Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Little Fountain Visitor

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STORYLINE: A mist rolled slowly into the sleeping village. Tomorrow would be a buzz of activity during the summer festival, but for tonight the air was calm with only an occasional cricket chirp, or croak of a lonely frog. Stalking silently in the tall grass was the Little Lion, protector of the village. It was hard work keeping the rats away so the big event would run smoothly, but quiet moments like this made it worth it for the tiny fierce hunter. She sprung up with ease on top of her favorite place, the rock water fountain in the garden. From her perch, the Little Lion surveyed her territory. Then smiled in her own catlike way for a job well done, and took a drink.

It's summertime in Japonica! Throw on your Yukata, and head on over to enjoy beautiful creations in kimono & yukata for men and women, accessories, buildings, decore, food, tattoos, and gacha from Japan.  For more information, go to:

Fountain: MonkeyGirl [MG]Dokodemo Waniwa Type A1 [mesh](Japonica)(350L)
Building:  Maru Kado Kominka-01 (43Li) [mesh](Japonica)(450L)
Cart: Marushin D8 tawara #2, gacha [mesh](Japonica)(70L)
Plants, Statue: Del-ka Aedilis Asian Garden O-Ren [mesh](Genre - East Asia)(150L)
Fog: {anc} mist cloud [Heavenlyblue] 1prim sculpt (349L)
Grass: Happy Mood HPMD* WildGrasses -green- a [mesh](180L)
Cat: Fashionably Dead (fd) Cat - 12 Curious, gacha [mesh] (50L)
Lantern: The Looking Glass TLG - Lotus Valley Dream Lantern [mesh](past Fantasy Faire gift)
Path: Dysfunctionality [DDD] Stone Ruins Path - Long [mesh](135L)
Bamboo: Headhunter's Island Yellow bamboo row [mesh](99L)
Landform: Jumbo Core Plat  River [mesh](95L)
Walls: Fuubutsu Dou Stone Wall with materials [mesh](500L)

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Watermill: Soul Mates Miller's House with mill  [mesh](Japonica)(800L)
Pinwheel stand: bitter vanilla -15-  b.v Yatai (red) RARE, gacha [mesh](Japonica)(60L)
Cart lantern: Marushin #7 Chochin Dashi E, gacha [mesh](Japonica)(70L)
Cart Dragon: Marushin #10RARE Ryujin Dashi A, gacha [mesh](Japonica)(70L)
Tea House: 22769 Secret Teahouse [mesh](Japonica)(525L)
Floor lantern: 22769 Paper Console Lamp  [mesh](Japonica)(155L)
Floor lantern: 22769 Small Paper Lamp [mesh](Japonica)(115L)
Folding screen: 22769 Screen [mesh](Japonica)(125L)
Bed: 22769 Futon Bed [mesh](Japonica)(adult 725L, pg425L)
Hanging lanterns stripe: bitter vanilla -11-  b.v Chochin stripes, gacha  [mesh](Japonica)(60L)
Hanging lanterns red: bitter vanilla -12-  b.v Chochin red, gacha  [mesh](Japonica)(60L)
Hanging lanterns: bitter vanilla -13-  b.v Denshoku, gacha  [mesh](Japonica)(60L)
Bonsai: Madpeas Bonsai Tsume, 1li, gacha [mesh] (50L)
Bonsai: Madpeas Bonsai Mitsugo, 1li, gacha [mesh] (50L)
Willow tree: The Little Branch LB_WeepingWillow.V2 [mesh](386L)
Large tree: The Looking Glass TLG - Wolfmother Tree (250L)

Thanks for your help, Akira!

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