Saturday, October 31, 2020

Necrotize: Grover's Mill 1938

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STORYLINE: Grover's Mill, New Jersey, 1938. Site of the Martian Landing in the Radio Broadcast of the War of the Worlds. ...Or was it? One little Trick or Treater will never tell, he was just visiting on the best day of the year to blend in with the human population

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! This year has been a strange one, very fitting my "costume" this year is a cute Grey Alien by Hotdog at the Necrotize event. The Halloween goodies and gifts are by Circa, Schadenfreude, and Vespertine. 

On Him, the Grey Alien Tourist:
Head, eyes, skin: Hotdog Alien head Bento Silver [mesh](Necrotize)(250L)
Bucket: Schadenfreude lavendar Treat Bucket, 2020 [mesh](Panic Pumpkin)(gift)
Coat: Hotdog Tailcoat White [mesh](350L)
Pants: Artificial Hallucination AH+ Nightwalker Pants low boots Jake [mesh](350L)
Boots: Gabriel GB Cyber Boots Silver Elysion, gacha  [mesh](75L)
Backpack: GALLACTIC Jetpack grey [mesh](295L)
Weapon: GALLACTIC Ray Gun grey 1 [mesh](295L)
Headband: Aux Devilish - Headband - Black [mesh]
Body: Belleza Jake 2.0 Bento Mesh Body  [mesh](2999L)
Pose: sakupose+ yzk mens pose 4 hero7 (70L)


Treats: Circa "Spooky Delights" 3-Tier Cupcake Stand - Black LI:4 [mesh]
Treats: Circa "Spooky Delights" 3-Tier Cupcake Stand - White LI:4 [mesh]
Treats: Circa "Spooky Delights" Ghost Meringue Platter -Org (Giver) LI:3 [mesh]
Treats: Circa "Spooky Delights" Ghost Meringue Platter -Vio (Giver) LI:3 [mesh]
Treats: Circa "Spooky Delights" Multi Cookie Stand - Black LI:5 [mesh]

Bucket: Circa "DarkMoon Manor" Oval Pumpkin Bucket LI:9 [mesh] (Shop & Hop)

Lantern: Circa "Thornhill" Lantern Hook w/ Deco - Bats - Black (L) LI:6 [mesh] (Shop & Hop)

Tree: Circa "Haunted Hill" Gnarly Tree - Electrified  Prize '20 LI:9 [mesh] (Scary Halloween Hunt)

Wagon: dust bunny & tenshi pumpkin wagon, autumn harvest gacha LI:4 [mesh](50L)

House: dust bunny wildrose manor LI:124 [mesh](600L)

Truck: Consignment [Con.] Stepside Pick-up - HUD - Yellow [mesh](75L)

Hay: 22769 Hay Bale with blanket LI:2 [mesh]
Bucket: Schadenfreude (bone) Treat Bucket, 2020 [mesh](gift)
Bucket: Schadenfreude (black) Treat Bucket, 2020 [mesh](gift)

Pumpkin, candy: Vespertine colourful halloween candy board LI:3 [mesh](150L)
Pumpkin, candy: Vespertine candycorn floor mess /jack o pumpkin LI:1 [mesh](150L)

Pumpkin: Vespertine mr.vampy pumpkin LI:1 [mesh](group gift)

Pumpkin: Vespertine trick or treat pumpkin LI:1 [mesh](group gift)

Pumpkin, candyVespertine candy pumpkin with treats LI:2 [mesh](group gift)

Pumpkin: Vespertine boo! pumpkin LI:1 [mesh](group gift)

Tree: Lunaria Enchanted Elm v2 - Orange LI:11 [mesh](100L)

Pumpkins: Lunaria Gourd Family LI:2 [mesh](group gift)
Pumpkins: Lunaria Pumpkin Patch LI:5 [mesh](50L)
Shrub: Lunaria Season Changing Shrub LI:3 [mesh](50L)
Tree: Lunaria Spirit of Halloween Tree LI:19 [mesh](150L)

Poster: free bird Carry Garlic Poster, gacha LI:1 [mesh]

Poster: free bird If The Broom Fits Poster, gachaLI:1 [mesh]
Pallet: free bird Ghost Pallet Decor, gachaLI:1 [mesh]

Pallet: free bird Monster Pallet Decor, gachaLI:1 [mesh]

UFO: SENRIES Koenji UFO LI:74 [mesh]

Corn: Bad Katz Mesh Cornstalk Grouping LI:7 [mesh](145L)

Leaves: DMC Flying Leaves marble B LI:1 [mesh](99L)

Leaves: SHD Autumn Leaves Maple/Birch/Mixed, with particles LI:2 (75L)
Land: Jumbo Core Plat Rock Multilevel LI:37 [mesh](55L)

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