Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Death of Charity

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STORYLINE: The Ghost of Christmas Future was right, something dark had begun. All over London, those who helped the homeless, cared for the disabled, and gave gifts to orphans were being slaughtered one by one. When their remains were found, they appeared like withered husks much older than they really were. Fear gripped the city. Gatherings were cancelled. Policemen patrolled the streets. Some were even scared to give gifts least the serial killer strike them down too. Who could do such a monstrous thing during the season of goodwill, and why?

Today is the last of 2014. I know you guys have been super busy this December, I have been too, but hopefully you have sometime to scoop up the goodies before ringing in the New year. Pictured above from Gothmas by Gaslight are the Eclectica Nightblooms earring, necklace, and rings. Each item is non-rigged mesh so you can get a good fit. The lovely textured Isadora dress is by Senzafine. The non-rigged Elizabeth ankle boots are by Choas, Panic, and Disorder. Yes, I popped some mesh eyes on the zombie girl, it can be done! These are CandyCane by the Chop Shop. The fur wrap is a gacha you can play at Junbug. The hair is Riko by Ayashi. And of course the Zombie girl avatar is included in your viewer.  The dress didn't quite fit her on the upper back, but for image purposes, it worked out for me here.  The house and furniture are part of the Death Row Humbug gacha at the Arcade. It's great for any Victorian scene, and not just for Christmas! If you haven't played it yet, hop over to the Arcade, and not forget to scoop up all the fabulous gifts under the Christmas tree while you're there.

On her, The Lady Charity:
Earrings, rings, necklace:  Eclectica 'Nightblooms'  [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Cursed)
Eyes: Chop Shop Christmas Ghost Candycane [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)
Dress: Senzafine Isadora Dress [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Cursed)
Boots: Chaos, Panic, Disorder Elizabeth Ankle Boots Red & Green [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)
Hair: Ayashi Riko hair [mesh](250L)
Wrap: Junbug Fur Neck Warmer -Ink, gacha [mesh](50L)
Body: Linden Labs Zombie Sadie - Body [mesh](free)
Pose: Del May Dead To the World (50L)

House: Death Row DRD ebenezer house c/m, gacha (The Arcade)(75L)
Suitcases: Death Row DRD ebenezers old chests c/m, gacha (The Arcade)(75L)
Hatrack: Death Row DRD ebenezers coat hanger c/m, gacha (The Arcade)(75L)


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