Monday, June 30, 2014

The Immortal 500: The Man Who Ruled the World

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STORYLINE: Kaiser Kruel had no use for a vehicle, mechanic, or teammate. He was one of the most ancient of the vampire world. One does not survive long being a fool. He was as crafty as he was powerful. It was him who donated "The most fabulous object of the underworld" as a prize. He had no intention of loosing it. His true goal was to eliminate the most ambitious vampires that threaten his power. He successfully turned the strongest against each other, then sailed to a easy victory to reclaim his treasure, The Heart of Aten. He didn't even break a claw. It was good to be the Ruler.

Oh no, Kaiser Kruel is back! lol I hope you have enjoyed this phototelling series. Pictured above is a fantastically detailed steampunk hat by Eudora 3D, perfect for your villainous actives. Today is the last day you can pick it up on sale at a discount over at We <3 Role Play. The cigarette by NikotiN is from their animal print gacha, it's really nice deal and comes with the all animations, effects, and hud from the normal products. Kaiser Kruel is wearing Tableau Vivant's Nathan tone 9, Little Bone's Moon child gacha, makeup by Pin Me Down, eyes by Avatar Bizarre, and the very cool Deathhead moth brooch by Bliensen + MaiTai.

On Him, Kaiser Kruel:
Hat: Eudora 3D Steampunk Dynamite Hat Black Edition [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (200L) Sale
Cigarette: NikotiN Cigarette_CROCO, gacha  [mesh] (80L)
Hair: Little Bones Moon Child, gacha  [mesh] (75L)
Accessory: Bliensen + MaiTai Goth Moth - Hair Accessory [mesh] (249L)
Eyes: Avatar Bizarre Haunted Mansion Greens [mesh] (no longer available)
Makeup: Pin Me Down Tili in black, Cheeks, Lips (no longer available)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 9 (990L)

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MeshedUp released this fun Beetle Couch for Level Up a few days ago. It has wheels and hotrod skulls and flames on the side. It comes with poses for guys, girls, and couples. These nice tweed pants with historical style double button fly are from Junbug.  You can pick it up in several different color, and also the matching shirt and best. Today is also the last day you can pick it up on sale at Men's Department. The long stem cigarette is by The SeaHole. The furcoat I love to death and wear often is by Curio Obscura. The bear Claws I reposition for Slink, they are by Glitz. This pose is by Hot Dive and I used it with the chair. And my lovely Trophy I won at a Fox Hunt at the horse and rider sim HHVET. New sim HHVET Victorianaopened recently, if you want to ride horses, go check it out. There often games and activities going on, plus it's a good excuse to break out your fancy Victorian threads. This picture was taken in the unground lair of a villain at SL11B stage Impressive. Be sure to go enjoy all the sights at SL11B. It will be open until July 5th.

On Him, Kaiser Kruel:
Pants: Junbug Heathcliff Rake's Trousers - Black Tweed  [mesh] (The Men's Department)(150L)
Chair: MeshedUp Beetle Couch Animated  [mesh] (Level Up)(200L)
Trophy: HHVET Fox Hunt Trophy (Fox Hunt award)
Coat: Curio Obscura Luxurious Fur Coat Black, gacha [mesh] (100L) 
Cigarette holder: The Seahole Parisian Cigarette & Holder - Clove - Pearl (50L)
Rings: Glitz ClawRings-Tiger Claws for Him (155L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Splayed, Cigarette [mesh](450L)
Pose: Hot Dive Pose Boss (30L)

SL11B Impressive

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