Thursday, August 5, 2021

Midnight Order: Symphony of the Night

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STORYLINE: Only the pale light of the waning moon leaked into the darkness from broken rafters above. Footsteps echoed down the long stone corridor. Alucard summoned a candelabra and lit it with his dark powers. It was not so much for him, as he could see quite well in the night. Revealing himself in a friendly manner he hoped would assure his visitor he meant no harm. "I am Alucard, master of the castle," he bowed politely. The flickering light gleamed on his long golden locks. A bitter voice sneered at him, "Oh, I know who you are, Bloodsucker." The man pointed to the blood splatter covering Alucard, "The chosen one? The messiah foretold by prophecy? Ridiculous! You're the son of the devil himself, Dracula..." Alucard cut him off, "And the son of my mother, a human."  Undeterred, the man spat, "Abomination! I will purge you from this world!" Alucard sighed, not this shit again. 

I know I know, everyone is talking about the Gachapocalypse (me too!), but can we take a moment to swoon over the Gothic goodies at Midnight Order? So much awesome.... Midnight Order's halfway point is this weekend, new gifts will be put out and live DJ Friday the 6th , 2 - 4pm SL time, and at 7 - 9pm SL time, and on Saturday the 7th f2 - 4pm SL time, and at 7 - 9pm SL time. Midnight Order ends August 20th.

The image above was totally inspired by the classic Gothic creations this round, and of course Alucard from Castlevania. (Is the Castlevania Netflick series great or what?) For my picture above, I did Alucard more in style of the classic Symphony of the Night. He is wearing the Eternal top, pants and boots by Toksik. All items are mod, so I tinted the boot laces to gold. The gorgeous candelabra is by Reliquary and has texture hud to change all its textures. Smartly hidden on his right thigh are the Kosii Hunter Stakes and Holsters to bring down a big bad like Dracula. It is interactive, with a hud to trigger draw, flip and sheath animations. From a past MO round, is the beautifully created TF: Mort Veins BOM texture, - its perfect for any starving creature of the night. The Dhampir cape by Aii works so well here, its Bento and you can touch it to change it's built in animations. The background is the castle at No Salvation.

On him, Alucard:
Candelabra: Reliquary !R!&:P:- Orryn Candelabra [mesh](MidnightOrder)(399L)
Top: toksik Eternal Blouse (Legacy M) [mesh](MidnightOrder)(250L)
Necklace: toksik Eternal Necklace (Legacy M)[mesh](MidnightOrder)(250L)
Pants: toksik Eternal Pants (Boot Fit) (Legacy M) [mesh](MidnightOrder)(180L)
Boots: toksik Eternal Boots (Legacy M) [mesh](MidnightOrder)(250L)
Holster: Kosii Hunter Stakes [mesh](MidnightOrder)(599L)
Cape: {aii} + Dhampir Alis Cloak L (Red) +  Bento [mesh](315L)
Claws: L'Emporio&PL Oblio Vampire Claws male [mesh](350L)
Gloves: NOCHE Bill Essential Gloves [mesh](349L)
Hair: Sintiklia Hair Wenna Light [mesh](300L)
Tattoo: TF: Mort :: Veins (BOM) (303L)
Head, Lips, brows: LeLUTKA Kane Evolution .2.5 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: momomuller / 3M [3M]_sc0_m_3 (40L)


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