Saturday, July 27, 2013

Captured Butterfly

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STORYLINE: She spent her charmed life like a butterfly, flitting gently from one nightclub to next. She was a beautiful songstress with the voice of an angel. She was never for want of money or love. She seemed to have the best luck. That is, until one stormy night she stepped into the Peacock Hotel never to be seen again. No one knows what happened that night. She is presumed dead, but her body was never found. Even today on dark stormy nights, the ghosty voice of this captured butterfly can be heard once again echoing in the halls.

Is this hat by Frozen Hat cool or what? Love the spiderwebs and butterflies. It comes is several colors too. The dress is by Panda Express and was on last month's We Love Roleplay round for nice sale price. The inworld store has even more colors. Is this Madpea's Madcity sim goreious or what? It's stunning.  And I have some Madpeas news, on August 1st there will be a sequel to the Room 326 hunt, called The Cry of the Peacock. It will have new prizes, new stores, and new challenges. Can't wait!

On Her:
Hat: Frozen Night Captured butterfly dress hat - black [mesh] (180L)
Dress: Panda Express SteamLust - mint [mesh] (350L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Veronica Mesh Hair - ethereal [mesh] (250L)
Umbrella: Souzou Eien Pretty Goth Umbrella Grey [mesh] (past, World Goth Fair) (75L)
Skin: Glam Affair Luria skin - 11 (past, The Arcade) (100L)

Madcity, Peacock Hotel

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