Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pirates of Silicon Valley

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The Mooninites might have gotten me this game, but who is wearing steely remains of their leader on his belt, huh?  Yo ho ho....

Hair: A&Y Rex Cyber hair - White (250L)
Eyes: *FTL* Dawn Eyes - Fujinando (100L)
Eyepatch: Air Corsair for MHOH7 (MHOH7 #41)(free)
Jacket: Dot-BE Circuit jacket Grey [mesh] (99L)
Necklace: -K!NG- Steel Necklace (MHOH7 #25) (free)
Belt: *BLITZED* BUG belt (199L)
Pants: +Calamity+ Muscoviet Mosquito Pants

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