Thursday, October 24, 2013

RMK Halloween: The Pumpkin Prince 1

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STORYLINE: As you work on catching "rain" to make sweet treats, the ghosts chat with you. You merely touch a skull, grinning ghost, or a jack-o-lantern and begin to tell you funny things, or drop helpful tips. But sometimes the ghosts gossip. They tell you something odd about a person called, "Pumpkin Prince."

For RMK Halloween I have some tips for you hunters. First, if you make toxic candy (a skull-n-crossbone) it's okay. You didn't make a sweet treat, but you can still give it to a ghost. There is one that will gladly take it from you and clear your hud so you can try again! You have to find the ghost that accepts your toxic creations! Second, if you win a premium ticket you can use it at the store of your choice, but you can only redeem it once, just like all the other tickets. You may even want to use this valuable ticket as a trading tool. For example, say one hunter cannot get that last missing ticket, and you need 4 more. You can make a great trade, your one ticket, for 4 of the other hunter's extras. Everybody wins! You can do the trades in the Trading Table area or use the RMK Sim group. Good luck!

Now a little more about the outfit. The suit by Frozen Night can be won at RMK Halloween. It comes with a black necktie and a striped one. It can worn by either girls or guys. The parasol I won at OMG Gacha, it's the rare pumpkin style! Adorable!

On Him, Pumpkin Prince 9pm:
Outfit, sleeves, collar: Frozen Night FN*dress suit [orange] [mesh] (RMK Halloween)(free)
Umbrella: CatniP Pumpkin Parasol RARE (OMG Gacha) (50L)
Skin: Dimbula Rose Knyam skin_(Vampire) HW 2011 (150L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors PC Jaded Eyes - Autumn Song [mesh] (free)
Stockings: Sn@tch Thigh High Striped Socks - white (past, Woeful Wednesdays)(50L)
Hair: Dura *Dura-Boys&Girls*36 (Butter Rum) (120L)
Shoes: [MnM] platform shoes *PS-001M [mesh] (400L)
Pose: Del May DM - Movie male (50L)

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