Monday, August 26, 2013

Tokyo 3.1: Guardian Sakura

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STORYLINE: Given enough time diverse things merge and combine. This was true too in Tokyo 2085. While huge chunks of the city had joined the global cyber collective, some parts of Tokyo were ageless. One small section close to the water even had real living sakura trees. This was her favorite place. Guardian Sakura defended it ferociously. Somethings were worth dying for.

Originally I had the idea of doing a tough-as-nails woman warrior, but my idea took a turn toward a combination of hard and soft, past and future, east and west, after I won the watermelon colored falls. lol. The Rebellious armor outfit by Dark Prophet Designs is a wonderfully crafted mesh with pieces that can be added or subtracted. Included is a hood with 2 styles of tattoo to shade the face and make you look mysterious. Nice touch! It's on sale 25% off at We Love Role Play until August 31st. The soft elements are by Barerose. The Otoko Ohka package also includes hair, kimono and shoes. The Codie falls by Discord Designs is available in gacha at the 24 Event until August 31st. This beautiful skin by Koola is a current group gift. I love the eyeliner and freckles. The Amidala makeup by Avea adds a nice geisha touch. The dewy Jaded eyes by Poetic Colors match the green falls end nicely. For the pose, I used both katanas in the Fantasy Ninja pose by F*ckingNinjas. Picture is taken at the new sim by :Sey, Tokyo 3.1.

On Her, Guardian Sakura:
Armor, outfit, boots, tattoo: Dark Prophet Designs Rebellious female [mesh] (1200L) 25% off
Hair: Discord Designs Codie Watermelon RARE, gacha (The 24 Event) [mesh] (30L)
Sash, chocker, train, sword effect: Barerose Otoko Ohka [mesh] (edit color tint)(185L)
Makeup: Aeva Heartsick Amidala Make Up (75L)
Skin: KOOQLA Okania Rion/01 (group gift,10L to join) (free)
Eyes: Poetic Colors Jaded Eyes - Spring [mesh] (150L)
Katana, Pose: F*ckingNinjas *FN* Fantasy ninja pose (50L)


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