Monday, November 18, 2013

RMK Gothic: Renewal Gifts 3

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Which is sweeter? Cadbury chocolate, or the Cadbury girl? Maybe the Cadbury mascot bunny! This adorable Cadbury Maid outfit by RokumeikaN is free for visitors to the newly remodeled RMK Gothic. Just wear your RMK Gothic SIM group tag, and touch the sign at the Cadbury store. It's free to join.

On Her:
Dress, bonnet, apron, collar: RokumeikaN +RMK*Cadbury's Cocoa*Mini Dress+ (RMK Renewal)(free)
Blush: [ni.Ju] Hime-yu (60L)
Bunny: HPMD SleepyRabbit with Cuddle AO (250L)
Boots: Beetlebones ::BB:: Fowler Laced- Up Boots (Collabor88)(88L)
Hair: Dura x ARAI 02 Curl - strawberry (160L)
Gloves: Adam n Eve AE for SLINK Appliers Hands - Opera Gloves White (150L)

Below is a map of the Dark Town area.

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