Sunday, May 29, 2022

ScifiCon: Where No Rat Has Gone Before

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STORYLINE: There is a rat on the ship. No, really. Its huge, wearing a Starfleet uniform, and piloting the USS Karni Mata out of Spacedock. Gone are the days of him being hazed at the Academy, having trashcans emptied in his dorm room, or worse, called a disease carrier. No, today Cadet Ricky Rat was on the bridge of a real Starship. Trusted. Respected. His wings earned. His mother would be so proud, and all his thousands of siblings. He couldn’t wait to find another M Class planet. You see, the Rodents are clever and just as eager to colonize space as humans. Once the humans accepted rodent-kind as equals, they actually made a good team. In fact, they had already been traveling together for so long, it predated recorded history

Today is last day of the 14th Scificon in SL. And what's a Scifi convention without Star Trek? It would be like peanut butter without the jelly. I'm still racing around to look at everything. I discovered a new-to-me store, Sailor V Creations, full of detailed recreations from Star Trek series and movies. There is a demo in their store of the bridge of the Sovereign Class Starship (from the ST:TNG movies). All mesh, so much detail. Just wonderful. Of course I had to blog it! There are freebies in the store, hunt prize, and you can follow the links to full demos of many ships and sets. Ships are not just starship recreations, but also have connecting mazes of interactive rooms for your space traveling Strange New Worlds adventures. The older models are impressive too, all built in prim. Stunning build work. Needless to say, both types are land impact heavy but you can also take the interior rooms out to use as a skybox. For my Vermin crewmen, I used Eclectic Stars' Orville inspired Bortus outfit (also at the convention), with the grey Bespoke Carla Rodent head. It just seemed to click. And so a crazy story idea was born. Enjoy the last day of the Con!

On him, Ricky Rat:
Top, Pants, Shoes: Eclectic Stars Bortus Pants, Legacy Male[mesh](Sci-Fi Con 14)(395L)
Head, skin: BeSpoke Rodent Carla - Head male, grey, bento [mesh](800L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)

Spaceship: Sailor V Creations Sovereign Class Starship [mesh](Scificon: New Xantis)(25,000L)

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