Saturday, September 30, 2017

Linden Home Challenge 4, Fall 2017

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For the Fall issue of Prim Perfect magazine, I return for the Linden Home Challenge, but this time with a twist! Instead of decorating indoors, I convert my Linden home into a relaxing Japanese garden with a spectacular view of Linden Japan.

What is the Linden Home Challenge?
Simply put: Decorate a Linden home with a budget of 175 prims, but without spending more than 1500L.

Inside the issue, I give tips and tricks on how you can make a Linden home look beautiful and do it on a tight budget. The new issue of Prim Perfect will be out soon, don't miss it!

UPDATE:  The Fall and DEC issues of Prim Perfect have been cancelled. The magazine will restart in the new year.

Past Challenges:
Linden Home Challenge 1: Prim Perfect, Issue 54 - December 2014, on page 63
Linden Home Challenge 2: Prim Perfect, Issue 55 - October 2015, on page 86
Linden Home Challenge 3: Prim Perfect, Issue 56 - December 2015, on page 78

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Land mesh with stream: Jumbo Core Plat  River,19 li [mesh] (95L)
Cliffs: inVerse Cliff screen, 11 li [mesh] (99L)
Waterfall: Arduenn Schwartzman, TBF Waterfall, 2 li (10L)
Hot spring: ++Twilight++ Hitou, 11 land impact  [mesh] (260L)
Windchimes: Arduenn Schwartzman Bamboo Wind Chimes, 2 li (10L)
Gazebo: Jian Koi pond gazebo with 9 fish, 50 li scaled down [mesh] (550L)
Bamboo: 3Dtrees BAMBOO 2 THICK green/brown trunk, 6 li (30L)
Red Willow: 3Dtrees weeping willow AUTUMN, 22 li (30L)
Gold Tree: 3Dtrees Golden Shower Tree, 14 li (30L)
Willow: 3Dtrees willow curved, 8 li (60L)
Waterlily: Dysfunctionality [DDD] 4 Lily Pads, 4 li (55L)
Path stones: Dysfunctionality [DDD] 3 Rock Paths, 3 li (group gift, free)
Fence: [monaya] Japanese bamboo fence-gray, 2 li with convex hull (50L)
Gate: [monaya] Japanese gate & fence, 6 land impact (80L)
Lantern: Frozen Night FN*Japanese Stone Lantern, 1 li (100L)
Custom textures: pyramid, stairs, rock garden gravel, 2 li with convex hull (30L)