Saturday, November 20, 2021

Necrotize: The Laughing Aliens

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STORYLINE: The Guardian wrapped his arm around his best spy and laughed. "Wonderful work, Agent Tri, the humans are running away! Did you hear how loud that last one screamed when my children hatched?" The aliens both roared with laughter. "You were correct, Tri. the Hairless Apes could not be reasoned with, none of our numerous warnings to avoid the Plague Nebula were heeded. Terror is the only true language lower lifeforms understand. I will pass this valuable information to the Queen should we have any trouble with Terrians again."

Happy Alien Celebration Day! Well, in their corner of the universe anyway. lol This big Necrotize finale today was inspired by the BeSpoke Centipede mesh head and the idea I had for the series. I hope you enjoyed it! Aarya is here with me as we collaborated at break neck speed on the last Team Blogger Bat image. Head over to her blog for more details on what she is wearing. For the Centipede head, I took the alien's look in a radically different direction. I added teeth, and tongue. The glasses and crown are by Evil Baby. I really wanted to use the Static Hexxus hands, so I pulled a little trick so I could, I wore Maitreya hand on Jake body and hid the seam with the A&Y arm Boosters. (UPDATE: Static has added male fits and flat chest to Hexxus, you can find it on the marketplace, link included below) The Tail on the left is Ambix's Serrated Tail. And the cool statue in the back is Zone88's Cyborg Escape. 

On him, Alien King:
Head, skin, eyes: BeSpoke  Centipede - Gothic Burgandy [mesh](Necrotize)(600L)
Crown: Evil Baby Biomechanic Headpiece [mesh](Necrotize)(349L)
Glasses: Evil Baby Biomechanical Glasses [mesh](Necrotize)(199L)
Tail: AMBIX Serrated Tail [Bento] [mesh](Necrotize)(599L)
Hand goo: Static Hexxus Symbiote {Black} Claw - Male Maitreya [mesh](Necrotize)(450L)
Armbands: A&Y Cyber Bunker Arm Booster Male[mesh](390L)
Coat: A&Y Cyber Bunker NJ Cyber Coat (Jake) - Black [mesh](390L)
Top, pants: L'Emporio&PL Perseo Space Suit, Black [mesh](430L)
Teeth: [ni.Ju] Flesh Eater Teeth [mesh](50L)
Tongue: [Pirocious] Akaname Tongue [mesh](199L)
Legs: Ghoul Orochi Legs - JAKE - Ghoul Glossy [mesh](399L)
Hands: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [BOM] [mesh](2750L)
Body: Belleza Jake 3.0 Bento Mesh Body  [mesh](2999L)
Pose: Inertia Loiter

On her, Alien Spy:
To see Aarya Phantomhive's complete stylecard and continuing story, go to: Dark Phantom Blog
Helmet: Level 9 Xino Helmet [mesh](Necrotize)(500L)
Outfit: Normandy Hibernation Suit [mesh](Necrotize)(450L)
Collar implant: SOLE SA - CL-Joint tech, White[mesh](Necrotize)(299L)
Boots: Cubic Cherry Orici [mesh](Necrotize)(275L)

Statue: ZONE88 Escape Cyborg [mesh](Necrotize)(488L)
Eggs: torment bilu egg [mesh](Necrotize)(100L)
Cityscape: Strange Merchant Light City [mesh](Beauty60)(60L)

Thanks for your help, Aarya!

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