Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rumpelstiltskin 1

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STORYLINE: There once was a boy who was raised by goblins. They taught him their ways and blessed him with magic. He was so loved, even their king adopted him. For his twentieth birthday, he was allowed to return to the human world to look for a bride. However he was completely unprepared for the flaws of humans. Pride, greed, selfishness, deception. For weeks he wandered. Everywhere he looked, he saw ugliness. Surely there was a girl somewhere for him with a pure heart. He had begun to loose hope when sobs of a young maiden locked in a tower interrupted his brooding. He felt compelled to go to her, wipe her tears away, and do whatever she wished, if only she would smile.

Enchantment is back with a new round inspired by Rumpelstiltskin! I had fun coming up with a new twist to this story, I hope you guys like it.  Now if you're thinking, "Hmm... this guy looks a bit familiar," you may be right. The name of the blog is BishieStyle after all, right? lol Shown above is Rumple Neckcollar by Geek for guys and girls. It's non-rigged mesh so you can position it how it works best on you. The Rumple Dreadlocks come in male and female fit. And the Rumple Horns are non-rigged mesh. The awesome Goblin Royalty makeup is by Bubble, and Goblin Pauldrons by May's Soul. The Goblin Mask is from a past Fantasy Gacha by Kahli Designs. From the current round of Fantasy Gacha is the Dark Prophet Designs Druidic Kings Staff. The awesome Dorian poet shirt is by gO! The Gloves are by O.M.E.N, two different Winter Eyes color by S0NG, and undershirt and pants are handy system layers from The Raider by Quality Designs. To see the a list on store locations, How to do the Stamp Rally, and picture previews of the Stamp Prizes, go to the main Enchantment website here:

On Him, The Goblin Prince:
Collar, necklace: Geek Rumple Neckcollar Green [mesh](Enchantment)(170L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Dreads line - Rumple [mesh](Enchantment)(250L)
Horns: Tableau Vivant Rumple horn [mesh](Enchantment)(180L)
Staff: Dark Prophet Designs Druidic Kings Staff [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)(75L)
Shirt: gO! Dorian shirt [mesh](222L)
Pauldrons: May's Soul Goblin Pauldrons [mesh](150L)
Eye makeup: Bubble Goblin Royalty (135L)
Mask: Kahli Designs Goblin Mask - Light Green (past, Fantasy Gacha)
Gloves: O.M.E.N Black Cruising Gloves [mesh](190L)
Pants, undershirt: Quality Designs The Raider (1995L)
Eyes: S0NG Winter Nature Eye [mesh](50L)
Eyes: S0NG Winter Snow Eye [mesh](50L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Sean Skin - Tone 03 A, Lips C, Nose B (990L)
Pose: Del May Swanky Male (50L)

Fallen Gods

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