Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 Christmas Advents

READY. SET. GO!  Time to race store to store to get the coveted daily gift from the generous creators who put the Merry in your SecondLife Christmas. I'm happy to report all advents are now running, including the 12 days of Christmas. Below is my short list of favorite stops on the Advent Run. Each location has free gifts both guys and girls can enjoy. (Note: most Alice Project hairs are for girls, but a few will work on the guys too.) Have fun gang, and thank you very much for the freebies all you wonderful designers!

Abranimations - daily only - must join group - animations, fun stuff - (free)
Group is free to join: secondlife:///app/group/1fe94b95-2686-23a9-9b94-471774fdeb57/about

2 Alice Project - daily only - gifts plus group gifts - mesh female hair - (free)
Missed days can be purchased for 50L. Group is 750L to join. secondlife:///app/group/407c8cf4-3a23-0db6-d609-b110a0d50bd0/about

22769 / Bauwerk - daily only - clothing male and female, home decor - (free)
Missed days can be purchased for 65L

4 Akaesha Designs  React Superstore - daily only - gift card, home decor - (free)
ADULT. Find the daily santa bag. If naughty, try again in an hour.

5 Sway's - daily only - home decor - (free)
Find the passwords to unluck each day's gift.

KittyCats - daily only - variety of items, bonus gifts for pet cats - (free)
Many different stores participating in the KittyCats advent.

Unrepentant - daily only - must join group - Unhappy Holidays miniature village set - (free)
Missed days can be won in a free gacha/drawing once a day from the 27th - 31st. Group is free to join: secondlife:///app/group/e164c5de-8cd7-84a1-7c81-c057652587df/about

Chop Zuey  - multi-day - male and female gifts plus group gifts - jewelry - (free)
Group is 350L to join. secondlife:///app/group/4d9c522d-5aa8-7561-b54f-3d8f988d118d/about

DarkMoon Creations - daily only - animations, decor, fun stuff - (free)
Accepting donations for UNICEF.

But wait, there's more! For a large list of advents, go here: Yermawn

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