Saturday, October 26, 2013

Haunts of Halloween: Revenant

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STORYLINE: He was murdered. His thirst for revenge reanimated him and he rose from the grave. This time, it would be him who would drive a sharpened scissor into the heart of the one he once loved.

The busiest week of the year in SL is going on right now. Lots of hunts, parties, events, gacha, sales, and adventures. Who doesn't love Halloween? Here is a quick look for Must See things:

HorrorFest major event full of win! Gacha, Sales, Hunt to benefit for Epilepsy Therapy Project
Halloween Gacha at Death Row
Nightmares Halloween haunted house that ends at Aii store. Nice freebies there, and fun store too
We <3 Role Play is a must do every month, don't miss this around, some awesome stuff for men. If luck is with me, I will be showing you more things from October!

I am wearing one of the two new Horror skin group gift from Tableau Vivant (David and Lucis) This lovely toothy grin is by Contraption on sale at Horrorfest with 25% donation to Epilepsy Therapy Project. It comes with several options for grin style and bloody mouth. Wicked! The cuffs i also got at HorrorFest. They are by a new division of Roawenwood, called 5&20. The collar and headdress are from the Halloween Gacha at Death Row Island. The Vincent cape I got at store Aii while at Nightmare Halloween. The Scissorhands are another amazing item by Remarkable Oblivion. I'm wearing the Fallen pants once more because they are just so cool, and look great without a shirt. Now I need to tell you to not walk, but run and get this badass cemetery set by Circa on sale at HorrorFest. It's mesh and looks so awesome. This sweet set is making a new home right next to my dark castle. Have a fun saturday gang!

On him, the Revenant:
Teeth: ContraptioN The Carnivorous Jaw [mesh](HorrorFest)(25% donation)(250L)
Wristbands: 5&20 Eidolon Armlet MALE [Black/Rust] RARE [mesh] (HorrorFest)(45L)
Collar: Death Row collar skull RARE, Gacha  [mesh](Halloween Gacha)(40L)
Headress: Death Row karma -death doubleband RARE [mesh] (Halloween Gacha)(60L)
Gloves: Remarkable Oblivion RO - Scissorhands [mesh](Male) (299 L)
Cloak: Aii Ugly & Beautiful Designs Valentine Cloak (Nightmares Halloween)(100L)
Pants, Boots: The Fallen Outrider - black [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (375L) 25% off
Skin: Tableau Vivant Lucis - Horror Edition Gift 3 (group gift)(free)
Pose: Apple Spice Intimidating Pose 001 (past, Men Only Gacha)(30L)

Crypt, plants, graves: CIRCA Elysium Apparition Crypt & Graveyard set [mesh, 21 parts](HorrorFest)(750L)
Crypt2: CIRCA Elysium Crypt Sarcophagus & skeleton LE [mesh](HorrorFest)(50% donation)(250L)
Open Grave: CIRCA Elysium Haunted Open Grave [mesh](HorrorFest)(275L)
Graves: CIRCA Elysium Graveyard Burial Set [mesh](HorrorFest)(50L)
Trees 3: Isovii arbresb obscurs Hallowseve tree/Dark Bat (subscription gift) (free)

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