Thursday, June 28, 2012

Medieval Fantasy Hunt: Banquet

(click to enlarge)
Banquet guests from left to right:

The warrior woman in green:
Oufit: MysticHope Elissas Justice Moss (lucky chair)(free)
Necklace: Chaos, Panic, and Disorder Celtic Blue Pendant (moonlight madness)(free)
Eyes: IKON FASHISM Sunrise Eyes - Dark Red (150L)
Hair: Sadistic Hacker Kirio1 Hair umber (180L)
Skin and Shape: StyLe Store Nanny 1 (group gift)(free) 

The overworked wife in brown:
Outfit: For F's Sake Carmen (#61 Medieval Fantasy Hunt)(free)

The pampered pet:
Avatar: ~*Water Horse*~ Avatars Water Horse black (2500L)
Horse Armor: Niki&Anders Productions (Niky Eyre) ::E.S::. Dragon Slayer Armor Friesian

The cocky castle lord in red and white:
Tattoo: V Tattoo Store Celtic Eye Tattoo Dark (325L)
Outfit: Quality Designs White Knight (995L) 
Cape, gauntlets, sword, AO: Spider Carnot Warrior Armor Grey M (2799L)

The klutzy servant girl in green:
Dress: BINA Fantasy Clothier BINA Slutress (496L)
Eyes: edge grafica Diseased eyes dim green (free)

The alchemist in purple:
Outfit: MysticHope Wild Berivan Blue (lucky chair)(free)
Hair: Ayashi Takeshi - white (200L)

The prankster in red:
Outfit: MysticHope Leave Male Red (lucky chair)(free)
Hair: Wim Creation Epics Hairs Black Coffee (25L)
Skin: Prodigal Sol, similar to Ale light bald chinbeard (1100L)

The mysterious dinner guest in blue:
Outfit: MysticHope Steeves Secret Sky (lucky chair)(free)
Tattoo: Dura Sandrift hairbase (free)
Hair:  Alli & Ali Designs Viggo hair petite 10 (#26 Itty Bitty Hunt)(free)
Skin: Shiva SP-005555Skin (group gift)(free)

Props: *YEN* Banquet set (250L)
Set: Fabien DeSantis, Fabien fine builds The Fabien Castle (L4550L)
Thanks for your help, Fulli and Voodoo!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pirates of Silicon Valley

(click to enlarge)
The Mooninites might have gotten me this game, but who is wearing steely remains of their leader on his belt, huh?  Yo ho ho....

Hair: A&Y Rex Cyber hair - White (250L)
Eyes: *FTL* Dawn Eyes - Fujinando (100L)
Eyepatch: Air Corsair for MHOH7 (MHOH7 #41)(free)
Jacket: Dot-BE Circuit jacket Grey [mesh] (99L)
Necklace: -K!NG- Steel Necklace (MHOH7 #25) (free)
Belt: *BLITZED* BUG belt (199L)
Pants: +Calamity+ Muscoviet Mosquito Pants

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

SL9 Birthday

I just found out my Zindra Vortex Speed Build Challenge entry for theme "party" is on exhibit at the SecondLife 9th anniversary. My entry is being used to represent the Speed Build because it shows a strong concept can win even if the build itself is simple. I used 2 custom textures and 11 prims. You can only use 70 prims or less, must stay within the build platform space 10m x 10m, and have only 50 minutes to build once given a theme. Builds that have dirty humor, move, or are interactive usually win too. What I also love about speed build is how the winner is chosen. This is the most fair system I have come across in SL. You are voted on by the same peers you just competed against. You can't vote for yourself. You submit a vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Speed Build also is great for learning new tricks. Because of my work at Speed Build, I have been hired to build live stage sets for The Rogue, Ellie's, and Beautiful Freaks. Speed Build is a lot of fun, and even a loss is a learning experience.
Speed Build theme: Party
My idea: Political Party
Injoke: Politics and elections can be very ugly, so I wanted to do a funny twist on a political party. I have submitted bunnies to Speed Build many times, so it's a long running gag for me. My first Speed Build win as a giant white rabbit. The Bunny logo is similar in feel to the donkey and elephant logos of US political parties. The US flag is altered to more gentle looking Bunny color theme. The podium was inspired by a famous movie poster for Citizen Kane. My slogan is an allude to a famous Herbert Hoover slogan of the 1920s, but altered to a bunny theme:  "A head of lettuce in every garden, and a carrot on every plate."

RMK Gothic: Bridal Fair

(click to enlarge)
Let's face it, at some point in your SecondLife you are going to need a nice suit. I can think of no other place that excels in stylish formal wear than RMK Gothic. The RMK Gothic sim has many stores that specialize in EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat) and EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) fashion styles that hail from Japan.

Right now you can pick up a smartly dressed late-Victorian schoolboy outfit as a gift during the Bridal Fair event. The gardens are sprinkled with many couple poses, and the chapel is open to the public for weddings. 19 Stores participating in the event are: 
■参加店舗(順序不同)■, ARice by HELLOworld, NONKO ROMANKAN, ***Ambrosia**, Gallery fumiwo, AD Creations Doll House(海外), WORLD END GARDEN, FROZEN NIGHT, NAMINOKE, :: c.A. :: chocolate atelier, *RibboN*, Driaming Maiden, +:+WTG+:+, [ni.ju](海外), nukunuku pocket, poche, Down Down Down, Crie Style, +Theater Chain+, +RokumeikaN+.
I'd like to thank Aoi, and Rokia for answering my questions and giving me a crash course in RMK style; and the lovely Ms Milk for translating, and the lively conversations about music, fashion, movies, and Tex-Mex food.

Top photo:
Suit: RokumeikaN +RMK*Tailcoat *+Black (800L)
Chair: LP2 interior GG sofa rust C (group gift)  (free)
Skin: Dimbula Rose Mad Hatter skin(Rotten)_Make01 (800L)
Hair: ...Scars... Yotuba [Platinum plus] (100L)
Prop: The Looking Glass Baroque 3 Candle Candelabra Silver White Drippy (125L)
Shape: RokumeikaN +RMK*ModelShape01*+ (july group gift)(free)

Pageboy inset photo: 
Outfit: RokumeikaN +RMK*Page Boy*+2012 Bridal fair Gift (free)
Hair: Dura Dura-Boy01(Gold) mens hair (100L)
Eyes: FTL Dawn Eyes - Seiji (100L)

Group photo: (from left to right)
Suit: RokumeikaN +RMK*Tailcoat *+Gothic (800L)

Gown: World's End Garden Vivienne Bridal Wedding Dress (1200L)
Jewelry: +:+WTG+:+ **Pearly Shell** ear-pierces II (200L)

Suit: RokumeikaN +RMK*Tailcoat black (800L)

Suit: RokumeikaN +RMK*Tailcoat *+Gothic (800L)

Thanks for your help Aoi, Rokia, and Milk!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Last Days of the DV8 store

(Click to enlarge)
When I read DV8 was closing, it was like someone telling me an icon had died. I couldn't believe it. It had to be a joke. The first lucky chair I ever tried was at DV8. I often go there to scoop up the many freebies. But sadly, it's true. The store closes Sunday the 17th, and then the DV8 in-world store is gone. So grab your girlfriend, cyber goth buddy, or neko pet, and take them to DV8. Right now everything is priced at only 50L (except hair fat packs). Gacha have all been brought back too. While you're there, don't forget to grab the freebies bag, free diadem,  free bracelets for Petites, try your luck at the Mix and Match, and the last DV8 Lucky Board prize for men is +DV8+ Nuada - Blue. DV8 will continue to exist in the marketplace albiet with only with around 30 items. For those you wondering what will happen to the epic Twisted Hunts, The Torch is reporting the Twisted Hunts will continue. And the DV8 Dreadnought Roller Derby team also plans to continue. I wish the best for all people behind DV8. The 50L sale is nice finale for a legend in Secondlife.

Shoes: DV8 Psycho Kitteh Boots Blood (50L sale)
Shirt: DV8 Psycho Sweater Ash (50L sale)
Pants: Death Row Designs drd apocalypse full outfit (midnight mania)(free)
Skin: Death Row Designs Aeriq vampire gothic SKIN (midnight mania)(free)
Tattoo Eyeliner: Post Mortum Design - Eyeliner 7 (World Goth Day Gacha) (20L)
Tattoo Black Tears: AKA black tears tattoo free gift (free)
Tattoo: Dirtyland Drinking Blood Face Tat (free)
Hair: Ayashi Kaname black (200L)
Gloves: Sakide Ribbon Gloves Black /w Nails (World Goth Day Gacha)(20L)
Necklace: Fusion Horn Cord Necklace (295L)
Necklace: Poison Devastation necklace (free)
Bracelets: LaRosa Bangles Hunter (#48 The Accessories Hunt)(free)

Thank you to the DV8 Deviant group members who came out in force to show thier favorite DV8 gear and salute their beloved store in an impromptu photoshoot. You guys are great! 
(Click to enlarge)  The DV8 Deviants are: (from left to right)

DV8 Almost Violent Jett Safety Orange

Seijin Nightfire
DV8 Cybermancer Ashes

Dena Farspire
DV8 Dreadnought Roller Derby uniform

DV8 Bad Poetry Go Fish Outfit
DV8 Bad Poetry Tank and Corset in Agate
DV8 Boots - Spider Slayer in grey from gacha

Zenzyk Frakture
DV8 Legacy crimson

DV8 Psycho Kitty sweater Ashe (50L sale)
DV8 Psycho Kitty boots Blood (50L sale)

Elizabeth DeClaun
DV8 Terminal Nikita Violet.

DV8 Nuada Blue (lucky board)(free).
DV8 Rivet Kitteh 2.0 White (50L sale)
DV8 Deathrock Candy Bracelets (free)

Morphman DeClaunn
DV8 Cleric Medic

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Medieval Fantasy Hunt: Fairytale

(click to enlarge)
On Her:
Outfit: NaLA Fashion & Building Female Nala-Fashion (#32 Medieval Fantasy Hunt)(free)
Hair: Alli & Ali Designs Morgana Hair 10 (#26 Itty Bitty Hunt)(free)
Necklace: Chaos, Panic, & Disorder Astonomy Pendant v2 (moonlight madness)(free)
Shoes: World's End Garden Le Dernier Lamento Shoe (free)
Avatar: Dark Spot Designs Fennec White (799L)
Pose: ++DESIRE++ Free Model Pose F01-05 FreePose_01 (free)

On Him:
Outfit: NaLA Fashion & Building Male Nala-Fashion (#32 Medieval Fantasy Hunt)(free)
Hair: First Act Hair-Still Out Here-Hot (250L)
Hair texture: Dreams Tutorials and Sandbox Black tipped Royal (free) 
Weapon: TALA's Weapons Toys Fun Chores Beefeater 1.1 (free)
Boots: Quality Designs Boots *suede black (male) (295L)
Avatar: AVentity M_black wolf (650L)

Hunts shown: 
Thanks for your help, Fulli!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Medieval Fantasy Hunt: Dragon Slayer

(click to enlarge)
Medieval Fantasy Hunt has six outfits for the men. 
The store this outfit is from, MysticHope, also has 2 lucky chairs of excellent male outfits.

On Him:
Outfit: MysticHope Dragon Slayer Purple (#5 Medieval Fantasy Hunt)(free)
Necklace: Lil Things Black Cross Chain (10L)
Hair: Ayashi Takeshi - white (200L)
Ring: The Jewellery Exchange Sir Gwayne Ring (group gift)(free)

His Buddy:
Avatar: ~*Water Horse*~ Avatars Water Horse black (2500L)
Armor: Niki&Anders Productions (Niky Eyre) ::E.S::. Dragon Slayer Armor Friesian (edited for new texture)

Set: Fabien DeSantis Fabien fine builds The Fabien Castle (L4550L)
Thanks Fulli for your help! Thanks for the location Amelia!