Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Mainframe: The Shipping Drones

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STORYLINE: The Wasp Virus was raging in the Mainframe. Highly developed Cyborgs were locked in hibernation mode. How would the mail get through? Enter an unexpected hero… an old series Solares Cargo Drone. It would be up to little drones keep things running until the contagion could be purged from the system.

So many awesome cyber goodies at Mainframe. I just love this genre. This image was inspired by current events, the Cerridwens Cauldron XB Pod, and the cute Solares Cargo Drone. The XB Pod has poses in it, and you can touch the LED screens to trigger an animation or open the pod door. Cerridwens Cauldron also has a matching free planter at the event. The Solares Cargo drone can change to different colors and themes, and it will seamlessly busy itself picking up boxes and delivering them. The gorgeous Hydra Mask is by Lanevo. The fatpack comes with a hud that can change the textures on all its many parts and adjust the transparency on the face. It also has has a bangs hairstyle that will fit nicely inside the mask. The Power Chip is from a gacha by Astara. Its face is animated and you can change its display colors. The Bionic necklace by L'Emporio&PL also includes a texture hud to customize it. I am wearing the new Athletic Legacy mesh body by TheShops. Its so nicely made, and pitch perfect for my style. The downside is there are currently no clothes or accessories for it, or deformers. But I found the A&Y Arm Boosters for Gianni fit pretty well. The unrigged muffler by Krova was easy to adjust. And... my most daring clothing attempt is super cool Cryo Chest by Wicca's Originals at Mainframe. Its made for Maitreya, but as long as I have no lower half... its no trouble. lol

On him, Shipping Drone Hydra:
Helmet: LANEVO HYDRA MASK fatpack [mesh](Mainframe)(780L)
Waist: Wicca's Originals Cryo Chest Maitreya [mesh](Mainframe)(599L)
Powerchip: Astara Chip-n0Mix Power Chip, gacha [mesh](Mainframe)(25L)
Necklace: L'Emporio&PL Bionic Necklace Male [mesh](Mainframe)(350L)
Armbands: A&Y Cyber Bunke Arm Booster Male[mesh](390L)
Muffler: KROVA Muffler [mesh](150L)
Body, skin: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)

Pod: Cerridwens Cauldron [CC] XB Pod White/Low Res Textures [mesh](Mainframe)(250L)
Cargo Drone & Crates: Solares Cargo Drone, Crates animated [mesh](Mainframe)(409L)

Horizons - stage 5

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