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The Vengeance of Nicoli All-Seeing

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STORYLINE:  Nicoli All-Seeing immediately dispatched famed vampire hunter Batzorig to annihilate the killer. With one look at the green hair and skin of the slain, Batzorig knew this had to be the work of Prince Ravenna. He had last heard Ravenna was in London. The vain prince was cursed to seek out those with "inner beauty" to fill the void within himself. Had the prince gone mad, feeding on goodwill with wild abandon? His actions could very well endanger the spirit of giving and turn the normally altruistic holiday into a holiday of greed instead. Nicoli All-Seeing could not allow this happen. The wicked shall be punished!

My secret it out! I've been working on making movies. SL GO makes it possible for me to do it since my framerate it normally too slow. I'm still learning so please forgive for the flaws. I hope you enjoy it! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The lovely victorian Gazebo by Souzou Eien on sale at Gothmas. You can pick it up in 3 possible colors. The white Snow Lady statue is a gacha rare. She has an animating snowflake above her head and particle snowflakes fall around her.  The large crossbow is the weapon of the Vampire Hunter. It's a Ballista by Ravenghost, and it's not for show either! That baby shoots live flaming arrows! Touch it to draw back the arrow, and then adjust tilt and angle before firing. Cool!

Scene 1: The Weapon of the Hunter:
Gazebo: Souzou Eien  Garden's Respite Gazebo Worn Whitewash [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)
Statue: The Dark Fae Snow Lady 3 ULTRARARE, gacha[mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Cursed)
Weapon: Ravenghost Ballista [mesh]

The setting prop Gothmas Crypt is by Howling Asylum on sale at Gothmas. On the door is a christmas wreath. The street lamp is by Souzou Eien. The lamps come in a variety of configurations, single, double, triple, and quad. The Krampus Cart is by Noctis, as well as the two Krampus staffs. The windows of the Ravenghost Chapel have a cool animating weather effect! Touch the rug to get the popup menu, then choose what kind of weather you want in the window.

Scene 2: The Mark of Krumpus:
Street light: Souzou Eien Victorian Street Light Quad Lit[mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)
Crypt: Howling Asylum Gothmas Crypt 1[mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Cursed)
Cart: Noctis krampus cart[mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)
Staff: Noctis krampus staff 1and 2[mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)

The Ebenezer House is by Death Row Designs is part of the Arcade gacha and you can get it fully furnished. It come with lot of animation and excellent details, perfect for Victorian roleplays! The sign out front says Ebenezer and Marley's. The gorgeous Chapel by Ravenghost has two enterances with a small hall and interior room. Hanging over the enterence is a Krampus wreath by Noctis. On the wall to hallway is the secret prize from the Fallen Gods Libertine Christmas. Inside the hall is a cool display by Howling Asylum that contains stacks of books, a curious black cat, gothic arch, and candelabra.

Scene 3: Flyover Charity Street:
House: Death Row ebenezer house with snow, gacha [mesh]
Sign: Death Row ebenezer sign, gacha [mesh]
Chapel: Ravenghost Gothic Chapel [mesh]
Wreath: Noctis Krampus wreath [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)
Display: Howling Asylum Book Haven [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Cursed)

Inside Ebenezer's house are many wonderful details! Downstairs is Scrooge and Marley's desks and bookcases, a coatrack, suitcases, and pictures on the walls. Upstairs is Scrooge's writing desk, comfy chair, two wooden chairs, rug with animations, roaring fireplace, and a four poster bed with canopy.

Scene 4: The Search for Charity's killer:
 Desk 1: Death Row Scrooges desk, gacha [mesh]
 Desk 2: Death Row Marley's desk, gacha [mesh]
 Chair: Death Row ebenezers relaxing chair, gacha[mesh]
 Rug: Death Row cuddle rug for ebenezers house, gacha[mesh]
 Chair: Death Row lonely chair green, gacha[mesh]
 Bed and curtains: Death Row ebenezers bed, gacha[mesh]

Fallen Gods released a jaw droppingly beautiful (and erotic!) Christmas setting gacha. The tree is interactive. You can decorate how you like! Touch the tree, then hold down the control key as you drag one of the gacha prizes (bulbs, candle, or star) to the tree. For bulbs, touch which the lighted empty bulbs on the tree you want to add your bulb to. You can add as many bulbs to the tree as you like. 9 of the bulbs have erotic classical painting on them, and 2 of them regular fabric bulbs. The rare has a display case with all the erotic bulbs inside. There are 2 rugs in the gacha, a red and black. Both are beautifully textured come with aniamtions for cuddling your special one under the tree. You can also win candle holder, heart bulbs, a broken bulb, and a table. Matching this amazing set, are the Pandora gift boxes by Fallen Gods on sale at Gothmas by Gaslight. Above the arch are the Krampus cards on a string by Noctis.

Scene 5: The Wicked Shall Be Punished:
Tree: Fallen Gods A Libertine Christmas Decoratable Tree 2014, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Bulbs: Fallen Gods Libertine Tityus, Ball, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Display Table: Fallen Gods Libertine Glass Ornaments Display Table RARE, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Candle: Fallen Gods Libertine White Icarus Candle, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Rug 1: Fallen Gods Libertine Sangue Floreale Rug Animated, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Rug 2: Fallen Gods Libertine Ars Moriendi Rug Animated RARE, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Wreath: Fallen Gods Libertine Welcome Wreath 2014 Secret, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Table: Fallen Gods Libertine Pandora table, Yule Wishes, gacha [mesh](Midwinter Fair)
Gift boxes: Fallen Gods Libertine Rose, Card, Closed, Letters, Yule Pandora Box[mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Cursed)
Cards: Noctis krampus cards on string red [mesh](Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)

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Batzorig is wearing several awesome pieces from guy-friendly gacha events, Fantasy Gacha November and The Men's Department December rounds. My storyline was inspired by the Vampire Slayer gacha by Clavv. Vampire Slayers and Christmas just go together, right?    I have fantastic news, the Darin Hair by Ayashi is now available for guys! It was originally for girls at We <3 Role Play. And now by rwequest we have a male version of the hair. What a wonderful Christmas surprise! Thanks Ayashi!

On him, Batzorig the Vampire Hunter:
Hair: Ayashi Darin hair Male - blacks [mesh]
Eyes: Pin Me Down Aeternium 19 [mesh] (Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium)
Tunic: SWaGGa Valiant Shirt Black [mesh]
Belt: On A Lark RPGear All Purpose Belt M Brn, gacha [mesh]
Clock: glYph Hunter's Mantle Male Grey, gacha [mesh]
Weapon 1: Clavv Gold Rosario Homme, gacha [mesh]
Weapon 2: Clavv Mallet, Stake, gacha [mesh]
Armor: TURB Havok Armor Dark Arms, gacha [mesh]
Pants: Yasum Drop Down Pants male RARE, gacha [mesh]
Mask: Trident Half Mask Red [mesh]
Skin: Dimbula Rose Knyam skin_(Vampire) HW 2011

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