Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's a small world afterall

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Yeah yeah... I know it's not macho to be cute, tiny, and pink but you'll be a hit with the kawaii loving crowd when you're out and about spreading some springtime fox magic cheer. Just be careful ya wee lads, don't be hugged to death, or smothered between two ample bosoms!

On him, Sakura Fox:
Avatar: Steamboat Energy Company SEC Micro Fox - Fully Articulated Micro Avatar (700L)
Skin: Gaidion Priestman Micro Fox White Textures (100L)
Outfit: Mirco Paws Playful Yukata Sakura (without the top) (L98)
Vest: Leoki's Dreams *LD* Star Shirt for Micros (10L)
Wings small: Barerose Tokyo Simple White Wings (raffle prize) (scaled down)
Wings large: Frozen Night FN*blossom wings [sakura] particle_chest (free)
Belt: Curious Kitties Peaceful Sakura Choker White (free) (scaled down)
Props: Curious Kitties Magic Sakura Wand (free) (scaled down)
Effects: Curious Kitties Magic Sakura hand particles (free)
Hair: A&Y Dante hair - white (250L) (scaled down)

On her, Shadow Fox:
Pose: Tavatar Carrying Pose of Micro Fox (free)
Avatar: Dark Spot Designs Fennec - Sculpted furry - black (799L)
Location: Kawaii Anime

Bonus Micro Fox freebies:
Props: Kitsune World Sumomo Micro Fox Mod Kit (camping prize)
Skin: Tavatar Grey Fox skin (free)
Furniture: Busy Bunnies Free Micro Avatar Bed (free)
Outfit: Micro Paw Micro Freebie (free)
Furniture: MicroWorlds Micro Freebie Outdoor Laundry Set (free)
Hat: Nomiki Tremmor Micro B&W French Beanie Set (free)

Bonus Micro:
Deform: Micro Paw Micro Paws DIY Mesh Furry Kit (Female) (free)
Deform: Micro Paw Micro Paws DIY Mesh Furry Kit (Male) (free)
Oufit: Micro Paw Micro Mesh Outfit Creation Lite Pack (free)

Thanks for your help Fulli!

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