Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood: part 3

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STORYLINE: Grandmother picked up her special glasses to look at the Hunter, the ones that show a person's "true face." Little Red didn't understand why her Grandmother said, "Oh my, What big eyes you have." "The better to see you with," he replied. "And that big teeth you have!" Grandmother shoved her out the door and locked it. "Run!" she yelled, but Little Red didn't. There was sounds of struggle, breaking furniture, followed by an eerie silence with the smell of baking cookies. Little Red eventually found a way to sneak back inside, and what she saw was amazing. The Hunter was sitting sleepy at the dining table, moaning, and patting his swollen belly. "Oh Grandmother your cookies are the best. I ate so much I feel like there are rocks in my stomach." Her Grandmother winked, and showed her a little bottle of wolfbane spice she must have added to the cookies. Little Red was sad she would never see her Hunter friend again. He said not to worry, he made a deal with Grandma. When Little Red returned home, she was grounded for the rest of the Summer for disobeying her mother's orders.

Grandma Badass by special request. lol Let me tell you about the setting here. The Village House by Envisage Limitless is all mesh and only 20 Land Impact. It comes in 2 styles, one with window shades and one without. You can pick it up for 25% off at We Love Role Play. The cool tree with drape and fun twig chair are by Kalopsia. And not only that, but the Wolf mask too! The entire Red Riding Hood kit also includes a wolf head mount for the wall for when you want to brag about taking out the Big Bad Wolf, cute little red Lolita shoes, and a wolf head hairband. You can pick it up at Enchantment. Grandma Badass's glasses are by Stitched and you can pick them up for free at Enchantment. Goodies on sale at We Love Role play are her hammer and red flower horn is by Cubic Cherry, the Copper Cupid Arrow shoulder guards by ieQED, and red and yellow gown by Apsara. For the Hunter/Wolf King I added top from the Merek outfit at WLRP. I hope you guys liked my spin on Little Red Riding Hood. It was fun.

Curtains, Chair: Kalopsia Red Riding Hood - Full Set [mesh] (Enchantment) (400L)
House: Envisage Limitless Village Houses Shorehaven 1b [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (281L) 25% off

On Her, Grandma:
Gown: Apsara Ceren - Red/Yellow [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (220L) 25% off
Shoulders: ieQED arrow.pauldron.copper/platinum [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (169L) 25% off
Horn: Cubic Cherry {Hamel} Head Gear [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (110L) 25% off
Glasses: Stitched Grandma Glasses [mesh] (Enchantment) (free)
Skin: Bite and Claw :B&C:: Penny - Tone 2 - Dusky - CL - Dk
Hair: LaNoir Soleil Designs NWSH - SOLSTICE -  Dusk [mesh] (27L)
Eyes: S0NG mint kisses eye [mesh] (free)

On Him, Alpha the WereWolf King:
Mask: Kalopsia - Red Riding Hood - Full Set  [mesh] (Enchantment)(400L)
Shirt: Luminary Merek - Red [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (150L) 50% off
Harness, belt, boot, glove, pants, kilt, tattoo: Pucca Firecaster Creations Cimmerian - Red [mesh](We <3 Role Play) (450L) 25% off
Crown: Remarkable Oblivion RO - Sanguine Crown [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha) (100L)
Cape: Stitched  [S] Gallard // Grey Fur - Brown  [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha) (75L)
Hair: EMO-tions LEGOLAN - gray [mesh](Fantasy Gacha) (50L)
Shield: MeshedUp Claws Shield_Red [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha) (50L)

On Her, Little Red Riding Hood:
Hair: Ayashi Little Red Riding Hood hair-Blond set [mesh] (Enchantment)(250L)
Dress: Junbug Rotkappchen [mesh] (Enchantment)(450L)
Shoes, Socks: Enfant Terrible Ribbon Ballerinas red, sock change hud [mesh] (Enchantment)(325L)
Basket: anc Rattenbag.littleredridinghood, animated [mesh] (Enchantment)(160L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

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