Monday, November 3, 2014

Vampire Ballet: Black Souls, Red Cello

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STORYLINE: In life, Kuro twins were child prodigies thrilling audiences with their skillful playing. But those happy times ended when a deranged fan tried to "steal" their talent one limb at a time. Their savior was a well-meaning vampire who fused their broken bodies to dolls. When the twins awoke, the shock was too much for them. Gone was their spirit. The sat mute, traumatized, as lifeless as the dolls they inhabited. But their savior never gave up. Their souls were music, and music would save them the way he never could. The years passed, then one day he heard a clumsy bow strike the strings of the cello. He was so happy. It was the break through he was hoping for. Slowly with much effort, the twins returned to the world. For their official coming out, they performed at the auditions for the Vampire Ballet. By the time they played their last note, there was not a dry eye, even among the stone cold hearts of the vampire. They got the standing ovation. This year, Kuro Twins would be the featured guests of the Vampire Ballet.

The excellent gothic lolita dress, Black Rose Witch by MelonBunny, I wanted to show you guys so much for RMK Halloween but time ran out on me. The good news is, you can pick it up now at the main store. For the doll, I am wearing the Kemono version but you can also get it in the default avatar size. It comes with dress, bow with skull collar, apron, petticoat, and bat wings. The cello by Souzou Eien is awesome! It comes with a hud to change the wood color, a version for decoration, and one you wear with bow and sit on the stool to trigger poses. It also comes with a badass coffin case that opens and closes and has the cello inside. The hat and cuffs are from the Remarkable Oblivion's Melancholy gacha which you can play at their main store. Shoes by G Field work perfectly with the doll body. The doll heads are Coco group gift, and the doll body is old past Coco group gift. Aarya of the Dark Phantom blog is helping me out on this post. Head over to her blog to read the horrifying first part of the story here:

On her, Belladonna Kuro (left):
Wings, dress, bow, apron, petticoat: Melonbunny Black Rose Witch Dress, Kemono [mesh](550L)
Cello, bow, stool, pose: Souzou Eien The Master's Cello [mesh](We <3 Role Play)
Hair: Curio Obscura Long Gothic Spirals Pigtails [mesh] (250L)
Hat: Remarkable Oblivion Melancholy - TopHat - Inferno, gacha [mesh](75L)
Cuffs: Remarkable Oblivion Melancholy - Bracer L - Inferno, gacha [mesh](75L)
Head: DollCoco *DC*_Head(Non-Rigged)_Anna [mesh](group gift, free)
Body: DollCoco DOLLCOCO*_Body snow [mesh](past group gift, free)
Shoes: G Field Gina - black [mesh] (280L)

On her, Rose Kuro (right):
Guest appearance: Aarya Phantomhive of the Dark Phantom blog
Part one of the storyline:

DollCoco Designs

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