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World Goth Fair: What We Do In Cursed, 1

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STORYLINE: Good evening mortals. Welcome to Cursed's 4th annual World Goth Fair. As relations between The Dark and Humans normalize, we hope a tour of the city with opportunities to meet our colorful denizens will help promote understanding and trust. I am Commander Ashe of the Night Troops. I will be your escort. We are not that much different than you. We creatures of the night put on our black leather pants one leg at a time too. But if I were you, I would not lag behind. Some of the residents have more hunger than sense. Follow me.

The bats have left the belltower, its time to get your Goth on! The World Goth Fair is open! Each year World Goth Fair tries something new: things that didn't work out get dropped, and new ideas are tried. There will be staggered releases throughout the event, and several on May 22 for World Goth Day itself. And I am excited to tell you this year a little batty whispered in my ear something very special is going to happen. Something that uses the words "Gothic Bands" and "LIVE in SecondLife" in the same sentence. Watch the official World Goth Fair blog for an official statement, bands, and times!

If you are new to this World Goth Fair madness, check out this nice Dark Beauty Magazine interview with one of the holiday's co-creators, DJ Cruel Britannia. In fact, Cruel Britannia will be one of the many DJ spinning the tunes right here inside SL for the all day party on May 22 for World Goth Day! Don't Miss it!

Pictured above is the new Sgt Nemesis Marching Band outfit by Avatar Bizarre. You can get it in male or female, and it includes the coat and pants. It's one of many fun things you can pick up at World Goth Fair. A list of all merchants and map of the store locations is here. In the background in front of Club Gothika are two cool statues by Lost Junction, Reaching for Redemption. You can pick them up at One Word. (Note: Technically One Word ended on the 15th, but the displays are still up as of this morning.)

On Him, Commander Ashe:
Coat, pants: Avatar Bizarre AB Sgt Nemesis Marching Band Male [mesh](World Goth Fair)(225L)
Hat, nose chain: Remarkable Oblivion Paragon Cap, Nose chain - Forever Black [mesh](249L)
Eyeliner: Lovely Disarray The Guyliners : Slept in (110L)
Scar: Usagi Cafe Usagi Cafe hunt item #4 (past hunt, free)
Ear Piercings: Haus of Darcy KYO Mesh Ear Piercing, Facial Piercing - Frost [mesh] (150L)
Face piercing: Haus of Darcy Fire In The Water Prt. 1 (50L)
Ears: Mandala Unisex Simple Ears [mesh] (297L)
Gloves: Adjunct Luxury Winter Gloves - Black, gacha [mesh](no longer available)
Latex: Red Devil Devastating Black (199L)
Armband: Epia Symbol Armband [mesh] (group gift)(free)
Scalp: Action Hair Base 04 Veganic - Snow (107L)
Shoes: PixelFashion Bradford Shoes Black V [mesh] (390L)
Eyes: S0NG Sublime - Vampire Eye [mesh] (50L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Noctis skin - bald -Tone 01 (Boystown) (990L)
Pose: ZZANG Strength 006

Statues: Lost Junction Reaching for Redemption Statues [mesh] (One Word)(200L)

World Goth Fair

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