked, Women (free)
Earrings: Chop Zuey Something Wicked, Women (group gift, free)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax (450L)
Nail Polish: By Snow Zombie wearable demo applier for Slink hands (free)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Erik Mesh Hair - Lemon Tea [mesh] (250L)
Mole tattoo: A:S:S Decades - Mouche - Amorous (free)
Pose: Del May DM - Levitation male (50L)

RMK Gothic

Thursday, October 24, 2013

RMK Halloween: The Pumpkin Prince 1

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: As you work on catching "rain" to make sweet treats, the ghosts chat with you. You merely touch a skull, grinning ghost, or a jack-o-lantern and begin to tell you funny things, or drop helpful tips. But sometimes the ghosts gossip. They tell you something odd about a person called, "Pumpkin Prince."

For RMK Halloween I have some tips for you hunters. First, if you make toxic candy (a skull-n-crossbone) it's okay. You didn't make a sweet treat, but you can still give it to a ghost. There is one that will gladly take it from you and clear your hud so you can try again! You have to find the ghost that accepts your toxic creations! Second, if you win a premium ticket you can use it at the store of your choice, but you can only redeem it once, just like all the other tickets. You may even want to use this valuable ticket as a trading tool. For example, say one hunter cannot get that last missing ticket, and you need 4 more. You can make a great trade, your one ticket, for 4 of the other hunter's extras. Everybody wins! You can do the trades in the Trading Table area or use the RMK Sim group. Good luck!

Now a little more about the outfit. The suit by Frozen Night can be won at RMK Halloween. It comes with a black necktie and a striped one. It can worn by either girls or guys. The parasol I won at OMG Gacha, it's the rare pumpkin style! Adorable!

On Him, Pumpkin Prince 9pm:
Outfit, sleeves, collar: Frozen Night FN*dress suit [orange] [mesh] (RMK Halloween)(free)
Umbrella: CatniP Pumpkin Parasol RARE (OMG Gacha) (50L)
Skin: Dimbula Rose Knyam skin_(Vampire) HW 2011 (150L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors PC Jaded Eyes - Autumn Song [mesh] (free)
Stockings: Sn@tch Thigh High Striped Socks - white (past, Woeful Wednesdays)(50L)
Hair: Dura *Dura-Boys&Girls*36 (Butter Rum) (120L)
Shoes: [MnM] platform shoes *PS-001M [mesh] (400L)
Pose: Del May DM - Movie male (50L)

RMK Gothic

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

RMK: Princesse de bonbons

(click to enlarge)
The Princess of BonBons is a retail version of limited edition Recipe Finder dress. The color theme of chocolate and mocha with tasty decorative elements will make your Halloween sweet. The dress comes with chocolate or white underskirt, and a top hat or hair bow. Bon Appetit!

On Her, left:
Dress, top hat: RokumeikaN +RMK*Princesse de bonbons* [mesh] (450L)
Collar: RokumeikaN +RMK*Lapin sur la colline*+red [mesh] (400L)
Hair: Curio Obscura Big Fat Spirals Hairstyle [mesh] (250L)
Blush, Lashes: [ni.Ju] Hime-yu paint lash (60L)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Casual  [mesh] (450L)
Lipstick: Glamorize Tango Lips Fatpack - Redhot (22L)
Nommie: Pizza Piece of Chocolate (The Arcade)(free)
Eyes: Poetic Colors classic gen4 - m/r - oriental pearl [mesh] (free)
Hairbase: Amacci Hairbase Tattoo 2 - Deep Copper (free)
Skin: Glam Affair Margot Europa Clean - Red (past, Collabor88)

On Her, right:
Dress, gloves, hair bow, collar: RokumeikaN +RMK*Princesse de bonbons*Dress [mesh] (450L)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui Wanderlust boots male - oxblood [mesh](280L)
Stockings: Derby Fishnet Stockings - Tintable

Alchemy Immortalis Sirenes et Moineaux Patisserie

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

RMK Halloween: Pumpkin Ghost

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE:  Are you a human? What are you doing here! This is the ghost-side of RMK Gothic. 

When you first land at RMK Halloween, you are in spooky forest. Follow the path to Jack the Pumpkin Ghost. There you will receive your own free pumpkin ghost outfit, and a game hud. If you wish, you can change to cute the low-lag pumpkin ghost outfit in the theme of the event. The outfit is meant to trick to spirits into thinking you are one them. Once you are ready to begin, wear your game HUD, and continue down the path to the doorway.

On Pumpkin Ghost:
Outfit, stockings, hair, boots: RokumeikaN +RMK*Halloween2013*Jack-o'-Lantern [mesh] (RMK Halloween)(free)
Nommie: Down Down Down DDD_HWs3_Candy(Orange) Gacha (RMK Halloween)(13L)
Jewelry: [ni.Ju] Face Stars - pink Gacha (RMK Halloween)(10L)
Hands: Death Row Designs Demon Hands [mesh] (60L)
Eyes, Whiskers: By Snow Werecat Eyes, tattoo (100L)
Lips: Aeva Glossed Pout Lips - Magenta (75L)
Eye Makeup: Sn@tch Wild Tattoo Makeup - Mer-Pink (150L)
Skin: Glam Affair Neva - Artic - 04 A (Collabor88)(188L)

RMK Gothic

Monday, October 21, 2013

RMK Halloween Promotion video!

Watch this adorable video of one little Pumpkin's adventures at the RMK Halloween!

Video created by Yana Kawanishi

RMK Gothic

Saturday, October 19, 2013

RMK Halloween: Nosferatu

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: As you walk through RMK Gothic on your way to buy items for a Halloween party, you begin to feel something is not quite right. Trick-or-Trickers wandering the sim have very convincing Halloween costumes. You wonder if those are really costumes, and that vampire looking couple..., they aren't really drinking blood, right?

RMK Halloween has begun! Your challenge in the newest RMK quest game is to make right sweet treat for the right ghost. Ingredients to cook rain down from the sky. Try to combine three of them to create a dessert. Once you have successfully baked a treat, find the ghost that loves your cooking, (even if you made toxic candy!) Stumped? Ask the pumpkins, ghosts, and skulls around the sim for clues. Sometimes they drop hints, other times they say funny things. Your efforts will be richly rewarded with tickets you can exchange for excellent prizes from 23 designers from RMK Gothic! The 24th ticket, the Premium Ticket, can be redeemed at the store of your choice. Clear your calendar and don't miss this unique, cute, and funny new adventure at RMK Gothic! Event ends Oct 31st.

For more information go to:

Pictured above on her is the very cool RMK Halloween hunt prize by Violent Seduction. It includes cute bat wing decorations on the collar, bodice, waist, and skirt. Both vampires are wearing the new horns headdress from the RokumeikaN gacha. The rare prize is a complete outfit of Sweet / Fairy Lolita Unicorn in pink with unicorn headdress and matching bonnet! I'm wearing the RMK Halloween hunt prize by KU. It comes with two kinds of collar, the pendant version like I am wearing above, and a large bowtie version. Girls will be able to wear this also if their chest size is smaller. The wings and hands by Death Row. The pose and props are from F*cking Ninjas's vampire series, "Deathless."

On Her, Lady Nosferatu:
Dress: Violent Seduction Nosferatu (Lavender) (RMK Halloween) (free)
Horn: +RokumeikaN+ Horns Gacha*+A black (RMK Halloween)(50L)
Hair: Magika [02] Length (250L)
Boots: BAX Regency Boots Black Leather [mesh] (890L)
Skin: Glam Affair Renee - Trending 03 (past, Collabor88)
Eyes: Rue Russian Blue Set [mesh] (75L)

On Him, Lord Nosferatu:
Outfit: ::KU:: TAS_shirt_violet (RMK Halloween) (free)
Horn: +RokumeikaN+ Horns Gacha*+B purple (RMK Halloween)(50L)
Wings: Death Row Designs DRD Wings of eternal darkness [mesh] (180L)
Hands: Death Row Designs Demon Hands [mesh] (60L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Erik Mesh Hair - Ethereal [mesh] (250L)
Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild Venice nocturne reborn Velvet Pants (free)
Boots: lassitude & Ennui Suede mesh boots - M - black [mesh] (280L)
Eye makeup: SongBird Shock Rocker Triple Pack (100L)
Eyes: Rue Russian Blue Set [mesh] (75L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 14 (990L)
Pose: F*cking Ninjas *FN* Deathless Pose (50L)

RMK Gothic
Thanks for your help Fulli! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Post-Apocalyptic Catastrophe

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Survival in Post-Apocalyptic Australia was not easy. There were roving gangs of thugs, not enough food, not enough water, and ....  

Did you know there is a Mens Only Gacha going on right now 'til Oct 20th?  It's fantastic! You can get this awesome liquid sweater by Flow, plains hat by JfL, and druidic scarf by Adjust, not to mention a series of badass poses from Apple Spice. I went crazy there. I went crazy at OMG Gacha also, that's where these cool Junkyard Devil Wings from Contraption come from. The steampunk eyepatch by Yasum is from the 3rd amazing gacha event going on right now, Fantasy Gacha. Guys, run go load up on all these great original mesh items at low low gacha prices. Ok... now the next showstopper in this outfit is the Outrider pants and boots by The Fallen currenly on sale for 25% off at We <3 Role Play. These pants and boots work great for many styles outside of medieval fantasy! The horns I am wearing are a new release from Death Row. The Madpea hunt's Dark Diminesions is also going on at Death Row Island. If you don't do the Madpea hunt, you always can try the Mini-Hunt at DRD.

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: ... and worse of all, satellite dish tended to break! There would be no listening to the Thunderdome games today. It was a catastrophe!

On Dingo Dev:
Pants, Boots: The Fallen Outrider - black [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (375L) 25% off
Eyepatch: Yasum Steam Punk Headset*STEAM*male*GRUNGE [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha)(50L)
Sweater: flow Sty Sweater - 2 - Liquid Size RARE [mesh] (Men Only Gacha)(99L)
Wings: ContraptioN Junkyard Devil Wings *worn blue* spine  [mesh] (OMG Gacha)(50L)
Scarf: Adjunct Druid Hood/Scarf Combo - Scarf - Grey (edit tint) [mesh] (Men Only Gacha)(50L)
Hat: JfL Plains hat V.2 worn chamois [mesh] (Men Only Gacha)(70L)
Horns: Death Row Designs DRD horns - metallic [mesh](180L)
Hair: Action Hair Base 04 Veganic - Snow (107L)
Earring: Mandala Soul Ear Piercing, face piercing, necklace - black (397L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Cigarette, Closed [mesh] (450L each)
Nails: the Skinnery Slink Carbon Nails Appliers
Eyes: FTL Dawn Eyes - Seiji (100L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 1 - blond (990L)
Pose: Apple Spice Star Limited fightpose 005 (Men Only Gacha) (35L)
Radio: Sanctuaire Antique Radio - Cloud (edit tint) [mesh] (250L)


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Moon Maiden at World's End

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The Maiden of the Moon brought stability to the world. Her enchanted moonflower each night summoned another successful lunar rise.

Check out the wonderful items on sale at the 6th round of We <3 Role Play! Fulli is modeling this elegant dress by Junbug. It's perfect for formal dances and even comes with a pretty corsage. You can't see it from this angle, but her hair has neat braided design in the back (see picture below). The headdress by [tea.s] comes with a color change hud. The inspiration for the Moon Maiden outfit is the lovely Moonchild earrings by Bliensen + MaiTai. Her skin texture is by Bits and Claws and has arcane symbols on the chest and side of the face. Her staff is one of the many cool items you can win at the October round of Fantasy Gacha.

Thanks for the memories World's End Garden.

On her, Moon Maiden:
Dress: Junbug Bel Fiore [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (600L) 50% off
Hair: Calico Ingmann Calico Clara [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (150L) 40% off  
Headdress: [tea.s] Blossom Tiara (edit tint) [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (130L) 25% off
Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai Moonchild Earrings [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (164L) 33% off
Skin: Bite + Claw Skins Arcane (We <3 Role Play) (300L) 50% off
Staff: The Forge Aura Staff Common Crystal White [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha) (50L)
Eyes: Aii Silver-Youkai-Eyes (50L)
Lips: The Little Black Dress LBD-Glossy-Sheer-Lipstick-12-Pack (149L)

World's End Garden
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Group Gifts from RokumeikaN & Theater Chain!

(click to enlarge)

There are two Halloween gifts for members of the RMK Gothic SIM group. To collect the gifts, just go to Theater Chain and RokumeikaN, wear your RMK Gothic Sim group tag, and touch the poster of each group gift. Happy Halloween!

RMK Halloween Hunt starts Oct 15 - Oct 31.  Put on your chef caps! The ghosts are hungry!

On Her, left:
Wearable ride: Theater Chain +T*C+Halloween Gift*Messenger of the witch* (group gift, 100L to join)(free)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Monique (250L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors Nightfall orchid (150L)
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Batty shoes purple (Wizarding Faire) (280L)

On Her, right:
Dress, hat, stockings: RokumeikaN +RMK*Halloween Gift*Little Witch [mesh](group gift, 100L to join)(free)
Location: Pumpkin Town
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Haunts of Halloween: The Undertaker

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STORYLINE: The Undertaker had seen a lot of death. So much so he became obsessed with creating artificial life. He was fond of medical experiments on the dearly departed, and even believed if could capture memories of dead, photograph it if you will, then he could create a soul. But his dreams were impossible. He was quite mad.

Several things here from the current round of FaMeshed. The Tableau Vivant Beaumont hair is a sleek long rigged hair that is perfect for wearing under hat, or wearing prop like the Photographer's Eye by Remarkable Oblivion. Death Row has several fun things at FaMeshed like the face spider (soo creepy!), and fun top hat. The hat and spider are separate meshes, so I edited DaddyLongLegs a bit lower on the hat. The Pumpkin head is a fantastic group gift by Remarkable Oblivion and comes in 2 styles. The coat I am wearing is fun hunt prize by Absolutely Smitten for Men in the Sleepy Hallow hunt. You can't see it in this post, but I am wearing the perfect eyes for Halloween by Souzou Eien. They flicker like a candle in a pumpkin and really give you the feeling it's time for treat-or-treating. The shorts are Frozen Night's winter suit shorts for boys. This is a fun trick because the boy sized shorts work perfectly below a long coat with no poke out of the back! The system pants below them are from The Little Bat. The nail polish is a wearbable demo By Snow, and you pick up other colors if you want. And lastly, my kooky kool kind of Lincoln look is finished off with my much beloved Lassitude & Ennui rigged mesh suede boots.

On Him, the Undertaker:
Hair: Tableau Vivant Beaumont hair - Equinox [mesh] (FaMESHed) (300L)
Hat: Death Row Designs tophatspider [mesh] (FaMESHed) (60L)
Spider Face: Death Row Designs spider [mesh] (FaMESHed) (60L)
Eyepatch: Remarkable Oblivion Photographers Eye - Opened [mesh] (FaMESHed) (199L)
Pumpkin: Remarkable Oblivion PumpkinHead - Feeding Frenzy [mesh] (group gift)(free)
Jacket, top: Absolutely Smitten for Men Victorian Jacket & Vest [mesh] (Sleep Hallow Hunt)(1L)
Shorts: Frozen Night FN*winter dress suit white 2 [mesh] (250L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax, Closed (450L each)
Nail Polish: By Snow Zombie wearable demo applier for Slink hands (free)
Boots: lassitude & ennui Suede mesh boots white [mesh] (280L)
Eyes: Souzou Eien ~*S.E.*~ Flicker Eyes Silver (25L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 1 - blond (990L)
Pants: The Little Bat !TLB - Rocker Pants (Grey)
Eyeliner: CL-NINE CL9v21_HeadShadow01(bk) (free)
Pose: Co*motions Bad Kitty (30L)
Location: Harrowdale

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Haunts of Halloween: Vampire + Daemon

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STORYLINE: She brought misery to people's lives, and he sucked away their vitality. What a pair they made this Halloween.

Just in time for All Hallow's Eve, Rokumeikan releases the elegantly dark "Daemon Princess." The beautifully crafted Gothic Lolita dress comes with a rose and horn headdress. If you purchase the fatpack of Rose and Cross you will get bonus matching bonnets of red and gold!  I am wearing The Count by Adam Edelstien which is really fun to wear and also comes with a flexi vampire cape. The blindfold is by AIR and it's good to wear during moments when things are better left unseen. lol This cool long hair from the men's section at Alice Project. I got the Create Your Own version. The first time I did an Alice Project hair dye I was confused. If you see the red strand on the hair, don't worry. It goes away once you commit to a color. The red strand is like reminder the color is in preview mode.

On Him, the Vampire:
Suit: Adam Edelstein Couture !AEC! The Count - Cloak + Collar [mesh] (1199L)
Hair: Alice Project Clarus [mesh] (250L)
Blindfold: AIR Air_Blind Gacha (50L)
Gloves: Fatewear Dextor with materials (300L)
Tattoo lip: LE:MON bloody lips (1L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 1 - blond (990L)
Pose: Tabou Irresistible couple of darkness (60L)

On Her, Daemon Princess:
Dress, Horns: +RokumeikaN+ Daemon Princess Rose [mesh] (400L)
Earrings: WTG **Dark Zone** earpierces (240L)
Boots: BAX Regency Boots Black Leather [mesh] (890L)
Eyes:  FTL  Dawn Eyes Akane (100L)
Hair: Tameless Sonia naturals [mesh] (249L)
Location: RMK Gothic
Thanks for your help Fulli!