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UPDATE: 2020 Mesh Bodies and Heads supported:

MALE bento body:
TMP Legacy Male, BOM, Bento
Belleza Jake, BOM, Bento
Signature Gianni, BOM, Bento
Slink Male, BOM, Bento
Niramyth Aesthetic, non omega skin, Bento
TMP Male, Bento
NX Nardcotix 

FEMALE bento body:
Maitreya Lara with V-Tech flat chest mod, BOM, Bento
Maitreya Lara, BOM, Bento 
Slink Female, BOM, Bento

BENTO mesh heads:
Raven Bell - male, BOM, Bento
LAQ - female, BOM, Bento
6DOO - male, BOM, Bento
LOGO - male, BOM, Bento
Akeruka - male and female, BOM, Bento
Absolut Creations - male and female, BOM, Bento
Genesis Labs - male and female, non omega, Bento
Niramyth Aesthetic - male, non omega, Bento

Furry, and Anime mesh heads and bodies:
Happy Paws Rabbit, bento
Utilizator M3 mesh head
Utilizator Kemono mesh head and body
Utilizator Avatar2
krankhaus - Kuroo Bento Body
=ASR= Aeon Bento Head

UPDATE: January 2017
BishieStyleSL is semi-retired. I will be back for events, products, or news I am super excited about. For the coming year, I am shifting focus to new challenges. Thank you readers, designers, and event organizers, its been an adventure!

BishieStyleSL is a SecondLife blog with a focus on storytelling. Creating characters and imagining a story around them is a passion for me. For the blog, (whenever possible) there will be an overall concept, setting, and situation/storyline to go with characters. I call my format, "Phototelling."

Genres covered on the blog are: Menswear, Goth, Gothic Aristocrat and Elegant Gothic Lolita, Scifi, Fantasy, and Anime/Manga and branching out to include more home and garden. BishieStyleSL is not a male only blog. Occasionally a female, couple, or group post will happen.

I average one to two posts a week. During busy months my average may go up. I may take a break from the blog during times of illness, vacation, or urgent RL matters.

I take serious the matter of content thief and I would never knowingly promote a copybotter, video game content ripper, stealer of 3d objects, and textures. If you spot something questionable on my blog, please report it to me immediately.

You can contact me inworld with a notecard to: "DevinVaughn resident." But notecards can be capped and IMs never received. A far more reliable way to contact me is by Flickr Mail to: devinvaughn, or send a private message to me on plurk: BishieStyleSL.

If you are a designer, or event organizer, that thinks my style will mesh with yours, or your event, feel free to contact me. I cannot guarantee to blog everything sent to me, or everything provided in the group or subscription notices. I reserve the right to curate content covered in the blog. I flourish best with stores that require blogging minimum of one new release a month, and events that encourage creativity-and-quality over numerous-and-fast blog posts. For patrons to BishieStyleSL, I add their store blog or surl to the links in Featured Designers, and for Events I add a link to their blog or surl in the NewsFlash.

(NOTE: I do not ask designers for review copies. The only exception is when I am covering an event and designers have asked for bloggers to contact them.)

I have discovered the most efficient way for bloggers, designers, and event organizers to be notified of items blogged is through Flickr, and I use this method. (Afterall, messages can be capped or lost inworld, designers are almost always too busy to be bothered by bloggers, and it takes far too much time to write each and every designer shown in an image for each every image created.) How does the Flickr method work? Each image used in the blog is also loaded into Flickr. All stores and events shown in the image are credited in the description, as well as store and events names added to the searchable keyword tags. The image will link back here to the main blog where there is a great deal more information provided. I send each image to the event group, and the designer's store group. Please be sure to send me links to store and event groups so I can add images there.  (TIP: A designer friend on plurk shared another method for keeping track of their bloggers, Feedly.)

I have always included as much information as possible for readers in my stylecard to make it easier for them to find an item and plan for the costs of items. I include item category, store name, product name, if it is mesh or gacha, the event, a surl to the location of where the item can be found (or if it is marketplace only item a link to it's product page), the cost of the item, poses, and location of where the image is taken. For rezzed items, I have started to include Land Impact, and in the text section a description on animations or poses in decor items. Once in a rare while, if I am under severe deadline pressure, I may have to simplify the styelcard information, but I try to always have that as a part of what makes BishieStyleSL a good resource for readers.

BishieStyleSL is mirrored in the following locations:
Facebook: (reserved for friends and family only)

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