Monday, November 10, 2014


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STORYLINE: It was supposed to be easy. It wouldn't matter he didn't have experience at this whole vampire thing. Just pick up a pretty little drunk girl at the concert, follow her home, and when she passes out, drink her blood. He'd get a nice buzz, and in the morning she won't remember a thing! It was brilliant! And it would have worked too if not for her roommate who caught him in the act. He woke up with a horrible throbbing knot on the head, and he was handcuffed to the radiator. The girls were debating what they would do to him. He gulped.

Have you picked up your ROMP goodies? Hurry hurry! These goodie deals end at midnight SL, and then prices go back up to normal. You can find a link to all the stores in this round Here. From ROMP is the radiator in the picture is by Frogstar. It's 2 landimpact is edit mod, comes in either silver or gold, concludes 1 single pose, 14 couple posses, and cuff props. The Berlioz Collar by Lost Junction comes with a hud for 5 metal textures, no script, open collar and swiftcollar.

Our unlucky vampire is wearing the very full and glamorous Alchemist hair from Tableau Vivant on sale at Collabor88. It comes in both male and female versions. At the Xiasumi School Festival's Haunted House, you can pick up these awesome pale as a ghost Rays Mort Vivant skins by Tableau Vivant. They come in Bloody (shown above), Bruised, Congested, Red Liner, and Shadow styles and each one also includes hands and feet appliers! Swing over to the Xiasumi School Festival's Concert Hall and pick up this fun Amp necklace by 7 Mad Ravens. Also by 7 Mad Ravens is the Autumn Dreary Jacket which was at Halloween Fair, and should be in the main store soon. It comes with or without the shirt, and a hud to change the texture of the collar, jacket lining, and shirt. There are six color choices for the jacket. He's wearing Muschi's open fly jeans Cheeky Hotboy jeans. They come with underwear and hud to change the textures. From Haus of Darcy are the Deardriu Piercings for men. In the background is the Consignment & Floorplan tub and chair from the last round of Uber, and the house is Attic Skybox by Trompe Loeil. Sitting on top of the radiator is one of the Prize Rats from Pulse Game's Don't Pant adventure. If you haven't this event yet, run go do it! It's fun and lots of great prizes too!

On Him:
Collar: Lost Junction Berlioz Collar - Metals [mesh](ROMP)(200L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Alchemist hair - reds[mesh](Collabor88)
Piercings: Haus of Darcy Deardriu Piercing Male [mesh]
Necklace: 7 Mad Ravens Amped Up [mesh](Xiasumi School Festival)(199L)
Jacket: 7 Mad Ravens Autumn Dreary Jacket [mesh](Halloween Fair)
Pants, underwear: Muschi Cheeky HotBoy Jeans Black [mesh](360L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax, Relaxed [mesh] (450L)
Feet: Slink Male Feet Flat [mesh] (650L)
Eyes: S0NG Charmmy - Lust Eye [mesh] (50L)
Tattoo: [ni.Ju] Dusk Tattoo (100L)
Brow: Tableau Vivant Eyebrow 02 (Tintable) (80L)
Applier Hands: Clemmm Damaged Hands (99L)
Skin, Hand & Feet appliers: Tableau Vivant Rays Mort Vivant  Bloody (Xiasumi School Festival)(990L)

Radiator, pose: Frogstar Chain Me Up Radiator silver [mesh](ROMP)(350L)
Rat: Pulse Games Prize Rat [mesh] (Pulse Games - Don't Panic)
Tub: Consignment & Floorplan Bathtub - Pewter [mesh](past, Uber)
Chair: Consignment & Floorplan Slipper Chair [mesh](past, Uber)
House: Trompe Loeil  + Surround [mesh](past, Uber)



  1. Excellent work, I loved the story line and the photo scene -- a perfect match! Keep up the great works!


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